Plugin Boutique has welcomed zplane with an introductory sale on its incredible pitch-shifting, harmonizing and metering plugins.

Plugin Boutique ZPLANE intro sale

We focus on intelligent signal processing solutions like artifact-free time stretching and pitch shifting and on music analysis technology, dealing with the extraction of high-level musical information from the music signal like tempo, rhythm, melody and key.

The following products are currently 30% off:

  • PPMulator XL cross-platform plug-in meter for digital audio workstations which exactly mimics the look and feel of a professional broadcast Peak Programme Meter (PPM).
  • vielklang Instant Harmony, generates harmonies with 2-4 voices. It is packed with musical intelligence and music theory: it detects the best fitting harmonies for each individual input melody, and automatically synthesizes up to four voices with the voices not merely running in parallel but with their voicings selected to sound most natural (voice leading).
  • reTune gives you full access to the pitch content of your audio samples and enables you to map each input pitch to any other pitch of the chromatic scale – all in realtime.
  • Elastique Pitch 2 is the real time pitch shifting solution for RTAS, VST, AU and AAX. Powered by zplane’s élastiquePro pitch shifting engine which is used by millions of end users around the world, the plugin ensures the highest, program independent pitch shifting quality.
  • élastiqueAAX is zplane’s time and pitch manipulation plugin for Pro Tools.

The offer expires May 14th, 2018.

More information: Plugin Boutique