Zvork Audio has announced the release of Oberon, a synthesizer Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason.

Zvork Oberon

Oberon is a synthesizer built to explore and produce the fattest of sounds with uncompromised audio quality. Based under the hood on an optimized additive engine, it delivers totally alias free audio with a familiar user interface.

Oberon features

  • Multipoint curves for envelopes, waves and filters.
  • 3 modulation and 1 amplitude envelopes, all loop-able and tempo synced.
  • Oscillator morph function.
  • 8x Unison and Octave virtual voices per oscillator with pitch detune and stereo spread.
  • 8x separate stereo audio outputs.
  • Two oscillators with predefined wave sequences.
  • Editable wave sequences with start and end wave forms.
  • Editable filter response curves.
  • Manipulate oscillator spectrums with bend, harmonize and partial clipping.
  • 6 line modulation matrix with 2 destinations and scale.

Oberon is available from the Propellerhead Shop for 99 EUR / $99 USD.

More information: Zvork Audio / Oberon