Zynaptiq has announced the launch of its annual Black Friday promotion, offering a discount of up to 63% off on the ZAP III bundle and all of the contained plugins for a limited time.

Version 3 of the ZAP Bundle combines all ten of Zynaptiq’s critically acclaimed plugins into a single, value-packed processing suite. Create, master, transform and repair your audio with award-winning quality – add the future of audio processing to your toolkit now with ZAP III – The Zynaptiq Audio Processors Bundle, Version 3!

The bundle is on sale for $799 USD, while the individual plugins are available at $89 USD each:

  • Morph 2 real-time structural audio morphing with 5 different morphing algorithms, a stunningly clean formant shifter as well as a lush reverb.
  • Wormhole multi-effects powerhouse for sound designers, music producers and film composers alike.
  • Unmix::Drums attenuates or boosts drums in mixed music, in real-time.
  • Unfilter adaptive tonal contour linearization removes filtering effects, such as comb filtering, resonance, or excessive equalization.
  • Unveil de-reverberation and signal focusing attenuates or boosts reverb components within a mixed signal.
  • Unchirp removes the most obnoxious artefacts associated with lossy audio encoding and other FFT-based processes, such as spectral de-noising.
  • Pitchmap processes the pitch of individual sounds within mixed signals in real-time, letting you change the melodies and harmonies of any recording.
  • Intensity mastering-grade processing for more detail, clarity, density and loudness.
  • Adaptiverb harmonic tracking resynthesis reverb that focuses on creating depth, harmonic richness, and butter-smooth harmonic tails.
  • Orange Vocoder IV, laser-like pitch control effects, a powerful synthesizer, audio freezing, and a super fun and efficient workflow.

The offer is available from Plugin Boutique and at at the Zynaptiq store until December 3rd, 2023.