Zynewave Podium

Zynewave has released version 2.25 of Podium, a professional music production software solution for Windows.

Podium is a modern production host that integrates audio recording, VST plugins and external MIDI and audio gear. An object based project structure allows for advanced media and device management.

Changes in Podium v2.25

  • Zoom snapshots can be created by clicking the new “+” button next to the arrangement navigator. A numbered snapshot button appears for each snapshot. Click a snapshot button to recall the snapshot. Ctrl+click to overwrite with the current zoom range. Alt+click to delete the snapshot. Right-click to show an options menu. Press Shift+1..9 to recall a snapshot.
  • Changed the way that track height zooming works. The track heights no longer stretches when the tracks region is resized. The vertical zoom slider is modified to be a percentage zoom from 0% to 400%. At 0% all track heights are minimized no matter how large the height is of each individual track. Track heights in projects saved with previous Podium versions will be reset to default, since track heights now are stored in a different format.
  • The zoom pane in the navigator can be dragged beyond the end of the arrangement.
  • Added “Load Color Setup” submenu and “Explore Setup Folder” command to the Setup menu.
  • The installer now creates a “Color Setups” subfolder in the main Podium setup folder. If you have saved your own color setup files you need to move the files into the “Color Setups” folder to make them appear in the “Load Color Setup” submenu.
  • The meter dB indicator lines inside the meters are colored with the text color.
  • Increased the maximum number of effects in a chain from 32 to 64.
  • Added a favorite folder “+” button to the file browser toolbar. Right-click a favorite button to show an options menu.
  • Moved the “follow focus track” and “follow control surface” options from the mixer menu to the editor View menu. This means that the options now apply to both the tracks region and the mixer.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug that potentially could cause a crash when closing Podium.
  • Fix: The recent projects information panel was blank due to a side-effect of an optimization in the 2.24 release.
  • Fix: Changing the play/power color in the color setup would not update the color of the play cursor head.
  • Fix: Clicking on the marker/tempo lane did not set key focus if the mixer had key focus.

Podium is available to purchase for Windows PC, priced at $50 USD (includes one year of free upgrades).

More information: Zynewave