Zynewave Podium

Zynewave has released version 2.31 of Podium, a professional music production software solution for Windows PC.

Redesigned note editor, combining piano roll and drum map editing in one editor. Introduced note map feature for customizing note layout in the note editor. Added slide and zoom key shortcuts.

Changes in Podium v2.31

  • Introduced a note map feature for the piano roll and drum map editors. Each track contains a customizable note map where individual notes can be disabled, soloed, muted, colored and renamed. By disabling notes you can hide unused note ranges from the editor. Solo and mute is only available in drum map mode.
  • Revised the piano roll and drum map editors. The old separate drum map editor is removed, and instead the note editor can be toggled between piano roll mode and drum map mode. Use the “restore default editor profiles” command in the setup menu to get the defaults used in the updated note editor.
  • Added a button panel to the left side of the note editor. At the top is a note map options menu button for: toggling drum map mode, enabling standard GM drum kit notes, enabling only notes used on the track, and copy/paste for copying the note map to other tracks.
  • “Audition event mode” button toggles audition of selected and edited note events. The audition behaviour has been modified so that audition will stop when the mouse button is released, even if the note event duration is longer.
  • “Wide event mode” button will set a minimum width of the clickable frame around note events, making it easier to select and edit short duration events.
  • “Ghost event mode” button will display a mask on the timeline background of note events on all tracks. Alt+Clicking a ghost event will switch the editor to that sequence.
  • “Note enable mode” button toggles display of disabled notes. When the option is selected all drum map headers show an enable/disable button. When the option is deselected, all disabled drum keys are hidden. This can be used to set up a compact drum map with only the drum sounds you intend to use. In piano roll mode, only full disabled octaves will be hidden.
  • If a VST plugin supports custom key names, the key names will be displayed on the drum map headers and on the piano keyboard when zoomed out.
  • Right-clicking on the piano keyboard or the drum map headers will open the Note Map dialog. The dialog contains a multi-selection listbox which easily lets you enable/disable, apply color and rename a range of notes. Note maps can be imported and exported as files. The Podium installer creates a “Note Maps” folder in the Podium setup folder.
  • Removed the obsolete “drum kit” option from the preset properties dialog.
  • Added new shortcut keys for sliding and zooming.
  • The popup help for the navigator and all scroll/zoom sliders are extended with descriptions of the new slide and zoom key shortcuts.
  • Modified the alignment of buttons in the scrollbar region, and changed “zoom segment” to “zoom selection”.
  • Changed the key shortcut for transposing notes in full octaves in the piano roll from Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down to Shift+Up/Down.
  • Changed the default note attack velocity to 100.
  • Added “auto-audition” option button to the file browser toolbar.
  • Added “include editor tool shortcuts in timeline context menus” option to preferences. The default is off.
  • Toned down the drop shadow effects in the editors.
  • Added “timeline grid” setting to the colors setup dialog. The grid color can also be adjusted with the right-click menu on the track inspector color picker.
  • Rewritten the Note Sequence chapter in the Podium guide.
  • Fix: The original timing data stored when using the Adjust Timing dialog was not saved correctly in the project file.

Note: The .pod file format has been updated in this release, so please make backups of your older projects before saving, if you intend to go back to previous Podium releases.

Podium is available to purchase for Windows PC, priced at $50 USD. A demo version can be downloaded from the Zynewave website.

More information: Zynewave