90 free clap samples by Funkybot

Funkybot has released a free sample pack of clap samples.

Funkybot writes:

These were recorded last summer in a wood room (studio in Brooklyn) with either three or four people around an AKG C414 if I remember correctly. They were probably compressed by the Purple 1176 clone before going into the box. The sample names mean nothing other than C1-45 were from take 1, and D1-45 were take 2. These are not arranged in velocity order and are best suited for use with a sampler with round robin features. Also, though these are 24 bit stereo files, the original tracks are actually mono. Feel free to correct this mistake if it bothers you.

The sample pack includes a total of 90 samples and is available for download from Sendspace or Speedyshare.

Update (03-08-2008)
I have converted the samples to 24 bit mono. Download the sample pack below (3.6MB)

Funkybot 90 Claps Downloads: 33833 times

Free samples at Loopmasters
  • Radi88

    Thank You! There’s some claps in here that have a lot of room ringing sound in it but it’s kind of a cool sound. While I don’t think I’ll use most of these sounds in the raw as clapping sounds, I saw some potential for snare layering and glitchy sounds in some of them.

    For those interested, I recommend downloading, and then immediately going through and renaming them and deleting as you go. Depending on each individual’s taste you might find that anywhere from 10 to all of them are worth keeping.

  • Da Zompire

    They do seem to have rather a lot of ringing in the background. It’s almost like you’ve added a tiny bit of reverb.

    Personally, I prefer a much cleaner sound. But a decent back nonetheless, thanks.

  • Brunner

    This free sample pack of clap samples is awsome! I can’t believe I got it recently.

  • Audio Spark

    Thank you very much for this, I’m using it so much. G-

  • tiego

    Like’ em Thanks a lot for sharing your work

  • Zak

    Thanks for these, they’ve meshed really well in the background to beef up my own claps here (recorded with an MXL 990…), and have been great for subtle snare layering.


  • Tom Jack

    Hey, I really like your claps, man!!! I was able to pick out 23 of them that touched my soul!!! Than you brother =uD

  • Daniel

    Thanks for this!

  • beatbones

    ….really whats the point recording the same clap 90 times? lol. I could see maybe like 10 or something, for the slight variation you get for layering etc. etc.

    I have a feeling you really want to be a sound designer, you should really take some time off and study. …not trying to be rude, but this pack says alot.

    it really is the same friggin (dirty) clapp 90 TIMES! lol.

  • Khaid1

    i don’t usually comment on these things but this is exactly what I was looking for.

  • Oli Snowdon

    some are ok, most arnt that good sound quality, theyre quite dirty (but thats ok if youre looking for that kinda thing), but i was looking for some nice clean claps, that varied in pitch

  • yeeeaahHH!!!

    Some of them are really good! Yeah! I guess they are sonething I was needed))

  • Mike from Slovakia

    Thank you very much! Good work! Mike from Slovakia

  • Jellyfish

    i almost sounds like somone recorded each stroke of their wank

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