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This compilation lists some of the best deals on audio plugins (VST3/AU/AAX, etc), virtual instruments & sample libraries, synth presets, and other audio software and hardware.

🔥 Before you dive into the full list of active promotions, make sure to check my affiliate partner Plugin Boutique where you will find many of the current deals, and you’ll get a free copy of the Rhodes V-Pan effect plugin ($39 USD value) or Krotos Dehumaniser Simple Monsters ($99 USD value) with your purchase.

June 2024 deals

With new sales added daily, the list can become quite long. Use the search box below to narrow things down. Happy bargain hunting!

Brainworx – Save up to 80% on a range of hardware emulations including products by AMEK, Shadow Hills, SPL, and more.07/31/2024
Heavyocity – Get the bundle of the VAST impulse engine and FURY creative distortion for $99 USD (regular value $218 USD).07/09/2024
510k – The SEQUND polyrhythmic sequencer plugin is on sale for $39 USD (regular $59 USD).07/09/2024
Sugar Bytes – Save 20% on the Graindad granular effect, on sale for $79 USD.07/01/2024
KV331 Audio – Save 78% on the SynthMaster 2 semi-modular synthesizer, on sale for $29 USD. Also at Plugin Boutique.07/01/2024
UJAM – Get 50% off on the full bundle of UJAM's virtual instruments and effects, on sale for $499 USD.06/30/2024
VST Alarm – Get an additional 10% discount on all deals with coupon summer10 at the checkout.07/31/2024
Crocus Soundware – Save up to 50% on Kontakt sample libraries and bundles, including the new LIMINAL Spirited Flutes.07/20/2024
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 70% on the Lector vocoder by Waldorf, on sale for $49.99 USD.07/07/2024
KV331 Audio – Save 50% on the SynthMaster 3 software synthesizer, on sale for $89 USD + Get 10% extra discount with coupon REKKERD at checkout.07/31/2024
SampleScience – Save 60% on the 808 Lab virtual instrument with coupon code insidethe808 at the checkout.06/25/2024
CARP Audio – Save 50% on the Krossbow dynamics processor, on sale for $44.99 USD.07/08/2024
Goldbaby – Save 50% on Digital Drum Dose with coupon code DDD50OFF at the checkout.06/30/2024
Caelum Audio – Save up to 35% on the Tape Pro and Choric effect plugins, on sale for $39 USD each.07/03/2024
Robotic Bean – Save nearly 40% on the Portatron tape synthesizer, on sale for $79 USD.07/05/2024
PSP Audioware – Save 80% on PSP Twin-L, PSP Echo, and PSP BussPressor. On sale for $19.99 USD each.06/27/2024
Tracktion – Save 40% on the BioTek 2 synthesizer and all expansion packs, including the new Dusk.06/28/2024
Songwish – Save nearly 70% on the reMIDI 3 plugin, on sale for $39 USD.07/03/2024
Audio Plugin Deals – FREE: Download Analog Lab Play + Cryptic Soundscapes by Arturia for free until July 4th.07/04/2024
AIR Music Technology – Save 33% on the new AIR Soft Clipper effect plugin, on sale for $19.99 USD.07/02/2024
Zynaptiq – Save 65% on the UNFILTER real-time plugin for removing filtering effects, now only $99 USD.06/27/2024
Devious Machines – Save 25% on the Infiltrator 2 multi-effect plugin, on sale for $85 USD.06/28/2024
Oblivion Sound Lab – The Public Broadcast soundset for TAL-Pha is on sale for $17.60 USD (regular $22 USD).07/21/2024
Plugin Boutique – Save 63% on the WaveOSC wavetable synthesizer, on sale for $29 USD.07/03/2024
Audio Damage – Save up to 43% on the Eos 2 reverb ($35 USD) and Replicant 3 audio manipulation plugin ($39 USD).07/03/2024
EastWest – Summer Blockbuster Sale with big savings on virtual instruments and sample libraries.09/22/2024
Crocus Soundware – Liminal: Spirited Flutes for Kontakt is on sale for the intro price of $42 USD (regular $70 USD).07/20/2024
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 70% on Synchro Arts Repitch Elements + LANDR FX Voice, on sale for $39.99 USD.07/04/2024
Cool WAV – The Vintage Lab Vol. 4 sound pack is on sale for $31.50 USD (regular $45 USD).07/20/2024
The Very Loud Indeed Co. – Omnisphere Specto is on sale for the intro price of $19 USD (regular $29 USD).06/28/2024
Minimal Audio – Save up to 40% on the Rift 2.0 multi-effect distortion ($79 USD) and Swarm Reverb effect plugin ($29 USD).06/30/2024
W.A. Production – Save 76% on the new Dynawide advanced sound reviver plugin, on sale for $14.90 USD.07/11/2024
Soundtheory – Save 30% on the new Kraftur differential power-shaping plugin, on sale for $69 USD.09/01/2024
Pulsar Audio – Save up to 60% on Mu, Pulsar 8200, Echorec, and more.07/03/2024
Moog Music – Save 46% on the Moogerfooger Effects Plugin Bundle, now only $149 USD.07/03/2024
Loopcloud – Get the Vapor Keys synth by Karanyi Sounds for free with a subscription to Loopcloud.06/30/2024
VST Alarm – Smemo Sounds Exclusive 20-in-1 Mega Bundle Vol. 6 for $9.95 USD.07/11/2024
VST Buzz – The Linda Ironverb plugin by Audified is on sale for 29 EUR (ex. VAT in EU).07/03/2024
Tokyo Dawn Labs – Get over 60% off on the Molot GE compressor, now only $19 USD.07/03/2024
Hertz Instruments – Save 20% on all Hertz Drums products with coupon code hdbirthday at the checkout.06/30/2024
Plugins That Knock – Save 46% on the KNOCK drum processor plugin, on sale for $79 USD.07/03/2024
Moog Music – Save up to 63% on Moogerfooger MF-101S Lowpass Filter, MF-103S 12 Stage Phaser, and MF-108S Cluster Flux.07/03/2024
Best Service – Save 30% on the new Forest Kingdom 3 for Engine Player, on sale for 179 EUR.06/27/2024
Sound Magic – Save 50% on the Neo Koto virtual pluck instrument, on sale for $99 USD.07/20/2024
EVAbeat – Save 50% on the Melody Sauce 2 music production assistant, on sale for $29 USD.07/03/2024
Wavesfactory – Save up to 40% on Equalizer ($59 USD) and TrackSpacer ($41 USD).06/30/2024
Plugin Boutique – Save up to 65% on the Scaler 2 MIDI plugin, including tutorial course and bundles.07/03/2024
Universal Audio – Save 95% on the UAD Electronic Music Bundle MK II, only priced $79 USD.06/30/2024
dSONIQ – Save 30% on the Realphones 2 plugin for mixing with headphones, on sale from $69 USD.08/31/2024
Cherry Audio – Save on a selection of Cherry Audio's synth and effect plugins, starting from only $19 USD.07/07/2024
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 90% on the Ascension virtual instrument by Cubic Audio, on sale for $4.90 USD.07/03/2024
Samplicity – The Number Seven Professional surround reverb is on sale for the intro price of 159 EUR (regular 229 EUR). Prices ex. VAT in EU.07/11/2024
Humble Bundle – Get the bundle of AAS Session series Strum, Lounge Lizard and Ultra Analog virtual instruments + 9 Sound Packs for only $20 USD!07/10/2024
2B Played Music – FREE: Get the QFX Wax effect plugin for free with coupon 2BWAX at the checkout.06/30/2024
Thenatan – The new X-Plugins Bundle (9 plugins) is on sale for $39.50 USD (regular $265.50 USD). Individual plugins are $9.50 USD each (regular $29.50 USD).06/30/2024
Plughugger – Summer Sale: Get 33% off on all sound libraries with coupon SUMMER2024 at the checkout.06/30/2024
Kilohearts – Save 50% on the Colour Forge content bank for Phase Plant, on sale for $14.50 USD.06/26/2024
Kiive Audio – Save up to 50% on Distinct!, NFuse and Complexx. Starting from $12.99 USD.07/14/2024
Venomode – Get 50% off on the Phrasebox MIDI plugin, on sale for $29 USD.07/14/2024
MOK – The Miniraze wave-slicing synthesizer is on sale for $9.99 USD (regular $99 USD).07/01/2024
Relab Development – Save 20% on the Sonsig ACE dimensional expander plugin, on sale for $79 USD.06/30/2024
Krotos – Sound Design Sale with up to 70% off on Reformer Pro, Igniter and Weaponiser.06/30/2024
Lese – Save 40% on the Transfer ambisonic spatialization plugin, on sale for $27 USD.06/30/2024
VST Alarm – Save 98% on the 29-in-1 LoFi Bundle by Kryptic Samples, on sale for $9.95 USD.07/04/2024 – Save 67% on the Sistema2 software synthesizer, on sale for $49 USD.07/07/2024
VST Buzz – Save 70% on Soundstorm Vol. 1 Origins by Auddict, on sale for 77 EUR (ex. VAT in EU).07/02/2024
Harrison Consoles – Save 80% on the new FasTrack channel strip plugin, on sale for $39.99 USD.06/30/2024
Ugritone – Ugritone's Farewell Tour: Save big on drum plugins, MIDI grooves and more. Use coupon REKKERD at the checkout to get 20% extra discount.12/31/2024
Imaginando – Save 80% on the K7D Tape Delay plugin, on sale for $7.99 USD.07/02/2024
iZotope – Save up to 86% on reverbs, Insight 2, Stutter Edit and Tonal Balance Control, starting from $19 USD.06/30/2024
Klevgrand – Buy two plugins, only pay for one (cheapest one is free), or get 40% off on a selection of plugins at Plugin Boutique.08/27/2024
Inouï Samples – Bowed Guitar for Kontakt is on sale for the intro price of 90 EUR (regular 120 EUR).07/03/2024
Audiomodern – For a very limited time only grab Chordjam, Loopmix, Riffer, or Playbeat 3 with up to 50% off. On sale from $25 USD.06/30/2024
Serato – Save 30% off the best time stretching and pitch shifting software from Serato.06/30/2024
D16 Group – Save up 42% on Nepheton 2, Drumazon 2, Phoscyon 2 and LuSH-2, starting from $69 USD.06/30/2024
MeldaProduction – Celebrate MeldaProduction's 16th anniversary with up to 90% off its plugins. Also at Plugin Boutique.06/30/2024
GForce Software – Save up to 51% on vintage synthesizer emulations.07/01/2024
Hertz Instruments – Save 20% on all Herz Drums products with coupon HD2 at the checkout (50 coupons available).06/30/2024
Audiority – The new Doomagorgon brutal fuzz & distortion plugin is on sale for the intro price of 29 EUR (regular 59 EUR).07/14/2024
HY-Plugins – Save 30% on the HY-MPS3 sequencer/arpeggiator plugin, on sale for $35 USD (regular $50 USD).07/04/2024
W.A. Production – Save 86% on the Savage Hardstyle Bundle 4: 7 packs for $20 USD.07/04/2024
UJAM – The Virtual Bassist series plugins are on sale for $29 USD each, or all 5 in a bundle for $99 USD.06/30/2024
IK Multimedia – Save up to 83% on acclaimed tools such as T-RackS 5, AmpliTube 5 and more at Plugin Boutique.06/30/2024
Two Notes Engineering – Save 34% on Torpedo Wall of Sound Plugin Boutique Edition, on sale for $26 USD.06/24/2024
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 50% on the Rift hybrid distortion multi-effect by Minimal Audio, on sale for $64 USD.06/27/2024
VST Buzz – Get 60% off on the Analog Techno Bundle by Resonance Sound, now 49 EUR (ex. VAT in EU).06/26/2024
AudioThing – Save 35% on the new Wurly virtual electric piano, on sale for 39 USD/EUR.07/09/2024
Karanyi Sounds – The new Cloudmax 2 texture resonator plugin is on sale for $35 USD (regular $49 USD).07/12/2024
IK Multimedia – T-RackS 5 MAX is on sale for 49.99 USD/EUR.07/22/2024
AudioThing – Save up to 50% on Gong Amp, Mantis, Reels, Wires, Springs, and more.06/27/2024
Plugin Boutique – The Scaler EQ music equalizer plugin is on sale for $45 USD (regular $59 USD).07/13/2024
ADSR Sounds – Summer Sale with up to 95% off on sound packs, plugins and tutorial courses.06/30/2024
Kuassa – The new EFEKTOR Echolyte echo/delay plugin is on sale for $15 USD (regular $29 USD).07/12/2024
2B Played Music – Save 40% on the new QFX Pulse and QFX Echo effect plugins (regular 17 EUR ex. VAT each).06/30/2024
FeelYourSound – Use coupon code HE2Std at the checkout page to get 20% off on HouseEngine Standard, or use code HE2Pro to get 50% off on HouseEngine Pro.07/31/2024
UJAM – The new Usynth FLUID is on sale for $29 USD (regular $79 USD). A bundle of FLUID, TURBO-XT and STRANGER is only $49 USD during the sale.06/30/2024
Waldorf – Save 50% on Waldorf Edition 2, Largo 2, Lector, Nave, and more.06/26/2024
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 69% on the Omen & Dojo Bundle for Kontakt by Silence and Other Sounds, on sale for $44.99 USD.06/25/2024
VST Alarm – Save 97% on the 30-in-1 sample pack bundle by SampleHub.06/26/2024
Solid State Logic – Save 74% on SSL DeEss de-esser, on sale for $29.99 USD.06/24/2024
Arturia – Save 20% on the new FX Collection 5 plugin bundle, on sale for $399 USD.07/07/2024
Heavyocity – Summer Sale with up to 75% off on virtual instruments and effects.07/12/2024
VST Buzz – Save 50% on Ashen Scoring Cello for Kontakt Player by Wavelet Audio, on sale for 64 EUR (ex. VAT in EU).06/24/2024
Keep It Sample – Save up to 80% on sample packs and bundles at Loopmasters.06/25/2024
Vienna Symphonic Library – Save up to 36% on all Synchron piano instruments.07/01/2024
ADSR Sounds – Save 70% on the Chill LoFi Bundle with 4 packs from Alliant Audio, on sale for $29.95 USD.06/30/2024
IK Multimedia – Save 60% on virtual instruments: MODO DRUM 1.5 SE, Miroslav Philharmonik 2 CE and SampleTron 2.07/01/2024
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 88% on the Ultimate Bundle by Resonance Sound, on sale for $120 USD.06/24/2024
VST Alarm – Get the deFORM 2 lofi plugin (VST3/AU) for FREE with any purchase.06/30/2024
Eventide Audio – Pluginpalooza with up to 75% off plugins, including SplitEQ, UltraChannel, H910 Harmonizer, Newfangled Elevate, and more. Also at Plugin Boutique.07/08/2024
UJAM – The LoFi Bundle (Beatmaker Cozy, Virtual Bassist Dandy, Finisher Retro, Usynth Deluxe) is on sale for $49 USD.07/07/2024
Audio Blast – Save up to 71% on the MininnDrum and AcidBox V2 instruments, starting from $19 USD.06/30/2024
Softube – Save up to 67% on synthesizer instruments, including Parallels, Model 72, Monoment Bass and more.06/30/2024
Tone Empire – Get up to 74% off on analog emulations, including the TM700 V2 tape emulation, Model 5000 compressor, and more.07/01/2024
Ramzoid – The 808 Cooker virtual instrument is on sale for $29 USD (regular $40 USD).06/30/2024
Gothic Toolworks – Save 25% on trailer-style sound design packs with coupon code IGNITE25 at the checkout.06/30/2024
Luftrum – Save 10% on the new Luftrum 29 soundset for Pigments with promo code REKKERD at the checkout.07/31/2024
Robotic Bean – The Hand Clap Studio virtual instrument in sale for $19 USD (regular $49 USD).06/30/2024
SoundMorph – Save 50% on the Wave Warper 2 and DUST virtual instrument, also available with rent to own plans.06/25/2024
Function Loops – Get 94% off on the Lofi Bliss Ultimate Bundle: 20 packs for $20 USD!07/10/2024
DJ Swivel – Summer Sale with 50% off on all plugins and sound packs.06/30/2024
Plugin Boutique – Save up to 65% on StereoSavage 2, including the Lite version and upgrade.06/30/2024
W.A. Production – Get 95% off on the Synthwave & Cyberpunk Bundle: 10 packs for $10 USD!06/27/2024
Native Instruments – Save $50 USD on a purchase of $200 USD or more with coupon SUMMER24_USD at the checkout.07/08/2024
Mastering The Mix – Buy One Get One FREE with coupon code JUNE at the checkout.06/30/2024
Bogren Digital – Summer Sale with up to 50% off on guitar and drum focused products.07/01/2024
Karanyi Sounds – Create your personal bundle suite starting from $39 USD.06/30/2024
UJAM – Save up to 86% on the Electronic Producer Bundle, Virtual Band Bundle Loud & Studio. Prices from $39 USD.07/01/2024
D16 Group – Save 40% on the Nithonat 2 drum machine instrument, on sale for 69 USD/EUR. Also at Plugin Boutique.07/06/2024
Techivation – Save 65% on the new AI-Clarity dynamic resonance suppressor plugin, on sale for $45 USD (crossgrade/upgrade from $25 USD).06/30/2024
Acustica Audio – Save 39% on the Sunglow channel strip, on sale for 79 EUR.07/03/2024
Yurt Rock – Summer Sale with 50% off storewide on all sample packs, MIDI grooves and more. Discounts applied automatically in the cart.06/30/2024
Brainworx – Save 80% on the bx_XL V3 mid/side mastering limiter plugin, on sale for $89.99 USD.08/07/2024
Devious Machines – Save 55% on an exclusive bundle of the new Bass Focus low-end enhancer plugin and Excite Audio's Bloom Bass Impulse virtual instrument. Now only £39 GBP / $52 USD.06/24/2024
Audiomodern – Save 30% on the Playbeat 3 + Expansions Bundle, on sale for $69 USD.06/30/2024
Impact Soundworks – The Altera Keys virtual keyboard instrument is on sale for $129 USD (regular $149 USD).06/30/2024
Applied Acoustics Systems – Save 50% on the new Jazz Café sound pack, now $19 USD. All other sound packs for Strum GS-2 & AAS Player are 50% off as well. Also at Plugin Boutique.06/24/2024
Celemony – Save up to 80% on upgrades to Melodyne 5, starting from $29 USD.06/30/2024
AIR Music Technology – Save up to 95% on virtual instrument bundles, on sale for $9.99 USD each. Also at Plugin Boutique.07/31/2024
Nembrini Audio – The new Divided 11 Class A boutique guitar amplifier plugin is on sale for $29.99 USD (regular $137 USD).06/30/2024
Softube – Get 87% off on the exclusive Softube Effects Collection, now only $49 USD.07/31/2024
Modalics – Save up to 50% on uniquely inspiring plugins for music composition & production, including bundles. Starting at $29 USD.06/30/2024
ADSR Sounds – Get the AX Chorus plugin by Martinic for FREE with any purchase through June.06/30/2024
Rast Sound – Save 50% on the African Vocals 2 for Kontakt & Wav, on sale for 29 EUR.06/30/2024
Softube – Summer Sale with up to 70% off on premium plugins.07/31/2024
Rigid Audio – Save up to 97% on Rigid Audio's Kontakt instrument libraries, on sale for $5 USD each.06/30/2024
Rob Papen – Save up to 40% on Rob Papen's drum-focused synths including Punch-2, RAW Kick, and Punch-BD.06/30/2024
Caelum Audio – The Hyper Flex and Summer Cassettes sample packs are $5 USD each, while an exclusive triple pack bundle is $10 USD.06/30/2024
VST Alarm – FREE: Chord Selection V3 sample pack by Sonics Empire.06/30/2024
Nightfox Audio – Save 20% on the new Uprights and EPs collection of 11 vintage electric and upright pianos, on sale for $79 USD.06/30/2024
AudioThing – The newly updated Philicorda organ plugin is on sale for 39 USD/EUR (regular 59 USD/EUR).06/30/2024
Moog Music – Pick any two Moogerfooger plugins in a bundle for $69 USD.07/31/2024
Audiority – Save 50% on Maliki drum loops library for Kontakt by Epic SoundLab, on sale for $49 USD.06/30/2024
W.A. Production – Save nearly 80% on the Loop Engine 2 MIDI generation plugin, on sale for $22 USD.06/30/2024
The Tone Foundry – Save up to 82% on The Tone Foundry packs for Serum, Phase Plant, Massive, Current, and more.07/08/2024
Glitchedtones – Ultimate Serum Bundle by Glitchedtones on sale for £2.95 GBP!06/30/2024
Aberrant DSP – Save 33% on the new Lair unique reverb plugin, on sale for $26 USD.06/30/2024
Excite Audio – Save up to 40% on the Motion Dimension space and time modulation plugin (incl. Lite, crossgrade and bundle).06/30/2024
Universal Audio – Spirit of 76 Sale with up to 85% off on selected instruments and effects, including the new LA-6176 Signature Channel Strip.06/30/2024
UJAM – Save up to 79% on USynth instruments, including the newly released Usynth TURBO-XT. Prices from $19 USD.06/30/2024
Nomad Factory – The newly updated 80s Spaces reverb plugin is on sale for $29 USD (regular $179 USD).06/30/2024
Native Instruments – Summer Of Sound 2024: Get 50% off Komplete 14 bundles, individual instruments, effects, and Expansion sound packs.07/08/2024
2B Played Music – Save 60% on the new BandShaper frequency and mix enhancer plugin, on sale for 23.60 EUR (ex. VAT where applicable).06/30/2024
Xhun Audio – Save 50% on LittleOne, WindChant, FilterCult, and more.06/30/2024
Loopmasters – Save 67% on a selection of sample packs with the Vocal Gems Essential Bundle, on sale for £20 GBP.07/31/2024
iZotope – FREE: Get the Neutron 4 Elements AI-powered channel strip for free (regular $49 USD).07/08/2024
AudioThing – Save 50% on the new Things Fold dynamic wavefolder plugin, on sale for 9 USD/EUR.06/30/2024
Baby Audio – The Smooth Operator signal balancer plugin is on sale for $49 USD (regular $79 USD).06/25/2024
Performance Samples – Pacific - Solo Strings for Kontakt is on sale for the intro price of $149 USD (regular $249 USD). Loyalty pricing is also available.09/16/2024
Function Loops – Save 93% on Psytrance All In One Mega Bundle, 15 full packs for $20 USD.06/30/2024
Sample Logic – Save 80% on the Impakt morphed concert percussion library, on sale for $79.99 USD.06/30/2024
Sampleson – The new Scaper cinematic atmosphere generator is on sale for $29 USD (regular $49 USD).06/30/2024
GForce Software – Save up to 40% on the newly released Heritage Synth Bundle and Everything Bundle.07/31/2024
Plugin Alliance – The bx_glue compressor by Brainworx is on sale for the intro price of $99 USD (regular $189 USD).07/31/2024
Synth Blade – The DESERT cinematic electronica soundset for Serum is on sale for 15.20 EUR (regular 19 EUR).07/01/2024
Native Instruments – Save 50% on the Guitar Rig 7 Pro, on sale for $99.50 USD.07/31/2024
Baby Audio – The newly updated BA-1 synthesizer is on sale for $49 USD (regular $99 USD).06/25/2024
Hertz Instruments – Save 10% on your purchase of virtual drum products with coupon REKKERD at the checkout.12/31/2024
Luftrum – Save 10% on all sound packs at the Luftrum store, including Bioscape and Lunaris 2. Use coupon rekkerd at the checkout.12/31/2024

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