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This page lists a collection of promotions for audio plugins (VST/AU/AAX, etc), virtual instruments & sample libraries, synth presets, and other audio software and hardware.

If the list is a bit overwhelming and you don’t know where to start, make sure to visit our friends at Plugin Boutique. They have some of the best sales and new promotions are added regularly.

The latest added deals are listed first, and you can sort by clicking the headers. Type keywords in the input box below to find something specific.

 Plugin Boutique (featured deal) – Get the best deals from industry leading brands and get free plugins with a purchase.12/31/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – FREE: Download the Bionic Plucks & Mallets library for Kontakt by Riot Audio for free for the next two weeks.02/04/2021
HISS and a ROAR – Get 33% off the new FOIL sound library with coupon code CRUNCH at the checkout (regular $79 USD).01/31/2021
Rast Sound – The new Brass Boutique instrument library for Kontakt is on sale for the intro price of 59 EUR (regular 79 EUR).02/05/2021
Time+Space – Save 80% on the Lounge Lizard Session electric piano, on sale for £7.79 GBP.02/04/2021
Spitfire Audio – The Contemporary Drama Toolkit broadcast-ready sound set by Samuel Sim is on sale at an intro price of 149 USD/EUR.02/11/2021
Sample Logic – Save over 80% on Cinematic Guitars Infinity by Sample Logic, on sale for $99.99 USD until stock runs out.03/31/2021
UVI – Save over 60% on the Relayer time-mangling effect plugin, on sale for $49 USD / 49 EUR.01/25/2021
Synchro Arts – Save 30% on the VocAlign Ultra time and pitch alignment plugin, on sale for $279 USD / 220 EUR.02/28/2021
UJAM – Virtual Drummer DEEP is on sale for the intro price of 69 USD/EUR (regular 99 USD/EUR). Also available at Plugin Boutique.01/31/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – The Guitarist virtual electric rhythm guitar by Sugar Bytes is on sale for $39.99 USD (regular $99.99 USD).02/03/2021
Audified – Save up to 30% on the DW Drum Enhancer, ToneSpot Bass Pro and ToneSpot Bass Express.01/28/2021
iZotope – Save up to 75% off on the Stutter Edit 2 audio plugin, including upgrades.01/27/2021
Iceberg Audio – Save 33% on the The Sub audio plugin that delivers a massive low-end, on sale for $39 USD.02/10/2021
UVI – PX Memories is based on the definitive LAMM mod analog synthesizer. It's on sale for the intro price of $49 USD (regular $79 USD).01/31/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Save nearly 70% on the Paddy's Irish Percussion library for Kontakt by Xtant Audio, available for $14.99 USD.02/02/2021
VST Buzz – Get over 90% off on the bundle of 16 sample packs by Asonic, now only 19 EUR.02/02/2021
W.A. Production – Save 70% on the Dirty House Fever sound pack including 50 Sylenth1 presets, on sale for $6 USD.02/28/2021
W.A. Production – ImPerfect & Expansions Bundle: Get nearly 90% off on the ImPerfect synth and 7 expansion packs, on sale for $14.90 USD.02/28/2021
Soundiron – The Shake percussion library for Kontakt Player is on sale for the intro price of $49 USD.02/02/2021
BOOM Library – Save 20% on the Mutate Organic sound fx library (bundle of Designed and Construction Kit).02/02/2021
Joey Sturgis Tones – The JST Toneforge series of guitar amp & fx plugins are $19 USD each through the end of January.01/31/2021
Loopmasters – Get Sharp's Male Pop Vocals sample pack for just £5 GBP, and save 70% on 6 packs with the Underground Techno Bundle.01/26/2021
Plugin Alliance – Get the Ampeg SVT-VR Classic plugin for FREE with coupon code AMPEG-FOR-FREE at the checkout (MSRP $99 USD).02/19/2021
Eventide Audio – Flash Sale: Save over 60% on the Instant Phaser flexible phaser plugin, on sale for $50 USD.01/25/2021
Boz Digital Labs – Get 80% off on the Transgressor 2 transient designer plugin, on sale for $29 USD.01/31/2021
AIR Music Technology – Save up to 80% on the Loom Classic and Vacuum Classic synthesizer instruments, on sale for $19.99 USD each.01/24/2021
Waves Audio – Save 40% on plugins with coupon code CREATE40 at the checkout. Choose up to 2 free plugins with a purchase.01/31/2021
Positive Grid – Save 40% on a selection of Positive Grid's amp simulations and FX, also available at Plugin Boutique.02/28/2021
Meldaproduction – Eternal Madness Sale: Save 50% on MDrumReplacer, MHarmonizerMB, MSaturatorMB and MStereoGenerator.01/24/2021
Sonimus – Get early access to the SonEQ 2 innovative modular equalizer for $89 USD (regular $129 USD).01/31/2021
sonicLAB – The Cosmosƒ M31 stochastic MIDI event processor is 25% off (regular 99 EUR).02/15/2021
Sonic Zest – Get a 50% discount on the Bowed Marimba instrument for Kontakt (full version). On sale for $16 USD.01/24/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Save over 70% on the KH-COMP1 Original Levelling Amplifier by Black Rooster Audio. Purchase for only $39.99 USD.01/31/2021
Boz Digital Labs – Pan Knob has a smarter panning algorithm, keeping your low frequencies unpanned so that it sounds natural in headphones. Now only $19 USD.01/31/2021
Producertech – Save 50% on the Art of Filtering comprehensive online course.01/31/2021
W.A. Production – Save 94% on Hip Hop & Trap Mega Pack 2, with 8 sound packs and 2 tutorial courses for just $7.90 USD.03/15/2021
IK Multimedia – Save up to 75% off virtual instrument collections Clavitube, Alternate Keys, Spaceport 77, Cinematic Percussion, and Orchestral Percussion.01/28/2021
Magix – New Year Sale with 20% off on products. Use coupon code MGXJAN2021 at the checkout.01/27/2021
McDSP – NAMM Sale with up to 75% off on McDSP's plugin range including HD and Native versions, starting from $29 USD.02/05/2021
Audio Imperia – Areia Lite Edition is on sale for the intro price of $79 USD (regular $99 USD).02/01/2021
UJAM – Buy any UJAM plugin and get the Bassroom final mix and mastering EQ plugin by Mastering The Mix for free.02/14/2021
DopeSONIX – The Hype Future Sounds virtual instrument is 50% off, priced $39 USD.01/31/2021
W.A. Production – Save 50% on the new Techno for Babylon soundset, now only $5 USD.02/28/2021
Plugin Boutique – Save 50% on expansion pack bundles for BigKick, Carbon Electra, and VirtualCZ.03/31/2021
Sonoma Wire Works – Save up to 40% on the DrumCore virtual drum instrument, starting from $29 USD.01/31/2021
NUGEN Audio – Fill in the annual survey for a $100 USD voucher to be used as part of a purchase on any of NUGEN Audio's products.02/13/2021
Plugin Boutique – Save 50% on an exclusive bundle including Beatmaker Eden 2 by UJAM and Bassroom by Mastering the Mix. Now only $59.99 USD.02/14/2021
Splice Sounds – Get 1 month of FREE Sounds 100 (new users only) with promo code yt2021 at the sign-up.02/28/2021
UNDRGRND Sounds – Save 75% on the Redlight dual-layer sample-based synthesizer for Kontakt, on sale for £19.95 GBP / $25 USD.02/28/2021
Sound Particles – Energy Panner adds dynamic depth to panning. On sale for the intro price of $39 (save 20% off regular).01/31/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Get over 80% off on the Extended Guitar Bundle by Edu Prado Sounds, now only $9.99 USD.01/26/2021
VST Buzz – Save over 50% on the Forager plugin for creating unique chord progressions, on sale for 19 EUR.01/26/2021
iZotope – Save 85% on the R2 lush, colorful stereo reverb by Exponential Audio. Now only $19.99 USD.01/27/2021
iZotope – Flash Sale: Get RX Elements, Neutron Elements, Nectar Elements and Ozone Elements for only $20.21 USD each.01/27/2021
Nembrini Audio – The Blackice Beta Gamma bass amplifier plugin is on sale for the intro price of $39 USD (regular $137 USD).01/31/2021
Soundiron – Save 20% on Glitch Hero, Shimmer and Steel Tones for a limited time exclusively at Plugin Boutique.01/31/2021
Sampleson – Save up to 50% on the unique Reed200 and Electrix virtual instruments.01/31/2021
Plugin Boutique – FREE Carbon Electra synthesizer with any purchase at the Plugin Boutique website through January 31st!01/31/2021
Singomakers – Save 50% on the Magic Stereo effect plugin, now £14.95 GBP / $19 USD.01/31/2021
AudioThing – The Organetta sampled portable reed organ is on sale for only £4.95 GBP / $6 USD.01/31/2021
Loopmasters – Get 30% off the KHORDS virtual instrument, priced only £49.95 GBP / $59 USD.01/31/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Angel Strings Vol. 2 by Auddict is over 60% off, on sale for $54.99 USD.01/24/2021
Plugin Boutique – StereoSavage stereo toolbox is on sale for £35.95 GBP / $47 USD.01/31/2021
Cinematique Instruments – Save 30% on the Grand Harp virtual instrument for Kontakt.01/31/2021
Audiority – Save 50% on 400 Omnisphere presets for Dark Ambient, Film, Soundtrack and Underscore Music.02/28/2021
W.A. Production – Savage Hardstyle Bundle: Save 95% on the bundle of 6 sound packs and 3 tutorial courses.02/08/2021
Future Audio Workshop – Extended: Save 40% on the SubLab synthesizer designed for Hip Hop, Future Bass and Trap genres. On sale for $40 USD. The SubLab Pack Bundle is $25 USD during the promotion.02/28/2021
Waves Audio – Save 10% on a Waves Music Maker Access subscription with coupon code LIFE10 at the checkout.01/25/2021
Boz Digital Labs – The +10db Bundle is on sale for $49 USD, +10db Compressor and +10db Equaliser are $29 USD each.01/31/2021
Prime Loops – New Year Deals with up to 75% off on sample packs + FREE 7GB Mystery Bundle gift with every purchase.01/31/2021
IK Multimedia – Up to 70% off on MODO DRUM, MODO BASS, T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb and Tape Machine Collection, Hammond B-3X, and more.02/02/2021
Beat – Save 60% on the Tape Synths expansion for Zampler, featuring 76 weighty basses, leads and vintage pads. Now only £5.95 GBP / $7 USD.01/31/2021
Photosounder – Save 50% on the Spiral spectral analyzer, exclusively at Plugin Boutique.01/31/2021
Voxengo – Get a 30% discount on PrimeEQ, Deft Compressor, CRTIV Tape Bus and Elephant.01/31/2021
Ghosthack – New Year Sale: Save up to 90% on selected products. Buy 2 and get 1 FREE.01/31/2021
United Plugins – The Voxessor smart dialogue processor is on sale for 29 EUR / $35 USD (regular 129 EUR).01/31/2021
Sonivox – The TimewARP 2600 synthesizer instrument is 85% off, priced $9.99 USD.02/01/2021
AIR Music Technology – Save up to 92% on Mini Grand, Velvet and Hybrid 3, now only £8.95 GBP / $9.99 USD each.02/01/2021
Raw Cutz – Get 33% off on the Raw Cutz Super Pack with over 5,500 dusty lo-fi , classic Hip Hop sounds.03/31/2021
W.A. Production – 2020 Mega Pack: A bundle of 15 sound packs at 95% OFF, now only $15 USD.01/31/2021
Cherry Audio – Save up to 77% on Cherry Audio's flagship Voltage Modular and module collections, with prices from £18.95 GBP / $25 USD.01/31/2021
Acustica Audio – Get the Cerise transformer-based new vintage channel for FREE until February 14th.02/14/2021
Native Instruments – Holiday Gift: Get the new Yangqin for Kontakt and Kontakt Player for FREE. Receive a 25 EUR/USD/GBP voucher for the NI Shop, and entry to a prize draw to win a Maschine+, Komplete 13 Ultimate Collector’s Edition, Komplete Kontrol M32 keyboard, and Traktor Kontrol S3.01/31/2021
Sonoma Wire Works – Save up to 40% on the DrumCore 4 plugin instrument with audio and MIDI drum loops of inspiring performances by famous drummers.01/31/2021
Baby Audio – Save 44% on the new Spaced Out lush wet-FX generator, on sale for $39 USD. Also available at Plugin Boutique.02/28/2021
W.A. Production – Get the Vocal Limiter plugin for FREE for a limited time. Also available at Plugin Boutique.01/31/2021
Loopcloud – New subscribers can get access to over 20 years of sampling history and get Kilohearts Distortion plugin for free ($29 USD value) with a 30-day Loopcloud free trial.01/31/2021
Ugritone – Holiday Sale on Drum Samplers, MIDI Packs, IR packs and other products up to 89% OFF. Use coupon code REKKERD at the checkout for an additional 20% off your order.01/31/2021
Applied Acoustics Systems – Holiday Sale with up to 50% off on software synthesizers, audio plugins, sound packs and bundles (incl. upgrades). Also available from Plugin Boutique.01/25/2021
Status – Save 30% on New Times for String Studio VS-3, on sale for $17.99 USD.02/12/2021
Ableton – Save 20% on all editions of Live 10 and get a free upgrade to Live 11 upon release.01/31/2021
Status – Daniel Stawczyk is offering 30% off on all soundsets for Toxic Biohazard, LittleOne, Ultra Analog VA-3, Discovery Pro, and more.02/05/2021

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