Deals, deals, deals

This compilation lists some of December 2021‘s best deals on audio plugins (VST/AU/AAX, etc), virtual instruments & sample libraries, synth presets, and other audio software and hardware.

Make sure to visit our friends at Plugin Boutique, as they have some of the best sales and new promotions from industry leading brands are added regularly.

 Plugin Boutique (featured deal) – FREE: Get denise My Crush, Pulsar Audio Smasher, Audiority PolyComp or AudioThing The Orb for free with a purchase until December 15th.12/31/2021
Pulsar Audio – Get up to 70% off on Echorec, Mu, Smasher, and Pulsar 1178. Also at Plugin Boutique.12/05/2021
Harvest Plugins – Save up to 70% on the Harvest and Forager MIDI plugins, starting from $19 USD.12/05/2021
Meldaproduction – Save 50% on the entire range of plugins and bundles, starting from £15.95 GBP / $21 USD.01/01/2022
KeepForest – Save 30% on the Ferrum modern trailer percussion instrument by Vladislav Martirosov and Arseni Khodzin.01/02/2022
Sound Yeti – Winter Sale with up to 37% off on Kontakt instruments and effects that inspire creativity in music and sound production.12/10/2021
Audiority – Xmas Sale with up to 50% off on audio plugins, also at Plugin Boutique.01/03/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 85% on the 2021 Complete Collection comprising 7 audio plugins, on sale for $29 USD.12/16/2021
2B Played Music – Save 30% on the 2B Crushed bitcrusher effect plugin.12/31/2021
Luftrum – Winter Sale with up to 50% off on Bioscape, Lunaris and sound libraries for Omnisphere, Diva, Zebra, and more. Use coupon snowisfalling at the checkout.12/28/2021
Audified – Save up to 50% on Linda RockStack and Multidrive Pedal Pro at Plugin Boutique.12/07/2021
Stagecraft Software – Save up to 65% on exclusive plugin bundles through January 1st.01/01/2022
United Plugins – Save 60% on exclusive plugin bundles including Hyperspace, MorphVerb, UniChannel, SubBass Doctor 808, Transmutator, Orbitron, and many more.01/01/2022
Kuassa – Save up to 64% off a huge selection of Kuassa's specialized digital guitar amplification and audio processing software.01/02/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Get 72% off on the Synthwave Retro Future Bundle by Glitchedtones, 3 sample packs for just $19.99 USD.12/15/2021
VST Buzz – Save 89% on the Garbage LSD audio transformation plugin by Nomad Factory, on sale for 17 EUR.12/15/2021
Denise – Save 20% on denise audio's creative audio plugins and bundles.01/09/2022
KV331 Audio – Save up to 68% on Syntmaster, Synthmaster Player, and Synthmaster One, including bundles and upgrades. Starting from £6.95 GBP / $9 USD.01/02/2022
United Plugins – The Electrum Core amp and cab simulation is on sale at an intro price of $10 USD (regular $49 USD).01/01/2022
SoundSpot – Save up to 98% on exclusive bundles and selected plugins such as Union, FireFly, Oracle, Ravage, and more.01/01/2022
Cinematique Instruments – Save 30% on the Mandolin unique Kontakt instrument.12/31/2021
ADSR Sounds – Get the Lofi Pitch Dropout plugin from Yum Audio for FREE with any purchase ($75 USD value).12/31/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Get 75% off on the Espresso Experience Bundle by Have Audio, 6 Kontakt instrument libraries for $73 USD.12/14/2021
Applied Acoustics Systems – Holiday Sale with up to 50% off on synths, effects, sound packs and bundles. Also at Plugin Boutique.01/24/2022
AudioThing – Save 50% on the Things - Texture granular reverb with pitch shifting and mid/side mode, now only £7.95 GBP / $9 USD.12/19/2021
Magix – Save 30% on the Music Maker software exclusively at Plugin Boutique.12/31/2021
Producertech – Save 50% on Producertech's expert video tutorial courses for sound design, music production and more.01/09/2022
Audionamix – Save 35% on Audionamix's XTRAX Stems and IDC: Instant Dialogue Cleaner, starting from $39 USD.01/10/2022
Pitch Innovations – Save 34% on the Fluid Pitch innovative next-generation Pitch bend system, on sale for $49 USD.12/24/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 78% on T3X2R for Ableton Live, a pack of 12 Max for Live visual devices for visualizing your audio.12/13/2021
Solid State Logic – Save 25% on the SSL Fusion HF Compressor plugin, on sale for $149 USD.12/29/2021
Sound Particles – Save up to 65% on the Panner Collection, Doppler + Air, Space Controller, and more.12/05/2021
Avid – Save up to 50% on 1-year subscriptions on Pro Tools, Media Composer, and Sibelius.12/31/2021
Slate Digital – Save 66% on VerbSuite Classics, on sale for $49 USD.01/01/2022
Magix – Cyber Week sale with 20% off on regular priced software with coupon code CYBER2021 at the checkout.12/05/2021
VST Buzz – Save 70% op the 2600/MM+ Kontakt instrument bundle by Sounds Divine, on sale for 29 EUR.12/13/2021
iZotope – Save up to 77% on RX 9, RX Post Production Suite 6, and exclusive bundles.12/12/2021
United Plugins – Save up to 50% on a selection of products, including Urban Puncher, Electrum, Orbitron, and more.12/05/2021
Meldaproduction – Cyber Monday Sale with 50% off on the entire range of plugins and bundles.12/05/2021
Inertia Sound Systems – The Granulizer 2 and Instinct distortion are 60% off, starting from $28 USD.12/05/2021
Sononym – Save 50% on the Sononym sample browser with coupon code BLKPRICE21 at the checkout.12/06/2021
Nektar Technology – The Bolt harmonics synthesizer plugin is on sale for $59 USD (regular $99 USD).12/05/2021
MAAT – Save 25% on MAAT's precise metering tools to combat loudness, from £9.95 GBP / $11.50 USD.12/05/2021
LiquidSonics – Black Friday Sale with discounts on Cinematic Rooms, Seventh Heaven, Illusion, Lustrous Plates, and Reverberate 3.12/05/2021
Boz Digital Labs – Save up to 70% on Transgressor 2, Panther Stereo Manipulation, and the L8R delay, with prices starting at £13.95 GBP / $19 USD.12/06/2021
Lunacy Audio – Save 60% on the CUBE creative sample-based virtual instrument with hundreds of inspiring sounds and factory presets. On sale for $99 USD.12/06/2021
Thephonoloop – Save 30% on unique tape and cassette-based Kontakt libraries & sample packs, also at Plugin Boutique.12/06/2021
BHK Samples – BLK Sale with special offers on samples packs and synth presets.12/06/2021
Sound Radix – Radical Friday with up to 35% off on all plugins. Owners of any Sound Radix product can log in to to their user area for deeper discounts and personalized offers.12/05/2021
2CAudio – Save up to 60% off on Precedence 1.5, Breeze 2.5, Aether, B2, Kaleidoscope, and bundles.12/07/2021
Ample Sound – Winter Sale with 20% off on virtual instruments and additional discounts with any order of multiple items.01/01/2022
BLEASS – Save 25% on the new BLEASS Alpha Synthesizer, on sale for $59 USD.12/24/2021
McDSP – Save up to 72% on plugins, including FutzBox, Analog Channel, 6030 Ultimate Compressor, ML4000 Mastering Limiter, and more.12/05/2021
dSONIQ – Save 50% on the Realphones effect plugin for mixing with headphones.12/05/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 80% on the Gamelan instrument for Kontakt by Sample Logic, now $69.99 USD.12/08/2021
VST Buzz – Save 83% on the Heater analog-style saturation plugin by NoiseAsh, on sale for 19 EUR.12/08/2021
Wave Alchemy – Save up to 80% on Kontakt instruments and sample packs.12/05/2021
Glitchmachines – Save up to 92% on expertly-crafted sample packs, starting from only $5 USD.01/09/2022
Sonixinema – Save up to 40% on Kontakt sample libraries and bundles.12/08/2021
Martinic – Black Friday Sale: Get 40% off AX73, Elka Panther, Lem Echo Music, and more.12/05/2021
Rast Sound – End of Year Deals with up to 60% off plugins, sound libraries and specials + Free Gift with purchase.12/31/2021
Vengeance Sound – Save 25% on VPS Avenger, Tape Stop, Glitch Bitch, Metrum, and more.01/16/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 75% on the Minipol analog synth instrument plugin, now only $14.99 USD.12/07/2021
Plugin Boutique – Save over 60% on the VirtualCZ phase distortion synthesizer, on sale for $29 USD.12/05/2021
iZotope – Save up to 95% on the Tonal Balance Bundle, Ozone 9, Neutron 3, Iris 2, and Breaktweaker Expanded.12/15/2021
Novation – Black Friday Sale with up to 27% off on selection Novation hardware.12/06/2021
Expressive E – Save 40% on the Imagine one-of-a-kind synthesizer instrument, on sale for $85 USD.12/08/2021
Cherry Audio – The new Quadra reimagining of the 1978 ARP Quadra synthesizer is on sale for $39 USD (regular $59 USD). Also included in the new Synth Stack 2 bundle ($199 USD).12/31/2021
AudioThing – Black Friday Sale: Save up to 70% on plugins and bundles. Also at Plugin Boutique.12/05/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 50% on the Squeaky Gate VST/AU instrument by FrozenPlain, now only $5 USD.12/06/2021
Flame Sound – Save up to 29% on the Inferno SFX cinematic sound effects library.12/31/2021
Bitwig – Bitwig Winter Special with up to $100 USD / 100 EUR off on Bitwig Studio and upgrades. Also at Plugin Boutique.01/11/2022
Synchro Arts – Holiday Sale with up to 50% off on all VocAlign and Revoice Pro 4 products including upgrades.12/31/2021
Softube – End of Year Sale with up to 76% off a selection of world-class analog emulation plugins, prices from $15 USD.12/31/2021
VST Buzz – Get 89% off on the All Seasons Sample Set Bundle by Modern Producers, now only 29 EUR.12/06/2021
Cherry Audio – End of Year Sale with up to 92% off on synths, effects and virtual modular products including Mercury-4 and Stardust 201 Tape Echo.01/02/2022
The Sound Gardxn – Save 30% on sounds for the Modal Argon8, UVI Falcon, NI TRK-01 and Dawesome Abyss.12/06/2021
Eventide – Save up to 70% on plugins and bundles in a Holiday Sale. Also at Plugin Boutique.01/03/2022
Sonuscore – The new RO•KI electric piano for Kontakt is on sale for the intro price of 39 USD/EUR (regular 69 USD/EUR).12/07/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 97% on the Complete Loop Bundle by Rigid Audio, 6 Kontakt instrument for $19 USD.12/05/2021
e-instruments – Get up to 60% off on virtual piano instruments for Kontakt Player.12/05/2021
Tokyo Dawn Labs – Save up to 50% on Tokyo Dawn Labs entire range of state-of-the-art plugins.12/05/2021
Image-Line – Save 40% on Image-Line plugins, including Gross Beat, Vocodex, Sakura, and more.12/05/2021
Accusonus – Get 20% off all annual plans in a Black Friday & Cyber Week promotion.12/05/2021
CloudBounce – Save up to 95% on the CloudBounce automated mastering software, starting from £44.95 GBP / $59 USD.12/05/2021
Kirnu – Save 60% on the Kirnu Cream MIDI performer plugin, on sale for $15 USD.12/05/2021
Tracktion – Save 50% on the Waveform DAW, Dawesome Abyss, F.’em, BioTek 2, RetroMod series, and more.12/05/2021
BLEASS – Save up to 60% on plugins and the Classics Bundle (Chorus, Reverb, Delay and Shimmer) is on sale for $38 USD.12/05/2021
Cableguys – Get up to 43% off on NoiseShaper, VolumeShaper 6, and the ShaperBox 2 Bundle, including upgrades.12/05/2021
Kilohearts – Save 40% on the Phase Plant synthesizer and Toolbox bundles. Also at Plugin Boutique.12/10/2021
Antares – Save up to 70% on Harmony Engine, Mutator Auto-Key and Auto-Tune Access.12/06/2021
BeatSkillz – Black Friday Sale with up to 89% off on BeatSkillz most popular instruments and effects.12/05/2021
Realitone – Save up to 50% on Kontakt instruments, including RealiDrums, Hip Hop Creator, Realivox Ladies, RealiBanjo, and more.12/31/2021
Humble Bundle – Grab a bundle of the Boom 3D pro audio enhancement app and up to 22 sample libraries from Q Up Arts, starting from $1 USD.12/08/2021
Reveal Sound – Save up to 55% on the Spire synthesizer instrument in a Black Friday Sale.12/05/2021
Sweetsonics – Save 45% on the Laser unique sidechainer effect plugin, on sale for £35.95 GBP / $49 USD.12/05/2021
IK Multimedia – 25th Anniversary Krazy Deals on T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb, AmpliTube Joe Satriani, and Electromagnetik.01/04/2022
Audiomodern – Cyber Season Sale with 35% off plugins, instruments and sample packs with coupon code BF2021 at the checkout. Also at Plugin Boutique.12/06/2021
Relab Development – Save up to 70% on LX480 Complete and Essentials, and Sonsig Rev-A.12/31/2021
Producer Loops – Get up to 90% OFF over 14,000 sample packs and exclusive Black Friday Bundles.12/05/2021
Native Instruments – Cyber Season with special offers of up to 50% off instruments, effects, Expansions, and KOMPLETE 13.12/06/2021
Loopmasters – Save up to 80% on sample packs and exclusive bundles from Loopmasters and partner labels in a Black Friday Sale.12/06/2021
Plugin Boutique – Scaler 2 is on sale for $49 USD, and the upgrade from version 1 is just $19 USD.12/05/2021
Strix Instruments – Save up to 90% on Pripyat Pianos and EMISYNTH for Kontakt, $29 USD each.01/09/2022
Venomode – Save 50% on Venomode's creative plugins, including the hugely popular PhraseBox plugin.12/06/2021
Harrison Consoles – Save up to 80% on Harrison Consoles AVA series effect plugins, starting from $18 USD.12/05/2021
Mozaic Beats – Save 50% on the Chordprism plugin for creating your own professional-sounding basslines, melodies and arpeggios over any chord progression.12/06/2021
Leapwing Audio – Save 40% on the entire range of high-end audio plugin, including the new UltraVox vocal processor.12/06/2021
Excite Audio – Save up to 25% on the Lifeline Expanse series of multi-effect plugins.12/05/2021
SongWish – Get a 75% discount on the reMIDI 2 MIDI sampling plugin, on sale for only £14.95 GBP / $19 USD.12/05/2021
Softube – The Celestion Speaker Shaper and Marshall Lemmy Murder One Signature plugins are on sale for $89 USD each (regular $99 USD).12/16/2021
Arturia – Save 50% on the V Collection 8 synth & keyboard bundle, FX Collection 2, and the Pigments 3 synth.12/08/2021
Have Audio – Get up to 70% off on Have Audio's unique Kontakt instrument libraries.12/05/2021
Midi Madness Software – Save 30% on the Midi Madness 3 algorithmic melody generator plugin, on sale for $55 USD.12/05/2021
Sonivox – Save up to 72% on Essential Keyboard Collection, Solina Redux, Stratum, and TimewARP 2600.12/05/2021
Loopmasters – Save 50% on the KHORDS virtual instrument and all expansion packs, starting from $9 USD.12/05/2021
Sonible – Save 70% on the entropy:EQ+ and proximity:EQ+ intelligent equalizer plugins, now $29 USD each.12/05/2021
Zplane – Save up to 30% on the entire range of industry-leading zplane products, including the AI-powered TONIC key and scale finder plugin.12/05/2021
Tsugi – Black Friday Sale: Save 50% on Tsugi's sound design tools.12/13/2021
Mastering The Mix – Bassroom, Mixroom, and Reference 2 are on sale for $49 USD each (regular $59.99 USD each).12/06/2021
Wavelet Audio – Save up to 50% on a selection of incredibly deep Kontakt instruments, prices from £18.95 GBP / $25 USD.12/15/2021
Hexachords – Save 60% on the Orb Composer Pro S creative smart tool for composers, bands and orchestrators.12/05/2021
Caelum Audio – Save 44% on an exclusive bundle of the Schlap and Smoov compressor plugins, now only £16.95 GBP / $21 USD.12/12/2021
Signum Audio – Save up to 78% on a range of high-end and highly intuitive plugins for advanced loudness analysis, limiting and normalization.12/05/2021
Iceberg Audio – Save up to 50% on The Sub and expansion packs, including bundles.12/05/2021
Audio Damage – Save up to 60% on the innovative range of instruments and effect plugins from Audio Damage, including the Quanta granular synth and Enso creative looping device.12/05/2021
Magix – Save 40% on the Samplitude Pro X6 DAW and coreFX Suite plugin bundle.12/05/2021
DJ Swivel – Save 50% on the new Knocktonal note-based resonance enhancer plugin, on sale for $34.50 USD. Also available at ADSR Sounds incl. FREE Spread.01/09/2022
Caelum Audio – Get a 30% discount on the Tape Pro multi-effect tape audio plugin, now only £27.95 GBP / $39 USD.12/12/2021
Loot Audio – Save up to 80% on a selection of Loot Audio's amazing Kontakt instrument range. Prices start from £6.95 GBP / $9 USD.12/05/2021
Aberrant DSP – Black Friday Sale with up to 37% off on the ShapeShifter compressor and SketchCassette II creative tape plugin, starting from £9.95 GBP / $12 USD.12/05/2021
Inphonik – Save 70% off the RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer and 50% on the RX950 Classic AD/DA Converter.01/09/2022
Diginoiz – The Hattricks plugin instrument for trap hi-hat creation is on sale for $29 USD (regular $69 USD).12/05/2021
Denise – Save 60% on the Bad Tape saturator and Perfect Room reverb plugin.12/05/2021
DopeSONIX – Save up to 60% on all DopeSONIX Hip-Hop instruments & expansions, including Beat Machine, Bass Engine, LoFi, and more.12/05/2021
LiquidSonics – The Lustrous Plates Surround is on sale for the intro price of $179 USD (regular $249 USD).12/05/2021
Baby Audio – Black Friday Sale 2021: Save up to 44% on plugins and bundles. Use coupon code REKKERD at the checkout to get an additional 10% discount. Also at Plugin Boutique.12/05/2021
Rigid Audio – Get Rigid Audio's premium Kontakt instruments for only £3.95 GBP / $5 USD in a Black Friday Sale.01/02/2022
MeterPlugs – Black Friday Sale with 30% off on meter and analysis plugins.12/05/2021
Surreal Machines – Save up to 58% on the Dub Machines series delay plugins, prices starting at £19.95 GBP / $25 USD.12/05/2021
Shout Audio – Save 40% on the BOLD simple and inspiring to use virtual instrument, now only $9 USD.12/05/2021
Plugin Boutique – Save 60% on the StereoSavage stereo toolbox, on sale for $29 USD.12/05/2021
Plugin Boutique – Radio lets you stream and sample from a diverse list of internet radio stations, both inside and outside of your DAW. Save 70% and buy now for $9 USD.12/05/2021
Robotic Bean – Save 40% on the Hand Clap Studio virtual instrument by Robotic Bean, now only $29 USD.12/05/2021
Polyverse Music – Save up to 50% on Polyverse Music's unique plugin range, including bundles.12/08/2021
Singomakers – Save up to 70% on Phat Booster, Kick Tweak, Magic Stereo, and more.12/05/2021
Beat – Save up to 70% on Beat's Zampler expansion packs, including Lo-Fi EDM and Deluxe Houze Junkie. On sale for £3.95 GBP / $5 USD each.12/05/2021
Patchpool – Winter Sale 2021 with up to 35% discount on selected items and 20% on bundles.12/27/2021
discoDSP – Save 40% on plugins and bundles, including Bliss, Discovery Pro, and Corona.01/02/2022
W.A. Production – Get 95% off on the Deluxe Vocal Bundle - 10 plugins for $20 USD. Also at Plugin Boutique.12/12/2021
Krotos – Black Friday Sale with 50% off on sound design bundles, plugins & sfx libraries.12/12/2021
W.A. Production – Save 50% on the Artist Series Bundle including Biggifier by Aden, Heat by 22Bullets, and XXT by VINAI. On sale for $49.90 USD.01/06/2022
Leapwing Audio – Save 40% on the new UltraVox intuitive vocal processor plugin, on sale for 41 EUR / $47 USD.12/06/2021
UJAM – The new Beatmaker Idol instrument for K-Pop is on sale for $49 USD (regular $69 USD). Also at Plugin Boutique.12/05/2021
Audiomodern – The Playbeat 3 creative groove engine is on sale for the intro price of 59 EUR. A bundle with Riffer and Chordjam is 99 EUR.12/06/2021
Sonuscore – Black Friday Sale with up to 50% off on orchestral scoring libraries. Also at Plugin Boutique.12/07/2021
Denise – The new Poltergate plugin that fuses transient design, gating and de-bleeding is on sale for 39 EUR (52% off regular).01/09/2022
Resonance Sound – Black Friday Deals Warm-Up: Up to 80% off the GRIP compressor, sample packs and bundles.12/05/2021
Heavyocity – Black Friday Sale with up to 75% off on modern scoring tools, effects, Kontakt instruments and Reaktor ensembles.12/08/2021
Plugin Boutique – Craft perfect Kick Drums for your productions with BigKick, on sale for £19.95 GBP / $25 USD (50% off regular).12/05/2021
Mastering The Mix – Save up to 50% on Expose 2, Animate, Levels, and eBooks.12/06/2021
Eventide – The new SplitEQ plugin is on sale for the intro price of $99 USD (regular $179 USD). Also at Plugin Boutique.01/03/2022
Loopcloud – Save up to 25% on the Loopcloud DRUM virtual instrument and bundles, starting from £29.95 GBP.12/06/2021
Future Audio Workshop – Save over 60% on the SubLab Complete Bundle comprising the synth for hip-hop, future bass and trap + 6 low-end expansions. On sale for £39.95 GBP / $49 USD.12/05/2021
New Loops – Black Friday Sale with up to 70% off on bundles, samples packs and synth presets.12/06/2021
Fuse Audio Labs – Save 65% on the VCS-1 Channel Strip plugin, on sale for $29 USD.12/12/2021
Initial Audio – Save up to 80% on plugins and sound packs in a Black Friday Sale. Also at Plugin Boutique.12/31/2021
W.A. Production – Black Friday Sale: Save up to 80% on plugins, 90% off on exclusive bundle deals, and more.12/05/2021
W.A. Production – Save 50% on the MultiBender creative multi-band delay plugin, on sale for $25 USD. Also at Plugin Boutique.01/05/2022
W.A. Production – Save 50% on a range of plugins, including Dodge Pro, Heat by 22Bullets, Make Me Scream, Babylon Synthesizer, and more.01/05/2022
Plugin Alliance – Get the Neold Warble tape modulation and lo-fi plugin for $129.99 USD with coupon code WARBLE-INTRO-12999 at the checkout (MSRP $249 USD).01/05/2022
Glitchmachines – Sound Design Sale with up to 91% off on Fracture XT, Subvert and the Found Sounds Bundle.01/09/2022
Output – Black Friday Sale with up to 37% off on plugins, instruments and expansions with prices from £18.95 GBP / $22 USD.12/06/2021
iZotope – Get huge discounts on a massive range of iZotope's acclaimed plugins including upgrades and crossgrades.12/31/2021
UNDRGRND Sounds – Get 80% off on the Redlight dual-layer sample-based synthesizer for Kontakt, on sale for $19 USD.01/09/2022
Sonnox – Get up to 75% off on Sonnox plugins (Native and HD), including Oxford Inflator and Oxford Limiter.12/06/2021
Voxengo – Save 30% on the entire range of Voxengo's professional and versatile plugins for mixing & mastering, including Curve EQ, SPAN Plus, Elephant and more.12/05/2021
Plugin Boutique – Save over 60% on the Carbon Electra synthesizer ($19 USD). All expansions are on sale for $7 USD each.12/05/2021
DJ Swivel – Save 50% on the entire range of DJ Swivel plugins and sample packs, including The Sauce and Spread.01/09/2022
Toontrack – Holiday Sale with value offers on EZdrummer 2 and EZbass as well as deals on EZmix 2, EZkeys, EZXs, SDXs, EZmix packs and EZkeys Sound Expansions.12/31/2021
Impact Soundworks – Pre-order the upcoming Tokyo Scoring Strings orchestral string library for $349 USD (regular $449 USD). The library will be released by the end of 2021.12/31/2021
Native Instruments – Get the new Twenty Five instrument for FREE as part of NI's 25th anniversary celebrations.12/31/2021
Glitchmachines – The Palindrome and Cryogen plugins are on sale for $10 USD each, and the Impact Sound Bundle (3 sample packs) is 90% off, priced only $29 USD.01/10/2022
Karoryfer Samples – Save 40% on the Orcophony sample library for the free Plogue Sforzando plugin, on sale for $59 USD.12/06/2021
Producertech – Save over 80% on the Bass Music Sound Design with Iris 2 tutorial course, on sale for $5 USD.01/09/2022
NUGEN Audio – Save 50% on the Paragon ST true convolution reverb plugin, available for the intro price of $149 USD.12/06/2021
Plugin Boutique – Save 35% on the Italo Disco Bundle comprising Beatskillz Sequel, TAL-U-NO-LX, and HY-SEQ32.12/31/2021
Glitchmachines – Save 85% on the Quadrant hybrid modular plugin and Cataract segment multiplexer, on sale for $10 USD each.01/09/2022
Splice Sounds – New users can get 1 month free access to Splice by using promo code YT2021 when signing up for a plan.12/31/2021
ADSR Sounds – Save nearly 50% on the bundle comprising MeldaProduction's MDrumReplacer plugin and the 909 Drum Samples and 808 – The Tribute sample packs. On sale for $110 USD.12/31/2021
AIR Music Technology – AIR Super Synth Pack: Hybrid 3, Loom 2, and The Riser for only $9.99 USD!12/31/2021
Endlesss – Save 50% on the Endlesss Studio cloud-connected multi-track looper with a large collection of performance instruments and FX. On sale for $99 USD.01/03/2022

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