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This compilation lists some of the best deals on audio plugins (VST/AU/AAX, etc), virtual instruments & sample libraries, synth presets, and other audio software and hardware.

Before you dive into the full list of active promotions, make sure to check these:

  • Plugin Boutique: Free Antares DUO automatic vocal doubler with purchase ($69 USD value).
  • ADSR Sounds: Free Energy Panner plugin with purchase ($49 USD value).
  • Audio Plugin Deals: Buy and get rewards money and free bonus products.
  • VST Buzz: Weekly deals on plugins and sounds.

May 2022 deals

With new sales added daily, the list can become quite long. Use the search box below to narrow things down. Happy bargain hunting!

 Kilohearts (featured deal) – Save 50% on the Phase Plant software synthesizer, now only $99 USD. Also at Plugin Boutique.06/12/2022
Sonuscore – Save 20% on Medieval Phrases Lute & Theorbo for Kontakt and HALion Sonic SE, on sale for $79.99 USD.06/07/2022
Waves Audio – Memorial Day Sale with all plugins on sale for $29.99 USD + Buy 2 Get 2 FREE.05/31/2022
Unity Records – Get a 50% discount on underground Techno and Tech-Huse sounds from Unity Records + 80% off on Also at Unity Samples Vol.24 by D-Unity, Marck D.05/31/2022
Loopmasters – Save 40% on a selection of 700+ Techno sample packs in a flash sale.05/29/2022
CloudBounce – Save over 50% on the CloundBounce Mini mastering software, on sale for $29 USD.06/03/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 80% on the Lyric Series String Quintet by Kirk Hunter Studios, now $79.99 USD.06/06/2022
Positive Grid – Father's Day Sale: Up to $120 USD off on Spark Bundles and up to 60% off BIAS software.06/19/2022
Pulsar Audio – Save 40% on the Pulsar Massive plugin emulation of the Manley Passive EQ, on sale for $89 USD. Also at Plugin Boutique.06/26/2022
VST Buzz – Save 75% on the Master Bundle for Kontakt & NEAT Player by Lamprey, on sale for 25 EUR.06/06/2022
Cherry Audio – Save 35% on the new Lowdown Bass Synthesizer emulation of the Moog Taurus, on sale for $25 USD.07/04/2022
Image Sounds – Buy Smooth Guitar Jazz and get 2 Bonus Packs for FREE!05/31/2022
Spitfire Audio – Spring Sale with up to 65% off on libraries and collections.05/29/2022
AngelicVibes – Save 45% on all sound packs and plugins with coupon code TY45 at the checkout.05/31/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Get 75% off on the Analog Creator Series plugin bundle by WAVDSP, on sale for $49.99 USD.06/05/2022
Audio Damage – The Axon 2 drum synth driven by AI is on sale for $39 USD (regular $59 USD).05/31/2022
Mellowmuse – Get 25% off on the LM1V Limiter analog modeled brick-wall limiter. On sale for £29.95 GBP / $36 USD.05/29/2022
Meldaproduction – Save 50% on MCharacter, MVibratoMB, MAutopanMB and MCombMB. Also at Plugin Boutique.05/29/2022
Blue Cat Audio – Save 50% on Blue Cat's Protector stereo brickwall limiter plugin, now $49 USD.05/29/2022
United Plugins – Save 50% on the SubBass Doctor 808 low-end enhancement plugin, now £24.95 GBP / $32 USD.06/06/2022
Soundiron – Get a 25% discount on the Questionably Barbershop 4-piece male vocal ensemble for Kontakt.05/29/2022
Glitchedtones – Deal of the Week: Granular Textures for £1 GBP.05/29/2022
Alonso Sound – Get Revealed Future Techno Kits Vol. 1 for $17.95 USD instead of $24.95 USD with promo code FUTURETECHNO1 at checkout.05/26/2022
Have Audio – Save 30% on the Kantele deep-sampled traditional plucked string instrument for Kontakt, now £29.95 / $42 USD.06/05/2022
Gregor Quendel – Save 25% on Designed Atmospheres – Sci-Fi Sound Effects, on sale for $15 USD.06/10/2022
VST Alarm – FREE: Get the Baby Grand Piano VST instrument from Evanescent for free until June 10th.06/10/2022
Thenatan – Save 75% on the new Brass multi-layered virtual instrument, on sale for $20 USD.05/31/2022
Pitch Innovations – Save 50% on the bundle of Fluid Pitch and Fluid Chords, on sale for £54.95 GBP / $75 USD.06/20/2022
Vengeance Sound – Save 50% on the VPS Avenger synthesizer, now $109 USD.05/31/2022
VST Buzz – Save 50% on Syntorial by Audible Genius, on sale for 59 EUR.06/02/2022
Mastering The Mix – Make your mix better with the Animate and Levels, each on sale at 50% OFF.05/30/2022
Boz Digital Labs – Save 60% on the Pan Knob smart panning plugin, now $19 USD.06/06/2022
Image-Line – Save 40% on the PoiZone and Morphine software synthesizer instruments.06/02/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 76% on the Orakle X cinematic instrument by Mntra Instruments, now $29.99 USD.06/02/2022
Rigid Audio – The new Groundshaker groovebox for Kontakt is on sale for the intro price of $12.60 USD (regular $70 USD).05/31/2022
Eplex DSP – Save up to 50% off on selected VST plugins, VSTi/AU instruments and sample packs.05/31/2022
IK Multimedia – The T-RackS Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip is on sale for the intro price of 129.99 USD/EUR (regular 159.99 USD/EUR).05/31/2022
Sonokinetic – Save up to 74% on boutique composition tools at Native Instruments.05/31/2022
Audiority – Save 35% on plugins in celebration of Audiority's 12th anniversary. Also at Plugin Boutique.06/01/2022
Prime Loops – Save 60% on Blvckout Kits sample packs for a limited time.05/31/2022
AudioThing – Save 40% on the Speakers audio plugin, on sale for $59 USD. Also at Plugin Boutique.06/06/2022
CloudBounce – Save 95% on a lifetime license of the CloundBounce music mastering software, on sale for $199 USD.05/26/2022
Sound Magic – The Bass X collection of 7 bass instruments is on sale for the intro price of $199 USD (MSRP $299 USD).07/31/2022
Thenatan – Save 95% on a bundle of 5 plugins (X-EIGHT 808, Hatz, Tape Piano 2, Vybz & Brain), on sale for just $20 USD.05/31/2022
Udemy – Learn some new skills and get up to 85% off on courses on music production, instruments, and more.05/26/2022
Glitchmachines – Get nearly 50% off on the bundle of the Cataract 2 sampler plugin and the Parallax and Vulcan sample packs, on sale for £59.95 GBP.06/19/2022
Boz Digital Labs – Spring Sale with up to 80% off plugins, including Manic Compressor and Little Foot.05/31/2022
UJAM – Crossgrade from PHAT 2 to another of UJAM's incredible plugins and save up to 77% in Plugin Boutique's exclusive sale.05/31/2022
Elevation Sounds – Save 25% on sound packs from Elevated Trance and Immense Sounds.05/31/2022
iZotope – Flash Sale with up to 30% off on plugins and bundles.05/31/2022
Loopmasters – Get the Overloud FX sample pack for FREE with any purchase until May 31st.05/31/2022
Meldaproduction – Drummatic Discounts: Get a 50% discount on 12 drum related plugins, including MDrummer, MDrumLeveler, and MDrumReplacer.05/29/2022
Imaginando – Save up to 70% on the FRMS granular synth, DRC synthesizer, K7D tape delay and VS Visual Synthesizer.05/31/2022
Orange Tree Samples – Evolution Rubber Bridge for Kontakt Player is on sale for the intro price of $139 USD (regular $179 USD).05/31/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 70% on the Origin X modern loop engine from Artistry Audio, on sale for $89.99 USD.05/30/2022
Impact Soundworks – The Momentum all-acoustic rhythm and sound design toolkit is now compatible with the free Kontakt Player, and priced $129 USD (previously $159 USD).05/31/2022
AIR Music Technology – Boom, DB-33 and Strike 2 are on sale for $29 USD each (up to 78% off regular).05/29/2022
Akai Professional – Save 75% on the VIP 3.1 Standard music software that enables you to control your entire VST instrument and FX library directly from any keyboard.05/29/2022
Sonivox – Save 82% on the Essential Keyboard Collection, on sale for $39 USD.05/29/2022
Applied Acoustics Systems – Save 50% on the new Tabby Dance sound pack and all Ultra Analog VA-3 products.06/22/2022
Plugin Boutique – The Scaler 2 music theory workstation plugin is on sale for $49 USD (regular $59 USD).06/01/2022
VST Buzz – Get 77% off on the Pulse-Tec EQs by Nomad Factory, now only 28 EUR.05/30/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 80% on the AMPlify Boom Bap drum enhancement plugin by 12 Bit Soul, on sale for $19 USD.05/30/2022
Waves Audio – Get the Nx Virtual Studio Collection for the intro price of $79.99 USD.05/31/2022
Caelum Audio – Get a 25% discount on the excellent Tape Pro multi-effect tape audio plugin, now only £29.95 GBP / $39 USD.05/31/2022
Audiothing – Save 35% on the Gong Amp experimental amplifier plugin, on sale for £32.95 GBP / $39 USD.05/31/2022
W.A. Production – Save 80% on the Insta Series Bundle (InstaScale, InstaChord & InstaComposer), on sale for $49.90 USD.05/27/2022
SoundSpot – Vocal Production Bundle: 5 essential plugins at a huge 98% discount. Only £5 GBP / $7 USD.06/30/2022
Audified – Get a 60% discount on AmpLion 2 Rock Essentials, on sale for 55 EUR / $59 USD.05/29/2022
MNTRA Instruments – Save over 60% on the Arca virtual instrument with dark & ancient string textures. Now for £22.95 GBP / $29 USD.05/31/2022
MeldaProduction – Save 50% on the MUnison doubler/unison and smart harmonizer, on sale for £31.95 GBP / $54 USD.05/31/2022
Softube – Save 88% on the Softube Tube Delay plugin, now just $10 USD.05/31/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 70% on the Michaela's Harp virtual instrument (VST3/AU) by Librewave, now only $19 USD.05/29/2022
Sample Logic – Gamelan for Kontakt is on sale for $89.99 USD instead of $249.99 USD.05/27/2022
Pitch Innovations – Get nearly 50% off on the Fluid Pitch innovative next-generation pitch bend plugin, now $39 USD.05/31/2022
Kiive Audio – Save 70% on the FilkChannel Strip analog modeled plugin, on sale for $29 USD.06/13/2022
Reason Studios – Save 33% on Get 33% off Reason 12, Reason+ and Add-Ons. Also at Plugin Boutique.05/31/2022
AVA Music Group – The Eminence Trailer Sound Effects library for Kontakt is on sale for 59 EUR.06/01/2022
Anwida Soft – Save over 50% on the Stereoid stereo upmixer, imager and enhancer, on sale for $29 USD.05/31/2022
Denise – Save 40% on the God Mode saturator + Free Bass XL with purchase.05/29/2022
VST Buzz – Save 60% on the Phrasebox phrase arpeggiator plugin by Venomode, now 22 EUR.05/26/2022
Imaginando – Extended: Save 70% on the VS Visual Synthesizer plugin for creating visuals that react to your music and MIDI. Now only $32.40 USD.05/26/2022
Rast Sound – Save 40% on the Origins Kontakt library of interactive compositions by Anello Capuano, on sale for 47 EUR.05/30/2022
Native Instruments – Save 50% on the Light Trilogy of granular engines (Ashlight, Straylight and Pharlight).05/29/2022
Acustica Audio – The new Space Control plugin by DMI Studio and Hardwell is on sale for the intro price of 85 EUR.06/08/2022
Black Salt Audio – Save up to 40% on the BSAClipper and Oxygen exciter plugin.05/31/2022
W.A. Production – Get nearly 80% off on the Ascension + Expansions bundle, now just £29.95 GBP / $39 USD.05/31/2022
Acon Digital – Save 25% on the Extract:Dialogue plugin which separates dialogue from common types of background noise, on sale for £59.95 GBP.05/31/2022
Lunacy Audio – Save 40% on CUBE, CUBE Mini and the Threads (new) and Air expansion packs, starting from $29 USD.05/31/2022
Krotos – Save up to 70% on Simple Monsters ($29 USD) and Dehumaniser 2 ($199 USD) sound design software.05/31/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save over 70% on the Oddity2 software synthesizer by GForce, on sale for $29.99 USD.05/25/2022
ADSR Sounds – The new full featured ADSR Drum Machine plugin with an extensive library of kits and patterns is on sale for the intro price of $49 USD (regular $69 USD).06/10/2022
Bela D Media – Save 20% on the Native Voice Complete bundle for Kontakt, on sale for $159.99 USD with promo code BDMREK20 at checkout.05/31/2022
Venomode – Get a 50% discount on the Pivot tilt equalizer by Venomode, now just $11.50 USD.05/30/2022
Arturia – The new V Collection 9 bundle is on sale for the intro price of $499 USD instead of $599 USD.06/10/2022
Loopcloud – Save up to 40% on Loopcloud DRUM and Expansions Packs.05/31/2022
Softube – Save 20% on the Atlantis Dual Chambers reverb effect plugin, on sale for $159 USD.06/10/2022
Blue Cat Audio – Save 20% on the updated Connector audio & MIDI streaming plugin that can be used to transmit audio and MIDI signals in real-time between several computers or applications ($39 USD).06/10/2022
Plugin Boutique – Save up to 73% on a selection of presets for Serum, Diva, Phase Plant and VPS Avenger.05/31/2022
AudioThing – Save over 40% on the Outer Space tape echo plugin, now 39 USD/EUR. Also at Plugin Boutique.05/31/2022
United Plugins – Save over 90% on the 3rd Anniversary Bundle (Hyperspace, FireCobra, Royal Compressor and Front DAW). Also at Plugin Boutique and W.A. Production.05/31/2022
Yurt Rock – Save 20% on the Bonhamology Vol. 1 drum sample library by George Fludas, on sale for $39 USD.05/31/2022
Rob Papen – Save up to 25% on the RAW synthesizer and RAW-Kick drum plugin, starting from $59 USD.05/31/2022
Ghosthack – Save 90% on the Ultimate Producer Bundle 2022 (24 sound packs), on sale for 79.95 EUR + FREE Gift Card and Bonus Pack for first 500 customers.05/31/2022
Pulsesetter-Sounds – Spring Sale with 25% off on soundsets and Kontakt instrument with coupon Pulsesetter_Spring_SALE_25off at checkout.05/30/2022
Bogren Digital – Save 20% on the AmpKnob RevC effect plugin, on sale for $44.99 USD / 39.99 EUR.05/29/2022
W.A. Production – Save 70% on the Babylon software synthesizer, on sale for $20.70 USD.05/26/2022
Boz Digital Labs – Save over 60% on the Claps, Stomps and Snaps plugin bundle, now $29 USD. Individual plugins are $15 USD each.05/31/2022
iZotope – Save up to 78% on the crossgrade to Mix & Master Bundle Advanced, starting from $149 USD.05/31/2022
Soundwide – Save 98% and get 15 creative audio plugins from Brainworx, iZotope, and Native Instruments for $49.99 USD. Also at Plugin Boutique.06/15/2022
Keepforest – Save 30% on the Evolution: Devastator cinematic library for Kontakt, on sale for $139 USD.05/31/2022
Harrison Consoles – Get the AVA Mastering EQ for FREE until June 9th (regular $89 USD).06/09/2022
iZotope – Save up to 92% on the RX 9 award-winning audio repair suite, starting from $10 USD.05/31/2022
Plugin Boutique – 3-for-10 Bundle including Yum Audio's LoFi Pitch Dropout, MNTRA Instruments' Kymera, and Subvert by Glitchmachines for only $10 USD.05/31/2022
Audio Blast – Save 80% on the Instalooper 3 glitch effect looper plugin, now only $19.80 USD.05/31/2022
W.A. Production – Get 80% off on the Pumper 3 compressor, saturator and stereo imager plugin, now only $7.80 USD.05/31/2022
W.A. Production – May Mega Sale with discounts on plugins and sound packs + FREE Savage Dubstep & Riddim Bundle with any purchase.05/31/2022
Harrison Consoles – Spring Sale with up to 89% off on Harrison's acclaimed plugins, starting from $9 USD.06/09/2022
BLEASS – Save 50% on the Essential FX Bundle (Chorus, Delay, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Saturator and Shimmer). On sale for $49 USD.05/31/2022
AudioThing – Save 50% on the Things Crusher bit crusher & filter, on sale for 9 USD/EUR. Also at ADSR Sounds.06/30/2022
Arobas Music – The new Guitar Pro 8 score player software is on sale for $67 USD (regular $75 USD).06/30/2022
Eventide Audio – Save 50% on Newfangled Audio's EQuivocate, Saturate, Punctuate, Elevate Mastering Bundle and Generate synthesizer. Also at Plugin Boutique.05/31/2022
Producertech – Save 50% on the Music Production Essentials Collection, a bundle of 6 video courses covering EQ, compression, filtering, sampling, synthesis and music theory. Now $59 USD.05/31/2022
Native Instruments – Save 50% on the Guitar Rig 6 Pro multi-effects rack and amp emulator.07/31/2022
Exponential Audio – Save up to 93% on the Excalibur and PhoenixVerb Stereo effect plugins, now only £7.95 GBP / $10 USD each.05/31/2022
IK Multimedia – Save up to 60% on AmpliTube Collections, TrackS 5 MAX, Miroslav Philharmonik 2 and Total Studio SE.05/31/2022
Plugin Boutique – Get Antares DUO vocal modeling auto-doubler plugin for FREE with any purchase ($49 USD value).05/31/2022
Synchro Arts – Save up to 50% on VocAlign Utra and Revoice Pro 4 audio alignment software.05/31/2022
iZotope – Save 94$ on the Stutter Edit 2 effect plugin, now only £7.95 GBP / $10 USD.05/31/2022
Inphonik – Save 70% on the RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer and 50% on the RX950 Classic AD/DA Converter plugin.05/31/2022
Glitchmachines – Save up to 92% on the Plexus and Vimana sample packs, starting from $5 USD.05/31/2022
Kiive Audio – Get a 70% discount on the Lunchbox Amp Sim, a recreation of a notable British valve amp from the 1960s. Now only $19 USD.05/31/2022
Softube – Save up to 70% on Softube's plugin emulation of gear from Weiss, Drawmer, Summit Audio, Chandler, and more.05/31/2022
Antares – Save 60% on the Harmony Engine real-time harmony generating plugin, on sale for $99 USD.05/31/2022
Sonora Cinematic – Save 50% on the Dronar Metal and Glass Module, on sale for $33 USD.05/31/2022
Cherry Audio – Save 33% on the Minimode Minimoog Model D synthesizer emulation, on sale for $39 USD.05/31/2022
ADSR Sounds – FREE: Get the Energy Panner plugin by Sound Particles with any purchase through May.05/31/2022
Yum Audio – Get 80% off on the LoFi Flux Light analog-modelled tape warble plugin, on sale for $10 USD.05/31/2022
BeatSkillz – Spring Sale with up to 81% off on a selection of popular instruments and effects.05/31/2022
Applied Acoustics Systems – Save up to 93% on Objeq Delay, Chromaphone 3 and other AAS products in a Manufacturer Focus sale.05/31/2022
ROLI – Save 30% on the ROLI Studio all-in-one sound library and music production suite, on sale for $69 USD.05/31/2022
Robotic Bean – Save 40% on the Hand Clap Studio virtual instrument, on sale for $29 USD.05/31/2022
Tone Empire – Save up to 75% on Tone Empire's equalizers, compressors, and more, with prices from $19 USD.05/31/2022
Cherry Audio – Save up to 77% on Dreamsynth, Voltage Modular, Eight Voice, DCO-106, Memorymode, Mercury-4, and more.05/31/2022
Ample Sound – Save 25% on the acoustic and electric bass series of virtual instruments.05/29/2022
Wave Alchemy – The Drumvolution drum engine with 28,000+ electronic drums and sound design tools is 70% off, priced £44.95 GBP / $59 USD.05/31/2022
Plugin Boutique – Save 66% on a bundle of FAW's SubLab bass/808 plugin, Excite Audio's Lifeline Expanse Lite multi-effect, and Dusty Trap by Tone Kitchn.05/31/2022
SoundSpot – Save 99% on 3 plugin bundles: Drums Processing Bundle, Creative 5 for 5 Bundle, and Producers Bundle, starting from just $5 USD.05/31/2022
SoundSpot – Save 94% on the Union Bundle of the wavetable synth and preset expansion packs, now only £9 GBP / $12 USD.05/31/2022
Bela D Media – Save 20% on the new Native Voice EIRA vocal library with promo code BDMREK20 at checkout (also valid for other Kontakt libraries).05/31/2022
DinDrum Audio – Save 50% on the LEPLOOP- Analog Drum Loops sample pack with coupon LEPLOOP at checkout.05/31/2022
McDSP – Save up to 75% on the V7 series of audio plugins, including 4020 Retro EQ, 4030 Retro Compressor, 6034 Ultimate Multi-band, and more.05/31/2022
Martinic – Save 45% on the AX73 synth and other Martinic plugins with coupon code DoctorMix45 at the checkout.06/01/2022
Strix Instruments – Save up to 90% on Pripyat Pianos and Emisynth sample libraries for Kontakt.01/01/2023
Magix – Spring Sale with 20% off on regular priced products with promo code MGXMAY22 at checkout.06/01/2022
Solid State Logic – Save 89% on the SSL Native Essentials bundle, on sale for only $49.99 USD.05/31/2022
Ugritone – Get every Ugritone product for $97 USD/year + additional 20% off with coupon REKKERD at the checkout.05/31/2022
New Loops – Spring Sale with up to 75% off + an EXTRA 30% off orders over £39 GBP.05/31/2022
NoiseAsh – Spring Sale with up to 50% off on vintage and modern equalizer, compressors, preamps, and more.05/31/2022
Cherry Audio – Save 33% on the Dreamsynth hybrid analog/digital synthesizer plugin, on sale for $39 USD.05/31/2022
Plugin Boutique – Save over 50% on the bundle of Scaler 2, BigKick, Carbon Electra, VirtualCZ, StereoSavage and Radio.05/31/2022
Minimal Audio – The Octane sound pack with high-powered 808 drums is on sale for $39 USD instead of $59 USD.06/10/2022

You’ve reached the end of the list! Check the archives for past promotions or visit our friends at Plugin Boutique for more deals.

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