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This compilation lists some of June 2021‘s best deals on audio plugins (VST/AU/AAX, etc), virtual instruments & sample libraries, synth presets, and other audio software and hardware.

If you don’t know where to start, make sure to visit our friends at Plugin Boutique. They have some of the best sales and new promotions are added regularly.

 Plugin Boutique (featured deal) – Get the best deals from industry leading brands and get PreSonus Fat Channel XT for FREE with a purchase this month.12/31/2021
iZotope – To celebrate Make Music Day for 2021, pick up iZotope's VocalSynth 2, Nectar 3 Plus and three sample packs from Loopmasters for only £79.95 GBP / $99 USD.06/30/2021
Ugritone – Get 50% off on the new RIOT Drums 2 virtual instrument, on sale for $29 USD. Use coupon REKKERD for an additional 20% off any order.07/31/2021
Surreal Machines – The Impact transient designer plugin is on sale for $36 USD (regular $49 USD).07/04/2021
UVI – Fête de la Musique with up to 50% off on instruments, plugins and bundles.06/21/2021
Plugin Boutique – Take 50% off on the Carbon Electra synth + free Emissions expansion pack.07/05/2021
W.A. Production – Get 70% off on the Synthwave Arcade 3 sound pack, now only $6 USD.06/18/2021
The Amazonic – Save up to 40% on premium virtual ethnic instruments played by native people and connected to social causes.06/30/2021
Bitwig – Summer Sale with up to $100 USD off on Bitwig Studio, 16-Track, and more.07/20/2021
Boz Digital Labs – Save up to 70% on the +10db series compressor, EQ and bundle. Starting from $29 USD.06/30/2021
Harrison Consoles – Get the AVA De-Esser plugin for only $19 USD for the next few days.06/20/2021
VST Buzz – Save 71% on Virtual Drummer HEAVY by UJAM, on sale for 29 EUR.06/30/2021
Iamlamprey – Save 50% on sample libraries for Kontakt and NEAT Player + additional 15% off with coupon REKKERD at the checkout.06/30/2021
NatLife Sounds – Save 50% on synth presets, DAW templates and samples. Use coupon code NatLife_Sounds-50% at the checkout.06/20/2021
Sonixinema – 5-Year Anniversary Sale with 30% off on instruments and 40% off on bundles.06/30/2021
Wave Alchemy – Save over 75% on the Revolution drum instrument + FREE Drum Tools 02 sample pack.06/30/2021
UJAM – Save 60% on the Finisher FLUXX creatively supercharged effect plugin, on sale for $39 USD.06/27/2021
Plugin Boutique – Vintage Vibe Bundle: Save over 20% on the limited time collection of XLN Audio RC-20 Retro Color, AudioThing Speakers and Aberrant DSP's Sketch Cassette 2.06/30/2021
Inouï Samples – Sweet Acoustic Textures - Basset Horn for Kontakt is on sale for the intro price of 70 EUR (regular 90 EUR).06/30/2021
UNDRGRND Sounds – Get the Breaks Techno sample pack for just £5 GBP until June 22nd.06/22/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 82% on Sampleso's Floppytron virtual instrument for Kontakt, on sale for $9.99 USD.06/29/2021
Softube – Get the Tape Echoes plugin for $65 USD with coupon PBTapeEchoes, and get 20% off Amp Room: Marshall Edition, priced $399 USD with coupon PBMarshall at checkout.07/31/2021
IK Multimedia – The T-RackS Classic Clipper is FREE to all IK Multimedia newsletter subscribers until June 29th.06/29/2021
Sketch Samples – Save 25% on the Sketch D-Hole Guitar for Kontakt 6, on sale for $59 USD.06/30/2021
Meldaproduction – Eternal Madness Sale with 50% off on MTurboComp, MDrumLeveler, MRotary and MAutoEqualizer.06/20/2021
ADSR Sounds – Save over 70% on the Synthwave Melodies by Smokey Loops + Exclusive Bonus Packs.06/21/2021
Rigid Audio – Save 88% on the Perception instrument for Kontakt with 128 cinematic soundscapes, on sale for the intro price of just $7 USD.06/28/2021
VST Buzz – Get a 50% discount on the Polaris echo/reverb plugin by Audiority, now only 19 EUR.06/28/2021
8Dio – Summer Sale with 50% off all instruments with coupon code JUNE50 at the checkout.06/30/2021
Sample Logic – Save 33% on the Animation Station MIDI plugin for create music sequences, on sale for $99.99 USD.06/28/2021
Flux – Save up to 67% on Flux Analyzer + Add-ons until August 1st.08/01/2021
Sampleson – Get a 60% discount on the Model T spectral modeled electric piano, now for $19 USD.06/20/2021
PreSonus – The Ampire State Space Modeled guitar amp/cab/stompbox simulator is 50% off, priced $29 USD.06/21/2021
Rob Papen – Save 20% on the Vecto synthesizer instrument, now $79 USD.06/30/2021
United Plugins – Get 60% off on the Orbitron multi-FX modulation plugin, now only $59 USD. Also available at ADSR.07/05/2021
Voxengo – The Peakbuster multi-band transient enhancer plugin is on sale at the intro price of $49.95 USD (regular $59.95 USD).06/19/2021
Alonso Sound – Sounds Of The Tribe Vol. 1 is on sale for the intro price of $97 USD (regular $147 USD). Use coupon code MADDIXTRIBE at checkout to get an additional 10% off.06/17/2021
Man Makes Noise – Get 50% off on sound packs and collections, use coupon HAMMOCKTIME at the checkout.07/04/2021
W.A. Production – Save 94% on The Titan EDM Bundle 3, including 8 sound packs and a tutorial course for just $7.90 USD.07/18/2021
Imaginando – Save 50% on the new VS - Virtual Synthesizer visual tool for desktop and iOS.07/12/2021
Sonic Sound Supply – Save on sample packs with bundle deals, starting from $9.99 USD.07/31/2021
Nembini Audio – The MRH-159 Brown Sound amplifier effect plugin is on sale at an intro price of $37 USD (regular $137 USD). The AUv3/iOS version is 50% off, priced $9.99 USD.07/04/2021
Harrison Consoles – The AVA LegacyQ equalizer is on sale for only $19 USD (regular $89 USD).06/17/2021
Bela D Media – Save 40% on vocal Kontakt sample libraries with coupon code DUET at the checkout.06/19/2021
Wavparty – Save 40% on samples, loops & presets, with proceeds going to the Compass Center charity.06/27/2021
W.A. Production – Save 96% on the Epic Summer Bundle with 10 plugins for only $19.90 USD. Also at Plugin Boutique.07/22/2021
iZotope – Get discounts on Mix & Master Bundle, Tonal Balance Bundle, Music Production Suite 4 + Community Appreciation Bundle.06/30/2021
Triple Spiral Audio – Summer Sale with up to 40% off on libraries and soundsets for Kontakt, Omnisphere 2, Zebra 2, Hive 2, Falcon, VPS Avenger and more.07/01/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Get the Bassaker 808 VST/AU plugin from Beat for FREE for the next two weeks.06/24/2021
Fuse Audio Labs – Save 50% on plugins with coupon code SUMMER21 at the checkout.07/15/2021
Caelum Audio – Save 25% on the Caelum Audio's Tape Pro tape emulation, Beef multi-effect, Schlap and Smoov compressors.06/24/2021
Hexachords – Save 30% on the Orb Composer Suite 2.0 with coupon ORB30 at the checkout.06/17/2021
Ghosthack – Save 70% on the new Skyrealm collection of epic cinematic vocals, orchestral instruments and deep atmospheres.06/30/2021
Leapwing Audio – Summer Sale with 20% off on Leapwing Audio's unique processors for audio professionals.07/04/2021
K-Devices – Save 30% on the Modulators 21 collection of 6 Max For Live devices, on sale for 34 EUR.06/27/2021
W.A. Production – Summer Sale with deep discounts on plugins and sounds + Savage Melbourne Bundle 1 FREE with any purchase.07/31/2021
Loopcloud – Try Loopcloud and get Baby Audio's I Heart NY creative compression plugin for FREE ($29 USD value). Valid for new users only.07/18/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Save over 50% on the Consequence chord sequencer by Sugar Bytes, now $54.99 USD.06/23/2021
IK Multimedia – The Cinekinetik collection of 4 sound libraries for SampleTank is on sale for the intro price of $99.99 USD (regular $149.99 USD).06/17/2021
Baby Audio – Save 44% on the Smooth Operator intelligent signal balancer plugin, on sale for $39 USD. Use coupon code REKKERD at the checkout for an additional 10% discount. Also available at Plugin Boutique (extended until July 31st).07/31/2021
Nugen Audio – Save 30% on all of Nugen Audio's surround sound mixing plugins, including Halo Upmix, Halo Downmix, ISL 2, SEQ-S and more.07/22/2021
Tone Projects – The new Kelvin Tone Shaper dual-stage saturation plugin is 25% OFF, priced $74 USD until July 9th.07/09/2021
VST Buzz – Get a 65% discount on Bravura Scoring Brass by Impact Soundworks, on 57 EUR.06/23/2021
Sound Particles – Take 35% off on the Panner Collection of advanced panning tools, now only $45 USD.06/30/2021
Audio Damage – Save 60% on the Kombinat Tri distortion plugin, only $19 USD exclusively at Plugin Boutique.06/30/2021
WaveDNA – Get 50% off on the bundle of Liquid Music & Liquid Rhythm for creating inspiring beats, chord progressions and melodies. Now only $99 USD.06/30/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 70% on the Baritone Guitar Washes sample library by Riot Audio. On sale for just $25.99 USD.06/22/2021
Plugin Boutique – Save 33% on the new Lo-Fi Dreams expansion pack for Diva, on sale for £9.95 GBP / $13 USD.07/31/2021
ADSR Sounds – Save nearly 50% on the bundle comprising MeldaProduction's MDrumReplacer plugin and the 909 Drum Samples and 808 – The Tribute sample packs. On sale for $110 USD.12/31/2021
Applied Acoustics Systems – Save 50% on Lounge Lizard EP-4 and the new Insomnia sound pack.06/22/2021
Arturia – Save 25% on the new FX Collection 2 bundle of 22 plugins, on sale for $299 USD.06/25/2021
Venomode – The Phrasebox phrase arpeggiator for creating expressive sequences from MIDI chords is on sale for $29 USD.06/20/2021
AIR Music Technology – AIR Super Synth Pack: Hybrid 3, Loom 2, and The Riser for only $9.99 USD!12/31/2021
IK Multimedia – Tape Machine Collection Krazy Deal with 60% off IK's acclaimed tape machine plugin collection, now $79.99 USD.06/22/2021
Vir2 Instruments – Mojo 2: Horn Section version 2.0 is available at an introductory 15% discount, priced $424.95 USD until June 18th.06/18/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 80% on the ReAmp Studio guitar suite by Audio Assault, on sale for $24.99 USD.06/22/2021
VST Buzz – Get 93% off on the Grainstates granular soundscapes instrument for Kontakt, on sale for just 4 EUR!06/21/2021
Prime Loops – Weekly Deals with up to 50% off on UNPLND: Jazz Hop + RnB Kits, Fire Emoji, Future Feels, Coma Cassettes: Lo-Fi Synths, SINAMA: Arabic Cinematics, and more.06/27/2021
HY-Plugins – Save 30% on the HY-SEQ32 Kaleidoscopic Midi Sequencer plugin, on sale for $35 USD.06/25/2021
McDSP – Save up to 75% on all of McDSP's fantastic range of audio effect plugins (including HD & Native versions).08/02/2021
The FX Chain – Use discount code SUMMERFX to get 15% off on software/plugins (not all brands qualify).08/15/2021
MusicDevelopments – Summer Sale with 40% off on RapidComposer and RapidComposer LE, Melodya and Syne. Prices start from $29 USD.06/20/2021
Positive Grid – Save up to 50% on BIAS amp and fx plugins until June 20th.06/20/2021
Waves Audio – Buy 2 plugins and 2 plugins for FREE for a limited time.06/21/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Save over 70% on the True Keys Bundle by VI Labs, on sale for $99 USD.06/20/2021
Ugritone – Summer Sale with up to 80% off on virtual drum instruments, MIDI packs, effect plugins, and more. Use coupon REKKERD at checkout for an additional 20% discount.07/31/2021
ADSR Sounds – Patchmaker's 500 Presets for Massive X is on sale for $19.99 USD (regular $37.99 USD).06/18/2021
BeatSkillz – The Sequel drum sampler & sequencer is on sale for the intro price of $49 USD (50% off regular). Owners of RetroHit, Synthwave Drums or Breakdance Drums can upgrade for $39 USD.06/30/2021
United Plugins – Save 50% on the FireMaster multi-effect plugin for giving your track the final polish. On sale for 49 EUR.06/25/2021
Cherry Audio – Cherry Audio celebrate its 1,000th module for Voltage Modular with up to 90% off on its flagship products.07/05/2021
W.A. Production – Future House Mega Pack 3: Get 95% off on 5 sample packs, 3 DAW templates and a tutorial course. Now only $7.90 USD.07/11/2021
Sampletraxx – Ui Trailer Tools is on sale for the intro price of 39 USD/EUR (regular 59 USD/EUR), and get 40% off on otgher sample libraries with coupon code TRAXX21 at the checkout.06/30/2021
IK Multimedia – Save up to 50% on AmpliTube Collections, ARC System 3, MixBox, T-RackS Sunset Sound and Lurssen Mastering Console.06/30/2021
Ample Sound – Get 25% off on the new Ample Ethno Banjo virtual instrument, on sale for $89 USD.07/04/2021
u-he – Get a free Synthwave Expansion pack with the purchase of u-he's Hive synthesizer.06/30/2021
Future Audio Workshop – Extended: Get the SubLab synthesizer for $40 USD (regular $70 USD) and grab the SubLab Pack Bundle for only $25 USD.08/31/2021
iZotope – Summer Sale with big savings on selected iZotope bundles including hugely discounted crossgrades to the Tonal Balance Bundle, Music Production Suite 4, Mix & Master Bundle and more.06/30/2021
FeelYourSound – Save 30% on the HouseEngine MIDI generator plugin with coupon code IntroDeal at the checkout. The Pro version is 50% off with coupon IntroDealPro.06/25/2021
Softube – Summer Sale with discounts on almost everything from plugin collections for mixing and mastering, synths, Console 1 expansions, guitar amps, and more.06/30/2021
United Plugins – Save up to 82% on the Vintage Bundle comprising Front DAW, Autoformer, Royal Compressor and Verbum Entropic Hall (includes upgrades).06/30/2021
Karanyi Sounds – Get up to 77% off on Abyss, Polyscape Pro, and the Collection 8 bundle, starting from $19 USD.06/30/2021
FXpansion – Save 50% on the full BFD3 acoustic drum instrument collection including expansions.06/30/2021
Ben Osterhouse – Pattern Strings offers a unique approach to ostinatos by providing a collection of tempo-synced rhythmic fragments. Save 50% and buy for £32.95 GBP / $47 USD.06/30/2021
Kuassa – Save 50% on the Kuassa Studio Bundle comprising 3 EQ plugins and a maximizer.07/04/2021
Spektralisk – Summer Sale with 50% off on selected sound packs.06/30/2021
DopeSONIX – Save 50% on the Beat Machine drum instrument with 500 kits for Hip Hop, now only $39 USD.06/30/2021
Voxengo – Save 30% on the TEOTE automatic spectral balancer plugin, on sale for $55 USD.06/30/2021
Wave Alchemy – Get 80% off on the Complete Drums 2 sample collection, on sale for $119 USD.06/30/2021
Image-Line – Get a 50% discount on the Harmor (re)synthesizer instrument, on sale for $59 USD.06/30/2021
Plugin Boutique – Add a touch of the classic to your productions with the VirtualCZ synth, on sale at 50% OFF.06/30/2021
Cherry Audio – The PSP Ultimate Modular Collection for Voltage Modular is on sale for $49 USD.06/30/2021
Plugin Boutique – Purchase anything at the Plugin Boutique shop and get PreSonus Fat Channel XT for FREE.06/30/2021
Aberrant DSP – Save up to 50% on Aberrant DSP's Shape Shifter and SketchCassette II plugins, starting from £9.95 GBP / $12 USD.06/30/2021
Tokyo Down Labs – Get a 40% discount on the TDR Limiter 6 GE modern dynamics compression and limiting toolkit. Now only $30 USD.06/30/2021
Karoryfer Samples – Save 50% on the Kemençe of the Black Sea sample library for Sforzando, on sale for the intro price of $19 USD.06/30/2021
ADSR – Get the Firepresser compressor plugin by United Plugins for free with any paid purchase through June.06/30/2021
KV331 Audio – Save up to 82% on Synthmaster Player and crossgrades to Synthmaster, Synthmaster One and bundles. Prices from $5 USD.06/30/2021
Native Instruments – Summer of Sound: Half-price upgrades and updates, plus special deals on integrated hardware and software.06/30/2021
Sonnox – Save up to 75% off on the Sonnox range and enhance your mixes and masters with precision and quality. Prices from only £19.95 GBP / $24 USD.06/30/2021
Beat – Get up to 70% off on selected expansion packs for the free Zampler instrument, including Analog Warrior, Ultimate Drums and more.06/30/2021
IK Multimedia – Stream Dream Team: Get T-RackS 5 SE free with select iRig interfaces.06/30/2021
Heavyocity – Summer Sale with up to 75% off on virtual instruments and effect plugins.06/30/2021
AudioThing – Save 62% on the Organetta intricately sampled portable reed organ for Kontakt, on sale for only £3.95 GBP / $5 USD.06/30/2021
Relab Development – Relab LX480 Essentials with 4 of the most famous reverb sounds from the legendary 480L is on sale for $35 USD (regular $99 USD).06/30/2021
Loopmasters – Save 30% on the Bass Master virtual instrument dedicated to bass, on sale for $59 USD. The Analogue Bass expansion is $13 USD during the promotion.06/30/2021
Plugin Alliance – Summer Sale with 48-hour deals every other day.06/24/2021
Sampleson – Get 50% off on the Things virtual instrument, on sale for $19 USD.06/30/2021
Producertech – Save 50% on a selection of tutorial courses during June.06/30/2021
Glitchmachines – Save up to 92% on the Polygon 2.0 hybrid sampler plugin ($10 USD) and Vimana sample pack ($5 USD).07/04/2021
Audiority – Save over 60% on The Forge, a powerful yet intuitive Kontakt library for Film, TV and Games composers. On sale for $69 USD.06/30/2021
Avid – Save big on Pro Tools in honor of its 30th anniversary and get a discount on the Sibelius annual subscription.06/30/2021
W.A. Production – Savage Future Bass Bundle 4: Save 94% on a bundle of sound packs, DAW templates and tutorial course. On sale for $9.90 USD.07/04/2021
W.A. Production – Get 80% off the Satyrus saturation and distortion effect plugin, on sale for $7.99 USD. Also at Plugin Boutique.07/15/2021
Have Audio – The Sax Fury Kontakt library for film composers and producers is on sale for just $29 USD (70% off regular).06/30/2021
zplane development – Save 45% on the reTune cross-platform plugin for real-time multi-pitch modifications. Now priced $89 USD.06/30/2021
Westwood Instruments – The Percussion Untamed instrument for Kontakt is on sale for the intro price of $19 USD (regular $29 USD).06/17/2021
Magix – Save 20% on Magix products with coupon code MGXJUN21 at the checkout.06/30/2021
Splice Sounds – Get 1 month free access to the Sounds 100 plan with 100 download credits. Use coupon YT2021 at the sign-up (new users only).12/31/2021
Dream Audio Tools – Points 2: The Tension Machine for Kontakt is on sale for the intro price of 29 EUR (regular 39 EUR).06/30/2021
Strix Instruments – Save 85% on the PRIPYAT Pianos library for NI Kontakt, now only $29 USD.08/31/2021
W.A. Production – Savage Hardstyle Bundle 2: Get 95% off on 5 sample packs, 3 DAW templates and a tutorial course. On sale for $7.90 USD.06/27/2021
Plugin Boutique – Save 33% on the new Synthwave Dimensions expansion for Phase Plant, on sale for £9.95 GBP / $13 USD.06/30/2021
Acustica Audio – Save 48% on the Indigo 5-plugin mastering suite, on sale for 119 EUR.06/18/2021
Shout Audio – Plugin Boutique welcomes Shout Audio with 40% on BOLD, an instrument packed with sounds by producers Dresage and Bad Snacks. On sale for $9 USD.08/01/2021
Loops de la Crème – Palace Rock Drums for Kontakt is on sale at a 50% intro discount, priced 44.50 EUR (ex. VAT for EU customers).06/24/2021
IK Multimedia – Introductory sale on SampleTron 2, a virtual instrument collection of sought-after vintage and tape-based samplers.06/30/2021
W.A. Production – The MIDIQ innovative MIDI sequence generator plugin is 90% off, now only £4.95 GBP / $5.90 USD.07/10/2021
W.A. Production – Save up to 70% on Future Rave Excite, Trap For ImPerfect and Pumped Serum Drum & Bass Essentials.06/20/2021
Celemony – Upgrade from your current Melodyne application to Assistant, Editor or the full Studio, starting from $29 USD.06/29/2021
Devious Machines – The new Infiltrator multi-effect plugin is available at the intro price of £69 GBP (regular £99.99 GBP).06/30/2021
iZotope – Community Appreciation Bundle: Get 96% off on 11 of iZotope's top-selling plugins, including Elements Suite, Trash2, Stutter Edit 2, Exponential Audio reverbs and more for only $49 USD.06/30/2021
Ghosthack – Save up to 46% on Cinematic Horror Music Tracks Vol. 2 and Ultimate Cinematic Music Tracks Vol. 2.06/30/2021
Initial Audio – Save 33% on the Initial Slice loop slicer and beat making plugin, on sale for $99 USD.06/30/2021
Cherry Audio – The new PS-20 synth that pays tribute to the Korg MS-20 is on sale for $29 USD (regular $49 USD).06/30/2021
W.A. Production – Save over 90% on the bundle of Mutant Delay, Mutant Reverb and Venom. Also available at Plugin Boutique.06/28/2021
IK Multimedia – T-RackS Comprexxor is on sale for the intro price of $99.99 USD (regular $129.99 USD). An additional 30% discount is available to owners of select plugins.06/30/2021
Impact Soundworks – Shreddage 3 Bundle: Save 60% on all Shreddage guitar and bass instruments for Kontakt Player.06/30/2021
Applied Acoustics Systems – Save 80% on the Strum Session virtual acoustic and an electric guitar instrument, on sale for $10 USD.06/20/2021
Applied Acoustics Systems – Save 20% on the new Multiphonics CV-1 modular synthesizer, on sale for $79 USD.06/22/2021
BeatSkillz – Synthwave Drums & Keys, Retro Keys, Dark KZ, Breakdance Drums, and Retro Hit are only $9 USD each. Get the bundle of all 6 for only $29 USD!06/30/2021
Endlesss – Save 50% on the Endlesss cloud-connected multi-track looper with a large collection of performance instruments and FX. On sale for $99 USD.06/30/2021
Iceberg Audio – The Sub audio plugin solution for sub-bass is on sale for $39 USD.08/31/2021
Tone Empire – Reelight V2, Goliath V2 and Model 500 are on sale in a bundle for $99 USD.06/30/2021
Sonivox – Save up to 95% on a selection of creative instruments and synths for a limited time only.06/30/2021
Eventide – Eventide Clockworks Bundle: Get over 70% off on an iconic collection of studio classics, now only $299 USD.06/30/2021
Cherry Audio – Get up to 80% off on Voltage Modular, the Polymode, CA2600 and DCO-106 synthesizer instruments, and more.07/31/2021
Initial Audio – Save up to 80% on plugins and sound packs, also available at Plugin Boutique.08/01/2021

You’ve reached the end of the list! Check the archives for past promotions or visit our friends at Plugin Boutique for more deals.

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