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This page lists a collection of promotions for audio plugins (VST/AU/AAX, etc), sample libraries & virtual instruments, synth presets, and other audio software and hardware.

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Promotion Type Ends
Plugin Boutique (featured deal) – Black Friday Sale: Save big on audio plugins and virtual instruments from iZotope, Arturia, Softube, Eventide, Toontrack, AIR Music, Sonivox, Heavyocity, D16 Group, Rob Papen and many more.Plugins12/31/2017
Toontrack – The EZkeys Mellotoon instrument is up to 80% off + FREE expansion, selected EZkeys MIDI packs on sale as well.Plugins11/28/2017
Reveal Sound – Save 30% off the Spire Synthesizer (VST/AU/AAX) in a Black Friday Sale. Sound packs are 50% off as well.Plugins12/01/2017
Impact Soundworks – Impact Soundworks – Now through Cyber Monday (November 27th), virtually every instrument in the Impact Soundworks catalog is on sale for 25% off. That includes instruments, libraries, presets, plugins, and even bundles!Soundware11/27/2017
Boz Digital Labs – Save up to 72% off on fantastic products, including Transgressor, Big Beautiful Door and Plugin Boutique favourite: Manic Compressor.Plugins11/30/2017
Celemony – Save up to 60% off Melodyne and upgrades.Plugins11/28/2017
AudioThing – Save up to 50% off audio plugin (incl. OuterSpace, WaveBox and VinylStrip) and Kontakt instruments at Plugin Boutique.Plugins11/28/2017
Audiority – Save 50% off Audiority's soundsets for Omnisphere and NI Massive, and 35% off audio plugins in a Black Friday Sale.Plugins11/29/2017
Wavesfactory – Save 50% off the fantastic Kontakt Instrument and plugin collection in a Black Friday Sale (incl. the incredible TrackSpacer).Soundware12/02/2017
Rast Sound – Save 40% off Balkan Vocals, an evocative vocal library. On sale for 22.40 EUR (regular 38 EUR).Soundware11/23/2017
Audionamix – Save 50% off ADX products and bundles in a Black Friday Sale.Plugins12/02/2017
Focusrite – Get up to 40% off gear this Black Friday + free T-shirt with all non-sale gear until 26 November. Hardware11/26/2017
Cinesamples – Save up to 40% off Kontakt instrument libraries at Cinesamples Black Friday Sale.Soundware11/27/2017
VST Buzz – The Dronar & Sculptor Bundle by Gothic Instruments is 50% off.Soundware12/05/2017
Realitone – Save up to 50% off on Realivox Ladies, RealiDrums, Realivox Blue, Screaming Trumpet, Fingerpick and RealiBanjo.Soundware11/28/2017
Plugin Boutique – Save 50% off the creative & intuitive Carbon Electra synth and diverse range of Expansion presets in a Black Friday Sale.Plugins12/04/2017
Sample Magic – Save 40% off the Boost Pro all-in-one audio finalizing utility with six independent effects.Plugins12/03/2017
Audiomodern – Save up to 70% OFF on all purchases, including Kontakt instruments, Max for Live devices, and bundles. Soundware11/27/2017
Image Line – Save 50% off selected Image Line instruments, effects & sequencers in the end of year sale.Plugins12/31/2017
Plugin Boutique – Craft the perfect kick drum for your track and save 40% off BigKick and the extensive range of Expansion presets.Plugins12/03/2017
Singomakers – Save a huge 70% off the Kick Tweak kick drum processor & Magic Stereo stereo effect in a Black Friday Sale.Plugins12/04/2017
Sonuscore – Save up to 66% off at Sonuscore, the team behind the acclaimed Action Strings, Emotive Strings, Action Strikes, Trinity Drums and The Orchestra. Soundware11/24/2017
Krezie Sounds – Save on soundsets in Black Friday Sale. Krezie Journeys for Hive and Glow for AAS Ultra Analog VA-2 now just $4.95 USD each (regular $12.50 USD).Soundware11/27/2017
Dream Audio Tools – Save 30% off on 10 selected instrument libraries in a Black Friday Sale.Soundware12/07/2017
Glitchmachines – Save 40% off on all purchases, with coupon code GLTCH40 at checkout. Soundware11/27/2017
Plugin Boutique – Achieve the stunning stereo your mix deserves and save 40% off StereoSavage in Plugin Boutique's Black Friday Sale.Plugins12/03/2017
Arturia – The V Collection 5 virtual instruments bundle is 55% off at
iZotope – Grab an iZotope bargain! Everything you need for repairing, mixing and mastering with Ozone 8, RX and Neutron Elements. You can also grab the complete Elements Bundle for £59.95 GBP / $79 USD.Plugins11/30/2017
Kirnu Interactive – Save 60% off Cream, an incredible MIDI arpeggiator with a mind-boggling array of MIDI-generating and manipulation systems on board.Plugins12/03/2017
THEPHONOLOOP – Save 30% off Kontakt instruments in a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.Soundware11/30/2017
Re-Compose – Grab Liquid Notes standalone and Liquid Notes For Live for 70% off during a Black Friday sale.Software11/30/2017
Plugin Boutique – Save 50% off Expansion Packs for the free Zampler plugin, including Drum & Bass, House, Garage, Hip-Hop and more.Soundware12/03/2017
eaReckon – Save up to 33% off the 100% algorithmic reverb plugin EAReverb 2, and upgrade paths.Plugins12/03/2017
Tritik – Get 40% off on Tritik's plugins with coupon code BLACKOUT at checkout.Plugins11/29/2017
Tronsonic – Save 75% off on Tronsonic's Tronto Trilogy, Solino String Proto Ensemble MK 1, Kork M500 Micro Preset and System 1000M synth for Kontakt.Soundware12/02/2017
Venomode – Venomode is offering 50% off all plugins until 30th November.Plugins11/30/2017
Nutty Traxx – Save 25% off all all Soundsets & Sample Packs (Virus TI, Dune 2, NI Massive, Sylenth, V-Station, Z3ta, Pro 53 and more...) Use promo code BLACK25 at checkout.Soundware11/27/2017
KV331 Audio – Save 50% off the Synthmaster and Synthmaster One plugins, bundles and upgrades.Plugins11/30/2017
Kuassa – Save up to 50% off Kuassa's specialist digital guitar amplification and audio processing software for a limited time only.Plugins11/30/2017
Stagecraft Software – Save up to 74% off synthesizer and effect plugins.Plugins01/01/2018
Goodhertz – Save 25% off all plugins in Goodhertz Anniversary Sale.Plugins11/27/2017
Plugin Boutique – The VirtualCZ synthesizer plus all accompanying expansion packs are 50% off during a Black Friday Sale.Plugins12/03/2017
WaveDNA – Save a huge 80% off the Liquid Rhythm innovative beat generator, on sale for only £13.95 GBP / $19 USD.Plugins11/28/2017
Admiral Quality – All Admiral Quality products are 75% off in a Black Friday Sale.Plugins11/30/2017
Moog Music – Up to 30% off select Moog instruments (discount available only at participating U.S. Moog Dealers) and receive 20% off all Moog apparel and merch using the promo code TURKEYMOOG at checkout (discount available on to U.S. Residents only).Hardware12/02/2017
DopeVST – Save up to 60% off the awesome Hip-Hop & Soul virtual instruments & expansions from DopeVST.Plugins12/04/2017 – Get early deals on the world's largest selection of used and vintage gear. Save 15% now.Hardware11/28/2017
PreSonus – Get half off on the Studio One 3 modern digital audio powerhouse for creative music production.Software11/27/2017
Soundiron – Save up to 50% off the fantastic range of Kontakt Instruments from Soundiron including their Kontakt Player range.Soundware11/28/2017
Overloud – Save up to 50% off Overloud's great collection of creative effect and guitar amp simulations in a Black Friday Sale.Plugins11/29/2017
Audio Damage – Save 35% off all plugins, Eurorack modules, iOS apps and more in a Black Friday Sale.Plugins11/27/2017
Accusonus – Save up to over 60% off on Regroover, Drumatom, and the ERA series effect plugins in a Black Friday Sale.Plugins11/28/2017
A Sound Effect – Save up to 80% off sound effects libraries in the A Sound Effect Birthday sale.Soundware11/27/2017
Bitwig – Save over 20% off the Bitwig Studio 2 music software for Windows, macOS and Linux in a Winter Sale.Software01/16/2018
The Loop Loft – Save 40% off all loops libraries, Ableton Live packs, MIDI files, multitrack recordings, bundles and more with coupon PRE40 at checkout!Soundware11/24/2017
Audio Imperia – Save up to 35% off Pianos, Percussion, Guitars, Atmospheres, Pulses, Sound Design, and more. If you spend more than $100 during the Black Friday Sale, you will get an additional $50 off of the upcoming JAEGER.Soundware12/01/2017
Sugar Bytes – Save up to 58% off Sugar Bytes super cool and creative instruments, effects, sequencers & bundles at Plugin Boutique.Plugins11/29/2017
MeterPlugs – Focusing on providing you with exceptionally well-crafted meter and analysis plug-ins. MeterPlugs are the masters of Loudness! Save 30% off this Black Friday.Plugins11/27/2017
Audified – Save up to 55% off the awesome Audified plugin including the new RZ062, U78 Saturator & Bundles.Plugins11/29/2017
Toontrack – Save up to 67% off EZmix 2 & selected presets in a Black Friday Sale at Plugin Boutique.Plugins11/28/2017
Ghostwave Audio – Save 50% off all soundsets for Diva, Synplant, Sylenth1 and more.Soundware11/27/2017
Antares – Antares AVOX 4 Vocal Toolkit has the power you need to create stunning vocal tracks! Save over 55% off for a limited time only in a Black Friday Sale.Plugins11/29/2017
Ample Sound – Save up to 61% off on virtual guitar instruments in Ample Sound's Winter Sale.Plugins01/01/2018
Beta Monkey Music – Save 50% off all drum loops sample packs, including the legendary Drum Werks and Double Bass Mania Series.Soundware11/25/2017
Antares – If you've ever wished for an extensive collection of exotic mics (but shuddered at the cost), then Mic Mod EFX is the plug-in for you. Save a huge 70% off in a Black Friday Sale.Plugins11/29/2017
Alonso Sound – Get a $5 USD discount on the new Revealed Sylenth1 Signature Soundset Vol. 2 with coupon code SY1SIGV2 at checkout.Soundware11/22/2017
u-he – Get Repro (incl. Repro-1 and Repro-5 synthesizers) for $99 USD until December 31st, 2017. Regular price will be $149 USD. Prices ex. VAT.Plugins12/31/2017
New Loops – Save up to 70% off sample packs and soundsets in a Black Friday Sale.Soundware12/04/2017
Refractor Audio – Refractor Audio's Transport Kontakt Player instrument by Klayton (Celldweller) is 33% off at Plugin Boutique.Soundware01/01/2018
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 81% off on the Studio Devil Massive Amp Bundle, including 5 top quality guitar amps for Mac and Windows at $99.99 USD (regular $525 USD).Plugins11/29/2017
Cakewalk – To celebrate Cakewalk's 30th Anniversary, Plugin Boutique is offering up to 55% off the SONAR complete studio software for modern audio and music production. Including Platinum, Professional, Artist & Home Studio. Starting from only £15 / $19!Software12/01/2017
PSP Audioware – Save up to 50% off a selection of PSP audio processing plugins and get a FREE additional plugin when registering. Including the legendary Vintage Warmer with a E27 EQ ($149)!Plugins11/28/2017
Sonic Faction – Save 30% off the inspiring and creative range of Max For Live Devices & Kontakt Instruments in a Black Friday Sale.Soundware12/01/2017
Zynaptiq – Save on Zynaptiq's Adaptiverb and Wormhole plugins, and the Design Bundle.Plugins12/01/2017
Tim Exile – Save 30% off SLOO and SLOR until November 27th.Soundware11/27/2017
Heavyocity – Save 50% off the world-class virtual instruments & dynamic processor from Heavyocity including NOVO, Gravity & PUNISH and the Reaktor Ensembles in Plugin Boutique's Black Friday Sale.Plugins12/01/2017
Bicubic Audio – Save 20% off the Neurofunk Drum & Bass sample packs and synth soundset with coupon code REKKERD20 at checkout.Soundware11/30/2017
VST Buzz – Get DopeVST's Beat Machine 1 virtual instrument (VST/AU) at 60% off, priced at just 25 EUR.Plugins11/28/2017
BOOM Library – BOOM Library has just launched its 3FOR2 Sale, use coupon 3FOR2 at checkout. Soundware11/28/2017
Eventide – The new MangledVerb reverb plugin by Eventide is on sale for 49 EUR (regular 79 EUR) at Plugin Boutique.Plugins12/01/2017
BeatSkillz – Save 40% off BeatSkillz cutting-edge processing plugins and virtual instruments for the modern music producer in a Black Friday Sale.Plugins12/01/2017
Producertech – Save 60% off tutorial courses for Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Maschine and Synths.Education12/01/2017
8Dio Productions – Save up to 50% off in 8Dio's Cyber Holiday Sale. Use coupon CYB40 at checkout.Soundware11/30/2017
Native Instruments – Save 50% off on over 180 products, updates, and upgrades, plus special hardware bundles in a ‘Thanksgiving XXL’ sales special.Plugins11/30/2017
Alonso Sound – Save up to 67% off on sound packs for Massive, Sylenth, Spire and more.Soundware11/30/2017
Loopmasters – Save up to 70% off sample packs, synth presets & courses in Loopmasters biggest sale of the year!Soundware12/03/2017
AIR Music Technology – Save 20% off Boom and Vacuum Classic VST/AU plugins, and 50% off on crossgrades at Plugin Boutique.Plugins01/02/2018
Orange Tree Samples – The Evolution Songwriter steel string acoustic guitar instrument is on sale for the intro price of $139 USD (regular $179 USD).Soundware11/30/2017
Ueberschall – Save up to 80% off in Ueberschall's Monday to Black Friday sale.Soundware11/24/2017
Output – Save 25% off ALL Output's innovative and awesome Kontakt Instruments and Expansions for a limited time only! (Note: All Engines work within the free Kontakt Player)Plugins11/30/2017
Mastering The Mix – The new Expose standalone quality control application for anyone interested in releasing high-quality music is on sale for just £9 GBP (regular £29 GBP).Software11/30/2017
SoundsOnline – Save up to 60% off virtual instruments in the EastWest November Super Sale.Soundware11/30/2017
Waves – Save 90% off the Diamond Bundle, comprising 65 plugins.Plugins11/30/2017
Sample Magic – Save up to 50% off the Boost dynamic processor and Stacker drum layering instrument.Plugins12/01/2017
SoundSpot – Save 80% off the Nebula creative multi-fx & delay effect at Plugin Boutique.Plugins11/23/2017
Black Rooster Audio – All Black Rooster Audio plugins are 25% off with coupon code 2017_novembersale at checkout.Plugins11/30/2017
BeatSkillz – The Dark-KZ 80s Sci-Fi & Horror rompler plugin (VST/AU) is 25% off, intro price $29 USD.Plugins11/30/2017
Softube – Save up to 53% off on the Softube Modular and add-ons, TSAR-1R Reverb and Tube-Tech channel strip, compressor and equalizer plugins at Plugin Boutique.Plugins12/01/2017
Sonnox – Save 50% off the incredible Sonnox range of audio production plugins and bundles for a limited time only in this special Autumn Sale.Plugins12/01/2017
Producers Choice – Save 30% off all sample packs and bundles with coupon OVO30 at checkout, or get the entire Everything Bundle (73 packs) at 50% off with coupon EV17.Soundware11/30/2017
iZotope – Sabe up to 68% off on iZotope Stutter Edit, BreakTweaker Expanded, Iris 2, VocalSynth, Creative Bundle, RX 6 & RX Production Suite 2.Plugins01/03/2018
KV331 Audio – Save 50% off the Synthmaster ONE wavetable synthesizer (incl. crossgrades from Synthmaster & Player) for a limited time only.Plugins12/01/2017
Sonivox – Save 50% off SONiVOX's creative Virtual Instruments and Bundles for a limited time only at Plugin Boutique.Plugins12/01/2017
Garritan – Save 30% off award-winning Virtual Instruments from Garritan, including Orchestra's, Brass, Organs and a collection of World Instruments.Soundware12/01/2017
ELPHNT – Save 33% of the EARTH percussion synthesis Ableton Live pack with coupon makedrumsnotwar at checkout.Soundware11/30/2017
Sample Magic – Save 45% off the new Klip electronic music production instrument with inventive parameter editing matrix and 4,000+ sample library for Kontakt & Kontakt Player.Soundware12/01/2017
Nugen Audio – Save 25% off the fantastic Loudness plugin range from Nugen Audio & get a FREE DynApt Extension for LM-Correct 2 and Loudness Toolkit for a limited time only.Plugins12/16/2017
Dmitry Sches – Get the new Thorn synthesizer plugin (VST/AU/AAX) at the intro price of $69 USD (regular $119 USD).Plugins12/31/2017
Positive Grid – Save up to 20% off Positive Grid's amp and fx collection for a limited time only.Plugins12/31/2017
Producers Choice – Get 5 sample packs for just $1 USD. Bundle includes the Survival Drum Library, Ultimate 808 Samples, Twisted Loops, Boom Bap Legends Drum Kit, and Ultimate Production Toolbox ($187 USD value).Soundware11/30/2017
Rob Papen – Save 50% off the legendary Bass Synth from Rob Papen and then upgrade to SubBooomBass 2 at a special price when released later in the year.Plugins12/31/2017
AIR Music Technology – Upgrade from any AIR instrument or previous Instrument Expansion Pack and save 50% off the upgrade path to AIEP3 Complete (sale extended).Plugins01/10/2018
Akai Pro – Save up to 40% off on AKAI's award-winning VIP 3.0 music software that enables you to control your entire VST instrument and FX library directly from any keyboard (sale extended).Plugins11/30/2017
AIR Music Technology – Save up to 33% off the Loom II modular additive synthesizer (and upgrade from Loom) at Plugin Boutique.Plugins12/01/2017 – Get the Synth Sounds of Blade Runner Sample Pack (Wav) for free with coupon BLADESAMPLES at checkout. Ableton Live and GarageBand versions also available (paid).Soundware12/31/2017

If you’d like to see what you’ve (just) missed, you can still see the past deals in this archive.

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Thanks again, Ronnie!

d16 Silverline Group Buy now past 500. 4 effects for the price of 1. Super stuff.


For a limited time only, all Abbey Road Studios plugins will have 50% slashed off the price.


Do you happen to know when this deals end? The website says “For a limited time only”


no idea. deadline is not mentioned .


any chance for sonnox discount aor group buy (50% off) like it was before ?


alpha TDM out NOW and 25% off on all elyisa plugins


Looks like the 25% off is a newsletter only personal coupon code type thing, or do you also have these: 49ZO0J1FMY14PGZ6TMGPOYEZ and KXHREO369TZG583B75WH5JWK


PRESONUS studio one discount 50% off right now!


Do you have a link? Can’t find the info at PreSonus.


Kirk Hunter is having a group buy which is currently at 50%


Thanks, added it to the list!


Recabinet is running a Cyber Monday sale, 50% off.


50% off CamelPhat and CamelSpace until December 25.


Thanks, already posted the news but forgot to add here.




Ronnie, thanks so much for this fantastic compilation! Two of my fave things: synths + deals!

Sorting by company column (handy!), I see some deals that appear to be duplicated: “Camel Audio”, “No Dough Music”, and “Sinevibes”.


Thanks Torley! The Camel Audio and Sinevibes ones are duplicates indeed so I’ll remove them.

The No Dough Music one was exclusive to rekkerd (and might be extended) and then they added a regular Christmas deal.


Very good and useful area. I am here nearly every day. My Number one of
information sites! There is a soniccouture ad banner still going around…
Seems not to be valid anymore :-)
But thanks a lot for your great site!


please put date for example
2012 Apr 5 thanks


It would be great if you could include the date you post the deal as I can never remember which ones I’ve seen :0(


I’ve included the start date (or date I added the deal in case I don’t know when it actually started) and changed the format to use the month name to avoid confusion with regional day-month / month-day notation.

Hope it’s useful!


Tha’s great! Thanks for taking it on board :0)


Stutteredit from izotope is on sale until the 10th


That’s right, forgot to add that one. Thanks!

Erick McNerney
Erick McNerney

Tried the demo. Not a fan at all.


Xils-Lab Oxium still on sale ( intro price 69€) until August 15th 2012


Use the coupon code “scarysounds” to get a 20% discount on all Virtuasonic’s products until November 3rd.



Trash 2 on sale at izotope until December 6th


40% off on all v-plugs plugins until Nov. 25th

Kevin Bazell
Kevin Bazell

Hi there , can anyone recommend some good daily deals sites for software. I found Hello Music recently and wondered if there were more .. Cheers


Hi Ronnie! What happened to the ADSR Reaktor course promotion? The coupon does not work and you’ve removed the entry here. Thanks


Hi Jason. Unfortunately that deal expired yesterday. When the date listed in the “Ends” column in the list above passes, the entry is automatically removed from the list.


Hi Ronnie, thanks for that. Yes, but the description also said ‘until Monday’ or something to this effect. Cheers