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This compilation lists some of October 2021‘s best deals on audio plugins (VST/AU/AAX, etc), virtual instruments & sample libraries, synth presets, and other audio software and hardware.

Make sure to visit our friends at Plugin Boutique, as they have some of the best sales and new promotions from industry leading brands are added regularly.

 Plugin Boutique (featured deal) – Get the PUNISH Lite plugin by Heavyocity for FREE with any purchase at the Plugin Boutique store ($49 USD value).11/01/2021
BLEASS Audio – Save 45% on the new BLEASS Dragonfly dynamic tremolo plugin, on sale for $19 USD.11/01/2021
AudioThing – Save 40% on The Orb formant filter plugin, on sale for 29 USD/EUR.10/31/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – 9 for 9 Production Master Bundle by Black Octopus Sound, now only $9 USD!11/02/2021
2B Played Music – Save 60% on the 2B Shaped multi-fx shaper plugin, on sale for $15.27 USD.10/22/2021
Soundtoys – Flash Sale: Get 77% off on the Tremolator plugin, now only $29 USD.10/21/2021
Tone Empire – Save 40% on Tone Empire's vintage flavored audio plugins.11/01/2021
BeatSkillz – Save 40% on RetroVOLT, SampleX V3, Slam 2, and Synthwave Drums V2, with prices starting at $29 USD.11/01/2021
iZotope – FREE: Get iZotope's Ozone Elements for free until October 25th.10/25/2021
Audionamix – Save 35% on XTRAX Stems and IDC: Instant Dialogue Cleaner, with prices starting from $39 USD.11/30/2021
VST Buzz – FREE: Download the Wicked Drum Hits 2 sample pack by Black Octopus Sound for free (regular $24.95 USD).11/07/2021
Prime Loops – Beatmaker Special with up to 60% off on sample packs.10/31/2021
Imaginando – Save 40% on the FRMS granular synthesizer through October 25th.10/25/2021
VST Buzz – Get 77% off on the Omnidrums sample library for Kontakt by Have Audio, now only 39 EUR.11/01/2021
United Plugins – Save 50% on the Voxessor plugin designed to help your voiceovers cut through. On sale for 65 EUR / $78 USD.10/31/2021
Sonivox – The Stratum supersaw FM synthesizer and Solina Redux ARP Solina emulation are on sale for $29 USD each.11/02/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Get 47% off on the Empyreal atomosphere designer by Sample Logic, on sale for $159.99 USD.11/01/2021
AIR Music Technology – Save 77% on the Strike 2 dynamic drum and arranger instrument, on sale for $29 USD.10/26/2021
ADSR Sounds – Purchase Amazing Serum Synthwave and get two OST Audio bonus packs for free.10/25/2021
Blue Cat Audio – Save up to 40% on mixing and audio analysis plugins including FreqAnalyst Pro, Liny EQ and MB-7 Mixer.11/19/2021
ProducerSpot – Halloween Sale with 40% off on sample packs through October 31st.10/31/2021
Plugin Alliance – The WEDGE FORCE Keemun bass DI instrument is on sale for $39.99 USD with coupon code KEEMUNINTRO3999 at the checkout (MSRP $199 USD).11/03/2021
Waves Audio – Abbey Road Sale with plugins starting from $29.99 USD.10/21/2021
Softube – Win Softube Console 1, Console 1 Fader, & Volume 5 in Plugin Boutique's giveaway contest.11/11/2021
Audified – The ToneSpot Express series of mixing plugins designed to fit all musical genres from vintage to modern are $30 USD each.10/31/2021
Cinematique Instruments – Save 30% on the Vertigo Violin instrument library for Kontakt.10/31/2021
Soundiron – Save 25% on the Steel Tones multi-sampled metallic tuned percussion instrument library for Kontakt that captures the essence of a Hapi Drum.10/30/2021
Meldaproduction – Eternal Madness Sale with 50% off on MDrummer, MStereoSpread, MConvolutionMB and MUnison.10/24/2021
Boz Digital Labs – Save up to 70% on Little Clipper, ProVocative and Sasquatch 2. Prices start from £14.95 GBP / $19 USD.10/31/2021
Glitchmachines – The Palindrome and Cryogen plugins are on sale for $10 USD each, and the Impact Sound Bundle (3 sample packs) is 90% off, priced only $29 USD.01/10/2022
Sound Yeti – The Revelation Scoring Grand for Kontakt and free Kontakt Player is on sale for £79.95 GBP / $95 USD.10/31/2021
Splice – Get 3 months of free Splice Creator tier with promo code WAVESCREATOR at the checkout (regular $19.99 USD/month).10/21/2021
Lunatic Audio – The Narcotic sequenced multi-effect plugin for adding motion, movement, and pulse to your sounds is on sale for $89 USD with coupon code PBNarcotic at checkout.11/09/2021
SoundSpot – Deep savings on synth and effect plugin bundles, starting from only $5 USD.11/30/2021
W.A. Production – Screaming Halloween Bundle: Save up to 92% on Screamo, Make Me Scream, Satyrus, Venom, and Outlaw plugins. Also available at Plugin Boutique.11/04/2021
Reveal Sound – Halloween Sale with up to $90 USD on the Spire synthesizer, also at Plugin Boutique. Sound packs are 40% off during the promotion.11/03/2021
United Plugins – Save 50% on the Transmutator plugin that brings transitions between tracks, song parts or whole songs to another level of fun and creativity. On sale for £19.95 GBP / $26 USD.10/31/2021
Meldaproduction – Save 60% on the MPowerSynth versatile synthesizer, on sale for £69.95 GBP / $89 USD.10/31/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Get 95% off on the Drum & Wavetable collection of 5 Kontakt instruments by Rigid Audio. Only $14.99 USD.10/28/2021
Kuassa – Get 50% off on the Efektor series WF3607 Wah-Filter and CP3603 Compressor plugins, on sale for $12.50 USD each.10/20/2021
Arturia – Save 50% on the Arturia V Collection 8 bundle of synthesiser and keyboard instruments, on sale for $299 USD exclusively at Plugin Boutique.10/24/2021
Rast Sound – The SyncPlay synced loop manipulation plugin (VST3/AU) is on sale for the intro price of 49 EUR (regular 79 EUR).11/05/2021
Echo Sound Works – Save nearly 50% on the Loft Piano virtual instrument for Kontakt 6, on sale for $19 USD.10/21/2021
Native Instruments – Save 25% on the new Sequis Kontakt instrument in collaboration with Orchestral Tools, on sale for 149 USD/EUR.11/03/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 90% on the Sektor wavetable synthesizer by Initial Audio, now only $14.99 USD.10/27/2021
Plughugger – Get 45% off on "A Frozen Moment in Time" for Arturia SQ80 V, on sale for 9.90 EUR with coupon code 8BITAMBIENT at the checkout.10/24/2021
Sampleson – Save 60% on the Model T spectral modeled electric piano instrument, on sale for $19 USD.10/24/2021
AudioThing – Save 50% on the Things Flip EQ effect plugin, on sale for $9.50 USD.10/26/2021
Harisson Consoles – Save 45% on the 32C-VIP Vocal Intensity Processor effect plugin that makes it easy to enhance the quality of vocals or spoken voice recordings. On sale for $49 USD.10/29/2021
VST Buzz – Get 77% off on the Trypticon sample library for Kontakt by Sick Noise Instruments, on sale for 9 EUR.10/27/2021
Resonance Sound – Save 70% on the SOR Minimal Techno Revolution Vol. 5 and Arthur Distone's Techno Prime Time sample packs.10/26/2021
Karoryfer Samples – Save 40% on the Orcophony sample library for the free Plogue Sforzando plugin, on sale for $59 USD.12/06/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Get 78% off on the Actioin Phaser effect plugin by NoiseAsh, now only $19.90 USD.10/26/2021
Acustica Audio – Save 35% on the Desert plugin suite (EQ, compressor, preamp & channel strip), on sale for 103 EUR.11/09/2021
Indefinable Audio – Save 30% on the Tension Builder sound library for Omnisphere 2, on sale for $34 USD.10/26/2021
Cableguys – The new NoiseShaper effect plugin is on sale at the intro price of 29 EUR (regular 50 EUR).11/09/2021
Sonnox – Save 25% on the Claro comprehensive equalizer plugin, on sale for $99 USD.12/01/2021
Heavyocity – Save 33% on Symphonic Destruction for Kontakt Player, on sale for $299 USD.11/01/2021
Sample Logic – Save nearly 50% on the new Empyreal Atmosphere Designer for Kontakt, on sale for $159.99 USD.10/25/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 83% on the City Lights virtual instrument (VST/AU) by BRSYNTH, on sale for $14.99 USD.10/25/2021
Audio Blast – Save 80% on the Acid Box bassline synthesizer plugin, on sale for $10 USD.10/25/2021
IK Multimedia – Save up to 35% on the T-RackS TASCAM Tape Collection plugins for a limited time.10/31/2021
Black Octopus Sound – Halloween Sale with 50% off sample packs until November 1st.11/01/2021
VST Buzz – Save 62% on the EkoRain ambient/cinematic instrument for Kontakt by Audiofier, now only 19 EUR.10/25/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 86% on the Ambient Soundscapes & Textures Bundle by Black Octopus Sound, on sale for $29.95 USD.10/24/2021
United Plugins – Get the DIFIX plugin for free with a purchase of the Electrum all-in-one single-screen guitar solution.10/31/2021
Zynaptiq – AI Mastering Sale with up to 59% off on Intensity, Unfilter, Unmix:Drums and the Master Bundle.10/24/2021
United Plugins – The Expanse 3D space enhancer plugin by JMG Sound is on sale for 49 EUR / $59 USD (regular 99 EUR).10/24/2021
Krotos – Get up to 70% off on Simple Monsters and Dehumaniser 2, starting from $29 USD.10/25/2021
Cherry Audio – Save up to 77% on Cherry Audio virtual synthesizer instruments and modular tools.10/31/2021
W.A. Production – Save 90% on the Savage Hardstyle Bundle 3 comprising 5 sound packs and a tutorial course for only $9.90 USD.11/07/2021
Tracktion – Plugin Boutique welcomes Tracktion with a 30% discount on Waveform Pro 11, RetroMod synths, BioTek 2, F.’em, and more.10/22/2021
Producertech – Save over 80% on the Bass Music Sound Design with Iris 2 tutorial course, on sale for $5 USD.01/09/2022
Signum Audio – Save 77% on the BUTE Loudness Analyser 2 stereo and surround plugins, starting from $19 USD.10/31/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Get a 90% discount on the Afro Vocals Bundle by Dreadstar Vocals with 4 sample packs for only $11.99 USD.10/21/2021
Final Mix Software – Save 25% on Parallel Voices and other plugins with coupon code OCTOBER25 at the checkout.10/31/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 80% on a bundle of 9 Techno packs from Resonance Sound, on sale for $59.40 USD.10/20/2021
Tone Empire – Save 50% on the Black Q 2 equalizer plugin, on sale for $39 USD.10/31/2021
Martinic – Save 50% on the Martinic AX73 powerful 80s analog synth plugin, on sale for $59.50 USD.10/31/2021
NUGEN Audio – Save 50% on the Paragon ST true convolution reverb plugin, available for the intro price of $149 USD.12/06/2021
Audio Plugin Deals – Get 78% off on the Cinematic Bundle for Kontakt by Dark Intervals, on sale for $14.99 USD.10/20/2021
In Session Audio – Annual Sale with discounts on Kontakt libraries, combo packages and loop titles.10/31/2021
VST Buzz – Save 70% on the Musiqual Super Bundle of EQ plugins by MIA Laboratories, on sale for 33 EUR.10/20/2021
Orange Tree Samples – The Evolution Dry Relic virtual guitar for Kontakt Player is on sale for $139 USD (regular $179 USD).10/20/2021
Ghosthack – Autumn Sale with up to 91% off sample packs and bundles + up to 25% additional discount with purchase.10/31/2021
W.A. Production – Halloween Sale with discounts on sound packs, plugins and bundles.10/31/2021
Boz Digital Labs – Save up to 80% on Imperial Delay, Manic Compressor, and T-Bone. Starting from $19 USD.10/31/2021
Plugin Boutique – Save 35% on the Italo Disco Bundle comprising Beatskillz Sequel, TAL-U-NO-LX, and HY-SEQ32.12/31/2021
Producertech – Save up to 40% off on a selection of premium video tutorials.10/26/2021
Native Instruments – Save 25% on the Komplete Kontrol M32 keyboard controller, on sale for 89.25 USD/EUR.11/04/2021
XILS-lab – The updated Chor'X specialized chorus plugin is on sale for $35 USD (regular $65 USD).10/25/2021
Reason Studios – Save 50% on a crossgrade to Reason+ from any DAW or any plugin bought at Plugin Boutique. Now only £99 GBP / $109 USD.10/31/2021
Spitfire Audio – Save 30% on Olafur Arnalds Stratus through October.10/31/2021
Iceberg Audio – Save 33% on The Sub, the ultimate solution for sub-bass. On sale for £29 GBP / $39 USD.10/31/2021
DJ Swivel – Get a 50% discount on the Spread powerful and usable stereo imaging plugin, now only $19 USD.10/26/2021
UJAM – Rocktober promotion with up to 70% off on Virtual Drummer Heavy 2 and Brute, Virtual Guitarist Iron 2, Rowdy 2, Carbon, Beatmaker Nemesis, and more.10/31/2021
Toontrack – Rocktober with several new releases, bundles, deals and more.10/31/2021
Akai Professional – The reimagined MPC 2 cutting-edge production suite is on sale for $99.99 USD (regular $299.99 USD).11/02/2021
Xhun Audio – LittleOne v4.0 software synthesizer is on sale for 49.90 EUR until October 24th (regular 89 EUR).10/24/2021
Native Instruments – Users of Freak can get over 50% off on the upgrade to the Crush Pack (Bite, Dirt & Freak), on sale for $29 USD.10/31/2021
UJAM – Get up to 60% off on Finisher Retro, Beatmaker Kandy and Vice, and Groovemate One. Starting from $9 USD.10/31/2021
iZotope Exponential – Save 90% on the R2 lush, colorful stereo reverb plugin, on sale for £14.95 GBP / $19 USD.10/31/2021
ADSR Sounds – Get UJAM's Hustle 2 virtual beatmaker for Trap for FREE with any paid purchase at ADSR Sounds.10/31/2021
KV331 Audio – The Synthmaster Player powerful synth instrument with 1,800 presets is on sale for just £3.95 GBP / $5 USD.10/31/2021
Audio Damage – The ADverb2 vintage digital plate reverb plugin is on sale for $19 USD (regular $39 USD).10/31/2021
Thenathan – Save 75% on the “40” Drake style Underwater effect plugin, on sale for $12.50 USD.10/31/2021
Audified – Save 50% on the RZ062 Equalizer, a precisely modeled classic EQ with optimized and improved tube emulation. On sale for $99 USD.10/20/2021
Crocus Soundware – Save 50% on the Liminal: Vol.1 Chamber String Textures library for HALion Sonic SE, on sale for $29 USD.10/25/2021
Glitchmachines – Save 85% on the Quadrant hybrid modular plugin and Cataract segment multiplexer, on sale for $10 USD each.01/09/2022
Softube – October Sale with up to 60% off on a selection of world-class analog emulation plugins, prices start from $39 USD.10/31/2021
IK Multimedia – All users of AmpliTube 5, including Custom Shop, can get the officially licensed Orange Dual Terror head model for free.10/31/2021
Devious Machines – Get 30% off on Infiltrator, a plugin that features 28 jaw-dropping effects with expressive control. On sale for £69 GBP / $99 USD.10/31/2021
Voxengo – Save 30% on Voxengo's PrimeEQ, Elephant, Polysquasher and Drumformer plugins.10/31/2021
Plugin Boutique – Save 70% on the Radio plugin that lets you stream and sample from a diverse list of internet radio stations, now only £7.95 GBP / $9 USD.10/24/2021
Beat – Power up your Zampler virtual instrument with 4 diverse and inspiring soundbanks, on sale for only $5 USD each.10/31/2021
Sound Particles – Save 40% on the Brightness Panner unique audio panning pluginm now only $29 USD.10/31/2021
Kuassa – Get 30% off on Amplifikation Caliburn and Vermilion, and Cerberus Bass Amplifikation, starting from $27 USD.10/31/2021
Sonixinema – Save up to 40% on Bell Chimes and Memory Box for Kontakt.10/31/2021
BHK Samples – Save 50% on the Drum and Bass Rough Connections Gold sample pack with over 3,700 loops and one shots.10/31/2021
Caelum Audio – The excellent Tape Pro multi-effect tape audio plugin is on sale for £29.95 GBP / $39 USD (regular $55 USD).10/31/2021
Ben Osterhouse – Save 50% on the String Flow Violin library for Kontakt, now £17.95 GBP / $24 USD.10/31/2021
Applied Acoustics Systems – Get 70% off on the AAS Session Bundle with 3 virtual instruments, now only $29 USD.10/31/2021
Audiority – Save 65% on Maliki Adventure Drums for Kontakt, on sale for $35 USD.10/31/2021
Cherry Audio – The new Stardust 201 Tape Echo plugin is on sale for the intro price of $19 USD. Crossgrade from Mercury 4 is $10 USD.11/01/2021
Magix – Halloween Sale with up to 50% off audio and video software. Use coupon code MGXOCT21 at the checkout to get 20% off on regular priced products.11/03/2021
Thenathan – Save over 60% on the Tape Piano 2 lofi piano keys plugin, on sale for $29.50 USD. Users of the original Tape Piano can upgrade to version 2 for $15 USD.10/31/2021
Meldaproduction – Save 50% on the MCompleteBundle featuring over 110 effects and instruments and free for life updates including any new plugin released.10/31/2021
Iamlamprey – Save 50% on Iamlamprey's creative, unique and playable Kontakt instruments. Prices start at £7.95 GBP / $9 USD.10/31/2021
McDSP – Save up to 75% on McDSP's innovative and award-winning audio software (including HD & Native versions).10/31/2021
Baby Audio – The new TAIP tape emulation plugin is on sale at an intro price of $39 USD (regular $69 USD). Use promotional code REKKERD at the checkout to get 10% additional discount at Baby Audio. Also available at Plugin Boutique.11/01/2021
Solid State Logic – Save 25% on the new SSL Fusion Vintage Drive and Stereo Image plugins, on sale for $149 USD each (ex. taxes).10/26/2021
W.A. Production – Save 93% on the Titan EDM Bundle 5 including 5 sound packs, 3 DAW templates and an audio course for only $9.90 USD.10/31/2021
Synchro Arts – Save 33% on VocAlign Project 5 and VocAlign Ultra, including upgrades and crossgrades.10/25/2021
ASL Soundlab – Save 30% on sample packs and synth presets for Serum, Harmor, Virus, Sytrus, and more. Use coupon ASL30 at the checkout.10/25/2021
W.A. Production – Get up to 93% off on plugins and sound packs with the Puncher 2 Mega Pack, Outlaw Mega Bundle, and SphereComp Mega Pack. Starting from $9.90 USD.11/04/2021
Audio Brewers – The Piano Toy library for Kontakt is on sale for the intro price of 14 EUR (regular 29 EUR).11/02/2021
Denise Audio – Get the Bite Harder bit crusher plugin for $20 USD instead of $29 USD.10/31/2021
Sampletekk – Post Summer Sale with 90% off on sample libraries with coupon code postsummer at the checkout.10/26/2021
W.A. Production – Save 84% on the MIDIQ innovative sequence generator plugin, on sale for $9.90 USD. Also at Plugin Boutique.10/22/2021
Cherry Audio – Save 33% on the new Mercury-4 synth based on the Jupiter-4 by Roland, on sale for $39 USD.10/31/2021
W.A. Production – Save 77% on the bundle of the InstaChord and InstaScale MIDI processing plugins, on sale for $19.90 USD10/22/2021
Producer Loops – Autumn Sale with savings of up to 70% on sample packs.11/30/2021
BLEASS – Save 25% on the BLEASS Saturator effect plugin, on sale for 15 EUR / $18 USD.10/31/2021
Plugin Boutique – Save over 70% on the bundle of Softube's Amp Room and the Elements Suite by iZotope.10/31/2021
Yum Audio – Save 40% on the LoFi Playtime characterful and unique effect, on sale for $59.40 USD.10/31/2021
Native Instruments – Exclusive KOMPLETE Classics Collection (Massive, Abynth 5, FM8 and Replika) and KOMPLETE Future Classics Collection (Super 8, Form, TRK-01 and Mod Pack), on sale for $99 USD each.11/30/2021
Splice Sounds – New users can get 1 month free access to Splice by using promo code YT2021 when signing up for a plan.12/31/2021
Plugin Boutique – Save 37% on a bundle of Karanyi Sounds Minipol, Shout Audio BOLD, and Caelum Audio Tape Pro. On sale for $75 USD.10/31/2021
IK Multimedia – Extended: 25th Anniversary Group Buy with up to 25 products for the price of 1!10/31/2021
IK Multimedia – Save 20% on The Resonator dobro instrument collection for Sampletank, on sale for 49.99 USD/EUR (ex. VAT).10/31/2021
ADSR Sounds – Save nearly 50% on the bundle comprising MeldaProduction's MDrumReplacer plugin and the 909 Drum Samples and 808 – The Tribute sample packs. On sale for $110 USD.12/31/2021
AIR Music Technology – AIR Super Synth Pack: Hybrid 3, Loom 2, and The Riser for only $9.99 USD!12/31/2021
Future Audio Workshop – Extended: Get the SubLab synthesizer for $40 USD (regular $70 USD) and grab the SubLab Pack Bundle for only $25 USD.10/31/2021

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