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This compilation lists some of the best deals on audio plugins (VST/AU/AAX, etc), virtual instruments & sample libraries, synth presets, and other audio software and hardware.

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  • Plugin Boutique: Cableguys TimeShaper 3 free with any purchase ($29 USD value).
  • ADSR Sounds: OSCAR Tone & Noise Generator by Digital Brain Instruments ($59 USD value) is free with any purchase.
  • Audio Plugin Deals: Get huge discounts on Kontakt libraries and plugins + free bonus products.
  • VST Buzz: Weekly deals on audio plugins, sound packs and bundles, and more.

February 2023 deals

With new sales added daily, the list can become quite long. Use the search box below to narrow things down. Happy bargain hunting!

Sonible – Save up to 38% on the smart:EQ 3 equalizer and smart:bundle (smart:reverb, smart:comp, smart:EQ 3, and smart:limit).02/28/2023
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 70% on the BUTE Loudness Analyser 2 by Signum Audio, on sale for $25.50 USD.02/22/2023
Martinic – Valentine's Day Sale with 33% off on all plugins, including AX73 Synthesizer, Lem Echo Music, Elka Panther, and more.02/19/2023
United Plugins – Save over 50% on the Cryostasis spectral inertia effect that can progressively smear your audio until infinitely frozen in time. On sale for $34 USD.02/22/2023
Sonic Bloom – Save 33% on the new SynthieCat synth Max for Live device by Max for Cats, on sale for 19.99 EUR.02/22/2023
Expressive E – Save up to 50% on the Imagine and Noisy synth instruments.02/14/2023
Meldaproduction – Save 60% on MAutoAlign, MRhythmizer, MDrummer and MSoundFactory.02/28/2023
Soundiron – Get 50% off on the Cymbology instrument library for Kontakt, now 39 EUR.02/21/2023
Leapwing Audio – Save 50% on the UltraVox vocal processor plugin, now only $39 USD.02/14/2023
Thenatan – Save 94% on the Vybz lofi multi fx plugin, on sale for 5 EUR at VST Buzz.02/21/2023
Tom Wolfe – Save 20% on the new Rust soundset for Arturia Pigments, on sale for $18.99 USD.02/22/2023
XLN Audio – Save up to 40% on all Addictive Drums collections, DS-10 Drum Shaper, XO and RC-20 Retro Color.02/17/2023
Future Audio Workshop – Sav 68% on the Sublab Complete Bundle, on sale for $40 USD.02/28/2023
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 98% on the Unlimited MIDI Bundle by New Nation, on sale for $24.99 USD.02/21/2023
Black Octopus Sound – Save 78% on Messinian - Roughneck Vocals + 2 Bonus Packs, on sale for $24.95 USD.02/14/2023
Sample Fuel – Get 80% off on CYCLE-CRE8 for the free HALion Sonic SE, now only 19 EUR at VST Buzz.02/21/2023
K-Devices – Save 55% on the Magma memory warper and propagator for iOS/AUv3, on sale for 3.49 EUR / $2.99 USD.12/01/2023
Tracktion – Save up to 62% on Dawesome Abyss, Novum, and the F.’em synthesizer.02/20/2023
Modalics – Save 20% on the Beat Scholar modern beat-making powerhouse, on sale for $79 USD.02/28/2023
Yurt Rock – Save 25% on the Odd Meter Drums Vol. 2 drum pack, on sale for $29 USD.02/14/2023
Klevgrand – Save 50 on the Stark amp simulator plugin, on sale for $39 USD.02/24/2023
SHARP – Save 50% on a wide selection of SHARP sample packs at Loopmasters.02/14/2023
Sonuscore – Save 25% on Trailer Sounds Vol. 1 Cinematic Hits sound library, on sale for $29 USD.02/21/2023
Sonnox – Save up to 77% on a selection of plugins to enhance your mixes and masters with precision and quality. Includes Claro, Oxford Inflator, Oxford Limiter, and Oxford Drum Gate.02/28/2023
Glitchedtones – FREE: Get the Mainstage Hybrid Trap for free exclusively at Rekkerd (regular £18 GBP).02/17/2023
Waves Audio – Save 80% on the new Magma Tube Channel Strip plugin, on sale for $29.99 USD.02/28/2023
Boz Digital Labs – Save up to 80% on Manic Compressor ($29 USD) and the T-Bone 2 ($19 USD) equalizer plugin. Also at Plugin Boutique.02/28/2023
Tracktion – Save 50% on the BioTek 2 synthesizer and all expansion packs, including the new Current Substances.02/27/2023
United Plugins – Save 50% on the Autoformer dynamic processor, on sale for 49 EUR / $53 USD.02/19/2023
Ferpect Instruments – The Rim & The Woods bundle of Kontakt instrument is on sale for $25 USD (regular $38.98 USD).02/28/2023
Xhun Audio – Get up to 75% off on KickBeat, FilterCult, ShineVerb, ResonHeart, and LittleOne.02/28/2023
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 70% on the Celestial Celesta for Kontakt by Chocolate Audio, now only $14.99 USD.02/20/2023
Krotos – Get a 50% discount on the Concept 2 synthesizer, Dehumaniser Simple Monsters vocal processor, and Reformer Pro audio editor.02/28/2023
Orb Plugins – Save 90% on Orb Composer Pro S 1.5 ($40 USD) and the Orb Synth plugin ($5 USD).02/28/2023
Kuassa – Save 56% on the Efektor series Chorus and Overdrive pedal plugins, on sale for $11 USD each.02/28/2023
MOK – Save up to 35% on the Miniraze synthesizer and MOK Bundle (Waverazor, Filtryg and Miniraze).02/28/2023
Native Instruments – Save 60% on supercharged scoring tools from Heavyocity.02/20/2023
VST Alarm – Get 85% off on the 9-in-1 vocal sample pack bundle by Roundel Sounds.02/20/2023
Audiomodern – Save nearly 30% on the Chordjam MIDI plugin, on sale for $35 USD.02/12/2023
HAVE Audio – Get up to 75% off on Sax Fury and Cello Textures for Kontakt.02/28/2023
Caelum Audio – Save 25% on the Choric chorus plugin for desktop & iOS.02/10/2023
Audified – Save up to 63% on the ToneSpot Express series of effect plugins, on sale for $11 USD each.02/28/2023
Future Audio Workshop – Get up to 83% off on the Circle2 synthesizer ($20 USD) and expansion packs ($5 USD each).02/28/2023
Imaginando – Save 50% on the K7D vintage tape delay plugin, on sale for $20 USD.02/16/2023
Antares – Save 34% on the Auto-Tune Pro X plugin, on sale for $299 USD.02/16/2023
Nembrini Audio – The MP1 Pro programmable tube guitar amplifier plugin is on sale for the intro price of $29.99 USD (regular $137 USD). The IOS version is 50% OFF, priced $9.99 USD.02/28/2023
IK Multimedia – Save over 80% on the Miroslav Philharmonik 2 emotional orchestral library, on sale for 79.99 USD/EUR.03/01/2023
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 54% on the Scorpio motion synth for Kontakt by Artisty Audio, on sale for $69 USD.02/19/2023
Rast Sound – Save over 40% on Naturaliser effect plugin, on sale for 29 EUR.02/12/2023
Loopmasters – Free sample pack with any purchase, choose from titles from Unity Records, SHARP, Loopmasters and Organic Loops.02/28/2023
Initial Audio – Save up to 80% on instruments and effects, including Initial Slice, 808 Studio 2, Reverse, Heat Up 3, Sektor, and more.02/28/2023
Robotic Bean – Save up to 46% on Hand Clap Studio, Portatron and the bundle of both.02/28/2023
Excite Audio – Save up to 53% on the VISION 4X analyzer, Lifeline Expanse and Console multi-effects, and KSHMR Chain plugin chainer.02/28/2023
Producertech – Save up to 70% on industry-leading video courses including guides to Massive, Serum, Spire, Avenger, Scaler 2, Music Theory, Mastering, EQ, Compression, and more.02/28/2023
Solid State Logic – Save up to 78% on the SSL X-Limit and X-Gate plugins ($29.99 USD each) or the bundle of both ($49.99 USD).02/14/2023
Kiive Audio – Save up to 84% USD on Lunchbox Amp Sim, Distinct!, FilkChannel Strip and more.02/28/2023
Acustica Audio – Save 55% on the Aquamarine mastering compressor, on sale for 89 EUR (regular 199 EUR).03/01/2023
Wavelet Audio – Get up to 50% off on Senfine and the full suite of Cabal 8 Kontakt instruments.02/28/2023
HISS and a ROAR – Save 33% on the new 100K Metal sound library with coupon STEEL at checkout (regular $129 USD).02/12/2023
Rigid Audio – Get 93% off on the Grainstates granular morphing soundscapes library for Kontakt, now only 4 EUR at VST Buzz.02/14/2023
UJAM – Save up to 50% on a selection of virtual instruments and plugins, including Virtual Drummer Solid 2, Virtual Pianist Vogue, Finisher Fluxx, and more.02/28/2023
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 60% on the Emergent Drums plugin by Audialab, now only $59 USD.02/16/2023
VST Alarm – Save 80% on the Prodigious orchestral rompler instrument (VST3/AU), on sale for $24.95 USD.02/16/2023
W.A. Production – Get 85% off on the Vocal Mega Pack 5 bundle, on sale for $19.90 USD.02/16/2023
Kilohearts – Save 50% on the Phase Plant ($99 USD) synthesizer and Multipass ($49 USD) multi effect plugin.02/15/2023
VST Buzz – Save over 60% on the Space reverb plugin by Karanyi Sounds, on sale for 11 EUR.02/14/2023
Native Instruments – Save 50% on KOMPLETE 14 Select, on sale for $99 USD.02/28/2023
AudioThing – Save 35% on the Noises experimental instrument in collaboration with Heinbach, now only 45 USD/EUR.02/12/2023
Caelum Audio – Save 67% on plugins and sounds packs, including Tape Pro, Beef, Flux Pro and more.02/28/2023
Audio Brewers – The ab vortEx Spatial Spacetime designer plugin is on sale for the intro price of 69 EUR (regular 89 EUR).03/15/2023
Audio Plugin Deals – The Gum Cuisine Kick drum synth plugin (VST3/AU) is on sale for $19 USD (regular $52 USD).02/15/2023
Denise – Save up to 60% on Perfect Room, God Mode, Bad Tape 2, and Dragon Fire.02/28/2023
Sound Yeti – Save 33% on the Ambition cinematic instrument for Kontakt Player, on sale for $85 USD.02/28/2023
Loopmasters – Save 80% on the Disco & Funk Bundle with 7 sample packs by Organic Loops, now only £35.95 GBP.02/28/2023
NUGEN Audio – Save up to 50% on SigMod, ISL 2, and more.02/28/2023
Audiority – Save 40% on the Chorus Ensembler plugin, now 29 USD/EUR. Also at Plugin Boutique.03/05/2023
Plughugger – Save 35% on the Oceania soundset for Arturia Minifreak, on sale for 9.90 EUR with promo code UNDERWAVES at the checkout.02/12/2023
Audio Damage – Get a 40% discount on the Other Desert Cities creative delay plugin, now £35.95 GBP GBP / $46 USD USD.02/28/2023
SongWish – The reMIDI 2 MIDI sampler plugin is 75% off, priced $19 USD.02/28/2023
Baby Audio – Save 50% on the Crystalline state-of-the-art reverb effect plugin, on sale for $49 USD.02/14/2023
Karanyi Sounds – Weeks of Love Specials with up to 85% off plugins and Kontakt instruments.02/14/2023
Cableguys – Get the TimeShaper 3 time manipulation plugin for FREE with a paid purchase at Plugin Boutique!02/13/2023
Sonimus – Save 33% on the TuCo Compressor plugin, on sale for $49 USD with coupon TUCO49 at checkout (only 15 coupons available).02/14/2023
Yum Audio – FREE: Download LoFi Flux Light and Spread Light for FREE, or save 30% on the LoFi series Flux Machine, Pitch Dropout, Dropout, Tapestop and the LoFi Bundle.02/28/2023
Native Instruments – Save 70% on the classic Massive software synthesizer, on sale for $39 USD instead of $149 USD.02/28/2023
Tokyo Dawn Labs – Save up to 77% on a selection of state-of-the-art plugins, including Kotelnikov GE, Nova GE, Limiter 6 GE, and more.02/28/2023
Goldbaby – Save over 80% on the Urban Cookbook Vol. 1 sample pack, on sale for 9 EUR.02/14/2023
Cherry Audio – The Lowdown Bass Synthesizer modeled after the Moog Taurus is on sale for $19 USD (regular $39 USD).02/15/2023
Best Service – Save 50% on The Orchestra Essentials, on sale for 49 EUR at VST Buzz.02/14/2023
ADSR Sounds – Get the Oscar tone & noise generator by Digital Brain Instruments for FREE with any paid purchase (regular $59 USD).02/28/2023
Soundtoys – Get a 50% discount on the Little Alterboy voice manipulation plugin, on sale for $49 USD.02/13/2023
Audio Plugin Deals – FREE: Download T-RackS EQ 81 from IK Multimedia for free until February 14th (regular $99.99 USD).02/14/2023
VST Alarm – Get 80% off on the 8-in-1 Neo Piano Bundle by Sound Magic, on sale for $99 USD (only 50 copies are available).02/13/2023
Karanyi Sound – Save up to 61% on a selection of Karanyi Sounds' finest instruments and effects, including Lofi Keys and Poly Space.02/14/2023
Ouput – The Portal granular effect plugin is on sale for $99 USD instead of $149 USD.02/28/2023
Softube – Get 50% off on the Dirty Tape saturation plugin, now only $29 USD.02/28/2023
The Very Loud Indeed Co. – Save 40% on Mobilis III: Hybrid Scoring Percussion for Kontakt, offered at the intro price of $49 USD.02/13/2023
BLEASS – Save 50% on the Megalith synthesizer plugin, on sale for $49 USD.02/13/2023
Rigid Audio – Save 97% on the Rigid Audio Everything Bundle (32 Kontakt libraries), on sale for $49 USD.02/28/2023
Softube – Save 33% on the Icons: The Compressor Collection and the individual plugins (FET Compressor Mk II, OPTO Compressor, and VCA Compressor), starting from $99 USD.03/01/2023
Sonuscore – Save 20% on the new Origins 10: Contrabass Panduri & Tanbur, on sale for 55 USD/EUR.02/14/2023
Applied Acoustics Systems – Save up to 92% on a selection of AAS's physically modelled instruments and creative effects.02/28/2023
Applied Acoustics Systems – Save 50% on the new Asymmetric Sound Pack and all String Studio VS-3 products.02/27/2023
Sample Logic – Save 50% on the Key Fury instrument library for Kontakt, on sale for $99.99 USD.02/13/2023
W.A. Production – Save 60% on the Put Me On Drums multi-effect plugin by K-391, now $16 USD. Also at Plugin Boutique.02/20/2023
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 40% on the Sonible True Bundle including true:level and true:balance, on sale for $63 USD.02/12/2023
United Plugins – Get the Urban Puncher plugin that combines transient treatment, spectral shaping and saturation at 50% OFF, now only £22.95 GBP / $32 USD.02/12/2023
W.A. Production – Save over 60% on the new KSHMR Reverb plugin, on sale for $19.99 USD. Also at Plugin Boutique.02/28/2023
Arturia – Save 50% on Arturia's V Collection 9, FX Collection 3, and Pigments 4 in an exclusive sale.02/13/2023
Sugar Bytes – Get 40% off on the Effectrix multi-fx sequencer plugin, now priced $69 USD.02/15/2023
Relab Development – Save up to 70% on authentic reverb emulations, starting from $29 USD.02/14/2023
Arturia – Save 55% on the bundle of the Pigments 4 synth and Loopcloud Drum, on sale for $124 USD.02/13/2023
Thenatan – Save up to 88% on selected plugins, including Hatz, Vybz, Black & Devil, Tape Piano 2, and more. Now $15 USD each.02/15/2023
UJAM – Save 72% on the Beatmaker HUSTLE 2 virtual instrument, on sale for $19 USD at Audio Plugin Deals.02/09/2023
IK Multimedia – Save up to 71% on the MODO BASS 2 virtual instrument, on sale for 99.99 USD/EUR.03/31/2023
Yurt Rock – Save 25% on the Odd Meter Drums Vol. 1 sample pack, on sale for $29 USD.02/15/2023
ADSR Sounds – The Mesosphere Dual Atmosphere Engine (VST3/AU) by New Nation is on sale for $24.95 USD (regular $74.95 USD).02/20/2023
VST Alarm – FREE: Get the Bakers Dozen Lo-Fi Bundle by New Nation for free until02/27/2023
Output – Save 20% on all software instruments and effects (excludes Arcade) with promo code CREATORS20 at checkout.12/31/2023
Sampleson – Save up to 50% on spectral modeled instruments.02/28/2023
W.A. Production – Save 60% on the new KHSMR Reverb plugin, on sale for the intro price of $19.99 USD. Also at Plugin Boutique.02/28/2023
Ghosthack – Save over 80% on the Cinematic Mega Bundle with 57GB of premium SFX, loops and music tracks from 29 sound packs + 50 EUR gift voucher for first 250 customers.02/28/2023
Acustica Audio – The Tiger compressor plugin suite is on sale for the intro price of 139 EUR (regular 209 EUR).02/15/2023
Ample Sound – Save 25% on the new Ample Bass TR6 and other electric bass guitar instruments, on sale for $89 USD each (regular $119 USD). Also at Best Service.02/20/2023
Plugin Alliance – Get Lindell Audio's SBC compressor for only $29.99 USD and receive the multiband MBC plugin for free.02/16/2023
Lese – The Eigen reflection processing multi-tool is on sale for $40 USD instead of $65 USD.02/13/2023
W.A. Production – Save 60% on the Punchy Worm one-knob audio processor, on sale for $7.90 USD.02/12/2023
Future Audio Workshop – Save up to 75% on the SubLab and SubLab XL synthesizer plugins, starting from $40 USD.02/28/2023
Cherry Audio – Winter Sale with up to 77% off on GX-80 Synthesizer, Sines Synthesizer, Elka-X, Lowdown, Miniverse, and more.04/30/2023
Luftrum – Save 10% on all sound packs at the Luftrum store, including Bioscape and Lunaris 2. Use coupon rekkerd at the checkout.12/31/2023
Performance Samples – The Pacific Ensemble Strings for Kontakt is on sale for the intro price of $399 USD (regular $599 USD).03/31/2023

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