Deals, deals, deals

This compilation lists some of January 2022‘s best deals on audio plugins (VST/AU/AAX, etc), virtual instruments & sample libraries, synth presets, and other audio software and hardware.

Make sure to visit our friends at Plugin Boutique, as they have some of the best sales and new promotions from industry leading brands are added regularly.

 Plugin Boutique (featured deal) – FREE: Get DJ Swivel Spread, Cloudbounce (3 months), or Iceberg Audio Beatgrader for free with a purchase until January 31st.12/31/2022
Reason Studios – Get your first 3 months of Reason+ for $1 USD a month with coupon code 333 at the signup.01/31/2022
Loopcloud – Save 30% on annual plans with coupon code LC30 at the checkout.01/31/2022
UVI – Save 40% on IRCAM Solo Instruments 2, on sale for 179 USD/EUR.01/31/2022
iZotope – Save 60% on the Mix & Master Bundle Advanced including Ozone 9 Advanced, Neutron 3 Advanced, Nectar 3 Plus (+ Melodyne 5 Essential), Neoverb and Tonal Balance Control 2.02/08/2022
W.A. Production – Save 75% on the Babylon software synthesizer, on sale for $17 USD.02/24/2022
GForce Software – Save 20% on the new M-Tron MkII tape based instrument, on sale for $279.99 USD.02/28/2022
Alonso Sound – Save 25% on the Alonso Snack Tropical Pops collection of 384 presets for Sylenth1 with coupon code TROPOPS at the checkout (regular $19.95 USD).02/01/2022
Reveal Sound – Save 30% on the Spire software synthesizer with coupon code Spire30 at the checkout.02/01/2022
Solid State Logic – Save 25% on the SSL Fusion Transformer plugin, on sale for $149 USD.02/22/2022
NUGEN Audio – Upgrade from your Elements versions of Monofilter, Stereoplacer and Focus at 30% off for a very limited time.02/09/2022
Sick Noise Instruments – Save up to 75% on the Xenobyte synth plugin (VST3/AU) and Trypticon hi-tech futuristic Kontakt instrument library.02/08/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save over 70% on Tetrality for Kontakt by Audiofier, on sale for $24.99 USD.02/08/2022
Rast Sound – The Bass Boutique hybrid bass engine is on sale for 49 EUR instead of 79 EUR.02/09/2022
BOOM Library – Save 20% on the new Toolbox Micro-BOOM series sound effects library (regular $59 USD).02/08/2022
Sonimus – Save 47% on the Satson CS channel strip effect plugin, on sale for $74 USD (first 50 customers only).01/31/2022
Raw Cutz – Save up to 50% on a collection of timeless Hip Hop sounds at Loopmasters.02/08/2022
Softube – FREE: Get the Dirty Tape: Special Edition for free through January 31st.01/31/2022
Slate Digital – Save 66% on the Classic Tubes 3 VMS Expansion, on sale for $99 USD.01/31/2022
Soundiron – Save 25% on the Dhol Drum instrument library for Kontakt.01/30/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – The Modern Vox Engine plugin by Red Sounds is on sale for $19.99 USD instead of $89.95 USD.02/07/2022
VST Buzz – Get 78% off the Anniversary Bundle of 6 Kontakt libraries by Fallout Music (39 EUR).02/07/2022
Sample Logic – Gamelan and Bohemian are only $60 USD each with coupon gam-boh-nzjv-dwdw at the checkout, or use coupon wldbun-sauc-sesa-t6dc to get the bundle of both for only $100 USD.02/01/2022
Soundiron – Save 20% on the Hyperion Brass Micro universal chamber orchestral brass library built for Kontakt, now $39 USD.02/06/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 80% on the Nordisk Kontrabass Kontakt library by Have Audio, now $39.90 USD.02/06/2022
Singomakers – Save 50% on the Kick Tweak audio plugin for mix-ready kick drums, on sale for $19 USD.01/31/2022
Meldaproduction – Eternal Madness Sale: Save 50% on MTurboDelay, MStereoGenerator, MWobbler and MAmp. Also at Plugin Boutique.01/30/2022
ADSR Sounds – Find Your Tone: Get 40% off Ambient sound packs including products from Luftrum, Audiomodern, ModeAudio, Code Sounds, and more.01/31/2022
United Plugins – Save 50% on the MorphVerb reverb plugin by Muramasa, on sale for 74 EUR. Also at Plugin Boutique.02/07/2022
Sampleson – Save up to 50% on Glassy and Things virtual instruments.01/31/2022
Waves Audio – Save 50% on plugin bundles with coupon code BUNDLE50 at the checkout.01/31/2022
BLEASS – Save 30% on the Omega 4-operator FM synthesizer instrument, on sale for $59 USD.02/08/2022
iZotope – The Neoverb and VocalSynth 2 plugins are on sale for $59 USD each.01/31/2022
AudioThing – Save 50% on then Things Motor plugin effect that uses side-chaining to combine signals in new and interesting ways. Now only $9 USD.01/31/2022
Sounds And Effects – Save 50% on the Resonant Drop for Kontakt or Reason, on sale for $24.95 USD.01/29/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 68% on the Continuo cinematic guitar orchestra by Karanyi Sounds, on sale for $19 USD.02/03/2022
VST Buzz – Save 70% on the Virtual Bassist Rowdy virtual instrument by UJAM.02/03/2022
Ample Sound – The Ample China Dadi woodwind instrument is on sale for the intro price of $109 USD (regular $149 USD).02/20/2022
Spitfire Audio – The new Spitfire Appassionata Strings is on sale for the intro price of 179 USD/EUR (regular 249 USD/EUR).02/10/2022
W.A. Production – Save 85% on the Mastering Bundle (The King 2, Helper Equalizer, SphereComp, Vocal Limiter & Punchy Worm), on sale for $29 USD.02/17/2022
Diginoiz – Save 50% on Hattricks hihat rolls plugin, Subdivine 808 bass instrument, and TrapDrive distortion effect.02/06/2022
W.A. Production – Save up to 90% on plugins and sound packs in the 2022 Mega Sale.02/28/2022
Blue Cat Audio – Save 20% on the Connector plugin that can be used to route audio and MIDI almost anywhere “in the box”. On sale for $39 USD.02/20/2022
IK Multimedia – AmpliTube Krazy Deal with over 50% off on Fender Collection 2.02/01/2022
iZotope – Elements Flash Sale: Plugins on sale for $20 USD, the Elements Suite (RX, Neutron, Nectar, and Ozone) is on only $40 USD during the promotion.02/08/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – The Rigid Audio Everything Bundle with 30 sample libraries is only $59 USD (97% off regular).02/01/2022
Zplane – Harness the power of AI and find the key of your loops, remixes, and song ideas with TONIC, on sale at 25% off.01/31/2022
Positive Grid – Pre-order the Riff next generation guitar interface for $99 USD (regular $179 USD).02/28/2022
Wave Alchemy – Save 20% on the TRIAZ forward-thinking drum machine, on sale for $149 USD.01/31/2022
Heavyocity – The new Mosaic Leads instrument library is on sale for $99 USD instead of $119 USD.01/27/2022
Expressive E – Get 40% off on Noisy, a hybrid between physical modelling and subtractive synthesis. On sale for $89 USD.02/17/2022
Vengeance Sound – Purchase the VPS Avenger synthesizer and get the House & Techno expansion pack for FREE.02/28/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 80% on the Ultimate Riddim + Dubstep Bundle by Black Octopus Sound ($49.95 USD).01/31/2022
VST Buzz – Save 68% on the Rhino guitar plugin by Aurora DSP, on sale for 25 EUR.01/31/2022
Kilohearts – Dirty Little Sale with 50% off on Faturator, Phase Distortion, Distortion, and Nonlinear Filter. Also at Plugin Boutique.01/31/2022
Boz Digital Labs – Save up to 73% on The Hoser XT ($39 USD) and The Hoser ($29 USD) series of David Bendeth signature plugins.01/31/2022
IK Multimedia – FREE: Registered IK Newsletter users can get the T-RackS EQ-81 plugin for free (99.99 USD/EUR value).01/31/2022
BeatSkillz – Save 50% on the Tekno Keys virtual instrument based on sounds of '90s Techno-Pop. On sale for $39 USD.01/31/2022
Singomakers – Save 50% on the Magic Stereo stereo tool as used by Hardwell, now only $19 USD.01/31/2022
United Plugins – Save 50% on the Hyperspace algorithmic reverb plugin, on sale for 64 EUR. Also at Plugin Boutique.01/31/2022
Niche Audio – Niche Audio Deep Chill: Save 40% on selected expansion packs for Maschine and Ableton Live.01/31/2022
Soundspear – Save 28% on the Supertube compressor plugin by Soundspear, on sale for $29 USD.01/28/2022
Chris St' Aubyn – Save 40% on the Simple 1.5 polyphonic synthesizer for HALion Sonic SE, HALion Sonic and HALion. On sale for 53.99 USD/EUR.01/31/2022
Loopmasters – Save 33% on the Cloud Waves expansion pack for KHORDS, on sale for $13 USD.01/31/2022
Boz Digital Labs – Save 81% on the Big Clipper effect plugin, on sale for $29 USD.01/29/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 50% on Chris Hein Ensemble Strings by Best Service, on sale for $199 USD.01/30/2022
New Loops – Save 30% on the new Alive expansion pack for UVI Falcon, on sale for £24.49 GBP.01/31/2022
Nembrini Audio – The new IR Loader plugin is available for an intro price of $29.99 USD instead of $79 USD.01/31/2022
Audiority – Save 40% on the Space Station UM282 echo reverb plugin, on sale for 39 EUR. Also at Plugin Boutique.02/28/2022
Venomode – The Complexer 2 multi-stage dynamics processor is 60% off, priced just $19 USD until January 31st.01/31/2022
Loopmasters – Save up to 33% on the Bass Master virtual instrument and Bass Pick Up expansion pack.01/31/2022
BeatSkillz – The SampleX V3 accurately modeled sampler emulator effect is on sale for $29 USD (regular $69 USD).01/31/2022
Hexachords – Save 80% on the Orb Composer Pro S creative smart tool for composers, bands and orchestrators. On sale for $85 USD.02/14/2022
Plugin Boutique – Save 33% on the new Chill Hop Lo-Fi for Serum and Drum & Bass Phenomenon for Phase Plant expansion packs, on sale for $13 USD each.02/28/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Get 80% off on the bundle of the AcidBox bassline synth and InstaLooper3 effect plugin, on sale for only $29.99 USD.01/27/2022
Soniccouture – Save 33% on the Scanner X Geosonics soundset, on sale for 19 USD/EUR to owners of Geosonics II.02/04/2022
VST Buzz – Save 75% on the United Strings of Europe Kontakt library by Auddict, on sale for 149 EUR.01/27/2022
Native Instruments – Get 25% off on the new Stradivari Cello virtual instrument, on sale for 149 USD/EUR.01/31/2022
W.A. Production – Save 65% on the new Chords plugin for inspirational chords progressions, on sale for $34.70 USD.03/10/2022
Waves Audio – 40% Off Zone: Save 40% on a selection of 60 plugins & bundles with coupon SAVE40 at the checkout.01/31/2022
ADSR Sounds – $9.99 USD plugin deals on Thenatan's Vybz, The Pianist, Tape Piano 2, and more.02/01/2022
Beat Magazine – The 02/22 edition of Beat Magazine includes 2 Sound Packs series instruments for the free AAS Player. It is priced only $6 USD.02/28/2022
iZotope – Get up to 90% off on Exponential Audio's Nimbus and R4 reverbs, on sale for $29 USD.01/31/2022
Iceberg Audio – The Sub sub-bass plugin is on sale for $39 USD (regular $59 USD) and bundles are also up to 36% off.01/31/2022
McDSP – Save up to 75% on McDSP's plugin range (including HD & Native versions).02/15/2022
Thenatan – Save 75% on the new Hatz plugin for creating hi-hat patterns, snare rolls, and stutters. On sale for $20 USD.01/31/2022
Plugin Boutique – Purchase Scaler 2 for $59 USD and get the Lifeline Expanse Lite multi-effect bu Excite Audio for FREE (39% savings).02/11/2022
ADSR Sounds – Save 85% on the bundle of 6 Synthwave packs by OST Audio, now only $20 USD.01/31/2022
AudioThing – The Hand Clapper drum synthesizer dedicated to clap sounds is 40% off, only $15 USD. Also at Plugin Boutique.01/31/2022
Minimal Audio – FREE: Get the Rift Feedback Lite plugin for free until February 28th.02/28/2022
DopeSONIX – Crossgrade from any DopeSONIX plugin to Beat Machine 3 at a 50% discount.Boutique.01/31/2022
Meldaproduction – Save up to 70% on the Mixdown Tools Bundle and Fundamental FX Bundle, exclusively at Plugin Boutique.02/10/2022
Softube – Save 55% on the bundle of the Tape and Tape Echoes saturation and echo plugins, on sale for 89 EUR / $99 USD.01/31/2022
W.A. Production – Save 90% on the 2022 Vocal Mega Box collection of 9 sample packs for $18 USD.02/03/2022
AudioThing – Save up to 72% on Fog Convolver, TX-101, Megaphone, and Glass for Kontakt, starting from £3.95 GBP / $5 USD.01/31/2022
Producertech – New Years Sale with 40% off on video tutorial courses for a limited time only.01/31/2022
Softube – 22 Tips for 22 Sale: Save up to 70% on Softube products such as Harmonics, Modular and more. Prices from $45 USD.01/31/2022
MNTRA Instruments – Save 50% on the Arca virtual instrument with dark and ancient string textures, now £29.95 GBP / $39 USD.01/31/2022
u-he – Purchase the Diva virtual analog synthesizer and get the Ambient Depths expansion sound pack for FREE.01/31/2022
Ghosthack – 2022 Sale with up to 87% off and Buy 3 Get 1 FREE with purchase.01/31/2022
Steinberg – New Year Deals with 40% off on WaveLab, Cubasis, Groove Agent, HALion Symphonic Orchestra and Backbone.02/04/2022
Karanyi Sounds – Custom Combo Deal: Buy 1 Get 1 FREE on instruments (cheapest one is free).01/31/2022
IK Multimedia – Save 73% on the MODO BASS and MODO BASS SE virtual bass guitar instruments.01/31/2022
Quiet Music – Save 48% on the Quiet Piano SE lofi virtual piano instrument, on sale for $12 USD at ADSR Sounds.01/31/2022
Voxengo – Save 30% on a selection of Voxengo's finest plugins, including TEOTE and Gliss EQ.01/31/2022
Plugin Boutique – Save 20% on the BigKick virtual drum synthesizer, now $39 USD.01/31/2022
Plugin Boutique – The StereoSavage innovative stereo toolbox plugin is $49 USD instead of $79 USD until January 31st.01/31/2022
Beat – Save up to 68% on a selection of Zampler expansion packs, only £3.95 GBP / $5 USD each.01/31/2022
SoundSpot – New Year Sale with up to 95% off on all SoundSpot products for a limited time only.01/31/2022
Cherry Audio – Save up to 83% on Cherry Audio's Voltage Modular and expansions, and classic synthesizer emulations including Mercury-4, CA2600 and more.01/31/2022
IK Multimedia – Save 40% on the Mellotron 2 virtual instrument, including crossgrades.01/31/2022
Initial Audio – Save up to 80% on Sektor, Heat Up 3, 808 Studio 2, Initial Slice, Reverse, and more.01/31/2022
Sampleson – Save up to 50% on Sampleson's spectral modeled virtual instruments, including Akoustic, Suit 73 and Reed 200.01/31/2022
Organic Loops – Save 50% on a selection of Organic Loops' finest acoustic sample packs including funk drums, blues guitars and more.01/31/2022
Frontline Producer – Save 50% on the Pop Piano Vol. 1 and 2 sample packs.01/31/2022
Waves Audio – New Year Sale: 120 plugins at $29.99 USD + Buy 2 and get 1 free.01/31/2022
Audio Damage – Save 40% on the Axon 2 drum synthesizer driven by AI, now only $35 USD.01/31/2022
Keepforest – Save 30% on the AizerX Modern Designer Toolkit collection of stylish, ultra-modern custom sound effects. On sale for $209 USD.01/31/2022
Mellowmuse – The CP1A audio dynamics compressor plugin is on sale for $29 USD (25% off regular).01/31/2022
Cinematique Instruments – Save 30% on the Deconstructed Piano instrument for Kontakt.01/31/2022
Prime Loops – New Year, New Beats: Save up to 75% on sample packs + FREE 2GB Bundle with purchase.01/31/2022
ADSR Sounds – Get the Numb Dark Trap Guitar VST ($19 USD value) for FREE with any purchase through January 31st.01/31/2022
Karanyi Sounds – Vapor Keys and Vapor Keys 2 are on sale for only $19 USD each, or bundled for $29 USD (over 70% OFF). Also at Plugin Boutique.01/31/2022
Arobas Music – Save 25% on the Guitar Pro software for editing sheet music has never been easier. Now only £45.95 GBP / $55 USD.01/31/2022
DopeSONIX – Save 50% on the Beat Machine 1 innovative, authentic and raw Hip-Hop plugin, on sale for £29.95 GBP / $39 USD.01/31/2022
W.A. Production – Save 90% on the 2021 Mega Pack: 15 best-selling sample packs for $30 USD!01/31/2022
NoiseAsh – Save up to 77% on the NEED Preamp and Eq Collection and individual plugins.01/31/2022
Sampleso – Save 77% on Floppytron and Synthophone for Kontakt, on sale for $9 USD each.01/31/2022
Native Instruments – Extended: Exclusive KOMPLETE Classics Collection (Massive, Abynth 5, FM8 and Replika) and KOMPLETE Future Classics Collection (Super 8, Form, TRK-01 and Mod Pack), on sale for $99 USD each.02/28/2022
UJAM – Pre-order the Usynth Bundle with Euphoria, Caramel and 2080 at a 33% discount.02/19/2022
Ugritone – Save up to 60% on drum instruments, MIDI packs, effects & more. Use coupon REKKERD at the checkout to get 20% extra discount.01/31/2022
Baby Audio – The new TAIP tape emulation plugin is on sale at an intro price of $39 USD (regular $69 USD). Use promotional code REKKERD at the checkout to get 10% additional discount at Baby Audio. Also available at Plugin Boutique.03/01/2022

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