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This page lists a collection of promotions for audio plugins (VST/AU/AAX, etc), virtual instruments & sample libraries, synth presets, and other audio software and hardware.

The latest added deals are listed first, and you can sort by clicking the headers. You can type keywords in the input box below to find something specific.

If the list is a bit overwhelming and you don’t know where to start, make sure to visit our friends at Plugin Boutique. They have some of the best sales and new promotions are added regularly.

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Promotion Type Ends
Plugin Boutique (featured deal) – Purchase anything at Plugin Boutique and get a bundle of W.A. Production's Pumper 3 and Imprint plugins for FREE! Valid through September 30th.Plugins12/31/2020
Loopcloud – New Loopcloud users save 30% on an annual Studio subscription plan until October 31st.Soundware10/31/2020
Arobas Music – Guitar Pro 7.5 makes editing sheet music has never been easier. On sale for £52.95 GBP / $65 USD, exclusively at Plugin Boutique.Software01/04/2021
W.A. Production – Save 50% on Pumped Serum Riddim & Dubstep Essentials 2, on sale for $7.50 USD. Also available at Plugin Boutique.Soundware11/22/2020
Mellowmuse – Plugin Boutique welcomes Mellowmuse with an introductory sale with up to 50% off on its innovative audio plugins.Plugins11/05/2020
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 62% on the Celestial Voices Calypso female vocal Kontakt library by Auddict, on sale for $39.99 USD.Soundware11/03/2020
BOOM Library – The new Skate sound fx library is available at an introductory 20% discount (regular $59 USD). Soundware11/03/2020
BeatSkillz – Save up to 93% on BeatSkillz' creative & versatile effects processors, including Bounce and Slam Pro for only £6.95 GBP / $9 USD each.Plugins11/03/2020
W.A. Production – Save 50% on the Trance Presets for Babylon soundset, now only £3.95 GBP / $5 USD.Soundware11/17/2020
Rigid Audio – Get 90% off on the Angus wavetable synthesizer instrument for Kontakt, on sale for only £6.95 GBP / $9 USD.Soundware11/04/2020
Big Fish Audio – Save 25% on Aura: Atmospheric Drone Builder, on sale for $149 USD.Soundware11/07/2020
VST Buzz – Save 64% on the Nordisk Kontrabass by Have Instruments, on sale for 59 EUR.Soundware11/03/2020
Acustica Audio – The Camel plugin suite (channel strip, EQ, compressor and preamp) is on sale for the intro price of 79 EUR.Plugins11/20/2020
Arturia – Save 50% on V Collection 7 and FX Collection, exclusively at Plugin Boutique.Plugins10/27/2020
Ugritone – $5 MIDI pack deals: Black Metal Essentials, Grunge Rock Essentials, and Djentastic Drum MIDI Pack. Use coupon code REKKERD at the checkout to get an extra 20% off your order!Soundware10/26/2020
Voxengo – The new TEOTE automatic spectral balancer plugin is on sale for the intro price of $69.95 USD (regular $79.95 USD). Also available at Plugin Boutique.Plugins10/31/2020
Empirical Labs – The Big FrEQ equalizer plugin is on sale for the intro price of $129 USD (regular $149 USD).Plugins11/12/2020
Mididope – The MIXMUX Duo live sequencing Max for Live device is available at the intro price of 24 EUR (regular 49 EUR).Software11/08/2020
Ghost Syndicate – Save 50% on sample packs in a label focus sale at Loopmasters. The YuRei pack for Halftime, Future Beats, Dubstep, and Bass Music is 85% off during the sale.Soundware10/28/2020
Sample Logic – Morphestra 2 morphed cinematic orchestra for Kontakt is on sale for $89.99 USD (regular $299.99 USD).Soundware11/03/2020
PulseSetter-Sounds – Dystopian Guitars for Kontakt is on sale for the intro price of $169 USD (regular $199 USD).Soundware11/19/2020
Meldaproduction – Eternal Madness Sale: Save 50% on MTurboEQ, MRhythmizer, MDrumLeveler and MTremoloMB.Plugins10/26/2020
DopeSONIX – The LoFi plugin features over 200 dirty, atmospheric instruments. Save 50% and buy now for only $39 USD.Plugins11/02/2020
Ghosthack – The Ultimate Cinematic Bundle 2 is on sale for 75 EUR (regular value 339.80 EUR). The first 250 customers get Cinematic Sci-Fi Sounds as a bonus (99.95 EUR value).Soundware11/30/2020
Meldaproduction – Save 50% on the MDrummer virtual drum instrument, on sale for 125 EUR.Plugins10/31/2020
Tronsonic – The Tronto Trilogy for Kontakt combines 3 expertly crafted analog-style synths. Save 70% and buy now for only £9.95 GBP / $12 USD.Soundware11/01/2020
D16 Group – The Spacerek virtual space reverb plugin is on sale for the intro price of 59 EUR (regular 79 EUR).Plugins11/11/2020
Plugin Boutique – Save 22% on the Essential Creative FX Bundle comprising Devious Machines Duck, Cableguys HalfTime, and Freakshow Industries Backmask. Now only $39 USD.Plugins12/31/2020
Boz Digital Labs – Mongoose lets you solidify your low end by collapsing your bass frequencies to mono. Buy now for only £14.95 GBP / $19 USD.Plugins10/28/2020
Production Master – Take a 40% discount on 180 titles from the Producer Master catalog of sample packs and synth presets collections.Soundware11/01/2020
Black Octopus Sound – Save 40% on more than 200 sample packs in a Halloween Sale.Soundware11/01/2020
Resonance Sound – Halloween Sale with 40% off on over 150 sample packs and synth presets collections.Soundware11/01/2020
SoundSpot – Save up to 90% on all SoundSpot audio plugins, synth presets and expansion packs.Plugins11/02/2020
AudioThing – The Springs vintage spring reverb + baxandall EQ is on sale for 44 UER (regular 69 EUR). Also available at Plugin Boutique.Plugins11/01/2020
W.A. Production – Save 95% on the Savage Hybrid Trap Bundle, a collection of 6 full sample packs, an audio course and 3 DAW templates for only $7.50 USD.Soundware11/18/2020
Audio Damage – Get 50% off the Discord4 unique sound mangling tool, a pitch-shifter modeled from the H910. On sale for $24 USD.Plugins11/02/2020
Audiaire – Save 25% on the Zone powerful parameter sequencer and synthesizer.Plugins10/24/2020
BeatSkillz – Save up to 50% on the entire BeatSkillz range of virtual instruments and audio effect plugins at Plugin Boutique.Plugins11/02/2020
Audio Plugin Deals – FREE: Download the Horror Harp instrument for Kontakt by Simple Samples Audio at no charge for the next two weeks!Soundware10/29/2020
Leapwing Audio – RootOne is designed from the ground up as a new way to generate and shape subharmonic frequencies. Save 20% and purchase for $159 USD exclusively at Plugin Boutique.Plugins11/02/2020
Tone Empire – Save 50% on Black Q, Goliath, Loc-Ness, and the new Model 5000 and OptoRED compressor plugins.Plugins12/02/2020
Meldaproduction – The MCompare reference tool for mixing and mastering allows you to quickly compare your audio to any audio file and stages of your processing chain. Save 50% off, now only £24.95 GBP / $34 USD exclusively at Plugin Boutique.Plugins10/26/2020
Wide Blue Sound – Save 25% on the Eclipse Kontakt instrument designed for easily creating stunning synths, pulses and atmospheric textures. Now only £89.95 GBP / $109 USD.Soundware11/02/2020
Nomad Factory – Save 70% on Analog Trackbox and 80% on Pulse-Tec EQs through October 25th.Plugins10/25/2020
Sound Magic – The Electric Guitar T virtual instrument is on sale for $79 USD (MSRP $199 USD).Plugins12/31/2020
Signum Audio – Save 50% on the BUTE Loudness Normaliser in an exclusive sale at Plugin Boutique. Both Surround and Stereo versions are on included, starting from $59 USD.Plugins11/02/2020
Wavesfactory – Save up to 50% on the new Echo Cat tape echo plugin and an exclusive Wavesfactory Effects Bundle.Plugins12/04/2020
Prime Loops – Use coupon code BEATS25 to get 25% off on all sample packs!Soundware11/30/2020
Boz Digital Labs – Home-O-Ween Sale: The Wall brickwall limiter and Transgressor 2 transient designer are on sale for $29 USD each.Plugins11/05/2020
Audio Plugin Deals – Get 90% off on the Sektor wavetable synthesizer by Initial Audio, now only $14.99 USD.Plugins10/28/2020
Triple Spiral Audio – Singularity for Omnisphere 2 is available at the intro price of 22.95 EUR (MSRP 29.95 EUR incl. VAT). Soundware11/01/2020
iZotope – Save up to 50% on the RX 8 audio repair and polishing suite for film, television, music, podcasts, video games, sample libraries, and more.Plugins10/30/2020
W.A. Production – Save 97% on the Outlaw Mega Bundle, including the Outlaw gain-riding plugin, Pumper Compressor, Helper Transients, 2 sample packs and 3 DAW templates. On sale for only £4.95 GBP / $5.90 USD. Also at Plugin Boutique.Plugins11/17/2020
Synthogy – Save 33% on Ivory II Studio Grands, on sale for $199 USD.Plugins11/01/2020
EastWest – Get 60% off MSRP on EastWest's virtual instruments and ComposerCloud X.Plugins11/01/2020
Sampleson – Save up to 60% on Sampleson's spectral modeled piano and keyboard instruments.Plugins11/02/2020
W.A. Production – Save 50% on the Pumped Serum Hybrid Trap Essentials 3 soundset, on sale for $7.50 USD. Also available at Plugin Boutique.Soundware11/16/2020
Audio Plugin Deals – Dicky Deegan’s Uilleann Pipes for Kontakt by Xtant Audio is 79% off, on sale for only $9.99 USD.Soundware10/27/2020
VST Buzz – Save 74% on the True Keys Pianos Bundle by VI Labs, on sale for 79 EUR.Soundware10/26/2020
Applied Acoustics Systems – Get 50% off Chromaphone 2, on sale for $99 USD. Receive a free upgrade to Chromaphone 3 upon its release!Plugins12/31/2020
Waves Audio – Save 40% on plugins and bundles with coupon code CREATE40 at the checkout. Get up to 2 FREE plugins with your purchase.Plugins10/31/2020
Klevgrand – Save 50% on the Skaka sample-based sequencer plugin for shaker percussion instruments, on sale for $24.99 USD (VST/AU/AAX) / $9.99 (iOS/AUv3).Plugins11/01/2020
Goldbaby Productions – 12 Volt Punch is on sale for $29 USD through October 31st (regular $49 USD).Soundware10/31/2020
BeatSkillz – Save 87% on the BeatSkillz Virtual Instrument Bundle, including 10 creative instruments for only £59.95 GBP / $79 USD.Plugins11/01/2020
Output – Save 35% on Output Substance and 3 x FREE Expansions, on sale for $199 USD.Soundware10/26/2020
United Plugins – Save 40% on MorphVerb, a magical tool providing a unique way to find the perfect reverb settings. On sale for $89 USD.Plugins11/01/2020
Beat – Save 60% on The Analogon expansion pack for Zampler, now just £5.95 GBP / $7 USD.Soundware11/01/2020
W.A. Production – Save 50% on the Trance For ImPerfect soundset, on sale for $5 USD. Also available at Plugin Boutique.Soundware11/10/2020
Ghosthack – Save 67% on the Ultimate Foley Sounds library, on sale for the intro price of 14.95 EUR.Soundware10/31/2020
Audio Plugin Deals – Save over 90% on the Angus wavetable-based synthesizer for Kontakt 6 by Rigid Audio, on sale for $6.99 USD.Soundware10/25/2020
Ableton – Get Ableton Live 10 Lite for FREE at Splice through December 31st.Software12/31/2020
SoundFingers – Save 15% on Le Skank reggae/dub guitar intrument for Kontakt, on sale for 25 EUR.Soundware10/31/2020
Sweetsonics – Laser is a unique sidechainer tool with precise time domain controls, designed to make sidechaining more powerful and completely transparent. Save 25% for a limited time.Plugins10/26/2020
Raw Cutz – Save 40% on the RawCutz Coffee Breaks Three sample pack, on sale for £5.95 GBP / $7.50 USD.Soundware10/30/2020
W.A. Production – Save 90% on the Make Me Scream two-stage saturator/distortion plugin, on sale for $5.90 USD. Also available at Plugin Boutique.Plugins11/24/2020
IK Multimedia – Total Studio Spectacular II: Save up to 75% on the Total Studio 2 MAX bundle.Plugins11/02/2020
Cinematique Instruments – Save 30% on the Mandolin Kontakt instrument which delivers a natural and organic feel.Soundware11/01/2020
W.A. Production – Save 95% on the Bass House 10 for 10 bundle with 10 full sound packs for only $10 USD.Soundware10/31/2020
Ghosthack – Autumn Sale: Get up to 80% off sample packs and synth presets. All orders over 75 EUR get an additional 20% discount!Soundware10/31/2020
Plugin Alliance – ADPTR Audio's Streamliner eliminates all the guesswork and helps you find out exactly how your masters will sound on all the major streaming services. On sale for the intro price of $169 USD (regular $199 USD).Plugins11/01/2020
2B Played Music – Save 20% on the 2B Clipped XT distortion/clipper plugin with coupon code 2BCLIPPEDXT at the checkout.Plugins10/25/2020
Eventide Audio – Save 60% on the TriceraChorus vintage bucket brigade tri-chorus with micropitch detuning, on sale for $39 USD.Plugins11/11/2020
Denise – Save 30% on the unique collection of plugins, including Perfect Room, Perfect Plate XL and God Mode.Plugins11/07/2020
Blue Cat Audio – Save up to 23% on a selection of Blue Cat Audio's unique multi-effects that can also host plugins.Plugins11/05/2020
Cherry Audio – Save over 35% on the DCO-106 synthesizer that lovingly recreates the unique sonic footprint of one of the most iconic '80s polysynths in exhaustive detail. On sale for £18.95 GBP / $25 USD.Plugins12/31/2020
Tone Empire – Save 50% on the new Model 5000 hybrid compressor effect plugin, on sale for $49 USD.Plugins11/05/2020
Future Audio Workshop – Extended: Save 40% on the SubLab synthesizer designed for Hip Hop, Future Bass and Trap genres. On sale for $40 USD. The SubLab Pack Bundle is $25 USD during the promotion.Plugins11/02/2020
Cinesamples – Fall Savings: Get 33% off on Kontakt instruments and bundles.Soundware10/31/2020
Sonixinema – Save 30% on the Primal collection of glass & metallic instruments for Kontakt, on sale for £55 GBP.Soundware10/31/2020
Magix – Save 20% on Sound Forge, Acid Pro 10, Music Maker, and more. Use coupon code MAGIXOCT20 at the checkout.Software10/28/2020
Spitfire Audio – Save 30% on the eDNA Earth collection of synthesized orchestral sounds for Kontakt & Kontakt Player.Soundware10/31/2020
iZotope – Save up to 50% on the Music Production Suite 4, including upgrades & crossgrades.Plugins11/10/2020
Denise – Save 20% on the new Perfect Plate and Perfect Plate XL reverb plugins, on sale for 39 EUR and 79 EUR, respectively.Plugins11/07/2020
Plugin Boutique – Save 40% on the Carbon Electra creative and inspirationally easy to use synth. Now only £23.95 GBP / $29 USD.Plugins11/01/2020
W.A. Production – Get 95% off on the Progressive House Mega Pack with 6 sound packs, an audio course and 3 DAW templates. On sale for $7.50 USD.Soundware10/31/2020
Soniccouture – Save 30% on the new Celeste instrument for Kontakt and Kontakt Player, on sale for 89 USD/EUR.Soundware10/30/2020
zplane – Save 30% off the entire range of zplane products (Vielklang, Elastique, deCoda, and more), exclusively at Plugin Boutique.Plugins11/02/2020
iZotope – Save up to 60% on the iZotope Music Assistant Bundle, prices starting from $199 USD.Plugins11/10/2020
Toontrack – Save 20% on all single Drum & EZkeys MIDI Packs, also available at PluginFox.Soundware10/31/2020
iZotope – Neoverb intelligent reverb is on sale for the intro price of $199 USD (regular $249 USD), with a crossgrade from ANY iZotope product for only $99 USD. The new Music Production Suite 4 is $599 USD (regular $999 USD), upgrades starting from $199 USD).Plugins11/10/2020
Plugin Boutique – Save up to 82% on the iZotope PhoenixVerb Stereo + UJAM SILK and iZotope Excalibur + UJAM VOID plugin bundles.Plugins10/31/2020
Glitchmachines – Save up to 90% on Glitchmachines' forward-thinking sound packs and innovative audio plugins.Plugins01/11/2021
BeatSkillz – Save up to 90% on Synthwave Keys & Drums, Soultastik, Retro Keys & Retro Hit, Dark KZ, Breakdance Drums, and Bollywood Maharaja Drums 1 & 2. On sale for only £6.95 GBP / $9 USD each.Plugins11/01/2020
Softube – Add cohesion and weight to your mixes with TAPE, now available at 60% off, priced only 39 EUR / $39 USD.Plugins11/01/2020
Karanyi Sounds – Save up to 62% on Karanyi Sounds collection of creative and inspiring Kontakt Instruments, prices from £15 GBP / $19 USD.Soundware11/01/2020
AudioThing – Frame Drums features a collection of four drums: two Bodhráns and two tambourines. Save 70%, on sale for $6 USD exclusively at Plugin Boutique.Soundware11/01/2020
Softube – Save up to 50% on Softube's effects and synthesizer instruments.Plugins11/01/2020
Wavelet Audio – Save up to 30% on Wavelet Audio's Senfine and all versions of the Cabal 8 guitar instrument.Soundware11/01/2020
Voxengo – Save 30% on Curve EQ, Voxengo SPAN Plus, Voxengo Elephant and Voxengo PHA-979.Plugins11/01/2020
Audiority – Save 50% on Omnisphere Cinematic Presets Bundle with 400 presets for dark ambient, film, soundtrack and underscore music.Soundware11/01/2020
Audiority – Pre X7 is an analogue modeled preamplifier based on an iconic vintage tube unit. Buy now for only £7.95 / $9.99, exclusively at Plugin Boutique.Soundware12/01/2020
Singomakers – The Kick Tweak drum enhancer effect plugin is 40% off, on sale for $24 USD.Plugins11/01/2020
Digital Brain Instruments – Save 50% on Digital Brain Instruments innovative and unique plugins for sound design and vocal processing.Software11/01/2020
Photosounder – Save 60% on the Spiral spectral analysis plugin, on sale for $39 USD.Plugins11/01/2020
W.A. Production – Save 50% on Pumped: Sylenth1 Future Bass Essentials, on sale for $7.90 USD.Soundware10/31/2020
Ample Sound – Save 25% on the Metal Hellrazer, Eclipse, and Ray5 virtual guitar and bass guitar instruments.Plugins11/01/2020
Softube – A perfect recreation of a classic, analog monophonic synth from the early '70s, the Model 72 Synthesizer System is on sale for only $99 USD / 99 EUR (regular 159 USD/EUR).Plugins10/29/2020
Accusonus – The new ERA 5 audio clean-up bundles are available at introductory offers. Upgrades to the Standard and Pro bundle are also up to 40% off at Plugin Boutique.Plugins10/31/2020
Ghosthack – The Electro Bass House sound pack is on sale at a 50% intro discount, priced 24.95 EUR.Soundware10/31/2020
Alonso Sound – Save up to 75% on soundsets for Spire, Serum, Sylenth1, sample packs, and more.Soundware10/31/2020
W.A. Production – Save 95% on the Orchestral Mega Pack including 6 sound packs and 2 tutorial courses. On sale for $7.50 USD.Soundware10/31/2020
Devious Machines – Transform a solo vocal into a beautiful choir or robotic melody, or turn a mono synth into an orchestra with the wonders of Pitch Monster. Save 25% and buy now for only £59 GBP / $75 USD.Plugins10/26/2020
W.A. Production – The new Fundamental Bass multi-fx bass processor plugin is on sale for the intro price of $7.90 USD (regular $39.90 USD). Also available at Plugin Boutique.Plugins11/10/2020
UVI – The new Shade Creative Filter and EQ is on sale for the intro price 79 USD/EUR (regular 129 USD/EUR).Plugins10/31/2020
Rigid Audio – Save up to 94% on Kontakt instrument bundles, starting from $25 USD.Soundware11/02/2020
AIR Music Technology – Save up to 90% on AIR Music Technology's synths and keys, including Hybrid 3, Vacuum Pro, The Riser, Mini Grand and Velvet 2. On sale for only £12.99 GBP / $14.99 USD each. The AIEP3 Complete Upgrade is 50% off during the promotion.Plugins11/01/2020
Sonivox – End of Summer Sale: Save up to 87% on Film Score Companion, Wobble and Twist, with prices starting from £13.99 GBP / $14.99 USD.Plugins11/01/2020
Artistry Audio – Extended: Save 50% on the new Origin X modern loop engine for Kontakt Player, on sale for $149 USD.Soundware10/31/2020
Plugin Boutique – Save nearly 40% on the limited time Vocal Supreme Bundle including Auto-Tune Access, VocalSynth 2 & Little Alterboy. On sale for $249 USD.Plugins10/31/2020
W.A. Production – Ultimate FX Bundle offers 94% off on 6 top selling audio sample packs and Adding Glitch And Experimental Textures and Layering to Create Realistic Sound Effects audio courses. On sale for $7.50 USD.Soundware10/31/2020
W.A. Production – Save over 80% on the Vocal Splitter, a handy one-stop unit for turning mono vocals into thick, modern-sounding stereo. Now only £3.95 GBP / $4.90 USD.Plugins10/27/2020
IK Multimedia – Save 50% on the MixBox “500 series”-style virtual rack plugin, on sale for 199 USD/EUR. Crossgrade offers are available as to registered owners of IK products.Plugins10/31/2020
Cherry Audio – Save up to 50% off Cherry Audio's flagship Voltage Modular and module collections, with prices from £24.95 GBP / $29 USD.Plugins11/01/2020
Plugin Boutique – Audio Annihilation Bundle: Get 60% off on the bundle of iZotope's Trash 2, Freakshow Industries Backmask, and Kombinat Tri by Audio Damage.Plugins10/31/2020
PulseSetter-Sounds – The Cello Ibrida sound design cello sample library for Kontakt is on sale for the intro price of $129 USD (regular $149 USD).Soundware10/31/2020
Kaizen Audio – Distance Quintet for Kontakt is on sale for the intro price of $47 USD (regular $59 USD). The first 100 customers can get an additional 10% off with coupon code DSSQ-FIRST100 at the checkout.Soundware10/31/2020
Magix – The Samplitude Pro X5 Suite is on sale for $199 USD through October 25th (regular $599 USD).Software10/25/2020
Hexachords – Save 50% on the Orb Composer Pro S creative smart-tool for composers, bands and orchestrators. On sale for $215 USD.Software01/01/2021
Plugin Boutique – Save over 40% on three audio plugin with the Low-End Theory Bundle, comprising SubLab, 808 SubBass Doctor, and BigKick. On sale for $99 USD.Plugins10/31/2020
W.A. Production – The Dubstep 10 for $10 Bundle deal offers 94% off on 10 packs with Construction kits, samples & loops, MIDI, Serum presets, and more.Soundware10/31/2020
Prime Loops – Double Deals: Get up to 75% off on sample pack from XXL Audio, Touch Loops, Origin Sound, Blackout, and many more. Ue coupon code SPECIAL40 at the checkout to get an additional 40% discount.Soundware10/31/2020
Sample Logic – Save 37% on the bundle of Drum Fury and Guitar Fury, on sale for $249.99 USD.Soundware12/31/2020
Plugin Boutique – Save 66% on Radio, which lets you stream and sample from a diverse list of internet radio stations. On sale for £7.95 GBP / $10 USD.Plugins11/01/2020
Wavesfactory – Save 30% on the Wavesfactory Effects Bundle, including Trackspacer, Cassette, and Spectre. On sale for $149 USD / 149 EUR (regular 199 USD/EUR).Plugins11/02/2020
Ugritone – Get 20% off plugins, MIDI packs & bundles, including the new KVLT Drums 2 virtual instrument. Use coupon code REKKERD at checkout.Plugins12/31/2020
Splice Sounds – New users can get 1 month of free Sounds 100 (100 credits per month plan) at Splice with promo code REKKERD20 at the checkout.Soundware12/31/2020
The FX Chain – Get 10% automatic discount on software/plugin orders of $50 USD and up. Must add to cart to see discount (not all brands qualify).Plugins12/31/2020
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 90% off the Cohesion collection of over 11,600 tempo-synced loops that cover all realms for seamless music production. On sale for only $49.99 USD.Soundware12/31/2020

You’ve reached the end of the list! Check the archives for past promotions or visit our friends at Plugin Boutique for more deals.

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