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This compilation lists some of the best deals on audio plugins (VST/AU/AAX, etc), virtual instruments & sample libraries, synth presets, and other audio software and hardware.

Before you dive into the full list of active promotions, make sure to check some of our affiliate partners where you can find many of the deals

  • Plugin Boutique: Get Karanyi Sounds Space reverb effect or MNTRA Instruments Huracan for free with any purchase.
  • ADSR Sounds: Darksichord 3 by Electronic Sound Lab ($36 USD value) is free with any purchase.
  • Audio Plugin Deals: Get huge discounts on Kontakt libraries and plugins + free bonus products.
  • VST Buzz: Weekly deals on audio plugins, sound packs and bundles, and more.

October 2022 deals

With new sales added daily, the list can become quite long. Use the search box below to narrow things down. Happy bargain hunting!

W.A. Production – Save 70% on the InstaChord 2 MIDI plugin, on sale for $26.70 USD. Also at Plugin Boutique and ADSR Sounds.10/30/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 70% on S.L.A.M. – Super Loud Action Metals by Booraz Audio, on sale for $29.99 USD.10/16/2022
Yurt Rock – Fall Sale with 30% off on all sample libraries and bundles with coupon FALL30 at checkout.10/15/2022
Eventide – Manufacturer Focus Sale: Save up to 85% on a selection of plugins, including Blackhole, Physion Mk II, and SplitEQ.10/31/2022
Caelum Audio – The Summer Cassettes premium stem pack of hand-crafted loop kits is on sale for only £3.95 GBP / $5 USD.10/31/2022
Capsule Audio – Save 39% on the Sanctus, Monochrome, and Recital instruments, on sale for $12 USD each.10/31/2022
Audiomodern – The bundle of Playbeat 3 + All Expansions is on sale for $79 USD.10/31/2022
Rob Papen – Save 25% on the eXplorer 7 plugin bundle (including upgrades) and 50% off on the Blue II synthesizer.10/31/2022
McDSP – Get up to 75% on McDSP's innovative and award-winning audio plugins (HD & Native versions).10/31/2022
Softube – Save up to 67% on plugins, including Tape, Parallels, Model 82, Amp Room, Weiss and more.10/31/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 55% on the LoFi Flux Machine plugin by Yum Audio, on sale for $49 USD.10/13/2022
Audiomodern – Save 25% on the Complete Suite including Playbeat 3 and Expansion Packs, Chordjam, Riffer, Panflow, Filterstep, and Gatelab. On sale for $96.80 USD.10/13/2022
W.A. Production – Save 90% on the FL Studio Templates Mega Pack 2, on sale for $20 USD.10/13/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 60% on the Bohemian instrument library for Kontakt by Sample Logic, on sale for $99.99 USD.10/13/2022
Lunacy Audio – Save 40% on the Rumble expansion pack for CUBE and CUBE Mini, on sale for $29 USD.10/20/2022
Martinic – Save 35% on the MColorsound Tremolo vintage pedal plugin (regular $19 USD).10/31/2022
Softube – Save 50% on the Volume 5 bundle of plugins, on sale for $449 USD.10/09/2022
Future Audio Workshop – Get 85% off on the SubLab synthesizer plugin, now only $10 USD.10/09/2022
Sonuscore – The lo•ki - Felt Piano virtual instrument is on sale at a 50% discount, priced only $24.50 USD. Also at Plugin Boutique.10/09/2022
CloudBounce – Save over 80% on a 3-month subscription on the CloudBounce automated mastering software, on sale for £8.50 GBP / $9 USD.10/06/2022
Vir2 Instruments – Pre-order Apollo 2: Cinematic Guitars at a discounted price of $324.95 USD (regular $399.95 USD).10/11/2022
Apogee – Fall Harvest Bundle Sale with up to 45% off on plugins and bundles.10/05/2022
UVI – Save 60% on BeatBox Anthology 2, on sale for 59 USD/EUR.10/03/2022
K-Devices – Save 50% on the K-Magma memory warper and propagator plugin (VST3/AU), 19 EUR intro price.11/01/2022
Beatskillz – Save 40% on the Retro Bundle including Synthwave Drums V2, Sequel II, and the new Flashback 80s instrument, on sale for $59 USD.10/20/2022
AudioThing – The new Dials test equipment channel strip plugin is on sale for 49 USD/EUR (regular 79 USD/EUR). Also at Plugin Boutique.10/31/2022
Minimal Audio – Get the Bloom sample pack with over 1000 lush and ethereal sound fx at the intro price of $49 USD (regular $69 USD).10/22/2022
Karanyi Sounds – Save 80% on the Vapor Keys library for Kontakt, on sale for $9 USD.10/11/2022
Yurt Rock – Save 33% on the More MIDI Drums Vol 5 – Songwriter Drums pack, on sale for $19 USD.10/05/2022
AudioThing – Save over 50% on the Alborosie Dub Station effect plugin, on sale for £44.95 GBP / $59 USD.10/04/2022
Sonixinema – Save 30% on the new Sirens Solo Vocal Textures library for Kontakt & Kontakt Player, on sale for £62 GBP.10/12/2022
ADSR Sounds – Save 40% on the Boosted Slap House sound pack for Vital, on sale for $12 USD.10/15/2022
IK Multimedia – Save up to 41% on the AmpliTube Tonex AI machine modeled tone creator, player and browser for Windows and Mac, starting from $99.99 USD.10/31/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 63% on the Rathgar Pipe Organ for Kontakt by Edu Prado Sounds, on sale for $44 USD.10/12/2022
Excite Audio – Save 40% on the KSHMR Chain plugin chain utility, on sale for the intro price of $29 USD.10/31/2022
Waves Audio – Save 50% on plugins and bundles with coupon code HALF at checkout + Up to 3 free plugins with purchase.10/04/2022
Rast Sound – Save 40% on Generative Collection 3 incl. Motif, CineScapes Pro 2 and Rig. On sale for 149 EUR.10/19/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 70% on the BLEASS Alpha Synthesizer and a bundle of all presets packs (700+ presets), on sale for $29.99 USD.10/11/2022
Soul Rush Records – Save 40% on sample pack with everything from essential percussion to grimy basslines, stadium-sized D&B or chill lo-fi sounds.10/04/2022
Toolroom – Save 65% on the exclusive Toolroom Tech House Bundle, including the Infinite plugin, iZotope's Neutron Elements, Lifeline Expanse Lite and a Toolroom records sample pack.10/31/2022
iZotope – Save 55% on an exclusive bundle of Ozone 10 Advanced and the Trash 2 distortion plugin, on sale for $259 USD.10/20/2022
W.A. Production – Save 78% on the All In One: InstaComposer Presets bundle, 6 expansion packs for only $24.90 USD.10/06/2022
United Plugins – Save 50% on the UniChannel channel strip plugin, on sale for $79 USD.10/09/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 78% on the Ambientilicious Bundle by Audiofier, on sale for $79 USD.10/10/2022
VST Buzz – Save 60% on the Maleventum Kontakt library by Silence+Other Sounds, now 24 EUR instead of 59 EUR.10/10/2022
ADSR Sounds – Save 76% on the Red Sounds MIDI Bundle: 6 packs for $20 USD.10/04/2022
Heavyocity – Save 75% on the PUNISH effect plugin which injects character and edge into any mix or instrument track. Now only $49 USD.10/03/2022
Fuse Audio Labs – Save 50% on the new VREV-305 Twelve-Spring Reverb plugin, on sale for $29 USD.10/23/2022
Blue Cat Audio – Save 20% on the PatchWork universal plugin patch bay, on sale for 79 USD/EUR.10/26/2022
VST Buzz – Save 95% on the Trap Bundle with 6 plugins by Thenatan, on sale for 19 EUR.10/06/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 80% on the Punisher & Vikings Cinematic Trailer Instruments bundle for Kontakt by Alternative Samples, now $22 USD.10/09/2022
VST Alarm – Save 69% on the Scarred VST Bundle By Infinit Audio, on sale for $24.95 USD.10/06/2022
SampleTekk – Save 50% on the Magnetism Vol 1 and 2 Bundle by Sonora Cinematic, on sale for $26 USD.10/09/2022
Techivation – Save 50% on the T-Puncher transient shaper, on sale for $39 USD.10/10/2022
AudioThing – Save up to 61% on the Things series effect plugins and bundle. Also at Plugin Boutique.10/31/2022
Karanyi Sounds – Save over 40% on the new Lofi Keys instrument, on sale for $39 USD.10/30/2022
KarmaFX – Save 80% on the Synth Modular 2 software synthesizer, now only $39.80 USD.10/06/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Get 60% off on the Pancz multiband transient shaper by Spectral Plugins, on sale for $29.99 USD.10/06/2022
Image-Line – Save 40% on the Drumaxx drum synth and Sawer virtual analog synthesizer, on sale for $49 USD each.10/06/2022
Spitfire Audio – Fractured Strings is on sale for the intro price of £199 GBP / $229 USD / 229 EUR (over 20% off regular).10/13/2022
Lunacy Audio – Save up to 47% on the Cube virtual instrument and expansion packs.10/20/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Music Producer Giveaway with a prize pool valued at over $8,000 USD.10/06/2022
Sample Logic – Save 60% on Bohemian Cinematic Street & New World Instruments for Kontakt, on sale for $99.99 USD.10/06/2022
Beatskillz – Save 50% on the Flashback 80s virtual instrument, on sale for $39 USD.10/20/2022
Evabeat – Save 35% on the bundle of Melody Sauce 2 & Loopcloud Play, on sale for $69 USD.10/31/2022
Zplane – Save 35% on the reTune plugin for real-time multi-pitch modifications, on sale for 99 EUR / $109 USD.10/15/2022
Steinberg – Materials: Wood & Water for HALion is on sale for the intro price of 99.99 EUR/USD (regular 129.99 USD/EUR).10/17/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Get 67% off on the AcousticSamples Bass Collection, 6 instruments for $65 USD.10/05/2022
Devious Machines – Get 25% off on the new Infiltrator 2 multi-effect plugin, on sale for £74.99 GBP.10/25/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 90% on the bundle of Emisynth and Pripyat Piano for Kontakt, now $29 USD.10/04/2022
Audio Plugin Deals – Save 66% on the Artefact library for Kontakt by Dark Intervals, on sale for $19.99 USD.10/03/2022
Loops de la Crème – The Prehistoric Drumkit percussion library for Kontakt is on sale for the intro price of 29 EUR (regular 59 EUR).10/21/2022
Venomode – Save 50% on the DeeQ single-band dynamic EQ filter, on sale for just $17 USD.10/03/2022
Leaping Audio – Save 33% on the new Joe Chiccarelli Signature Plugin, on sale for 99 EUR.10/04/2022
Acustica Audio – Save 38% on the LAVA microphone emulation plugin, on sale for 129 EUR.10/11/2022
Loopcloud – Try any Loopcloud plan and get 2 months of Producertech music production lessons free.10/03/2022
Applied Acoustics Systems – Save 50% on the Modular City sound pack and the Multiphonics CV-1 synthesizer. Also at Plugin Boutique.10/17/2022
iZotope – Save up to 50% on the new Ozone 10 mastering suite.10/20/2022
Eventide Audio – Save over 40% on the new Physion Mk II multi-effect plugin, on sale for $99 USD (regular $179 USD). Also at Plugin Boutique.10/31/2022
Humble Bundle – Epic Music Producer Software Bundle: Get a huge discount on up to 45 packs.10/03/2022
Process Audio – Save 40% on the Sugar audio enhancer and Decibel plugin that will turn your iOS/Android device into a real-time metering display.10/05/2022
Applied Acoustics Systems – Save 50% on the Also at Ultra Analog VA-3 synth and get a FREE Sound Pack with a purchase + 50% off Sound Packs.10/03/2022
iZotope – Get up to 92% off on the Everything Bundle including the brand new RX 10 (includes upgrades and crossgrades).10/11/2022
iZotope – Save over 85% on the Trash 2 distortion plugin, on sale for $10 USD.10/20/2022
iZotope – Save up to 68% on the new iZotope RX 10 award-winning audio repair suite.10/11/2022
Loopmasters – Save up to 40% on the Khords and Bass Master virtual instruments and expansion packs.10/03/2022
Bogren Digital – Save 20% on the BassKnob STD amp plugin, on sale for $39.99 USD.10/31/2022
Strix Instruments – Save up to 90% on Pripyat Pianos and Emisynth sample libraries for Kontakt.01/01/2023

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