Analogue Drums Giveaway: Tape Series Two Bundle for Kontakt

Analogue Drums Tape Series Two Bundle

Analogue Drums has been releasing drum sample libraries for some three years now. The product catalog already includes 10+ titles, providing drum sounds suitable for funk, rock, pop, urban and many other genres.

Our process is simple: we take sought-after drumkits, and record them through killer signal chains directly to tape. We then convert the recordings into digital samples through premium converters, and finally map the samples to virtual instrument patches for you to use in your favorite software sampler.

The recently released Tape Series Two Bundle features four drum kits for Native Instruments Kontakt.

  • Kingpin – Vintage Gretsch with Bosphorus cymbals
  • Plastique – Ludwig Vistalite with Paiste 2002 cymbals
  • Monotown – Vintage Rogers Big-R with vintage Zildjian & Paiste cymbals
  • Gorilla – Vintage Gretsch concert-tom with Sabian cymbals

If you are looking for some natural, organic, and ‘real’ sounding drum kits these might be perfect for you. Check the Analogue Drums website for some music and drum solo demos.

Interested? I am pleased to announced that Analogue Drums is offering readers the chance to win a copy of the Tape Series Two pack!

All you need to do is post a comment below before May 5th, 11.59pm CET, and we will randomly pick a winner shortly after. Note: you will need Kontakt full version version 3 or greater.

Good luck!

Update 7 May, 2012: Congratulations to “Koalaboy”, the winner of this contest!

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  • Viekaplays

    i think i would quite like that please xxx

  • Ahhhhh Yeaaaaaaaah Booiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

  • EpicDermis

    I own 3 of Analogue Drums products and I must say that they exude life!

  • Goran

    Excellent giveaway !

  • Johan

    Nice one, great competition too!

  • gimme me, gimme ;)

  • Synho

    Thanks for all Kontakt libs developers.
    Kontakt is one of the best sampler.

  • MattAway

    Want ! Thanks for the giveaway !

  • David Aknin

    After listening audio examples plus owned the great Big Mono pack, that seems an amazing weapon for my production.

  • themartyrstephen

    So how are you choosing by random pick?

    • Every person commenting will get a number (sequentially), then a random number generator will pick the winning number.

  • analogue drums are cool ;)

  • Matthew Barnard

    Sounds interesting

  • moio

    Steppin’ over to take a listen.

  • aboy6

    You can never have too many drum kits. I’m a huge fan of vintage character kits and would love to win this!

  • Analogbits

    Sounds Nice, i’m in!

  • Hamish

    Gimme…gimme…gimme…err…please :o)

  • Aboensis

    Analogue Drums make great sounding drum samples. I own a few of their older products.

  • J64

    I’m always down for more drum libraries, and these sound great!

  • Worldwide

    I have been wanting to try their drums out for some time now. Look and sound great!

  • Dan Hogan

    Pick me. :)

  • IHung

    Analogue Drums is fundamental!!!

  • D-Cubed

    Would Love me some new drum kits. Bosphorus cymbals are tops.

  • Trelyd Studio

    Thumbs up for Analogue Drums :)

  • SmokeyJ

    The Gorilla kit sounds fantastic. I’d love to win it!

  • Jens Agren

    Grrrreat sounding drums.

  • Pretty cool set of kits.

  • DSd

    and nand or nor

  • BPB

    nice one, count me in! :)

  • Guest


  • Guest

    i dont use Konkat, but thanks

  • Was just using volume 1 of these last night! Love the room tones.

  • amnuk

    Demos on the site are reeeally good. I didn’t buy any of AD products yet…. maybe will be given to win one.
    Best Reagards.

  • Bryan Wells

    Rekkerd FTW!!!


  • Zsigmond Somogyi


  • Vin_pizza

    the best drum samples producer with so much generosity just begin the contest!!!
    im using Big Mono myself and its sooooo GOOD!!!

  • Marta Borkowska

    wow. pick me! :)

    thanks Rekkerd!

  • Guido Trueb

    All Analogue Drums samples sound great! I use Big Mono and I would really love to win one of these copies!

  • Fingus

    Nice sounding drums :)

  • Mattmatthi

    I. Want. This.

  • It looks splendid.

  • Dr. Dude

    THIS is what i need! :) :) :)

  • Mr. Hupsi


  • Theuriah


  • Guitar-jon

    Analogue Drums is great!!! Sound nice

  • Klee McLeam


  • Michelbeats

    I could definitely use those drums to finally make rock music.

  • Nyhde

    Now those are some seriously juicy sounding drums!

  • Lux Delux

    These would indeed be great to have =)

  • Amtrak

    Drums sounding phat!

  • Andrea Cerrato

    The Greatest: Analogue Drums!

  • I am looking forward to seeing the outcome.

  • Koalaboy

    Boom / Tish

  • Tim b

    Hyphy acapella

  • Satyatunes

    Looks good.

  • Nekro Dean

    Please, Please, Please, Let me get what I want, Lord knows it would be the first time. I am into their libraries which always have some good character. Thanks for another really great giveaway Ronnie and all your other resources. Cheers and all the best to all

    Dean :)

  • Prezzo Price

    these are the drum sounds I’ve been searching for!

  • The demos sound great, gritty yet natural. I wouldn’t mind taking those for a spin :-)

  • Michael

    Been listening to these for a while. Excellent sound, great bang for buck.

  • eDrummist

    Love the sound of these drum libraries! Keep up the good work. Great combination of high quality samples and value.

  • Tastenclown

    Really, great sounding demos and very natural. This is indeed a different sound from what I have heard very often in libraries. Good!

  • Shortmanb

    Never heard these drums before?

  • Simon Hawes

    Mmmmm, analog warmth – would love to see some of the signal chains used :-)

  • Genrlzd

    Some nice natural hits for idm/breakcore please

  • Matnids


  • Warbread

    Here I am, commenting all over your Analog Drums. Your drums are covered in my comment. Commented.

  • Jason Morin

    Very nice sounding drums. Your v-drum videos are pretty cool too ! Nice job!

  • Kprchrm

    I purchased the series one !!..I had buckshot and grandiso….would love to get the Tape series 2 !!

  • Ward

    Really digging the sound on these.

  • Taylor

    I really dig the BigMono kit. These must be lovely. :)

  • pljones

    Tape Series 1 is excellent and I know the effort that went into the Analogue Drums series means these are worth every penny… of what I’d save in winning them! :D

  • Bruna

    i`m dreaming with that drums…

  • _v_

    this is a comment

  • borken

    Yay, want!

  • Moio


  • Yay, a chance to win a great sounding drum samples. I like it.

  • Rob Chokehold

    I’m impressed.
    I remember myself a year or two back, wanting to get Snare City, because all “common” drum samplers seemed to have only heinously overprocessed, thin snares, but the S.C. demos actually sounded really thick and usable.
    Unfortunately for the both of us, I went after the common opinion back then and got SSD3 and XLN AD and AdPaks and SD2.0 and SDXes … and then was so stacked with snares coming out my ears, that I actually forgot about Snare City over time.
    Now here’s your chance to make another excellent impression on me, this time a lasting one: gimme dem drums! ;)

  • Richard

    Dean AKA Nekro is afucking nobhead

  • Jeremy

    Great sounding drums. Here’s to my luck at winning!

  • Just seen this, sounds nice and a chance to win a copy :)

  • Awesome! More drums!

  • Sounds like a cool project. Would love to have those drums at my disposal

  • Mariusz

    Wow, great giveaway!! :) I hope I will be the lucky winner ;)

  • Goats

    I’d like to win…

  • Myron

    Great Drums. I have some of your older kits. Keep making great products.

  • I just let the random number pick a number and “Koalaboy” came out as the winner. Many congrats, I hope you will enjoy these lovely drum kits!

    Many thanks to all who participated.

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