Atomic Sonic by Tim Kaiser – Wonderfully weird instruments

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Tim Kaiser has created a bunch of weird and original instruments collected in Atomic Sonic.

Tim Kaiser Atomic SonicTwo instruments from the Atomic Sonic collection: Jetstar (Pedal Synth) and the Screaming Yellow Bedlam Sequencer

From Tim’s website:

Some of these devices and instruments are in my personal stage set-up. The rest are owned by other musicians and artists around the world. I regularly take commissions for new work- Some devices can be roughly duplicated, but they are all built one-at-a-time and pretty much one-of-a-kind. Some of the effects are modified existing circuits re-housed into a vintage piece of test gear or what have you. Others are fully original designs.

Visit the Atomic Sonic page more information and lots of cool images and sound clips.

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