Best Indie Games of 2007


Last year Clive Thompson rounded up some of his favorite right-brained games that were freely available online.

Now Clive again lists some of the best indie games for, creating an annual tradition.

flOw gameOne of Clive’s favorite indie games of 2007: flOw

Check the article at Wired to see which 5 games made Clive’s list of favorites.

Can anyone recommend some more gems?

Accusonus Regroover Pro
  • Looks a bit like that Toribash game Clive mentioned. Also reminds me of a really cool game where you have to beat up blocky characters which fill up the room and help you climb out the room to advance to the next level (can’t recall the name, box or block something maybe…)

    Yesterday I tried a game in Clive’s list from last year, Strange Attractors, a game about gravity where you just use one key to play.

  • Looza

    it’s hard to learn first and does not look cool at all, but once you manage to control your little rubber-doll it’s actually quite alot of fun for some time.

  • Looza

    That Toribash game is seriously hard stuff, I played it for a few minutes and just couldn’t figure it out. But the replays are a great load of (arguably sick) fun.

    Ragdollmasters is also a fighting game, but the physics are completely different, its hard to explain really, give it a try if you wish, I was really hooked on that one for about two weeks.

    and “flow” is amazing btw, not so much as a game, but the entire presentation is really stylish.

  • Ragdollmasters is great fun indeed, that’s a keeper!

    The other game I mentioned before is Rumble Box. Seriously fun, check it if you don’t know it yet.

  • Looza

    wow, interesting too … damn, I have to go to bed, but I will spend some time with this tomorrow.

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