Bluezone releases Tribal House

Bluezone Tribal House

Bluezone has released Tribal House, a collection of House and Tribal drumloops.

Filtered loops, twisted percussion and dirty drums which received a very precise mastering are available in this volume.

Tribal House features

  • Wav and AIFF with 128 drumloops and 232 drums.
  • All of the loops are recorded in 136 bpm of high quality and are ready to be used.

Tribal House is available for download from for £19.95 GBP.

Visit Bluezone for more information and audio demos.

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  • hahaha

    Loops – for those who are too fcuking stupid to make their own music.

  • Sure “Genius”

    Not everyone is a music “genius” like you. Anyway, someone who is able to make those comments and feel proud of it is putting himself into shame without even knowing.

  • You got it SG. I always feel the urge to delete comments like hahaha’s but they actually do serve the purpose you point out so well.


    It doesn’t take a music genius to look down on those who make “music” without ever acquiring the ability to play an instrument, it just takes someone with balls who dares to speak the truth: you loopers are not musicians, you’re not even arrangers, you’re merely re-mixers of other peoples work. Considering the repetitive, unoriginal noise you produce, it’s you, all of you, who should hang your heads in shame.

  • How would you know if me or anyone else who uses loops can or cannot play an instrument?

    I use loops in my music, do you think it is repetitive, unoriginal noise?

    Can you spot what are loops and what are just sequences?

    I understand you may have something against people who just toss some loops together, let it run for 5 minutes and call it their music, but consider that loops are tools just like samples, virtual instruments, real instruments and whatnot. It’s not always what you use, it’s how you use it.

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  • Beatman

    This is interesting! I left a non threatening comment this morning in one of these loop postings, now I can’t find it for some strange reason. Apparently it was deleted, but the negative profane infested comment of HAHAHA…remains!?

  • beatman, your comment is here.

  • a real genius.

    i am a jazz guitar player with 20 years of expirience and I USE LOOPS! idiot. loops are tools.

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