Cinematique Instruments 5th Anniversary – 30% off + Win your favorite library in giveaway

Cinematique Instruments is celebrating its 5th Anniversary with a site wide sale, offering a 30% discount on all its sample libraries and bundles for a limited time.

Cinematique Instruments 5th Anniversary

We’d like to say thank you for your massive support over the last 5 years. In order to celebrate this adequately we are giving a 30% discount on all our instruments and bundles throughout September.

With every purchase you will also get a free version of the new Anniversary Drummer.

The sale ends September 30th, 2014.

Exclusive giveaway

Cinematique Instruments is kindly offering readers a chance to win one of its libraries. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and tell us which library you would like to have for a chance to win (bundles are excluded).

The giveaway ends September 14th, 2014, 11.59pm CET. Three winners will be picked randomly from all entries.

So go have a good look at all the wonderful instruments on offer at Cinematique Instruments and let us know your pick. Good luck!

More information: Cinematic Instruments

StereoSavage at Plugin Boutique
  • James Tatton

    OK, I’m in: I like Cinematique instruments a lot, particularly the Gecko series and will probably get something in the sale. If I’m lucky with this I’d love to win Fabrique. Cheers.

    • John Braner

      I’d like the “All Instruments” bundle ;-)

  • Matthias Burger

    Well, the Banda Brass would be cool! Definitely!

  • bydavidrosen

    CELTIC NYLON HARP for me :-) Wow, why is my font all big? haha.

  • Babis Trihos

    Concert Zither sounds excellent

  • Lucaluca

    I like gecko Kasimir and Karoline too, but Fabrique looks more versatile and powerful like a beast.

    I’d like to win Fabrique :)

  • Daho Eclipse

    My choice is Fabrique, its just “Fantastique”! :)

    • Guest

      Happy Anniversary !
      Great Instruments!

  • Saukar Mullens

    I like the Low Banda Brass. Extremely different!

  • Prados

    Fabrique would suit me fine :)

  • Lindsay Jones

    I’d like that Lute!

  • Interesting libraries! While I like “Clap Trak,” I am more drawn to “Jetlag.” So “Jetlag” would be the one I would choose. [To Ronnie: I think this is the giveaway I meant to post to! :-) ]

  • “gimme the lute, gimme the lute”

  • Crystal Craft

    The Grand 3P and Lute sounded amazing, but I choose Fabrique because of its wide possibilities in sculpting sound for film music to electronic styles!

  • I want to win anything from Free Stuff! Just kidding.. I’d like to win Metalic Objects :)

  • Jarek

    KALEIDOSCOPE is great!

  • EvilDragon

    I’m in as well! :)

  • Sami Hämäläinen

    That Concert Zither for me. Thanks.

  • Stefan Lang

    Banda Brass for me please…

  • royaltyfree

    EERIE TEXTURES, but only the experimental one ;)

  • Steve Chab

    Grand 3P! :)

  • Filipe Damião

    To me the most interesting is the Bowed Guitar!

  • Obie Ephyhm

    Shruti Box, please . . .

  • Emmanouil Ventouras

    The Fabrique for me, please!

  • Chris Bader

    only the automatic yodler is missing. congratulations to the first five years!

  • Nice samples. I was captivated by the ‘Ronroco’.

  • Oper-8

    I’ll gladly take the Autoharp !

  • Cinemascore

    Like me some Git Harmonics please!

  • Music Dan

    Happy 5th anniversary!

    I would love to win the lute.

  • MrVision

    Happy anniversary, would love to win “Rude Boy” – good luck everyone!

  • Congrats! I would love to win Fabrique.

  • Puddlehead

    Hi! I would love to win the experimental box! :)

  • taumusic

    german monochord, please

  • Victoria Leona

    Happy 5th anniversary guys! I would love to win ‘Rude Boy’ please. :)

  • Jabberscript

    Happy anniversary! Lots of great sounding instruments there but I like the Downbeat Box best :-)

  • S4410

    Fabrique or Gecko Kasimir & Karoline,thank you

  • mladi

    Great unique instruments! Glad they make it so far! Happy anniversary!

  • marketing_today

    All the libraries sound great in the demos, but Upright Piano is my favorite.

  • Dave Ski

    Grand 3P sound so movie’ish, preety amazing for me. Thanks :)

  • Edward Ten Eyck

    Happy 5th to you!

  • Katzenjammer

    Congratulations CI and nice giveaway! If I win I would love the Complex Environs. Cheers!

  • Don Smith

    I’m sure I can find a track for the superb lute!

  • Michael Michalski

    Happy Anniversary and thanks for the outstanding libraries!

  • Diego

    Best wishes! And…Concert Zither would be awesome to have ! ;)

  • szcz

    I’d like to go for the Low Banda Brass… the new tuba…

  • Dan B

    The Bass Harmonica please?

  • James Simcik

    really like your instruments and their interfaces. For example, I find
    unusual instruments such as your Ronroco + 8 string Ukulele bring
    unusual sampled instruments into my compositions. Best wishes!

  • DavyAch

    I have the Alto Glock already…top notch. Hard to choose, but Shruti Box would be good.

  • Thuja Wood

    Nice stuff. Love the lute, but I have enough stringed instruments, and I’d get most use out of Fabrique, so I’d plump for that. Good luck with the sale!

  • fabbrick

    Fabrique…perfect tool for fabbrick…..keep the good job done…..

  • Yabbus23

    Happy Anniversary! I’d love to win the awesome the Lute :)!

  • dan

    I admire your music as Durbeck&Dohmen and your Cinematique instruments. I’d love to win Lute. Happy Anniversary and Kind regards.

  • J Pow

    I’d love to win the Metal Strings Gecko. Happy Anniversary!

  • bftucker

    Wishing you many more productive years.

  • The Winner By A Mile

    5 Years already? That was quick. Congratulations. I would like ‘Clap Trak’ and a few others. :)

  • phil_wc

    I would like to get lute. :D

  • DHM

    I’d really like Upright Piano.

  • Mark

    Happy Anniversary!
    More, more !!!

  • Frenkel85

    Happy anniversary! Fabrique would be more than welcome!

  • Frédo Bégnon

    Good Anniversary and good luck. I recently bought the Zither I think it’s great. I would love the Lute and Harp or psaltery.

  • armin

    The Grand is absolutely great, love the sounds. Have a nice weekend you guys:)

  • Mikolaj

    grand 3p sounds superb – it would be nice to win one ;)

  • Hidekin

    I want Low Banda Brass!

  • andreas

    hi, I´d like to win fabrique.

  • marce

    Thanks! I will win it! ;)

  • Grand 3P! :)

  • And the winners are… Armin (Grand 3P), DHM (Upright Piano), and Cinemascore (Git Harmonics). Congrats!

    Thanks to all for taking part, hope to see you next time!

  • Matteo

    Wanna the percussion Tools! :)

    • Sorry Matteo, the contest finished. But you can still take advantage of the 30% discount until September 30th!

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