DSK Music releases DrumZ Series plug-ins with single output + updated Harmonica and SaxophoneZ

DSK MachineZ

DSK Music has released the DrumZ Series plug-ins as single stereo output versions.

The original DrumZ MachineZ, BeatVoiZe and AkoustiK plug-ins have multiple ouputs which need to be routed to channels 1 & 2 in order to produce sound. Since this proves difficult in some hosts DSK has released the exact same plug-ins with a single stereo output.

DSK DrumZ MachineZ (single output) Downloads: 11545 times

DSK DrumZ BeatVoiZe (single output) Downloads: 6220 times

DSK DrumZ AkoustiK (single output) Downloads: 8183 times

DSK SaxophoneZ

There are also updated versions for the Harmonica and SaxophoneZ. These new versions have a smaller pitch bend range (2 half notes) so they are more playable.

DSK Harmonica (pitch bend) Downloads: 7688 times

DSK SaxophoneZ (pitch bend) Downloads: 10481 times

Check the DSK VSTi page for more freeware plug-ins for Windows PC.

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  • Bayan

    thanks a bunch man

    for being considerate to pleoples suggestions as well

    keep it moving

  • Hi Matt, the “note 2” on the DSK VSTi is supposed to help people find this page…

    I will add some notes to the individual entries on the page, perhaps that will help.

  • matt

    you might want to post a link to these at the



    I’m not seeing one, and had to search … hard… to find it. (posting a link at the BOTTOM of the machineZ’s VSTi page was… helpful, but not as easy to find as it should’ve been)

    –This might help a friend of mine who was unable to use the original one with FL Studio, whereas I, with Acid, had no trouble.

    However, I do love your synths. Found them a few weeks ago. Love. Merely a suggestion for the bettering of the community. Thanks, and keep up the good work–Matt.

  • Clave

    Hell yeah, singel output drum plug-ins! And I thought i must learn using another host to use the plug-ins! God bless you! Big thanks! :-)

  • marcus

    brilliant – thanks for these – really good

  • Paul

    Still not getting any sound in Cubase SX. Am I missing something obvious? cheers

  • Christopher Burke

    Dear Sir.

    Your downloads on this page seem not to be working any more. Every time I click on one, using the latest edition of Firefox, I get 403 FORBIDDEN – YOU CANNOT ACCESS THE RESOURCE ON THIS SERVER message coming up. Then it changes to a 404-File Not Found. I’ve tried Right-click Save Target As, but that doesn’t work – you must be using a redirect to a redirect, right? Schneaky….. except you haven’t set it up right, it’s not working.

    Yours sadly – they looked good synths.


  • matt D

    Oh wait… the synths are down?? That’s sad… if I need to upload them somewhere as a 3rd party… I will, but I’m assuming they’ll be back sometime soon . . .

  • matt D

    err…. they’re working that I can see. . .

  • Cheddar Man

    Something may be wrong on your end!? I have the latest F.F. and I’m not having that issue. FYI… these plug-ins are only being hosted on this site. The link to the developer which is DSK Music, is located at the top of this page.

    You’ll find the latest DL links (to megaupload) that DSK has provided there.

  • Christopher Burke

    Dear Cheddar Man.

    Please ignore my previous comment – just tried ’em again and they worked just fine!!

    I’ve no explanation for the error message I got last time, except that it seems to have gone away. All I can say is, ignore me and I might go away, too….

    Yours apologetically


  • Clicks

    Thanx a milli

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