DSK Music releases DSK ElectriK GuitarZ

DSK ElectriK GuitarZ

DSK Music has released DSK ElectriK GuitarZ, a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

DSK ElectriK GuitarZ features

  • 10 Electric guitars models.
  • Amp. envelope, finetune & portamento control.
  • 5 band equalizer.
  • 4 Effects: Flanger, Delay, Distortion & Chorus.
  • Midi automation.
  • Velocity response.

You can download DSK ElectriK GuitarZ below (10.5 MB).

DSK ElectriK GuitarZ Downloads: 62998 times

Note: DSK ElectriK GuitarZ bundles some SoundFonts freely available into one instrument. If you’d prefer to get just the SoundFonts, check here.

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  • Roberto

    Dear gentlemen.
    I would warn that the plugin DSK Electrik guitar is not working.
    I look back. Thanks Roberto

  • Hi Roberto, at almost 6000 downloads I can assure you this plug-in is working fine for most people.

    That doesn’t mean it’s not working for you, so could you provide me with some details i.e. what VST host are you using?

  • Roberto

    Hello Ronnie.
    I’m using software Reaper 2.53 with sequencer and all other plugins are working.
    Today I re lowering the DSK Electrik guitar, for another test after several attempts.
    Thank you for your attention.

  • Roberto

    Hello Ronnie,
    Thank you.

  • I also put the Electrik GuitarZ in my VST folder, and it will not show up when I try to load it into a track.

    It just isn’t in the list of VSTi’s.

    I’ll try it in SONAR, but I’m guessing the same thing will happen.

  • Same thing with FL Studio, but it actually DOES show up in SONAR HS6.

    Not in Reaper 2.54

  • in fl studio you need to “refresh” the plugins list.

    click on “channel” , “add one” , “more…” and oush the refresh button at bottom window.

  • david

    it will open up into fl studios, when you first download it and extract it, you have to manually copy and paste it into the VST files in C:\Program Files\Image-Line\FL Studio\Plugins\VST

    then open up fl studios and right click on a instrument bank/channel and go to insert/more…
    refresh your list and it should be in the list.

  • bullarock777

    I couldn’t download zip file properly with internet explorer, trying all options, but it downloaded fine with firefox.
    I hope this works well with FL Studio 8 XXL, I really needed better guitar tones, thanks.

  • gene

    Heads up Boss …

    File size on site says (9.3 MB).
    File linked to says (10.5 MB )


    I’ve noticed this type of difference on several files.

    Might want to cuclye thru you links and check this out ?

  • Thanks Gene, this one is a mistake. The download was updated a few weeks after the initial release and I probably forgot to edit the file size indication. Fixed that.

  • Merci pour ces vst, pour ce travail !

  • Guest-of-Dishonor

    not even in the VSTi plug-ins list!

    Well, Overture 4 is not that bad you. Maybe, I’ll try it in Sibelius

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