DSK releases AkoustiK GuitarZ

DSK AkoustiK GuitarZ

DSK Music has released AkoustiK GuitarZ, a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

AkoustiK GuitarZ features

  • 4 acoustic guitar types.
  • Amp. envelope and fine tuning.
  • Stereo spread and portamento.
  • 3 effects: Flanger, Delay & Chorus.
  • Velocity response.

Download AkoustiK GuitarZ below (3.1MB)

DSK AcoustiK GuitarZ Downloads: 85301 times

Visit the DSK VSTi page for more freeware plug-ins.

Producers Choice
  • Vic

    I’ve tried to download Accoustic GuitarZ several times over the last week and each time it’s been unzipped I get a file damaged or file corrupt error message .Can you help please?

  • Hi Vic, are you using a download manager? If so, try without (i.e. right-mouse click and save as…)

  • Vic

    Hi ronnie,
    Thanks for your comment.I don’t use file managers so that’s not the problem.I’ve also tried right click and save as, but I get the same result on unzipping the file. I tried downloading another DSK file and got the same result. I then downloaded a couple of files from another site and there was no problem when they were unpacked.Went back to DSK and downloaded the guitarz file again incase there was some sort of glich and got the same corrupt error messages. I hav’nt got a clue what else I can do. Can you help please.

  • No idea really, I’ll contact you by email and sort things out.

  • Aser

    Hey When i download it and unzip it only shows a .Dll file and a read me filer … please help :)

  • @Aser: That’s right. You’ll need a host to use the VST plug-in.

    Check this wiki page to learn more about VST.

  • lol wut

    lol, what?

    try reading the README that’s there.

    also, copy the dll to your music program’s VST or VSTi folder.

  • Aser

    I downloaded Reaper what shall I do now to use the AcoustiK ?

  • In Reaper you can add a new track with a VST plug-in. Check the Insert menu for “Insert virtual instrument on new track”.

    Also, more info on how to add VST’s etc. in the manual.

  • Aser

    that was quick Roonie , thanks again :)

  • Aser

    SOrry but where shall I put the .Dll file ?

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  • paul

    I have downloaded a few of the vst instruments and think they are fantastic.
    I use cubase LE..i am new to this.
    Indian dreamz and sax work great but i cannot get any sound with the akoustic guitarZ and a couple of the other vst’s.The error comes up saying something is wrong with the mixer outputs…i have read the manual and spent many hours…still can’t get it working.
    I use a korg 250sp and a native instruments audio control 1 usb interface.

  • James

    I downloaded and extracted the plugin. I placed it in the VST folder for Progression by Notion Software. It created a folder called DSK Akoustic GuitarZ and popuolated it with *.SEP and *.SEM files, but I am unable to access the VST from Progression.

    Any ideas what the problem might be?


  • RunBeerRun

    James- if it created the folder with the sems and seps, it found it. The reason you can’t find it is because DSK didn’t rename the container in Synthedit.

    Akoustic guitarz is probably named something else, try all of the other DSK plugins you can find.

  • James


    Thanks for the tips, but I think I may be doing something wrong in Progression. I have downloaded some other VST plugins, and they all do the same thing.

    None of the VST’s are showing up in the FX menu.

    Unfortunately the documentation for Progression is a little light.


  • Fan

    Can this plugin working on in Stereo channel? I got a error when I tried to map into stereo mode.

  • luc ploquin

    thanks you very much ….other comments installation

  • Tan

    I have the same problem Ronnie was having. I keep getting error messages when trying to unzip. I use Sony Acid Pro and other VST plugins work fine. Is there a solution?

  • Tan

    Correction: The issue “Vic” was having…

  • mark

    Is there a particular issue with FL8? I have tried to use this VST on several occasions and it always corrupts the whole file for some reason. I have just downloaded the latest flavour (above) and though the sequence plays the instrument itself turns mute after a time and won’t come back.
    Ity’s a shame because I love the sound. The only other VST I have that also corrupts everything – it even wipes out file menus making it impossible to ‘save’ is DSK Virtuoso. Perhaps they are both incompatible with Fruity Loops.
    Any help would be appreciated – they are such great sounding VSTs !!!

  • Ted

    AkoustiK GuitarZ DSK
    If you don’t respect people , at least respect yourself , Before releasing a software.

    There is a virus bug inside that mess up VST host programs. mine (FL Studio)
    at the left corner ( Haha ) written & the program crashed after few minutes.
    This is for some people that want to download this junk & working with FL studio. Be Careful

  • @Ted, sorry to hear the plug-in isn’t working for you, but I can assure you there is no virus in Akoustik GuitarZ.
    I don’t get how you’re talking about respect, yet you claim something that isn’t true…

  • bullarock777

    Can’t download file uncorrupted with internet explorer, downloaded with Firefox browser and unzipped/installed into FL Studio 8 XXL properly. This plugin repeatedly crashes my program, which sucks because I like the Acoustic tones. It scrambles the graphics and gives multiple pointer errors.
    I’m not sure why it is so unstable, perhaps a newer version will come out.

  • @bullarock777, sorry to hear it’s not working for you. I use FL Studio 8 producer edition and it seems to work fine there (I don’t really use the plug-in though, I just loaded it and played around a bit, didn’t crash).

    You could inform Victor of DSK of this problem, perhaps he can fix it somehow.

    Check his website for contact details: http://www.dskmusic.com

  • rangelot

    downloaded free Akoustik GuitarZ for test drive but can’t get it to work in cubase 4.5.2. I create an instrument track and get warning about mixer problem (see cubase error below). Not sure what instrument output1, output2 in message is referring to. Created mono buses and selected in mixer but no sound. Changed MIDI signal is being received by VST because I can see event activity in instrument pane but I am not hearing anything. Also Cubase crashes after a little while – only with this VST instrument.

    I would love to purchase this VST but someone has to help me get it working.

    VST Mixer Warnings (Tuesday, March 31, 2009)

    This mixer configuration expected “DSK AkoustiK GuitarZ” to have Output 1: Stereo,
    -> The instrument currently has Output 1: Mono, Output 2: Mono,
    -> The instrument channel will be silent.

    • grumblyfrown

      I also get this problem and can't fix it…was this ever resolved?

  • johnny

    sorry,excuse me,
    i’m newbie.is this vst or vsti ? coz i want to try using my LINE 6 toneport,can i do that ???

    thanks in advance

  • @johnny: it’s a VSTi.

    DSK Music has released AkoustiK GuitarZ, a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.



  • Tim

    I am not sure if it’s just me, but the instrument is detuned.. If I play a B note, it sounds E. FL Studio Producer Edition. Any ideas?

  • x

    yep, the same in Audition 3

  • mugur

    in cubase the vst starts but it has an error…

  • Kai

    Hey there,
    I’m an amateur and experienced user of fl studio. I love this plug-in, but for some reason (and this is with the first beat I made since just getting fl 9), it will play, and i can do whatever.
    But when I export as any kind of audio file, the guitar part(s) disappear entirely! Both exported audio file and when i play/ work on the guitar part in fl, no sound comes from it. The volume/ mixer shows sound coming out, but nothing comes out?!?!

    Helps please, thanks for looking!

    • ThatGuyMurix

      Yeah I’ve got the same problem right now.

      Doesn’t seem like there is a fix seeing how long ago you posted this.

      • ThatGuyMurix

        Ah so you can’t have more than one instance of the plugin working in the same project.

        So say in FL Studios if you have this plugin twice in the “Channel Rack” it won’t export any sounds. I had two instances of the Acoustic Guitar plugin but I wasn’t using 1 in the final project, so once I deleted the one I wasn’t using on the channel rack and then it exported fine.

  • Kai

    For Tim, X, and Grumblyfrown

    This is simple and happens in many instruments, etc u get. Merely click on the plug-in in the sampler and go to the “function” tab.

    See the orange tab showing where middle c is? That’s what controls where middle c is. So if they have a F below middle C set as “middle c” just right click the F below middle and mess around to change where middle c belongs on the instrument.

    If you have any musical training, think “movable do” and the terrible memories of how useless it is sometimes.

  • @Kai, you could try Sharchi’s suggestion: http://rekkerd.org/dsk-vsti/#comment-4985

  • Eldi

    i have a problem,, by me the tuning is not rigth.
    there is a dislocation of three tone. i click “E” and the sound is “A”. is it normal??
    with the fine tuning is not possible to fix it.
    i need help please…

    ps. sorry, my english is not good.

  • sub

    I’m having the same problem as several Cubase users have posted on here but you don’t seem to have provided an answer.

    This is the error I get:

    This mixer configuration expected “DSK AkoustiK GuitarZ” to have Output 1: Stereo,
    -> The instrument currently has Output 1: Mono, Output 2: Mono,
    -> The instrument channel will be silent.

    How can I fix this please?

  • Miguel

    I tried to use this vst with de sony vegas studio pro … but it doesnt work I dont know why … i use other vst with the vegas studio pro like guitar rig and it has no problem .. can someone help me?

  • liquidblue

    I’m having the same problem as several Cubase users have posted on here but you don’t seem to have provided an answer.

    This is the error I get:

    This mixer configuration expected “DSK AkoustiK GuitarZ” to have Output 1: Stereo,
    -> The instrument currently has Output 1: Mono, Output 2: Mono,
    -> The instrument channel will be silent
    nobody seems to be able to answer this question on here ? is there a answer or not?

    • jepz11 .

      I know this is a very old thread, but I’ve been searching for a solution to this problem everywhere and could not find one.

      But, I found a solution through the Cubase manual.
      If you load the VSTi plugin using the VST Instruments panel (F11) you’re asked if you want to assign a MIDI track assigned to the plugin.
      Click yes, and move the MIDI track content you want to use that VSTi to that track.

  • @liquidblue, are you using the plugin on a stereo or mono track? I don’t have Cubase so I can’t test…

  • liquidblue

    not sure what you mean by record mono/stereo.because its a vst plugin so should work on midi track right?i dont see the plugin when i bring up a audio track.

  • Sure, but Cubase is unable to handle a plug-in with two mono channels instead of a stereo one.

    In many other hosts you can rewire/reconfigure outputs but it doesn’t seem to be possible in Cubase as many users are experiencing this specific problem. What version of Cubase are you using?

  • liquidblue

    mmm i c what you mean …i’m using cubase 5.I wonder why they would make it a mono plugin when most would use in cubase?not sure how pro tools would react.plus i’m not real sure how to set up a mono midi track!! lol

  • Cubase only accepts stereo outputs on plugin channels. Here’s what “should” work:

    Press F11 and load the plugin, click “Create” to get the mono channel.

    • Champ

      that’s it…. that’s the fix…. thanks a lot man…

    • j fitz

      Hey sorry to bother, but pressing f11 doesn’t trigger anything for me in cubase le 4, is there a way to manually setup a mono channel

  • liquidblue

    that worked!! you have been great help my friend!! now help me get my clicking poping under control..! I’m only using 1 gig of ram mem. know I should up grade.also a personus firebox recording interfaze …I mess with the lentency and sample rate doesnt seem to do much in the control box for personus.was wondering is there a better way to set it up in cubase it self? or the best way to sync personus control with cubase optionsI have also closed some programs in the “windows task” manager and some times hit & miss (trying to find which i can close with out having to reboot) and seems to help when i’m working on a big project ect. any help there much app.

  • Not sure what you could do to resolve the clicking/popping sounds. Try the Steinberg Cubase forum, I don’t have/use Cubase myself so I will not be much help.

  • liquidblue

    not a problem do alot of working in cubase forum.just feel so stupid not fig. these new plugins when I used the instrument/device panel before.seems cubase 5 has us use the media bay (it has loads of presets) most of the time I completely forgot about just loading plugin from the sends.so thanks much and hope your answer to my question helps the many that have been also asking same dum question!! thanks peace


    Thanks for the help Ronnie but

    “Press F11 and load the plugin, click “Create” to get the mono channel.”

    Pressing F11 doesn’t appear to do anything? What should I do to emulate the F11 (from the menu?) Would greatly appreciate the help?


  • GaryBarlow

    As a guitar player, to do quick lil bits of guitar on FL Studio would be great.. But as any guitar player will know, these sounds nothing like a real guitar, especially higher up you get.

    I guess i will just have to buy a good microphone to record guitar properly myself.

  • luwee

    As a music You both hard & soft instruments.

  • Lucas Cordasso

    you do not need much to record the real guitar
    I even prefer it like that because as I am Brazilian and I play bossa nova
    is more advantageous to the actual instrument
    but this plugin is very good for when I want to record at night
    Record my ideas without waking up the neighborhood, hehehehe

  • Anonymous

    me like this………..

  • Dainon-15

    пошли в жопу!!!! где мне скачать можно нормальные всти плагины???

  • cory

    its completely out of tune with my song??? what is wrong?

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