DSK releases DrumZ BeatVoiZe

DSK DrumZ BeatVoiZe

DSK has released DrumZ BeatVoicZe, a freeware drum module plug-in featuring Human Beat box sounds.

DrumZ BeatVoiZe features

  • 8 sound slots (C3 to C4 white keys).
  • Level and pan control.
  • 8 stereo outs.
  • 26 samples.
  • 3 kits.
  • Midi automation.
  • Preset selector.

DSK DrumZ BeatVoiZe is available for download below (Win PC, 6.5MB).

DKS DrumZ BeatVoiZe Downloads: 49428 times

Visit the DSK or plug-ins page for more free downloads.

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  • verona

    Hi, thanks your plug in. I tried DrumZ BeatvoicZe and unfortunetly it didn’t work ! no sounds :-(
    Did I forget something to do? Or it is a bug you know?

  • Hi Verona,
    I don’t know what host you are using, but because this plug-in has multiple outputs you might need to route the outputs to channel 1+2 in your host.

  • drbuster

    Like Verona I was tried the Drumz beat voice but no sounds, so I try to route the outputs to channel 1 and 2 in the host (Live 6) but it’s the same thing, I try with differents outputs configurations with no success.

  • verona

    Thanks Ronnie,

    My host is tracktion 2. I will try to route the output but I saw some people tried that with no results. any way I’ll tell you if your tip works.

  • I also cannot get it to work; I am using Ableton live 7

  • Tibo

    I got it with Ableton Live, but altough it works, I can’t get any sound out of it… Could someone send us his presets to get it to work? Would we great, cause it really looks cool.

  • Tibo, have you tried routing the output to channels 1 and 2?

  • Tibo

    I just can choose between “Ext out”, (“Configure”), “Master”, “1-Audio”, “Sends only”. Channel 1 and 2 are Midi channels? I’ve just got my first VST, so I don’t know at all what to do…

    Thanks for havin replied, Ronnie :)

  • Tibo

    I think I’ve found: I use a DX driver, and it seems to work only with ASIO ones… I’m sure you already know that. Is it possible to get something like an emulator which would pretend to be ASIO, and to get it to work anyway?

  • Not sure if that’d be the solution but you could try the ASIO4ALL drivers I guess.


  • Tibo

    I’m trying this actually, put one more time I’m not sure about the settings…

  • Tibo

    I managed to set ableton on ASIO4ALL, however I would appreciate if someone could give me the settings, I heard about a host track…

  • Tibo

    I reply to myself, just to say the Oranze works perfectly… Where is the difference???

  • Oranze isn’t multi-out.

    I’m afraid I don’t have Live so I can’t tell you how to route the outputs so that Live will play the sounds of the DrumZ plug-ins…

  • Tibo

    Ok, if someone have the solution, let me know…

  • Jon

    Hi Tibo

    Put the vst on a midi track.

    Go to the “view” menu, select “in/out”. Create an audio track.

    On the audio track you should see “audio from”, in the drop down menu select the midi track that the vst is on.

    Just below that there should be another drop down menu. Open it and select from the outputs of the vst that will appear there, (something like “L1/R1-DSK…”

    Create audio tracks to use each output as needed.

    Hope that helped


  • TC

    In Tracktion 2, add the DSK DrumZ as a Filter. Then add a new filter AFTER that one, choosing Patch Bay Filter. Then open the Patch Bay and click and drag from L1 to L (this creates an arrow going from left to right), then click and drag from R1 to R. Then click and drag from L2 to L & R2 to R. Repeat this for all 8 L & R on the left hand side of the filter. This turns on all the drums (you can now hear them when you click on the Preview waveform for each one). They do not necessarily match the GM notes (I had to edit my midi file to get it to play the drums I wanted when I wanted). The sounds are pretty good, although some of the kits were just too quiet, for some reason.

  • Sardonicus

    For those using Reaper, I know how to fix the problem, if anyone happens upon this page. I have Reaper 4.1 so, I’m pretty sure from 3+ it is the same, open your track FX and load the VST on it. On the right panel where the VST GUI is, just above that you should have a bunch of Reaper controls. Look for the one that says something like “18 Out” (it will be a button). Click that, that is the plug in pin connector. On the left of this pop up, click the + sign until you have all 18 things visible and just turn them all of and then you just alternate back and forth on output 1 and 2. See this picture – http://i43.tinypic.com/am643p.png

  • Kaiza

    I had the same problem- didnt have any sound. I inserted loads of midi channels and tried to route them into the mixer but it wouldnt let me?

  • t o

    i have cubase 5, what should i do?

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