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EFM releases D-String v0.6

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EFM D-String v0.6

EFM has released version 0.6 of D-String, a freeware string machine plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in v0.6

  • Fixed Vib Depth
  • Fixed Joystick Noise
  • Fixed EG Depth +/- EG
  • Added a touch more res to the filter

Download D-String v0.6 here.

  • ronnie

    Already updated to V0.7:

    - Changed to CK Multi_OSC
    - Huge CPU Drop
    - Better, Richer sound
    - It’s safe to patch
    - Included a few patches

  • ronnie

    Another day, another update!
    - Fixed stupid Sig Gen error
    - Added more patches
    - Fixed all controls for midi learn

  • beta tester
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