Eric Beam releases RCA/A-iron Line EQ for Nebula

Eric Beam RCA/A-iron Line EQ

Eric Beam has released RCA/A-iron Line EQ, a collection of programs for Nebula by Acustica Audio featuring the vintage RCA 56E two-channel passive line equalizer and “American Iron” preamp gain stage of the API 312.

RCA/A-iron Line EQ features

  • Vintage stereo passive program line EQ + Classic American 312 preamp gain stage.
  • One knob program “tilt” style EQ.
  • Captured via API conversion @ 24/96 & 24/44100 (both 96k & 44100 programs available).
  • Ideal for adding highend sheen or de-mudding a lowend heavy mix.

The RCA/A-iron Line EQ for Nebula is available to purchase for $10 USD.

More information: Eric Beam

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  • Chad Kroeger

    Yeah! Now we can have that classic analog EQ distortion at the expense of linearity, functionality, transparency, usability and flexbility!

    Future – here we come!

  • biomuse

    Yeah because, you know, Chad, that nonlinearity and distortion, that never sounds any good… 8|

  • Chad Kroeger

    Finally, someone understands and agrees with my point of view! Biomuse, where have you been all my life?

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