Free samples: ekit pack

It’s been a while since I’ve released some loops so I figured this time I’d include the single shot samples in the download so you can do your own!

The ekit pack includes:

  • 12 loops (24bit/44Khz stereo .wav), some simple beats at 120bpm.
  • 12 sets of kick, snare, side/perc and hi-hat samples (16bit/44Khz mono .wav).

The loops are all constructed with the single shot samples only, and processed with some effects.

You can download the sample pack (7.6 MB) below. It’s free, but I do not mind donations.

rekkerd ekit pack Downloads: 5836 times

More free samples here.

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  • Rob Zantay

    Good to hear from you, I look forward to hearing what you have put together

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