Fretted Synth

Fretted Synth Audio

The plug-ins on this page are created by Joseph DeHelian of Fretted Synth Audio.

Since the Fretted Synth website is currently not available you can download the plug-ins from, including the FreeAmp series of multi guitar amp effects, phase distortion synth PhazOsc, VA synth and SoundFont & sample player Safron, drum instrument SoftDrum, and many more.

The Fretted Synth instruments and effects are available to download as freeware VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

Note: these plug-ins require the use of a VST host program. If you need a free one, check Cantabile Lite, VST Host, or here for more options.

Title Description
3rd Bass Bass Amp Sim with multi effects screenshot
Auto MIDI Designed to take an audio signals velocity/loudness and turn it into a continuous controller value of 0-127 screenshot
Chimp First guitar amp sim, designed for a synth but works well with guitar even if not designed for a guitar screenshot
Drive 5 Guitar amp sim with need of a speaker emulator, KVR developer challenge 1 entry screenshot
Drive Stomp Guitar drive pedal screenshot
Drum Direction Old drum pad to MIDI plugin. Takes a piezo type drum pad and converts it to a MIDI note and velocity value screenshot
Echo 2005 Kind of tape like delay screenshot
FreeAmp 3 Amp Version three of freeamp with no effects. NOTE all versions of freeamp are different screenshot
FreeAmp 3 Full Freeamp3 with effects pedals and rack. NOTE all versions of freeamp are different screenshot
FreeAmp 2.5 Guitar amp simulator with effects. NOTE all versions of freeamp are different screenshot
FreeAmp SE 1.5 The original freeamp from way back when. NOTE all versions of freeamp are different screenshot
GatePlus Noise gate with an envelope function, comes in many flavors including a side chain version screenshot
GCBS4 (Guitar Controlled Bass Synth) The update to mono guitar/audio triggered synth for bass tones screenshot
GuitSyn SE Mono guitar/audio triggered synth screenshot
Helian Bass Two bass amp simulators screenshot
Helian CP75 Simple guitar amp sim screenshot
Helian FS12 Simple guitar amp sim screenshot
Helian FU22 Simple guitar amp sim screenshot
Junction Simple mono audio to MIDI plugin screenshot
PDP Pack Update to DrumDirection. Takes a piezo type drum pad and converts it to a MIDI note and velocity value. Also comes in versions with internal velocity split wave layers. KVR developer challenge 3 entry screenshot
Phazosc Phase distortion synth, comes in mono guitar/audio triggered synth and six voice VSTi version screenshot
S2VA (Safron Pro) Mono guitar/audio triggered synth with two virtual analog oscillators screenshot
SafFron 2L Same as S2VA with one oscillator that loads .sf2 (sound fonts). Comes with example files and .fxb screenshot
SafFron 2W Same as S2VA with one oscillator that loads up to four velocity split .wav files (wave files). Comes with example files and .fxb screenshot
SafFronSE An update to the original SafFron MIDI triggered sound font synth with a beautiful UI by Vera Kinter (ArtVera) screenshot
SlowBeer Noise gate for guitar with an envelope function, comes in many flavors including a side chain version screenshot
SoftDrum SF Drum plugin designed to load .sf2 files. Comes with example files and .fxb screenshot
SoftDrum LTD Drum plugin designed to load up to four velocity split .wav files (wave files) screenshot
StringSculptor2 Older space sounding mono guitar/audio triggered synth screenshot
Trampler Trigger wave files with an audio source screenshot
TrippLead Older space sounding mono guitar/audio triggered synth screenshot
Verbish First attempt at a reverb screenshot
WAH_ml2 Wah effect designed for the guitar screenshot
Wah Stomp Wah effect designed for the guitar screenshot
WAHt Wah effect designed for the guitar screenshot
Cableguys TimeShaper
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  • Jinseng

    Thank you very much for this possibility to bring back these plugins to my arms! Fretted synth’s amps are wonderful. I lost them after reinstalling my PC and today You presented me these cool peaces of software again.

  • Daniel

    Hi there-I was excited about the bass plug in Helian. only I downloaded to find nothing more than .dll files and no installer. I must be missing something. Can I run these in Pro Tools LE 7.4? How do I install? I tried dragging and dropping the files where PT plug ins are stored Any help would be great

  • Hi Daniel,

    These are VST plug-ins for Windows PC, they won’t run natively in Pro Tools LE.

    It is possible to use a wrapper but unfortunately it’s not free:

  • Steve

    FreeAmp 3 is AWESOME!

    I have GuitarRig 4 and many other guitar amp sims, but FreeAmp 3 is ridiculously great in the presets and amount of effects it offers. The breadth and depth of this plug-in is MUCH more than I expected from a free plug-in.

    I wish the developer was still around so I could donate!

    Thank you, Joseph…wherever you are!

  • Fretted Synth

    The developer (if you want to call me that) is still around, alive and well. For the donation if you really want to you can go to PayPal and donate to frettedval[at] (the [at] should be replaced by the @ sign) can’t say as if I could not use the money. But it is by no means required to use these plugins in any music you create. Here’s to more to come.

  • Scott


  • MIKE

    great amps

    Will there be 64bit versions of these amps?

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  • Nathan

    Hi, Frettes Synth Dude. Are you being hunted by proprietary software companies looking to commercialise your product ?

    Have you tried AcmeBarGig’s Shred ? It’s pretty awesome too.

  • Fretted Synth

    Hello Nathan

    I hope the big audio software companies are watching and will do better than I have on all plugins that I have made? Would love the chance to work with some of the other minds working in this area of software. But as of yet no offers have came so I will just do what I do.

    ABG yeh! Ken is a very talented guy

    Thanks all

    about the 64bit sorry not yet.

  • john

    i like it

  • bob bobwood

    What has happened to TLi and SSi, (Tripp Lead vsti and String Sculptor vsti) ?

    The effects are here but not the instruments.

  • @bob bobwood, you’re right they’re missing.
    I have them both so I’ll check with Joe to see if he’s OK with me adding them to the list.

  • Actually, they’re not missing at all… They were already in the list so all is good.

  • bob bobwood

    Tripp Lead and String Sculptor are effects, but TLi and SSi are seperate instruments.

    I have them myself, from Computer Music Special – issue 22, now I am wondering if they were exclusive to CM.

    Just checked your downloads again of String Sculptor and Tripp Lead and they are only effects in there.

    They look identical, but load differently.

  • Fretted Synth

    Tripp Lead and String Sculptor are seen to some hosts as only VST fx, but can both do MIDI or audio input. TLi and SSi were asked to be made as VSTi’s for someone who used cubase and wanted to use on an instrument track. The synths are the same the only difference is the VSTi designation. I will see if I can find a copy of them to add?

  • Fretted Synth

    ” I have them myself, from Computer Music Special – issue 22, now I am wondering if they were exclusive to CM. ”

    :-( Don’t remember giving permission to add to any magazine? Silly I have even seen my plugs listed through a google search on crack sites :-(

    Damn they are free what more do they want then that?

  • bob bobwood

    First of all thanks for some truly inspiring gear and secondly thanks for taking the time to reply. There’s hardly a week goes by when I don’t see; “what happened to Fretted-Synth ?”
    on some website.

    I know there are plenty of affecciandos of your gear and I just thought they’d be missing these two.

    By the way CMSpecial #22 came out sometime in 2007, and I am surprised you haven’t given
    them permission. The boggers!

    Thanks again for everything.

  • Dony

    After listening to FreeAmp3, only one word comes into my mind: UNBELIEVABLE!

    I had a track with MrTramp playing some MIDI sequence. Obviously it needed something extra to catch your attention. I tried AmpliTube LE from IK Multimedia, RubyTube from Silverspike, and some VSTs from SimulAnalog and Kjaerhus. They were nice, but just not good enough.

    After plugging MrTramp into FreeAmp3 and simply choosing the first ‘warm’ setting, it became immediately clear to me that there was nothing ordinary about the sound of FreeAmp3. After selecting the phaser in the first slot and making some minor adjustments, I could not believe my ears. You really made a masterpiece and I can not thank you enough for making it available for free.

    I will try to pay you a small amount for such a great VST. I noticed that you already did told someone else how to do that. Later on I will try some other VSTs that you published here, but now it is time to go to bed. Once again: thank you so much.

  • Vilhelmj Moerschbacher

    Love FreeAmp3, 2, 2.5, 1.5…all of them. Use them exclusivly now.

    Got “Shred”…OK for certain things, but, so far – nothing that FreeAmp’s can do.

    Can’t wait for “FreeAmp$” !!! …if there is one.

    Thanks alot Joe.

  • Vilhelmj Moerschbacher

    Meant to say “FreeAmp 4″…sorry.




  • Danbones

    I did live sound for tribute bands for Ten years or so, plus the computer recording gig for years since…I have faced a lot of rigs.

    In FA3 I went to the first warm setting, plugged in the Phase Shifter peddle….
    ( this was before I read the comments section including Dom’s comment above where he did the same…)

    Ha ha,
    I got the same result as Dom, and I have the same comment as Dom regarding the sound….

    Now that I have my copy of FA3 ( free ), I highly recommend to the next guy that it is worth what ever you want to charge him for it.
    FS, you do great work.
    Thanks admin, I wanted to try this stuff and couldn’t find them anywhere else.

  • anamazingguitarist

    hey can u use this with a guitar just plugged into a mic jack on the ‘puter and can i get the actual software somewhere?

  • @anamazingguitarist, you’ll need to use these plugins in a VST host, like the free Cantabile Lite or VSTHost. You can download the plugins by clicking on the titles in the list above.

  • fre

    can anyone help me? i only have a clean sound, no effects or anything. i connected my guitar trough the mic input.

  • jGreg Milloy

    How do I open FreeAmp3? I downloaded it and unzipped it and I just have a .dll file that wants to open in a text program like word, no executeble file I can find. Please help!!!!

  • @jGreg Milloy, FreeAmp is a VST plug-in. You need a VST host to use it. More info on VST:

    Some free hosts you could try:
    Cantabile Lite
    MU.LAB Free

  • Rockerdude2020

    so do i have to download another program to use these separate things or what? im new to this…

  • zombie6

    so its delayed by like a 1 second y is it delayed ??

  • Some fantastic software here, especially the ‘guitar synth’ vsts, and some really nice amp/ fx box simulators. Top work, thanks.

  • Jot

    These Plugins are Great. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  • Vilhelmj Møerschbächer

    Re: zombie6

    That “Delay” sounds like latency…you need to go into your ASIO control panel and decrease the ASIO Buffer Size. Keep decreasing until the “Delay” is gone or at least acceptable.

    Refer to the manual for your particular ASIO Driver to see how to do this.

    Good Luck!!!!

  • Vilhelmj Møerschbächer

    Re; Rockerdude2020

    Try Googling – Savihost … It will open 1 VST Plugin….I use it to try them out all the time. Great Program. Then just plug your guitar in and go.

  • Hannah Lane

    I just found this and I’m going to look at it. I will leave a donation if I use it. I was going to make my own hardware guitar synth, didn’t realise Synthedit was compatible with making guitar Synths. Any chance anybody could fill me in on exactly how compatible it is?

  • narernder


  • PaulM

    Does anyone else have the problem of FreeAmp3 starting up in bypass mode in Cubase SX3?

    Occasionally it will work when I open other insert effects first and then change them to FreeAmp. I really want to get this sorted cus when it does work it’s amazing but it crashes my DAW when it opens in bypass

    Any suggestions?


  • barry

    how do you download it when i click on the link it goes to some news thing

  • Vilhelmj Moerschbacher

    3rd Bass…..Nice Work!!!! Great sounding Amp…Nice Effects too….Great Job…and Thank You Very Much!!!!

    Ummm….looking at FreeAmp 4 by any chance???

  • Vilhelmj Moerschbacher

    Re: Barry…not having any problems with links so far…seems to just download the appropriate Zip file.

  • Vilhelmj Moerschbacher

    Re: PaulM:

    I have never had any plugin start up in “Bypass” mode…i Use SX3 exclusively….never had that happen….can you send me a screenshot of this event??? —

    Let’s see if we can sort this out.

  • jGreg Milloy

    I have been able to get the host and free amp 3 downloaded and working together, I have my guitar pluged into the computer, but I am just not getting the effects to come through the sound from the speakers. My guitar still sounds just as clean as always. Any ideas anyone?

  • Vilhelmj Moerschbacher

    @jGreg Milloy:

    In your host…there should be a way to monitor that track that the Amp is on….

    Select active monitor and see if that works…

    What host are you using by the way???

  • PaulM


    I’ve found today that the issue only happens when I’m using my Tascam US-144 soundcard.

    I switched to the on board soundcard earlier and the bypass issue went away.

    Not sure why this would happen but it’s a start!

    Cheers for offering to help though.


  • jGreg Milloy

    Thanks for the comment VILHELMJ MOERSCHBACHER. I have tried audacity, cantable light, and vst host. I can get the amp picture to come on, but when I fiddle with the different effect controls nothing happens.
    There is a comment from PAULM about changing sound cards, but I am not sure if that is a response to my problem. I don’t know how to switch what is going on to a different sound card.

  • Vilhelmj Møerschbächer

    @jGreg Milloy:

    Aha!!! VST Host…good example…

    OK…when you open a particular plugin in VST Host…..go up to the top menu….there will be a button there called “Wave”. – select this….then in the Output dropdown…select the driver you want to use….(Asio would be best)

    Then the next dropdown are the sample rates….choose the lowest one that your driver can handle….I use 64…..but experiment a little bit….I’ll bet it starts working….if not…let me know…V

  • barry

    got it now what is the best program to run it on as i cant get it to work on audacity?

    • Jazz100

      It will work on Audacity but you need to download a VST Bridge from the audacity website and then go to Audacity preferences and be sure to tick the update Vst box.

  • Vilhelmj Møerschbächer

    @ Barry:

    If you are looking for a Freeware DAW…try this:

    I used it some time ago, and it worked well…Supports VST effects (Guitar Amps etc..) But right now I don’t think it is Midi capable…so no Vsti’s (Synths etc…)

    Now another is VST Host by Herman Seib:

    Nice program, will open any vst or vsti.and can chain them together etc…recording capabilities are limited though. That site also has a small program called “Savihost”…will open exactly one vst or vsti Great for experimenting or even live work too.

    OK….if Payware is what you are looking for…Then for me…..CUBASE…expensive but worth it….I am still using ver..SX3….Love It!!!

  • jGreg Milloy

    Thanks again VILHELMJ MØERSCHBÄCHER for your help and interest in my problem.
    I have had some more time today to play with it. I have managed to get a quickly escalating feedback type noise to come from the speakers and had to mute the sound. At first nothing I did seemed to change or help it. I tried turning down all of the effect controls and the volume on my computer and guitar and was finally able to leave the mute off without getting the feedback noise. But am still getting nothing else. I found the wave setting you refered to and it has several options to choose from- not the one you recommended. I will try to list what is available to see if you might be able to help.

    Under the “devices” heading there are 3
    choices:midi, wave, and joystick. I just fiddled with the wave choice since that is the one you suggested might help.

    Under the wave choice there are 4 setting boxes: input port, output port, sample rate and buffer.

    The “input port” setting box has the following choices: no wave, MME: Microsoft


    The “sample rate” setting box has the following choices: 44100, 48000, 88200, 96000, 176400, 192000.

    The “buffer” setting box has 30 to 40 chioces between “4410 samples (10 b/s)” and “70 samples (630 b/s)”.

    I am sorry if I seem so ignorant about this stuff, because I am! I am just a lowly guitar player trying to get some cool sounds while practicing my guitar through my computer. I would appriciate any guidance you might be able to give me.

  • Greg

    I love so many of these plugins. You are the best, Fretted Synth man.

    One question: I’ve been trying to use SoftDrum LTD with Nuendo (as a VSTi), and I can’t figure out how to get sound out of outputs 2-6. I can hear anything routed to output 1 just fine, but none of the others. What am I missing?

    Thanks, and may your VST work live on!

  • Vilhelmj Møerschächer

    @jGreg Milloy:

    Sorry it took so long to get back to this post…

    OK, to satrt off…

    You need to download and install ASIO4ALL..

    Get that here..

    After that, do the following

    on the “Devices” tab-start with “Output Port”…select …”ASIO: ASIO4ALL”

    then…on the “sample rate” setting box…choose- 44100

    then on “buffer” setting box- choose “either 64 or 70 Samples.

    I’ll bet this will put you where ou need to be.

    I had noticed in your post that in the Input and Output port selections…there was no ASIO Driver….this is impotatnt….let me know how it works…..V

  • Greg

    Never mind, solved. With some creative googling I found the (tiny) button in Nuendo that expands the outputs for VST instruments.

    FYI, having figured this out, 6 outs and two groups makes this the BEST free VST drums instrument out there, hands down!

  • jGreg Milloy

    I saw your e-mail listed in another response- I hope it is o.k. if I write you here. I downloaded asio4all as you suggested. And that option came up in free amp and I chose it. I see the light indicators on the right of free amp move up and down in response to sound input I think coming from a web cam and mic sitting on my desk. I put the settings to the values you suggested. When I open up the asioforall control, I get 2 choices in a “WDM Device List”. When I choose “Realtek High Definition Audio” I get some feedback type noise from the speakers, but not at all a recognizable amp sound and not responsive to changes on any of the amp controls. When I choose “USB Audio Device” the sound goes away and there is no guitar effects either. I think the latter choice is just my web cam mic as an input. So it seems as if we are making progress but still not quite there on the settings. I also notice that when I choose the Realtec Audio setting I get a box in the lower right of my screen that flashes red and then green and when I choose the USB Audio Device setting it just goes to green. If I click the default settings button on the asio4all control it goes to the Realtek Audio and buffer size=512 samples settings. There is an Advanced Options button on the control also with some other settings inside. You can write me back at this return e-mail address or at as well. I really appreciate your help with this! I will copy this e-mail and send it also in the fretted-synth thread to be sure you get it.

  • Fretted Synth

    Sorry I have not been around for a while here all, been pretty busy. Thank you to all that have been helping other users out to make these things work. Greg :-) IMHO SoftDrumLTD is a very usable drum plug glad you figured how to use the outputs. The slots for velocity switch work very well also :-)

  • jGreg Milloy

    Thanks for responding – but I am not the same Greg as the one talking about the drums. I am trying to get Free Amp 3 working.
    If you look at my e-mail or the last post from “Greg Milloy” on Fretted Synth you will see where I am at. Still unable to get it working right.
    I would appriciate any ideas you might have to get it working. I sent a screen shot in my e-mail so you can see my settings.

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  • Fretted Synth

    jGreg Milloy

    Sounds like you are trying to use your internal soundcard with ASIO4All?
    IMHO this will not give very good results, if on a desktop try to find a used or budget pci soundcard that provides ASIO drivers. If on a laptop look for the same in a USB sound device. I dont think you would regret this for all of your computer audio needs?

  • jGreg Milloy


    Thanks for responding. Can I get an external device that will just plug into one of my computer input slots?
    I also have another little problem that I hope can be resolved by tweeking some settings. When I play a note on my guitar there is a big delay before you hear the sound through the speakers- a second or two. I have 2 computers and on the one running Windows XP the sound comes through instantly, but the one running Windows Vista has a big delay before you hear the sound. Is there some settngs that can be changed to help with that? Anyone with an idea please let me know.

  • CheddarMan

    I would suggest you Google info on using audio cards/interfaces, for recording just to get a better feel for making settings and the reason for making those settings regardless of what card is used.

    You-tube is a good place to start since you can actually see and hear examples of what to do. To answer your question about an external device… you can purchase a usb based audio interface like M-AUDIO’s fast track guitar interface or something similar. This will make choosing the correct audio driver and inputs a lot simpler!

    What vst host are you using? This is important info in for help.

  • Vilhelmj Møerschbächer

    @ Fretted Synth & jGreg Milloy

    On the discussion of ASIO4All and onboard SC applications…Normally I would agree that this is not the optimum set-up…However…on my old machine (HP w/ AMD Athalon 2.7g and only 1 gig RAM)…I got great results with the onboard AC97 and ASIO4All….but, I am told that this is not typical.

    I had some of the same issues that jGreg Milloy
    is having, on my new machine though..(HP AMD-Quad/4gig RAM), but adjusting the settings in the host, solved all of those.

  • Knotastic

    Sorry to bother you Fretted Synth but Ive got a violin attached to a pickup which is producing sound in the control panel but when played on ableton using a pitch-to-midi vst (Junction) i dont get any response.

    Strangley enough the keyboard is triggering the vst but this isint the case with the audio input.

    Any suggestions?

  • Brandon


    Thanks for putting this together.

    I’m using FreeAmp 3 in Kristal, and I’m new to all of this.

    I have the amp working, but I cant get my downloaded GTune to work as a VST. Its in the plugins folder, just like the FreeAmp file, which is working fine.

    Can anyone point me to a free VST tuner that will work with Kristal? Im using a Behringer USB input device with my guitar…


  • Vilhelmj Møerschbächer

    @ Brandon:

    I use this tuner exclusivley C-Tuner by CPlugs.

    Here is the direct download:

    I have only used it in Cubase and Savihost, but should work in Krystal too….if any issues arise, just open it in Savihost…Tune…then re=open the Krystal project and continue on…V

  • Brandon

    Works like a charm…thanks alot, man.

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  • Jon Tyler Reardon

    How do you open the software?

  • @Jon, these are VST plug-ins so you need a VST host to use them.

  • ErnestoH.

    The Helian bass amps are a piece of genius!
    Forget all the other VST- stuff that´s out there.
    Just your bass, the Helian Amp into the 1st
    Insert of your DAW, some compression – that´s it.
    Mostly you don´t even need an eq –
    dependant on the bassdrum maybe a little cut
    here or there…
    Wonderful work!

  • Fretted Synth

    @ – ErnestoH

    :-) Thanks, Been a bass player since the 70’s. Got side-tracked a bit with guitar for a bit, but bass is still my main stay.

  • DjimT

    Great VST’s, but what I am missing in FA3 free9 and other versions ) is a safe settings button.
    I am using a screencapture as a work around.
    Future update ?

  • Fretted Synth


    Not understanding what you mean by “safe settings button.” ?

  • DjimT

    Sorry for being unclear.
    I mean this: after setting up my “rig” ,amp,cab,pedals etc. there is no way of saving the settings. So every time I start up I have to do all the tweaking all over again.
    In most virtual amps there is at least a SAVE or IMPORT/EXPORT feature for the settings.
    Most probably I overlooked something ?

  • YONI

    FreeAmp is incredible! I’m using FA2.5 and FA3 with my guitar in Reaper on Windows and Ubuntu (with wine and wineasio). It is simply inspiring to play with and sounds as good or better than anything else that I’ve tried so far.

    To those here using ASIO4ALL with onboard sound cards, I’ve gotten very good results with onboard sound cards and sometimes don’t even bother plugging in my firewire interface. I think that the trick is to turn the recording input level down in your sound card’s mixer, in order to avoid a noisy signal (and maybe use line-in input instead of mic if you have one).

  • doug

    i can’t run setup for fa36 zip for 3ampfull free download. i’m trying to use winzip but it has problems with dll extensions any help

  • Vilhelmj Møerschbächer


    Try downloading and installing 7-Zip.

    Great program for extracting .zip and lots of other types as well…here is the link:

    Good luck to you….V

  • @Doug, remember you need a VST host to run FreeAmp. You can’t just run the .dll file…

  • FilGee

    Wow these plugins are awsome. i’m using GatePlus and the Wah Pedal in Cubase 5 and i can’t beleive that they where free. Thanks a million and keep up the good work.

    Oh i do have one complaint :)

    The Guitar triggered Bass synth sounds good but there is just too much latency to use this plugin in a realtime situation.

    Apart from that all good thanks again.

  • FrettedSynth

    “Wow these plugins are awsome. i’m using GatePlus and the Wah Pedal in Cubase 5 and i can’t beleive that they where free. Thanks a million and keep up the good work.”

    :-) Have many plugins in the works, just need to finish one of them I hope?

    “Oh i do have one complaint :)
    The Guitar triggered Bass synth sounds good but there is just too much latency to use this plugin in a realtime situation.”

    The latency of that plungin is about as low as you can get, about 2.5ms. The down side of that is your host and soundcard add to that many times over.

  • dennis

    Hi- I was wondering if it’s possible/feasible/practical to do for SoftDrum SF what you did for SoftDrum Ltd in terms of Alesis drum module triggering. Thanks.

  • FrettedSynth

    “Hi- I was wondering if it’s possible/feasible/practical to do for SoftDrum SF what you did for SoftDrum Ltd in terms of Alesis drum module triggering. Thanks.”

    Should be pretty easy? I will have a look today.
    Send an email to frettedsynth [at] I will send a copy for you to test ASAP

  • FrettedSynth

    That was easy :-) after it is tested I will see if Ronnie will replace the files already on this site.

    BTW This plug could really use a library, the example I shipped with it is very small and of not the greatest quality. With soundfonts being able to pack multiple wav’s with set velocity splits it makes loading of samples quite easy as opposed to softdrumLTD where you have to load each drum with velocity split wavs seperate.

    With all the great free multi drum samples out there it could be made as a very usable drum plugin, anyone want to build the library?

  • Olly

    Hi, I extracted the file, but the dll wont open :(
    Can someone please help me?

  • Vilhelmj Møerschbächer

    @ OLLY:

    You need a Host Application to open or use any VST Plug-In.

    Here is one for FREE:

    Savihost – Opens exactly one VST Plug-In
    Link –

    Read the entire page. There is also documentation for it there too.


    Try Cubase…Expensive…but (IMHO) the best Host/Recording application there is….Good Luck..V

  • Greg

    @ Olly –

    If you already have a host application like Vilhelmj mentioned (usually a digital audio workstation or DAW), just find the VST plugins folder and copy the DLL into that. Then the next time you open your DAW the effect will be ready to use.

  • THIS IS THE BEST THANK YOU -sea things

  • FrettedSynth

    :-) Thanks enjoy – be things

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  • VIC

    Hi, I´m using the Helian Bass through Cubase, but when I apply it to one of my recorded bass tracks there´s no sound output from it. Can someone help me please?

  • Alice

    I love this e_Gitar sound

  • sonji

    u guys are supa

  • St3vo

    hey all, i use fl studio [all kinds of elctro/techno]. just got the new fl 10 as well. loving it! any recomends on a good trance synth?

  • I want to say all this stuff just rocks and has provided me with many hours of fun for sure. I just wanted to post to say GET this Guitar link, I just bought my second one on ebay for $8.00, under windows 7 I have zero latency on my old cheap acer laptop. Second if your going out to an amp, always plug your amp and your computer into 2 different circuits for power if you want zero noise. Here is a link to guitar link. It comes with drivers and every thing, many hong kong knock offs, they all work fine, mine came from hong kong on ebay. $8

  • aper206

    love your verbish. good job , and thanks.

  • If anyone is looking for a really great free music package I can tell you I really like psycle. I have used all the big stuff flstudio, reaper, acid, all are great but psycle is really easy and nice to use, and it is in tracker format which is way better than piano roll in my opinion. Tracker format lets you view all your notes at once; for me this is a no brainer. You can see some of my vst/music/video over on you tube. Below is a link. Most of this was done with psyle or right from vsthost. vsthost anothe rmust have, it is free , it is what i use with all the vst’s here, to play my guitar with; vst host, guitarlink , and the vst freeamp 2.5, out to an amp , and you are rockin. Amazing.

  • biffa

    cool stuff! Thanx

  • Manohar

    so nice hey all, i use fl studio [all kinds of elctro/techno]. just got the new fl 10 as well. loving it! any recomends on a good trance synth?
    cool stuff! Thanx

  • Paul


    I’ve been looking at SoftDrum Ltd – and I’m really impressed….

    I’ve been playing with some of the other freeware samplers (SampleTank free etc) – and while I’m sure they have more functionality, they’re just too complicated!

    I have one problem (and to be honest I have the same problem with SampleTank).

    I want to use my drum pads to occasionally trigger long audio samples (for example a synth loop that plays for 8 bars).
    I’m not worried about looping etc, but I want the entire sample to play (start to finish) regardless of when the midi note off is received (because from a drum pad the note off is very soon after the note on).

    I’ve tried increasing the ‘release’ knob to full, but that doesn’t achieve this. Is there a way to get SoftDrum to play the entire WAV regardless of note off commands?

    (I know this has the potential to cause problems with long samples running when not wanted – but I intend to combat this using groups – I can assign a silent WAV to another pad in the same group and use this to turn it off if needed..)

    Any thoughts on how I could achieve this would be very welcome.

    Thanks again for a great product (and for offering it for free)


  • paul greene

    my friend told me about you all, looking 4word 2 a jam….

  • FrettedSynth

    Hello Paul

    “I’ve been looking at SoftDrum Ltd – and I’m really impressed….

    I’ve been playing with some of the other freeware samplers (SampleTank free etc) – and while I’m sure they have more functionality, they’re just too complicated!

    I have one problem (and to be honest I have the same problem with SampleTank).

    I want to use my drum pads to occasionally trigger long audio samples (for example a synth loop that plays for 8 bars).
    I’m not worried about looping etc, but I want the entire sample to play (start to finish) regardless of when the midi note off is received (because from a drum pad the note off is very soon after the note on).”

    What host do you use? It must be the host that is muting the last hit at a loop? With SoftdrumLTD the MIDI note length does not matter, all it needs is a very short note to trigger and the wave should play all the way through dependent on the release setting.

    Check your preferences for settings that will keep the VSTi active at loop without resetting. That would most likely fix the problem you have with SampleTank also?

    And thank you for the kind words on softdrum any problems let me know?

  • FrettedSynth

    paul greene
    commented on Jul 03, 2011

    my friend told me about you all, looking 4word 2 a jam….

    Always love to jam :-)

  • Paul

    I was using anapplication called ‘VSTHost’ (a small app that will host a VST instrument)
    It has a ‘soft keyboard’ in the app that allows me to send Midi Notes to the VST instrument.
    If I press and hold the key, the sample will play through, but if I press and then release the key then the sample stops when the key is released.
    I found another freeware sampler called ‘Short Circuit’ whish has an option to set the sample to ‘forward shot’ which will play the entire sample (regardless of the note off command).
    However, I’d prefer to use SoftDrum if possible as the interface is so much simpler!

  • FrettedSynth

    Hello Paul

    “I was using anapplication called ‘VSTHost’ (a small app that will host a VST instrument)
    It has a ‘soft keyboard’ in the app that allows me to send Midi Notes to the VST instrument.
    If I press and hold the key, the sample will play through, but if I press and then release the key then the sample stops when the key is released.”

    Just tested SoftdrumLTD in VSThost v1.47.
    Using the mouse to trigger the Virtual keyboard, computer keyboard to trigger the Virtual keyboard or a MIDI controller keyboard to trigger SD all worked as expected? It does not matter in SD how long the note is held I built that into SoftDrumLDT? something else is going on there? will help if I can?

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  • Matt

    I cant get the programe to run , can someone help me ? :( freeamp 3

    • Frettedsynth

      Hello Matt

      FA3 is a VST plugin you need a host to run it inside. Do a google search for “VSTHost” a small free app that will let you load FreeAmp and all my other plugins.

  • Angelo Cappello

    were can I find Complete Drums ? I need a trigger with a minimal latency, without midi conversion. I would like to use it with my Yamaha DTXtreme IIs (piezo triggers).

    • Frettedsynth

      Look in the PDP pack its there with many different versions



    • Frettedsynth

      Wow VERY BAD FORM to go to a freeware site to ask for a crack? I don’t care where in the world you are it can’t be that bad that you have to steal? (YES crack software is stealing.)
      If you really can’t afford the software you use their are alternatives to stealing. Go check out “Reaper” IMHO a much better piece of software and the demo will get you started

      PS: buy it when you can, gives good karma :-)

  • Hoosierdaddy

    Dude! Thanks SO much for all your work on these plug-ins! I looked for some time for a killer freeware bass amp sim…and your 3rd Bass is the one. Absolutely amazing. I can honestly say that I’ve used most of the commercial bass plug-ins out there – and imo the ONLY one that even compare to 3rd Bass is the Ampeg plug-in from Amplitube. And I actually like 3rd Bass better!

    Now I’m discovering the joys of FreeAmp 3 Full. There are other sims I prefer for high gain guitar. But FreeAmp is a wonder on clean guitar tracks.

    • Frettedsynth

      Thanks :-) Let me know if you have any problems.

  • Blake Herber

    Just downloaded FreeAmp3, and I have to say, it’s phenomenal. Thanks so much!

  • Nameiamusing

    how do i install?

  • Frettedsynth

    @Nameiamusing They are all VST plugins you need a host to run it inside. Do a google search for “VSTHost” a small free app that will let you load any of them to play.

    @Blake Herber Your Welcome :-)

  • Robo muffin

    Bro:::: i was having a hard time running my freeamp3 because there’s np sound??????? i already install ASIO but doesnt work …plsss help meh…

  • Campbelldobbs

    how do install the whole program on my computer

    • Just extract the .dll file from the downloaded zip file and put it somewhere your VST host can find it. If you don’t have a VST host yet, you need one. Since this is a reoccurring issue I put some links to free VST hosts on this page.

  • Ajw312

    ok i downloaded the vst host and i downloaded the free amp3 full ok so i opened new plugin of my vst host after i extracted files from free amp3 full and i got these little boxtes that do not look like ampsi learned after awhile to click the little green bow and i get all these little mixing tools but i kinda wanted this program to look like an amp. how can i do that please somone leave me instruction on how to wok this program im new but played guitar for 3 years and would like a nice amp sim but ur is the only one i have got this far on thanks ill be checking the comments vary often.

  • Forward Agency ODV

    Hi everyone, dunno if these VSTs are still in development, if not it would be great if released as open source (as MDA does for theirs:


  • Frettedsynth

    Ajw312 – In VSThost the box that opens represents FA3, click the icon that looks like a knob in the FA3 box it will show the UI. BTW I tried to make it look like an amp?

    Forward Agency ODV – I would release the project files if I could, all these plugins were made in a modular called SynthEdit. All use 3rd party modules made by other people, so I doubt any one would be able to open the projects?

    Ronnie – Thanks for adding the link for VST hosts :-) That question did seem to come up very often.

    • storm

      I have been running Reason & Record for a long time now after I abandoned SONAR. But I came to see what you were up to these days just because I used to love what FreeAmp3 provided me those years ago. I can’t run VSTs in Reason but if I could I’d still run FreeAmp3 as its incredible.

      I hope things are going well for you FrettedSynth. I just wanted to let you know that your work was appreciated for the short time I used SONAR and VSTs.

  • Xemnas2010

    hey how do I install the freeamp 3? all I got is a .dll file and some readme’s.

    • guest

      you need a recording program like mixcraft, you put it in the program’s addon or vst folder and then you load it with the program’s menu, it all depend on what program you have, can be nuendo, mixcraft, pro tools or stuff like that

      • Andy

        That’s right – try Reaper by CockOS it’s free for a time and then really cheap to buy. It will run all the FS plugs.

  • Bebop

    Hi Joe,

    It seems that SE is creating some bugs when used with some sequencers. Does SE supports multithreading ? Would it be possible to rebuild it into another application like synthmaker ?
    Best regards from an old supporter.
    By the way it would be good that you tell other supporter your new ref address.

  • Frettedsynth

    Hello bebop

    Any new plugins I add to the site will be made with SynthEdit v1.1 It should fix any problems with using multiple instances on systems that have more than single core processors.

    • Bebop

      Thanks for your comments. Will update then,

      Thanks a lot and M. C. and HPNY 2012

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  • Ryan

    Im not Sure on how to set this up on my laptop if you could e-mail the details that would be great thanks:

  • Vlatko_ako

    how to install this there are only .dll files for what software is this?

    • Tanta Stefan

      that`s working with fl studio

    • Hey man, did you ever get you a DAW program so you can use these .dll files? You wanna copy them into the VST folder of your DAW program, then next time you are there, when you click on effects, you should see these as one of the options…. My mixcraft DAW has a separate folder under the VST folder called “3rd Party” and that where I had to put these .dll files, and mine are working great. Saved me a lot of money from having to buy GUitar RIg.. that is just too expensive for me, and this freeware seems just as cool to me.. especially because it’s free :-P haha

      Reply me back if you need some help.. I know it’s been a long time since you posted.. but maybe someone else will read this that is currently having same problem understanding as you were 10 months ago :-)
      Be groovy,

      Perryinjax Youtube Channel loves these guys!
      I use their effects for all my theme music for all my videos on my channel, and they make it sound sweeeeet! THanks to Mr Joseph DeHelian for offering this to us as freeware and making it very easy to download without having to go thru some kind of merrygoround answering surveys first or something …

      I love these effects.. and appreciate very much the time it took to create them and give it all away to use for free. A big thanks guy!

  • Vlatsy

    Can i copy this somewhere in nuendo directory? and where…?

  • famous beagle


    I’ve tried Freeamp 3 full and Freeamp 2.5, and I’m having problems in each running XP in Audacity.

    FA3: When I push the rack button, nothing happens. The pedals still stay on the screen, and I can’t seem to access the rack effects.

    FA2.5: The plug-in loads up on the synth screen, and I can’t access the guitar mode. The synth screen is displayed regardless of whether the “synth setup” button is red or not.

    Any ideas? I’m hoping to get this working, because they’re very good sounding, especially for a free plug!


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  • Vilmoerschbacher

    Any chance FreeAmp 4 is comming?

  • EricBrown

    I messed up the first time and had it scattered from here to creation but you guys are the fucken coolist! thank you so much and when I get some extra ends you people are first on the list!! EricBrown,Visalia,CA

  • Fa

    Hello, been trying to get FA3 working in Nuendo, works fine inserted into a midi track but when insterted into an audio track it crashes Nuendo, any ideas?

    (only using 1 instance and it’s a fresh install of Nuendo).


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  • Lucious

    thanks for all of these. i have tried many amp simulators and had all but given up on the idea of recording dry and choosing/tweeking amplification/effects during mastering, and moved on to recording the signal ran through a multieffects pedal.

    now i have my guitar routed dry to record and through one of your free amp or helian series, then out. i can record dry while playing through the amp sim and have a dry signal recorded.

  • Vilhelmj Møerschbächer

    @famous beagle…

    Auidacity does not apply effects in real-time….having issues using these types of effects in Audacity is normal…might want to look at other crossplatform editors like Traverso or Krystal….then again….a few bucks later…Cubase (My Fav!!)

  • Ranggapunkstay

    Thank’s You .. you help me …

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  • Duncan

    PLSSSSS tell me how do i install these plugins???? what software do i need because they are all .dll files

    • You need a host to run the plugins. Scroll back up the page and you’ll see some links in red text box.

    • @Duncan; Hey man…Did you ever get you a DAW so you can use these effects? Lemme know if you didn’t find one, and I can give you a link to Krystal.. it is pretty good for a beginner i think. I use Mixcraft 5 but it is a but expensive.

  • DudeZero

    Does this work with MAC? I use Lion OS


    • The plugins are for Windows PC only, so no native Mac support I’m afraid.

  • Perry Bruner

    I just wanna take the time to sincerely thank Joseph DeHelian for making the awesome guitar effects VST plugin available to us FOR FREE! It is almost as good as many of the marketed EXPeNSIVE similar ones except he has chosen to offer these to us for FREE. Dude you are awesome. I just installed your “FreeAmp 3 Full” into the VST third party folder of my Mixcraft 5 file and it is working perfectly. I was previously using “Guitar Rig” which is Very Expensive and this one of yours is just as good or better. Very easy to use, lots and LOTS of nice presets and very intuitive controls and interfaces. I also love the look, the effects pedals are cool, but I prefer the rack option so I can add reverb. So far I have not found a way to use the stomp pedals and also get to have reverb too, but I would not be surprised if there is a way to do it that I just have not played with it long enough to figure out how yet.
    Anyways, THANKS again man. I imagine this took a long time to create and I really like it.. makes my guitar sound great plugged into my laptop, your effects sound just like the real thing, and are every bit as good a program/software as the expensive ones on the market like GuitarRIg.. I am one who really appreciates your hard work and time to create this and offer it to us for free. OUTstanding individual you are.
    Thanks again,
    Perryinjax Youtube Channel thinks you are very cool.
    Thanks again and again,
    Perry in Florida

    • FrettedSynth

      You are welcome, glad you enjoy FA3

      PS next to the speaker selection is a switch labeled “PANEL” click it to see rack FX (post Amp FX) you can use a padal and rack at the same time.

      • Man someone stole my laptop and I now have bought another one. This onefrettedsynth is better anyways, windows with INtel i7 processor this one so it’s cool,

        I of course LOST your free FA3 vst plugins to use with my mixcraft like I was doing with my old laptop, and now I cannot find where to download the file from! I did find one place up above on this site that says “FreeAmp 3 Full” but when I download it all that is there is a .dll file and an instructions text file. I cannot find the application/program/installer file anywheres. DO you know where I can download the full version 3 from again? I can’t find it online anymore, I thought i had found it here, but like I say, when i open the zipped file there is only two things there, a .dll file and a text file.
        Where to get the freeamp 3 full download to install the vst on my new computer? Do you know a link where i can get the download of more than just a ..dll file and a text file in the download?
        Or am I doing something wrong? I loved your program man.. it sux I cannot find it again or understand how to get it from the download on this page here…

        Please advise!
        Thanks in advance,
        Perry in Florida

  • Christoph Schmidt

    where can i find the download button? :S

    • Christoph Schmidt

      oh, found the links :D

  • i also wanna thanks for that awsome free virtual bass amp :D

  • THESE SUCK!! Just kidding!! These have had a great effect on my music and can honestly say. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  • Steve Marx

    Just a thanks for a great site and all you do here! I’ve known of this site for some time, but never had the opportunity to explore in depth.
    I did download the above freeamp 2.5 and all the plugins are excellent.
    How do you go to the pedal view as in the screenshot? I seem to only view it in a rack view. Thanks again!

  • SynthBass

    How can I get the Audio to MIDI converters woriking in cannabile lite?

  • Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? I plugged my guitar in with an adapter and it won’t pick it up or even work!

    • FrettedSynth

      You input your guitar to what input? Computer built in soundcard or an external soundcard?
      What Host program are you using?
      What plugin are you trying to play through?

  • trying to use FreeAmp3 with the latest version of Reaper, keep getting error messages saying cannot load module so-and-so, Please help! Also, how do I install these into Reaper and Audacity properly?

    • Papa Dusko

      I would also like to know answer to this :) so if anyone knows please help! I downloaded the 3rd Bass but I assume its the same procedure.

      • I’m afraid I don’t have Reaper so I don’t know. Maybe you could ask at the Reaper forum?

  • bembo boy

    i was searching for guitar to synth solution for a year…too bad i didn’t know from the start about these plugins…i can’t believe how good they are :) especially concerning pitch tracking. for a year i was playing “midi guitar” on sh*tty converters and it was only like half-playable, but now it is like a revolution since i’ve found out for these guitar-synths :D thanks man!

  • Matthew Gibbs

    I don’t suppose there’s any chance of seeing these plug-ins released for mac is there?

    • I’m afraid not…

      • Matthew Gibbs

        OK, thanks for the reply.

  • Dwemer Dwarf

    thnx for Drive Stomp, it`s a necessary if you wanna get old school swedish guitar tone (with boss hm2 ofc)

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