FrettedSynth releases FreeAmp3

FrettedSynth FreeAmp3

FrettedSynth has released FreeAmp3, a freeware virtual guitar setup plug-in for Windows PC.

FreeAmp3 features

  • 5 Clean amps.
  • 19 Drive amps, Provides clean/drive amp switching.
  • 5 Amp equalizers.
  • 2 Power amps.
  • 17 Speakers, including 4 bass cabs.
  • 3 Effect slots both pre (mono) and post (stereo) amp positions.
  • Noise gate and output Limiter.

FreeAmp3 comes in both an amp only version and a FX full version.

Visit FrettedSynth for more information and a link to download FreeAmp3.

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  • Sébastien

    works great! and all this is for free… amasing :)

    great sounding (better than the 2)

    a must

  • Jey De Luca

    Hi guys..

    Can anybodytell to me about this FreeAmp3, does it work on its own on a computer? Like, if you don’t have a recording package on the computere can you using this amp on his own and say just run the sound out of the headphone or speaker socket?

    Muchas gracias!

  • Hi Jey, you’ll need a VST host to use this plug-in.

    There are some free options like: Cantabile Lite, or VSTHost.

    You load the FreeAmp3 .dll file (which is the VST plug-in) as an effect in these hosts to use it.

  • Vil Moerschbacher

    Response to “Jey De Luca”…

    Yes, download SAVIHOST…tool to open exactly 1 VST Plugin…here is the link…

    Great little program…Save it to any handy Folder…copy and paste into the same folder as your plugin…then rename the savihost.exe to the name of the plugin.exe..

    Example: If the plugin is called Freeamp3, then rename savihost.exe to Freeamp3.exe

    Then, open, set your buffer and samples to whatever your soundcard can handle…plug in the gutar and have a blast!!!

  • hati

    works great! i use it with krystal

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  • Michael

    OK, I’m going to add a little newb action to this post here. I have the Freeamp widget along with the VSTHost. I have figured out how to make it record with ASIO4All. But the thing I have been after is to use my computer as an AMP. Is that the intent of this software? recording is all nice and nifty but I would like to just play my guitar through these virtual effect pedals and listen while I play. Am I way off base here or what!


  • Hi Michael,
    Your instrument should have sound in your host (i.e. VSTHost) first. If you manage to get that it should also be possible to use FreeAmp with that host by inserting it as an effect plug-in.

  • Michael

    Really! OK. Would you mind telling me how you have yours set up in devices? In [Device] –>[Wave] I have just the output set to ASIO4All. This allows me to record, but I don’t hear a peep from my Computer. What do you have for input and output?

    thaks Ronnie!

  • But are you getting any sound from the input without FreeAmp loaded? If not, check your input settings.

    I’m not very familiar with VSTHost but it’s very easy in Cantabile Lite.

  • Leo

    hey im having problems with the devices, i connect my guitar and it works but its just a clean effect, even when i turn the effects on. i have it as a line in input but how do i select it as an input in the program?

  • Frehleyisgod76

    my computer keeps saying “application not found” any ideas on how to solve this?

  • Cheddar Man

    You failed to give zero details on what you’re doing to use the plug-in. It’s not a stand-alone application otherwise, it would be an .exe file and not a .dll.

    You must use this in a host[ie]… Sonar or Cubase etc… in order for you to use it. Ronnie already answered this question @ the top.

  • chris weede

    The link is broken – is this available anymore??? Where?????

  • @Chris, did you try the links at
    Working fine here.

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