Harrison Consoles Mixbus v1.4, virtual mixing console updated

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Harrison Consoles Mixbus

Harrison Consoles has released version 1.4 of Mixbus, a virtual mixing console software.

Mixbus™ is a virtual “analog console” integrated into a full-featured Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Mixbus “True Analog Mixing”™ provides critical mixing functions in a knob-per-function interface.

“True Analog Mixing”™ is based on Harrison’s renowned 32-Series and MR-Series console designs, plus Harrison’s proprietary digital mixing technology. Mixbus™ enables you to record, edit, and mix a musical performance in-the-box while getting a sound that harkens back to the golden age of album recordings.

Key changes in Mixbus 1.4

  • Mixbus solos now work as expected (the master-assigns are muted).
  • Graphical glitches with popup menus and “moving” mixer strips have been fixed.
  • New keybindings for users of other popular DAWs.

Mixbus is available to purchase for $79.99 USD. The update is free for registered Mixbus users.

More information: Harrison Consoles / Mixbus

String Audio Dark Matter
  • Mixbus was updated to v1.4.1:
    – v1.4 would crash whenever a snapshot was loaded while Mixbus was running. Fixed.
    – “Protoolish” and “Cubasish” keymap files are now included.
    – When tracks are made very small, the Rec/Mute/Solo buttons now remain visible.

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