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London School of Sound releases LSS DJeq

London School of Sound LSS DJeq

Gavin Murray from the London School of Sound has released LSS DJeq, a freeware equalizer plugin designed specifically to emulate the controls found on the best DJ mixers.


  • Rotary controls for Low, Mid and High frequencies.
  • Dedicated Kill switches.
  • Optimized for live performance, with large buttons and knobs easy to read and grab even with a laptop track-pad.
  • EQ range has been specifically designed to allow for traditional DJ use, with a range that goes from complete cut to + 6dB.

Note: While the plugin might work in other VST-compatible hosts, the LSS DJeq is the result of user feedback from the Ableton Live courses at the London School of Sound, and as such it was meant only as a plugin for Ableton Live.

LSS DJeq requires the Pluggo runtime from Cycling ’74 (free).

Visit the London School of Sound website for more information and a link to download LSS DJeq.


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