Lucas Xie releases ganK the Synthesizer

Lucas Xie has released ganK the Synthesizer, a free synthesizer instrument for Windows.

ganK is an additive/substractive synth with 3 oscillators, a moog filter,a lfo, effects like an 8-band eq and a delay component.

Lucas Xie ganK the SynthesizerLucas Xie ganK the Synthesizer

ganK the Synthesizer is available as a freeware instrument (VST/Standalone) for PC.

More information: Lucas Xie

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  • rumba_codex

    I had a hunch that this might be interesting – and it is. It’s certainly got character. Very easy to program.

    ganK is based on JUCE (same as the TAL stuff and FAW).

    Presets can only be saved as *.xml (not fxb). I found at least one bug: loading a preset causes ganK to crash Reaper.

    It will be interesting to see how this develops.

  • @rumba_codex, do you have some audio clips maybe?

  • xsd121

    what do you mean by:
    “loading a preset causes ganK to crash Reaper”?
    (I’m the developer..)

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