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All the patches on can be downloaded freely with permission from the author. If you have presets to share, don’t hesitate to contact me.

10 latest patches/sound banks

id Title Plug-in Sound designer
1054 downloadFirebird THUNDER SYNTH FireBird ALTER BOY Sounds
1053 downloadP8 Custom Shop Superwave P8 ALTER BOY Sounds
1052 downloadModeAudio Massive Sampler Massive ModeAudio
1051 downloadNoise4U sound bank (64-bit version) TAL-NoiseMaker Peter den Herder
1050 downloadAbi Zebra Zebra Abi
1049 downloadProject Xebra Demo (20 patches) Zebra Corin Neff
1048 downloadXmas 2014 Zebra Payam Tavakoli
1047 downloadDrTW SEM V and iSEM Set (Feb 2014) iSEM Dr. Tim Waters
1046 downloadDrTW PolySix RE (Feb 2014) PolySix Dr. Tim Waters
1045 downloadDrTW PolySix RE Patches Set 01 PolySix Dr. Tim Waters

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  • Dj Ha

    Will Godfrey, thanks!

  • Create:Audio


  • DBM

    Glad you liked the polysix patches too R.

    To those who downloaded them and liked them :
    There is a MS20 bank by me as well on KVR under “This S#!T will make you’re ears bleed !”
    there very punk and raw for the most part with a little dark ambiance thrown in for good measure.

    Enjoy ; )

  • DBM

    Oh and apparently still here as well .

    Enjoy ; )

  • giac

    great sounds rekkie!!

  • muharrem


  • Nile Alexander Earls


  • man under a hat

    thank you all for sharing!

  • László Szikszai