Producer Loops / Rekkerd DNB Competition

Goldie at Red Zone, Eindhoven by Studiodotcom @ Flickr (Jeroen van der Wielen)

I am delighted to announce a new contest. This time around it’s all about Drum & Bass, probably my all time favorite music genre.

After discovering this type of music in the early 90’s it has been the one genre that has consistently kept my interest over the years. Paradox, Roni Size, Dom & Roland, Ed Rush, Technical Itch, Source Direct, Photek, Dillinja, Omni Trio, Breakage, Total Science… just to name a few of my favorites.

For this contest Producer Loops has compiled an exclusive sample pack featuring selected sounds from its Drum & Bass Tip Trixxx Vol 1 & 2, and Liquid Drum & Bass Vol 1 & 2 sample libraries.

Download the contest sample pack and create a track using one or more of the 50 loops and single shot sounds provided, and submit it before the deadline; 9 July, 2010, 11.59pm CET.

DNB Competition Sample Pack Downloads: 6226 times

Out of all the entries I will personally select the first prize winner who will receive all four Producer Loops sample libraries from the sample pack. Contestants will vote for 2nd and 3rd prize winners, who will each receive their choice of one of these drum & bass sample packs.

Contest rules

  • Download the “Producer Loops/Rekkerd DNB Competition Pack” and create a song using one or more (but at least one) of the samples from the pack. Maximum song duration is 7 minutes, one entry per contestant allowed.
  • You may process/manipulate the sample(s) from the sample pack in any way you like, be creative.
  • Additional sound sources (e.g. samples, virtual instruments) are allowed as long as they do not violate any laws or third party rights.
  • Submit your entry before 9 July, 2010, 11.59pm CET:
    • upload it to your SoundCloud and send me the link, or
    • email it as an mp3 (minimal 192kbps quality) to
      Please include your artist name, song title and any additional information you would like to share.
  • By submitting your contest entry you allow to publish it on SoundCloud (“All Rights Reserved” license).
  • In order to be eligible to win, contestants need to vote for their top 3 within a week after the contest deadline.
  • Prizes will be granted at the discretion of (First place winner will be picked by, second and third place will be decided by popular vote).
  • The terms of this contest are subject to change and may be amended without prior notice.

Note: also make sure to read the Producer Loops License Agreement regarding the use of the samples as provided for this contest (also included in the sample pack download).

Contest entries

The contest entries will be posted here as they come in. Voting will commence on July, 10, 2010. I will send all contestants a reminder to vote when it’s time.

Cableguys TimeShaper
  • Dang ‘ Yeh, i,l give it a shot,thats if the Sample_pak arrives B 4 the 9th July…lol…only kiddin? > ;)

  • dark3zz

    i’m in ! downloading, starting ableton live, cubase 5 and fl studio ^^

  • 3ee

    I’m in as well and good luck to all entering the contest!
    Can’t wait to hear some tracks.

  • Oscillator

    I was deep into writing a track when I realized that I couldn’t find any legalese on who retains the rights to submitted songs. I’d assumed we retain the rights to our work but, since the Producer Loops website doesn’t even have a mention of this contest, I thought it best to ask…and just happen to get it in writing…Total coincidence…

  • @Oscillator, your work remains yours but as you can read in the Producer Loops license agreement you will have to purchase the sample library you use a sample from when you want to use your work commercially. The Producer Loops sample libraries are royalty free.

  • No problem then Oscillator ‘ just write the runner_up or indeed the winning track, & u’l get the choice of all 4 Sample_Paks ;) lol

  • Submitted Entry @ Rekkerd, D&Bass-Comp Karnage eye.

  • My appologies, the last link i posted goes directly to my Soundclick page,the track Karnage eye is there, but its only 192 kps… where as Soundcloud is 320. Thanks Jamie. : ) lol

  • 3ee

    Hey guys, found a very cool summer roller on soundcloud uploaded by kmag, if you are interested… go get it while is hot! :)

    As for the contest.. can’t wait to upload my track, I’m half way through it and happy after a good day’s work! yay! :D

    Cheers and keep those tracks checkin’ in! .. for us to check them out ;)

  • I love DnB. Should be a fun contest.

    In the (somewhat unlikely) combination that you don’t win the contest, and then start selling that track, then just buy the sample pack or try to recreate the samples for the commercial version. Then you’ll be in the clear I think.

    Have fun!

  • NO ID

    I just had to write you this. After I posted my little entree,I listened to what’s on the site and well,once again my mind has been blew by what’s out there.
    “Oh I’m sorry.Did I break your concentration?” Yes you did…I didn’t see that comin’.
    I started off softly with “Euphonic”,then “Sandcastle” kicked me in the ass.”Take You” hit me in the gut and “The Worst That Could Have Been” just beat me all about the head !!
    After those three everybody else was just lightweight. I’m not saying they weren’t good,oh and you want I should judge these folks!! HA!
    My brain hurts,how’s yours?

  • Hahaha Lmfaro… u been smokin the soap bar then, your “heads all a wash Man” … lol … as you did not mention my track, i guess that puts me in the lightweight section, which is fine by me, No need to trash peoples efferts for no apparent reason? go buy a bag of weed,,, keep away from the Soap_Bar…u know it drives people Mad_ManX:)

  • NO ID

    Sorry Jamie,didn’t mean to trash you or anyone else..if it makes you feel any better wait till you hear my piece,it’s the by,I stopped smoking that stuff long time ago.
    P.S. “Code Red” & “Loose Change” are not …lightweight. Those were great!

  • 3ee

    My track isn’t great and as a matter of fact isn’t that good too but, I don’t believe it is “lightheaded” .. I’m just out of shape with my music orientation, that’s all! Didn’t quite nailed that dnb character yet (not that I’m trying to do something that’s been done already) but something that I can put my finger on! … and you guys passing greenish clouds around, you beeter stop doing that so often .. if you know what’s good for your orientation… ;)
    …. I’m just sayin’!
    And as an answer to Dion’s “ALL OF YOU…WHERE DO YOU GET THIS STUFF??!!” Well, you got to study what’s going on musicwise in your area of interest and right before getting creative, forget everything!

  • Hey guys, just a little note that I have allowed Mokeone to replace his “Strolling in a fog” track with “Moody mystic”. Now I don’t normally do this so it’s an exception, by my discretion. If you don’t agree you may opt to not consider the track when voting time comes around.

  • Tut tut . . . Ronnie. . . u would,nt beleive the amount of times i have myself have wanted to change my entry? that applies to just about every Musical_Comp i have ever enter’d …lol… 2 days after i had slapped_in Karnage eye, i wanted to pull it out! cos i have already made it sound much better, thats of course in my own opinion? could be the “weed” iam smokin tho ? opppp . lol . actually it says more about you Ronnie & the kind of person you are, Open & willing to give room? its all good… Mad_ManX:)

  • @Jamie, I’ve seen competitions where you could keep changing your entry until the deadline. I’m not for that type of thing. Many people like to make small changes to their entry. A few days after finishing a track you get a different ear for it and you start thinking about tweaking things etc.

    In this case Mokeone perhaps submitted his tune a little hastely. Not sure if you heard it but it had more of a techno/hardcore vibe than anything else. Bill contacted me soon after I posted his tune, requesting for the swap. Had I not updated the contest page as quick as I did the initial track never would’ve been posted.

    I think I’ll just wait until the deadline before posting the rest of the entries, just to be sure I won’t cause more trouble ^_^

  • ^_^ no trouble from the *Bubble i live*_in :) lol

  • NO ID

    Hey Ron,I was wondering if you got my tune? “Another Time,Another Place” If not I’ll try posting it again.

  • @Dion, got it. I’ll post it right away.

  • Hi,

    Some very great music here. My top three are;

    01] Cherry Hill Synthphonic – Bravery in the Face of Love

    02] Narfy – Wreckage

    03] Renaissance DNB by Brian Lutes


  • Cherry Hill Synthphonic

    I have no idea how to pick 3 favs from this bunch of artists. Great effort and good luck to all!

  • Your Sacked Danny_Boy? my name aint on your List. lol ;) i have not made my choice as yet, But Brian Lutes , as to be a Hot Runner ?

  • We where thinking Ronnie’ if we suffer from “acute scitsophrena” Can we Vote for ourselfs? ;)

  • Was,nt me that said that , it was him > {“.

  • Jamie, try and stay out of direct sunlight!
    I hope you all think you did a great job, but no voting for your own entry of course.

  • Cherry Hill Synthphonic

    Not to worry Madman. You got one of my votes….
    Course I probably have the least grasp on what D&B really is…. so it may not mean much…..

  • NO ID

    Well,well,well…here we are again.Remember that speech about voting on good music…forget it! I know it’s not going to go over on you Ronnie. If you got to vote,I’ll do it too. Here goes…
    Number one hit…Sandcastle by 3ee (love that growl in there!)
    Number two ..Take You by Vly
    Last but not least … Sandonga by Euphonia (love that slow progression you do in the beginning,sounds familiar somehow!)
    As for everyone else,man I’d like to pick you guys brains … what you guys come up with is great,nothing short of great. That’s why I love these remixx things.. you Ron,keep up the great work and keep’em coming. I bow to you all !!

  • NO ID

    I knew there was something else I forgot to say…I wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented on my tune … and to Mad ManX,I wish you luck also. Sir,I will stop by to hear more of you.

  • Haaa nice to hear that, Dion ” i was thinkin about popin over wit a sack uh’ weed un some big lick’s Tosh n early Marley perhaps some NWA,, ya’s up fur it Dion, ;) Good job an_all cos u’s on mi Votin_list . . . in_it . . :)

  • Vly_

    No 1 : David F – The worst that could have been ( pretty much captures the energy of the style is fairly engineered )

    No 2 : NO ID – Another place , another time { not that well engineered but it really has a brilliant atmosphere.also i think it fits the competition nicely (unlike some other non dnb tracks that are great but far away from dnb )}

    No 3 : 3ee – Sandcastle ( it has a nice structure , beat sounds tight.overall i like it )

    There are a few others worthy of winning but thats my top 3 choice


  • No 1 : Renaissance Mr B Lutes, Quality , as it happens i dont really listen to the slow rolling soundscape stuff….But Renaissance sort of draws u in. No 2 : well for me it as to be Dion’s another time another place: yet another tune that as a gripping insight to Soundscape, More over Ambiance, but hey’ thats only in my opinion:) No 3 : ApurvA System Malfunction, really i should be voting this as my first choice, cos its more in tune with the D&B that i like: there is some lovely FILTERING:) ! perhaps @ times just a little 2 much ;) Ps Gud Luck to u all . Jamie:)

  • Since everyone else is sharing their votes and feedback I thought I’d jump in!

    First Place: “the worst that could have been” – David F great basses and leads. Props for the drops and arrangment. The section from 1:50 to 3:30 went a bit too long for me, but was enjoyable.

    Second Place: The Antisocial Musician – Daniel Aloysius Hogan
    Very well done, interesting arrangement. Fun to listen to.

    Third Place: Wreckage – Narfy , enjoyed the drums and the great building section in the beginning. It built a lot of tension, I feel like it is building somewhere and needs to be satisfied by a hype Hook/Chorus section. Perhaps that chorus section could feature similar patterns as the build, but incorporating the synth and drum sounds you used in the 4/4 section. Also I’m not quite sure if the 4/4 section works too well in this track, maybe it would make a nice break in a longer arrangment but it doesn’t work as a conclusion. Your call. Very well done. The tension-building must be recognized.

  • Sulfractiv

    Great competition fellas.
    Had loads of fun.
    Even learned a bit as well!

    Sorry I have not given feedback
    to the people that have take time
    to give feedback to me.
    Shitty I know. But I had some
    internet problems. For real.

    I will make it up to you by saying
    thanks and replying to everyone that
    took the time. Might just take a couple
    of days, that’s all.

    These are my comments to Ronnie
    for the top 3, verbatim, unedited.
    Hope no one takes offense, this was
    a close call, with all providing top-notch

    No1: I loved NoId’s track – Another Time Another Place.
    Reminded me of old school jazzy dnb.
    Not too many people do that so well these days – though lots try.
    Good production, good ear for melody on top, Overall nice tune!
    I like the way he put his own flavour on top.

    No2: 3ee’s track – Sandcastle.
    I like the way he took it up and down. Nice dynamics. Stopped it from being boring.
    But it was a very good track anyways.
    And it wasn’t obvious where he put the samples from the competition in.
    He didn’t just cut and paste. Refreshing.

    No3: Renaissance DNB by Brian Lutes.
    I like the fact he didn’t do a 174bpm stomper. And he had the balls to enter it in the
    competition. (either that or he doesn’t know what dnb is ? ;-))
    It was different and soothing and I liked the track – so anyways….
    I think people that ‘break the mold’ should always be given a break, or how else
    are things to evolve?

    And good luck to the winner.
    I’m sure he/she will deserve it.


  • well well well , big up to all the contestants over here , great sounds fellaz … and also thanks to daniel hogen and rekkerd for comments and Jamie for voting my track ;) and sulfractiv for appreciating my work .. well if u ask me .. my top three choices will be
    1) Vly – take you .. i love this track .. very nicely arranded with soem nice grooves .. excillent work .. some how it makes me feel like some metalheadz tune .. love the way it sounds..
    2)3ee – soundcastle – among all the tracks i guess this one is is very tight in production wise .. the quality is superb .. catchy sound…
    3)Karnage Eye – Mad_manx – this one is also nicely made .. proper commercial tune . reminds me of Pendulum ;) ..

    wel my other fav are by concentration , mokeone , drew veron , no ID , Normaly ,sulfractiv ..
    well each track is unique in its on self so good efforts fellaz .. all the best for future projects fellaz . ;) ..
    and keep in touch :)
    c h e e r s !!

  • and sorry for spelling mistakes ;) .. i m bad ;)

  • Narfy

    Props to all the entrants! Great tunes. My picks were:

    1. Bravery in the face of Love
    2. The Worst that could have been
    3. System Malfunction

    Runner up: Sandongo

    Also many thanks to the comments on my tune. Good luck everyone!

  • 3ee

    Hello, my top 3 picks are:

    1. Vly – Take You
    2. Totolitoto – The worse that could have been
    3. Cherry Hill Synthphonic – Bravery in the Face of Love

    Cheers to all contestants and thanks to Ronnie for having this contest!


  • Brian Lutes

    Each can be really appreciated as a top contender for different reasons. This is hard to sequence. So it comes down to a matter of personal taste…

    1. Cherry Hill – “It’s how you move”
    classy hiphop feel, funky. Skillful progression and timing.

    2. Another Time Another Place.
    “It’s about the journey”
    Excellent weaving of a thick exciting atmosphere. It really feels like you are traveling a long way.

    3. Vly – “Its about dedication” Definitive dnb. Pro mixing. Doesn’t give up, doesn’t get tired.

  • Hi guys, thanks for sharing your thoughts and votes with each other.

    I was going to announce the winner today, but I will be away for most the weekend so I’m postponing until Monday. To be honest I haven’t actually decided on the winner yet, it’s really hard!

    So stay tuned, have a nice weekend.

  • Cherry Hill Synthphonic

    With Ronnie going away I’m not sure this will post before winner is announced but here are the votes I cast.

    1- Renaissance DNB by Brian Lutes
    2- Wreckage by Narfy
    3- Karnage Eye by MaD_ManX

    Brians work was simply lush and beautiful. My kinda music.

    Narfy’s progression and flow kept me hooked from start to finish.

    Mad Man’s was skillful and captured my idea of what D&B is. And something in the mix was screaming at me. I like that.

    Thanks to all who participated, commented and voted. And thanks to Ronnie for throwing the party. I came to rekkerd to redownload my favorite DSK synths and found so much more. Had a blast.

  • David F.

    Hi Ronnie,

    I sent you my vote, as I didn’t understand it had to be posted here
    Hope it’s not too late:

    1 Take You – Vly
    2 Renaissance DNB – Brian Lutes
    3 ApurvA – System Malfunction


  • moke

    Wow, I liked them all.
    But if I must pick, here they are…
    #1 Narfy
    #2 Vly
    #3 Karnage Eye
    Thanks Ronnie

  • GeezzzzzzZZZZZZ ‘ Com on Ronnie , its like a F*kin Doctor’s waiting room ? lol only kiddin:)

  • Oh my, I’m so sorry guys I will have to keep you waiting just a little longer. I did manage to pick a winner, and I’ve got the runners up ready to be announced but I just have to wait until our wonderful sponsor Producer Loops gets back to me about one little thing.

    Thanks for your patience!

  • Hey up the Big’s guys have an issue? lol

  • I can Hear a MASSIVE Drum_roll in the Distance?;)

  • NO ID

    You too ? “And the WINNER is …….”

  • lol :)

  • Ronnie may have been I’jacked by Osama Bin Laden, gonna offer a Ransom for the price of his head,,, opppp ‘still i would,nt mind getting ahold of that Laptop he used to bring down the Tower’s ? as if ???????????????????????? lol

  • After counting the votes there were two entries on shared third place. I just wanted to check with Producer Loops if they’d be willing to grant the extra prize, so I was waiting for a confirmation from them. Didn’t get it yet, but hey… can’t leave you waiting any longer now can I?

    And the winner is:

  • Well i am gutted that my track did so badly, but i guess the only consulation prize is, its No’9 in the D&Bass chartz over at Soundclick, but i aint sure if thats good or Bad,,, lol

  • Free Exe/VSTi Synth, “ReSimulator” its kinda direcdted @ D&Bass heads:) its only limited by the amount of Presets, i will be Re_Releasing it with 132/200 Presets 2 weeks time/? Pc Only ‘ Sorry Dion:( lol …..

  • Thanks to, MaD_ManX, Cherry Hill Synthphonic, 3ee, RTrhythms, James Yo, rekkerd, insert-name-here and ApurvA for your comments on my Track, The Antisocial Musician.

    Thanks Ronnie for your smooth running of the Competition.

    When is the next one? :)

  • I will be having a short holiday soon. I will probably start up a new contest in a month or so, you’ll get the announcement in the newsletter.

  • David F


    I just found the great news :)
    Thanks Ronnie, I’m very glad and congrats to the other participants, the level was indeed pretty high.
    Special praise to Vly (who got most of the votes, including me)


  • Well done, David!

    You (and the other winners) will receive details on your prize shortly.


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