rekkerd free loops 01 released

This month I decided to release a small pack of loops instead of separate files. The individual loops that I posted earlier are now available in a single 91MB download (93 beats, melodies & more).

The new pack contains 10 beats ranging from 102bpm to 160bpm.

I’m planning on doing various other packs (also non-beat) in the future. I hope there’s something in the pack you will find useful.

You can download the pack below or check the mp3’s if you aren’t sure about downloading a 7MB zip file.

Download the loops packed in one zip file here: rekkerd free loops 01 (7MB)

You can also check individual loops in mp3 format below.

Check the loops page for more free samples.

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  • lonesome cowboy burt

    why are there NEVER any 3/4 beats?

    nearly every sample site is the same.
    it’s like nobody records waltzes or anything outside 4/4

    acidplanet, here, a host of other sites.
    no waltzes. not even in country!

  • I don’t know about other sites but I’m afraid I don’t post 3/4 beats because I don’t waltz. Sorry about that! I’ll keep in mind to offer something different every now and then.

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