rekkerd free loops 08 – 14 melodic loops


Here’s another batch of samples, just in time for the holiday season.

In this pack you will find a bunch of melodic loops. Organ, pads, trancy leads… It’s another mixed bag.

The samples are all in 24-bit stereo .wav format and can be used freely in your own music. Download the zip file below (47.6MB).

rekkerd free loops 08 Downloads: 13750 times

Note: some of these loops have the end of the loop wrapped to the start, which makes them sound a tad weird when you’re not actually looping them. You could use a volume envelope (fade) to fix this for the first/last time you loop the sound.

This will be the last batch of this year, bumping the total of free samples released in 2007 to just over 260. Check this page for more free loops.

Happy holidays!

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Thank you kindly! Always looking forward to your latest offerings….Happy new year to ya!


You are the kind of person that makes this world a wonderful place!!!! lol good pack


Thank You,

i was only use this Samples to test my Mac Mini for 24-Bit Playing and it works fine.


Seriously hot stuff. braaaaaaaaaaavo