rekkerd nostalgia loops


So I got around reviving some older projects and decided to create a few loops and drop them in a separate pack (since they’re not really very useful perhaps).

Anyway, make sure to check the mp3 previews below to see if there’s anything you like before downloading the pack.

  • loop 01: Chill beat with some nice bass and electric piano
  • loop 02: Another chill one, just bass and (filtered) piano)
  • loop 03: Bit spooky and weird. I think I originally used this with loud drum & bass beat
  • loop 04: More chill! A sparse beat, little bass line and some soft synth hits
  • loop 05: Funky (as in weird) drum & bass type thingie
  • loop 06: 176bpm! Bit fast maybe!
  • loop 07: Okay, so it’s the same loops as 06, but with some cut up beat and a very well known stab (if you’re into drum & bass you should be able to tell where it’s from!)

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