Music Contest, Autumn 2010 Edition

Autumn leaves

I don’t know which part of the world you are in, but here in the Netherlands the transition from summer to winter is clearly visible. Leaves are turning color, the days get shorter, and it is definitely getting colder. What better way to stay warm than by spending some quality time making music in your cosy studio?

Those who have been part of contests before may have noticed the title of this post says “Music Contest” instead of the usual “Sample Remix Contest”. Although I have provided another contest sample pack, this time around it is not a requirement to use the samples.

However, there is a new rule. For this music contest you need to compose a song that relates to autumn. It doesn’t matter how you incorporate the theme, so be creative.

Now if all this isn’t enough fun already, we also have some wonderful prizes for this contest.

rekkerd sample remix contest prizes

Contest prizes

  • Urs at u-he is offering a copy of Zebra2, the popular virtual wireless modular synthesizer for PC and Mac. Some of contest pack samples were done with this excellent plug-in.
  • One lucky winner will get to pick four (4!) products of his/her choice from Cinematique Instruments‘s catalogue of rare and unique instrument sample libraries.
  • Last but not least you can win a Reason 5 ReFill of your choice from The Loop Loft, the boutique sample shop of drummer/producer/loop guru, Ryan Gruss.

So are you ready to get started? Make sure to read the rules below carefully so you know what to expect.

Contest rules

  • Compose a song with the following theme: Autumn.
    There are no specific rules on how to incorporate the theme.
  • Your entry must be written specifically for this contest.
  • The “Music Contest Autumn 2010 Sample Pack” is available to download for those who enjoy working with samples. Use of these samples is not required. You may process/manipulate the sample(s) in any way you like.
  • Upload your entry to SoundCloud and share it to the contest group before 21 November, 2010, 11.59pm CET. One entry per contestant allowed.
  • In order to be eligible to win, contestants are required to vote for their top 5 within a week after the contest deadline. Note: you can’t vote on your own entry.
  • Winners may choose a prize from the prize pool (1st place winner picks first, then 2nd, then 3rd). Prizes will be granted at the discretion of
  • The terms of this contest are subject to change and may be amended without prior notice.

Note: the contest deadline has past, no new submissions will be accepted.
If you found this contest just now and would like to know when the next one will take place, head on over and subscribe to the newsletter.

Download the samples you would like to use from the SoundCloud player…

… or download the complete contest sample pack below (51.6 MB)

Music Contest Autumn 2010 Sample Pack Downloads: 3444 times

Contest entries

The contest entries are available from the SoundCloud contest group and the player below.

Voting will commence on 22 November, 2010. Each contestant will receive details on how to vote.

Free samples at Loopmasters
  • 3ee

    Certain music making contests makes you feel in a certain way regard them.
    Autumn is one of my favorite seasons so I think I will very much enjoy putting a track together for this contest! :)

  • James Yo


    Will try to get a track for november do you consider that autumn is different in Mexico vs Canada :)

    Good luck to all.

  • NO ID

    Well,time to put another hole in my “music belt”..Autumn…how does that sound? And thank you for the sample pak.

  • Great Prizes. Autumn May sound awesome … :)

  • Hey guys, nice to have you back again. Looking forward to your tunes!

    @James Yo, of course Autumn looks different in various parts of the world. I expect contestants to take that into account when voting time comes.

    I am excited to see what everyone will come up with for this contest.

  • Gorgeous samples.

  • inspiral

    was lurkin around the web and found this site…
    i love autumn, probably gonna play with you! nice sounds in the sample esction, especially ‘110 mygun 01’.

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  • great contest, hope i find enough time to make a proper tune for it! the samples are very cool and the theme is perfect. :]

  • MaxSynths

    Just spotted this contest on KVR… I’m already working on something. Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons, can’t miss this opportunity ;)

  • Well, I may as well get into this one, I haven’t been able to actually make a whole lot of music as of late. I think the last time I actually sat down to write a real track was, well, the Ohm sponsored remix competition!

    jeezm it’s been a while :-(

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    k okay looks a good way to go

  • 3ee

    Can’t wait for the Nasty DLA to come out. Bootsy did say something about early november, so would be happy using a couple of DLAs thru out the autumn mix.
    In case someone here isn’t aware of this plugin… you might try checking: .. maybe it will help color your autumn mix in a way that you might like. :)

  • ThomThom

    Thanks for organizing this contest

  • I posted an entry on SoundCloud but now it’s gone–it seems like they are having an issue.

    Is there another place to send my entry?

  • @Jer Gallagher, it came in just fine. When you submit a track it goes into the moderation queue and I have to manually approve it before it shows up (which I just did). Thanks for taking part in the contest!

  • Max

    Uploaded my entry, “Autumn Leaves”. Let me know if everything’s ok Ronnie ;)


  • These Prizes are GREAT Ronnie. BIG thumbs up. Looking forward to spending some time with this at the weekend and of course, getting my entry in before 21 November, 2010, 11.59pm CET

  • Thanks man!

  • 3ee

    Having some mastering difficulties… but I guess I’ll have the track ready and uploaded by the end of the day.
    Some great tracks so far! … I’m keeping my comments after all the tracks are in.
    Good luck everybody! :)

  • Good luck to you too 3ee :)

    I’m at the writing stage but I’ll be ready on time.

  • Darn, just noticed the contest.
    So little time…

  • NO ID

    Hey gang,just made it! (Did I?) Didn’t think I was.
    Doing so many other remixes,working and recovering from being hit by a car!! Not too bad.
    Now I have to settle down hear what everybody did. It’s great to be by in the swing!!

  • NO ID

    Meant to say,it’s great to be back!!

  • Time is up!

    Thanks to all who joined this contest, we’ve got 32 great entries! I will take some time to check all your tunes out and leave some comments on SoundCloud.

    Voting will start today. I will send out a message to all contestants in a little bit.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Max

    Maybe for the next contests would be a good idea if everyone will allow downloads and add tags to the mp3 files. I’m trying to download all entries and it’s a nightmare :-/

  • @Max, good point! I’ll take that into consideration for next time. Maybe contestants who read this and haven’t enabled downloads yet could still do so now.

  • For those who are yet to cast their votes, it is not allowed to pick your own entry. You probably all really like what you did (and rightly so) but you’ll have to pick 5 others I’m afraid.

    Sorry I forgot to mention this in the rules earlier (updated now), and thanks for pointing that out to me Eric.

  • Apologies if anyone missed getting a download of my track Autumnal. Half way through the comp. I was contacted by a label that wanted to release the track on an EP so I was obliged to stop the downloads. If anyone who took part in the comp. wants a copy PM me on Soundcloud and I will send one through.

    Mark (savaran)

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  • Thanks everyone for sending in your votes.
    I was going to post the results today but unfortunately I can’t find the time to do so, so I’ll have to keep you in suspension a little longer.

    Tomorrow I will announce the winners here and send a message/email to all contestants. Thanks for your patience!

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