Rekkerd Sound Recordings Vol. 2 – free sample pack

Ever since recording some sounds a few years ago, I’ve been meaning to take the trusty Zoom H2 for another round. I finally took the time to capture another batch of ordinary, and perhaps some less ordinary sounds.

rekkerd sound recordings vol 2sound recordings vol 2 was recorded with the Zoom H2, a budget priced pocket recorder

For Rekkerd Sound Recordings Vol. 2 I found a number of interesting objects to hit, drop, slide, slam, press, etc. After a good amount of editing the pack ended up containing 90 samples. Various noises produced by light switches, fans, drawers, and lots more included.

The samples are in 24-bit/44kHz WAV format. Plenty of background noise is included, and those with a good ear might spot one of my kids in some of the recordings. 100% high quality lo-fi!

So why did I record these sounds? Well, I personally love to create rhythms/percussions with unusual sounds so I figure I’m not the only one.

Also included in the pack is a number of such loops that I did exclusively using the recorded sounds and a bunch of processing. You can listen to those loops below.

Download this free Creative Commons BY sample pack below (27.4 MB).

rekkerd sound recordings vol 2 Downloads: 19523 times

Get some more free loops and samples here.

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  • BPB

    awesome! i loved using part 1.

  • Great, some cool pattern here !
    Thanks to share

  • 3ee

    Wow, thanks allot, I’ll downloading right away! Still using samples from the 1st batch! :)

  • Cool. Was just looking for unique samples for rhythm construction.

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  • Noizefield

    hey ronnie,

    these samples are awesome :) i really love them.
    thanks a lot for sharing.


  • Thanks for the kind comments!

  • Nekro Dean

    Thanks, I’ve only just had a swift dabble with them in live but that will not be an end to what abuse these are ripe for man. Cheers for sharing and I still really like them Zoom H2N pocket recorders, Appreciate the hard work very much. Best to you and your’s mate :)
    Dean and Family

  • roland_rock

    These sounds are great – very inspiring, thanks! I finally got round to uploading a track I did with percussion just from this sample pack (made into a Battery kit).

  • BL

    thanks man. i used to record with minidisc, and pick up all kinds of mechanical chatter. i love my H2, very low noise, good value. captures detailed ambiance like an audio microscope. plus it looks like a startrek gadget. now whats the next generation?… H2n even awesomer!

  • Plasmaforce1

    Thank you :D These will be put to great use now in my tracks :) always looking for new interesting quirky sounds to use


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  • ze fury

    Thanks for this fantastic pack, i can make my own one shot drum with clean and original sound ! Excellent as usual !

  • In case I haven’t thanked you before for this pack, I am thanking you now :-) I appreciate the work you do on your blog and in audio/music features!


    • You’re very welcome, Shannon. I hope to have another free sample pack out soon.

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