Sample Remix Contest: Win an Ohm Force ALL-ALL Bundle

rekkerd sample remix contest

Sample remix contests are usually quite boring. Download a sample pack, create a track with the included samples and hope the guy running the contest likes your stuff… or takes bribes.

If you’re hoping this contest will be any different, I have to disappoint you. It’s actually exactly what you just read, except:

  1. the sample remix pack includes 100+ samples (many of which were generated/processed with Ohm Force plug-ins), so there’s plenty to work with.
  2. the readership picks the winner, so no point in trying to bribe me.
  3. the prize: Ohm Force ALL-ALL Bundle.

That’s right, you could win the complete collection of Ohm Force plug-ins, including Symptohm: Melohman and Ohmicide: Melohman. A value of $920 USD!

Excited? I know I would be, so go ahead and download the 54MB sample pack (84MB uncompressed) below to get started. And while you’re waiting for the download to complete, please read the contest rules below.

Sample Remix Pack 2008 Downloads: 12822 times

The sample pack contains 24-bit wav files (mono/stereo) which have been normalized to a peak of 0dB. The volume of the samples varies quite a bit, and some of them are quite raw ‘n nasty, so please be sure to protect your ears & equipment.

Sample remix contest rules

  • Only samples from the sample remix pack may be used. No other samples, generators or synths are allowed.
  • Samples may be processed/manipulated any way you like, please don’t hold back!
  • Entries must be encoded in mp3 format (minimum of 192kbit).
  • You may enter up to 2 entries.
  • Submissions must be in before the deadline of Thursday, 31 July, 2008*, after which there will be one week to vote for your top 3.
  • Every contestant will need to vote to be eligible to win (no, you may not vote for your own entry).
  • Prizes will be granted at the discretion of the voting committee. There may be prizes for the runners-up.

* update 31-07-2008
Note: I realize I didn’t write this so clearly. To clarify, make sure to submit your entry before the end of today, July 31. I’m on CET timezone, but if you submit at 11.55pm your local time that’s fine with me too.

Small print: By entering the contest you allow to publish your submission(s) on this website. Everything subject to change. Feel free to contact me if you’re worried about the details.

How to enter?

Use the contact form to submit your entry. Please include:

  1. a link to your hosted mp3 file
    (If you are unable to host the file just contact me and we’ll work something out).
  2. artist name, real name, website address and any other relevant info.


I will regularly update this page with new submissions.
(last update: 1 August 2008)

You can download all the tracks below or listen to them in the mp3 player on the right.

You can also visit some of the artists’ websites to get to know more about the people behind the songs (these links are in small bold text).

Track / Artist
Fall Again by Reason Lahalla ik mis je by Jonas The Plugexpert
No More Running by Morgan still remainz by sOuL*sCientiSt
Pripyat River by R4toLoco Ill Machine by Anders Thøgersen
Evolution by Embryonic Futz Schmucks Über by runagate
AD 2801 – Returning To Earth by Boba Fettuccini what a f*ck! by DJ M+R (a.k.a. Staring at Crossroads)
Entitled by Hideki Takimoto 6am by Jonathan Allen
Lucid Dreaming by Jonathan Allen Hint of oldschool by Filu
Dream Walker by TommyG 100 percent mouse by i suck, u rox
Duck Walk by André James Houghton Untitled by Hideki Takimoto
Running Scared by Morgan The Last Day by Deljuan Ramirez
Summer Ecstatic by TechLo rekkerd con by bl4xun
rekkerd2 con by bl4xun Janini’s Party Garden by Damek
Inverse engineering by Dischordia & Hazia Takeoff by softegg
I told you by Paul Hoda Rhetoric by 337
Wave’s Rain by Federico Valentini Nightflight by rauschen440
Sabotaging the Thinking Machine by Dark Embassy CMNE by Nheap
God Hates the Working Man by Ad-Ex Machina Bullet Train by Arms In Motion
Who Burnt The Toast by Mokeone E Z Street by Mokeone
Crashed by Audiopath Cont. by Ace Fadal
Squeezing by Cunigus Mono noise by Alchemists Of Sound
I Reckon by Oxygen Winter Drought by 3am
Good vs Evil, Rematch by ProductBE Gateway X02 by Azertopia
Rek by I.M.B. (Filippo Mursia) Troller by Teister
The Rozzers Are Coming by ProductBE Crank by Ghost
Cableguys TimeShaper
  • Hi,

    I have just started making music on my computer after a long long break (too long), so I was happy to see this, and I’ll see if I can make a submission on time (exams!).

    Would I be allowed to use the samples in the pack in other contexts aswell?


  • Hi Anders, I’m looking forward to your entry!

    Of course you are free to use the samples any way you like (except sell them or things like that of course, just like all other samples at

  • Sushane

    M new 2 music….. m givin a shot 2 dis contest…. can any1 pls mention d time limit or d file size limit 4 our compositions?
    thanx in advance…

  • There’s no time/size limit for the entries, but it’s probably a good idea to keep it under 10 minutes. Encoding should be in 192kbit mp3.

  • Baz

    Hello , two questions questions :

    1/ Are extra fx processing allowed (with deep transformations such as pitch shift , spectral) ?
    2/ Are the use of samplers allowed (formant sampler , granular sampler , which may transform deeply the original sample) ?

  • Hi Baz,

    The contest rules read:

    Samples may be processed/manipulated any way you like, please don’t hold back!

    So yes, please feel free to use any kind of fx processing, sampling, etc. even to a point where the samples barely resemble the originals.

    As long as you use the included samples only, so no other samples or synths.

  • ben

    Wait, deadline is the 31 of JULY, not june? This means I still have plenty of time to submit something, I already thought that I missed another contest..

    Any bad blood if I submit the stuff I make to after the contest? ;)

  • Yeah, I’ve been generous with the deadline eh? Of course you can use it for 50/90!

  • ProductBE

    What about vocals? Can they be added for dramatic effect – if not is it ok to Vocoder the samples with vocals as it states – “Samples may be processed/manipulated any way you like, please don’t hold back!”

  • Productbe, vocals would be in the “no other samples, generators or synths are allowed” category, even if you don’t sample them ^_^

    Using a vocoder would be OK, as long as it’s applied to samples in the supplied sample pack.

    I realize this is a bit tricky since some type of processing could be seen as sound generation as well… As long as the remix samples are the starting point you should be fine.

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  • reason lahalla

    Oooh a remix contest! Sweet. Haven’t done one of these in a while. Should be fun :)

  • Baz

    Hi,i have another stupid question…when i’ve heard the sound “bass_04.wav” I clearly have a kind of psychic reaction :

    1/I’ve eard this before
    2/It’s the Arturia minimoog
    3/It ‘s the preset called ‘K.U_3osc’ from the bass bank.

    SO…I was already knowing I have some very good ears but…

    Can I use this preset now i’ve discovered it ?
    Can the others synths sound be used as “wavetables” to make some sampler programs ?

  • Hi Baz, I can assure you that this particular sample is not from Arturia’s minimoog synth, as I don’t have that plug-in (I would have to check but I probably made that sample with MiniMogueVA.

    Anyway, even if this sample was from Arturia’s synth I wouldn’t want you to be using that synth instead of the sample. The whole point of this contest is to use the samples to do your track. So please don’t use any instrument plug-ins unless it uses the samples as sound sources (i.e. samplers).

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  • Baz

    Ok , but it’s crazy…the preset I was talinkg about and your sound are extremely similar.
    Maybe the minimogueVA presets are also copying the arturia presets !? (in addition to the initial gui , which was changed due to a Arturia query )

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  • Mike

    hi, i was wondering if we are allowed to include our tags in our submissons. thanks.

  • Hi Mike, what kind of tags do you mean? Mp3 tags would be no problem.

  • Mike

    if youd like an example you could check out my


  • Slight change in the rules: mp3s need to have a minimum bitrate of 192kbit.

    If you’ve already submitted your track and would like to enter a version with a higher bitrate you are free to do so.

  • shallan

    Hello Ronnie, quick question:

    I am from Mauritius, can I still enter the competition and get the prize posted to me if I win?

    P.S: I don’t expect to win obviously but I want to enquire beforehand. Thanx in advance man. And good luck to all those entering the competition! BYE!!!

  • shallan

    O and I forgot to mention… The posted address would be in London UK. Not mauritius. My grandmother lives in London that’s why :) . bye bye!

  • Hi Shallan, the Ohm Force bundle is a download so you could be anywhere in the world ^_^

    Looking forward to your entry.

  • shallan

    ah nice one! cheers for that mate!

  • shallan

    ronnie, are the 4 tracks up there the latest u have received?

  • Shallan, I have a few more tracks. I will upload these later today or tomorrow.

  • Nice tracks here

    competition is becoming really intresting.



  • Interesting mixes, people…it will be difficult to choose which 3 to vote on!

  • TommyG

    A really interesting idea, this contest. I think, I will try something nice in the remainig time.

    I like sample “bass_02”. Good old fat Moog. :)

  • Boba Fettuccini

    Awesome! Sample packs are fun, but sample contests are better! Especially with prizes. I know I don’t have much time left, but I’m gonna get on this!

  • I’ve added a few more entries to the playlist today.

    Looking forward to your tracks TommyG and Boba Fettuccini!

  • cunigus

    …uhhm, sorry for my stupid question but how to vote?

  • Cunigus, voting will be by email. I’ll send out detailed info to all participants, and post about it on the website august 1st.

  • shallan

    oh erm may I enter the competition if I haven’t got a website?

  • shallan

    also where do I host my music? any websites you guys know about? thanx in advance!

  • shallan

    its cool dudes I’m on

  • Got your entry Shallan, thanks!

  • shallan

    Audiopath I check your soundclick website and was wondering where you got the ‘Smoked Guanciale’ vocals from? I wanna do sumin’ wid that if you don’t mind man. Peace

  • shallan

    o and thanks ronnie! lol! I’m so late

  • 337

    Sent in my remix earlier today. Let me know if you have any problems downloading it.

  • Added another 10 entries to the list. Great stuff guys!

  • RnO

    ok, lol, found out about this last night… will see what i can do :S hehe… thx for all =), greets to all =)

  • Good job everybody. Feel free to get a hold of me if anyone ever wants to collab. Its amazing to hear some stuff that almost sounds the same, and a couple of far out joints.

  • reason lahalla

    One more day, eh? Ronnie, is there a set time they have to be in by?

  • Since I’m on CET and quite a few people might still be on July 31st when I’m already sleeping my way into August, I will just check for the last batch of entries in the morning on August 1st CET.

    I’ll then prepare a download package with all the tracks and email/post to let everyone know how to vote. Voting will probably start on Saturday.

  • reason lahalla

    Sweet deal, I’ll be able to turn my entry in after all :) Thanks Ronnie,

  • sOuL*sCientiSt

    I just submitted my track right at the last moment!! It was something like 10minutez ’till midnight….LOL. Hopefully everythingz cool. This has been a great contest. A lot of really GOOD musick has been made by all!! GOOD LUCK to everyone who entered. If u want u can check out my other trackz on my InternetDJ profile…. ….JAH BLESS oNe,SS

  • Some people have emailed me about the deadline, and I must admit I didn’t really write about this as clear as I could when I said:

    Submissions must be in before the deadline of Thursday, 31 July, 2008, after which there will be one week to vote for your top 3.

    To clarify, make sure to submit your entry before the end of today, July 31. I’m on CET timezone, but if you submit at 11.55pm your local time that’s fine with me too.

  • shallan

    good luck boyz and gurlz! I didn’t expect that many good tracks but gladly I was damn wrong!

  • synth and guitars with nn-xt, prosoniq pi warp and guitar rig…..r.mp3.html

    and the river will never be as was before 86. :(

  • Time is up!

    I will make the final update to the list of tracks later today, email out details on how to vote to each participant and post a voting thread on the website. Exciting!


  • reason lahalla

    Did you get mine Ronnie?

  • Hi Reason, I did get yours. I still have to add about another 10 tracks to the list.

    I’ll update this page in a few hours and get the voting started.

  • reason lahalla

    Wasn’t sure, as the contact form kinda burped in process :)

  • Alright, all entries are now posted.

  • reason lahalla

    You know, with so much great talent as shown here, it’s a wonder how so much junk gets released on these huge labels. People talk about music being blah today, but they don’t readily get to hear some of this great work.

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  • SHALLAN – I don’t have a soundclick website (that I remember …heh), so I guess you’ll have to contact that other Audiopath about it…(if you haven’t already)…

    I’ve just been on vacation for 10 days and I see the number of tracks has multiplied quite I bit, so I’d better get listening here….

  • shallan

    Ah sorry man, I meant Ace Fadal. I didn’t realise I directed the message to you until you just commented lol. sorry man

  • 1.3am – Winter Drought
    2.Andre James Houghton – Duck Walk
    3.Alchemists of Sound – Mono Noise

    And because I think they deserve mention (and made my voting VERY difficult):

    4.337 – Rhetoric
    5.Embryonic – Evolution
    6.Dark Embassy – Sabotaging the Thinking Machine
    7.Ad-Ex Machina – God Hates the Working Man
    8.DJ M+R – What a f*ck!
    9.Ace Fadal – Cont.
    10.ProductBe – The Rozzers are Coming

    And all others tie for 11, except mine, which is like, ehh… 94 ;)

    Thanks again for the contest Ronnie/, I gained quite a lot just by participating!

  • heh…wrong page…kindly disregard my last off-target post….

  • Oh, and no sweat SHALLAN – we have a lot of entries/artists to keep straight here…these things happen…!

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