Sample Remix Contest – Win prizes from Toontrack, iZotope, UVI & Synthogy

Sample remix contest

Get your samplers ready, it’s time for another sample remix contest!

If you have previously participated in one of these contests you know the drill: Compose a track using the samples included in the download only, for a chance to win some great prizes.

You may process the samples any way you like, as long as you don’t use any additional instruments, samples, recordings, or other sound sources.

The download includes a total of 115 samples (24bit/44kHz WAV), including sounds contributed by Horatiu-Cristian Petrila of 3ee Sound Design.

The samples are basically all one-shot sounds, no loops this time. They are also deliberately without key information, the idea being that you explore the sounds and be inspired by what you find, rather than connecting the dots in a construction kit style approach.

Sample Remix Pack Download size: 48.3 MB

The deadline for submitting your entry is April 7th, 2013, 11:59pm CET.

So what can you win?

Our friends at Time+Space have generously donated a wonderful selection of prizes from its partners, a value of well over $2,000 USD in total!

Time+Space Sample Remix Contest prizes

The top 3 winners will be voted for by participating contestants. The 4th prize will be awarded to a random entry from the contestants that did not end up in the top 3, so everyone who submits a track has a chance of winning one of the prizes below.

Note: Contest winners pick their own prize from the pool, so the list above is in no particular order.

Contest rules

  • You may only use the samples provided in the contest sample pack. No other sound sources are allowed. You may process and manipulate sounds any way you want.
  • Submit your entry in mp3 format (minimum of 192kbit) per email to before April 7th, 2013, 11:59pm CET.
    One entry per person is allowed, you will receive a confirmation of your submission.
  • Your entry should be composed specifically for this contest. By entering, you grant permission for your track to be published at the website, through SoundCloud.
  • In order to be eligible to win, contestants are required to vote for their top 5 within a week after the contest deadline. Contestants will be contacted to submit their votes. Note: you cannot vote for your own entry.
  • Winners choose a prize from the prize pool in order of placement (1st place winner picks first, then 2nd, etc.). All prizes are granted at the discretion of Some prizes may be subject to specific conditions imposed by the sponsor (e.g. NFR licenses).

Contest rules subject to change. If you have any questions feel free to ask or comment on this post.

Good luck!

Contest entries

The submitted tracks are listed here, ordered by date of entry.

Cableguys TimeShaper
  • 3ee

    “Neighbor Friendly Kick” haha

    Great samples Ronnie, rounds up the collection nicely, this contest should be loads of fun! :)

  • I should mention that granular tools are allowed, as long as the only sound sources used are the samples.

    • Basso

      can I also put the samples from the pack in a sampler and move the loop points to a few cycles and play it via midi?

      • Yes, you may cut them to waveform cycles and create new sounds as well. Get creative!

        • Basso

          Sick!!! I’m going crazy with FScape and these samples already!!! Too much fun! Thanks Ronnie!

  • this is nice :) and pretty swell samples

  • My heart always leaps when I get another announcement for a Rekkerd Contest! Will do my very best.

  • Thanks for the samples / contest! Will be fun :)

  • 3ee

    This is perhaps a good time to search for a new “go-to” sampler… ;)

  • Mark(S)

    can i produce with samples a song in a DAW? i mean not using a sampler just a DAW

    • 3ee

      I assume the answer would be yes, but why not use a sampler? (more flexibility)

    • Yes sure!

  • Tom

    Can I enter the contest even tho I am not from America? (Northern Europe)

    • 3ee

      Well, I believe the answer would be yes, certainly! :)

    • Most certainly, Tom!

  • great samples guys, I’ll see what I can do :)

    • 3ee

      Thanks, have fun! Ronnie did most of them including the beautiful tableau…

      • satYatunes

        I agree that “Tableau…” sample is amazing. I loved it but couldn’t use it in my track. That piano sample was great too, I am a sucker for Piano so it’s all over my track. Thank you both for those amazing samples.

  • Beat Junkie

    we can only use the samples provided? What about the drums? can we use are own drums samples?

    • Only the provided samples may be used. Some drum/perc sounds are included in the pack, though you may have to process the sounds to get what you need/want.

      • Beat Junkie

        some of the submissions have drums i dont hear in the sample pack…thats why i asked

  • Noizefield

    hi ronnie,

    great sounds! i´m in :)
    i´d like to add my voice to my track. is it allowed to add vocals?


    • Would be great, but no vocals allowed I’m afraid…

  • Hi Ronnie , the contest sounds interesting ! one thing though , am i the only one who has problems with the samplepack ? tried unzipping with winrar , several errors found . managed to extract the whole thing on Linux but many sounds are nothing but a mayhem of digital clip sound , other ones sport a hint of the actual sample , followed by the same mayhem of digital clip sound . Any suggestions and/or a chance to download the uncompressed pack ? thank you very much

    • Sounds like you might have a corrupt download, the zip should be about 57.4 MB in size. If clearing cache and downloading again doesn’t work, contact me at and I’ll send you them through wetransfer

      • Hi Ronnie thank you for your quick reply , you’re right , i’m trying to pick the samplepack again and the download manager says 48.3 mega instead of 57.4 . I can’t clean the cache on this machine because i’m a total noob in using linux , all i can do with it is browsing the net , watching futurama and nothing more . The other pc it’s not connected to the web at all . Let’s please give it a try the other way you mentioned , i’ll send you a message @ the contact page so that you notice my reply . meanwhile i’ll see what i can do with the few working samples i’ve already set up in the project . Regards

  • 3ee

    OK, who “took” my name? can you please find a proper name for your track? … simply just for avoiding confusion as I too would like to take part in this contest…. nice track btw! :)

    • My mistake, the filename didn’t have the artist name. The title however is what it is, but I think it should be clear now.

      • 3ee

        Yes, thank you! :)

  • Beat Junkie

    Is it okay to tag are beats? I only use 1 tag in the beginning not all crazy threw the beat, just once in the intro. Is that cool…?

    • You’re only supposed to use the samples in the download, if you want I can add your tag as text when I put the track on soundcloud.

  • Now see,that’s what I get for not looking at my emails… I’m late for this one,so I better get to work! Hi Ron!

    • Good to have you back Dion!

  • DoctorBob

    Fine samples … was going to do a Tangerine Dream style after re-discovering their York gig fan recording 1975 (was there and it was FAB-U-LOUS!). But decided to go for a more gentle ambient groove, with a tune as well!
    Thanks again – some great sounds up their already.
    Rob (aka Doctor Bob – aka db )

  • 3ee

    Some great tracks so far! + I also like the more odd, experimental_ish ones, some of which made me chuckle a bit, seems that everyone had loads of fun in the process! :)
    OK people, let’s get those comments track-mounted!

    • DoctorBob

      Yup. I agree, nice and diverse. Let’s get the comments in track. Great to see what others think as you play the tracks. Funny how you think after posting and listening, “hmmm… I should have done that!!!”.

  • I just uploaded the last few entries. There are 58 entries with just a little over 4 hours of music in total, wow! What a wonderful collection of music, I am well impressed with many of the tunes you guys came up with.

    I’ll be sending out an email later today with details on how to vote and a link to download all the tracks of the contest for those who want to listen to all the tunes on their media players and such. Make sure your whitelist in your email, if you don’t have an email by the end of the day let me know.

    Please do also visit the contest soundcloud page and leave some comments on the entries of other contestants.


  • satYatunes

    Now that everyone is done lets discuss some more on the workflow, especially on the sampler. Let me start – I had a few in my disposal; ShortCircuit 1 and 2, TX16Wx free version, PaaxPro (free now). I used SC2 primarily because of the lack of a browser in SC1. I don’t know if TX16Wx is limited or it was my mistake but the samples didn’t pitch shift when spread across the keyboard, otherwise it’s okay. Some stability issues cropped up and it crashed Reaper twice. May be I need to do some more research on this one. SC2 really helped but I won’t say it’s smooth. I felt awkward many times, I am sure some other samplers have intuitive and simpler methods to achieve the same result. So lets hear your stories, which samplers did u use? How did you manipulate the samples? and all that. Good luck to all contestants.

    • DoctorBob

      I used the most basic of all samplers … the built-in one in Reaper, coupled with Reapitch and Reatune at the bottom of the fx chain, and tuned up what I needed. My tune and accompanying tracks were all composed algorithmically as well, with a lot of careful thought on how the various processes worked, of course! I experimented with waves GTR stuff and got some nice soaring electric guitar sounds, but decided to keep the sounds more like nylon, to give a mellow track. I do have a more “electric” version of this track, so, maybe after the contest, I’ll put it on my Soundcloud a/c, if Ronnie says it’s OK to do so. Track eq with Waves, master EQ and compression done with Stillwell, and finally Waves L3 to keep it all in check, and Valhalla Room for the reverb track.

    • Gamma-ut

      Good idea. Here’s mine.

      I’m not sure why but I didn’t realise this competition was on until Friday – I just wasn’t paying attention.

      I had bits of this track sitting in an archive and worked out that I could probably work that into shape in time for the deadline. I used Live 9 as the DAW with a small mixture of samplers and just placing the samples on audio tracks.

      Five of the samples were placed directly onto audio tracks and then played as-is or processed. Stabs For Tarnce got pitchshifted in Live and also processed at times through CamelSpace for extra tremelo and filtering. Rhythmic Whimper, Teleport Stab and Frown in the Distance were run through a ptichshifter and also an autofilter at times using automation.

      Stab2, which runs roughly through the middle of the piece was put in Sampler so that its attack could be rolled off a bit and then routed through an autopanner.

      The drum rack was pretty simple with surprisingly little processing on the kick. Well, OK, no processing. The Filter Me Snare got the kitchen sink thrown at it, however, with RoughRider doing compression followed by a simple delay followed by a simple room reverb and then into a clipper. The New Yeller ‘dog bark’ also got its own cheapish-sounding reverb. The drums were then run New York style through The Glue.

      The intro was the result of running two samples through a set of filters and then a rotating Doppler effect into reverb.

      The instruments were then mainly Alchemy and Live’s Simpler. The bass was just Ewuiw Bass in Alchemy run through the granular-sampler module. The bell-like lead which plays in short bursts was Borked Piano in Alchemy, this time through the granulator.

      The ‘fiddle’ lead is one sample (Harped) in Simpler with automation on the attack, sustain and release, run through Filter Delay with automation at the ends of sections. The intro and ending chords are the same sample with a long attack.

      Two reverbs and one simple delay were on buses.

      Hope this helps.

    • 3ee

      Workflow? let’s see…

      In the end, I decided to go with the FL Studio sampler, it’s still pretty decent although I’ve set my eye on the new NI Battery 4 atm.

      Started with the main drums, layered and processed the snare drums a bit (since I kinda mix as I go while still having a “dedicated” mixing session near the end of the track.

      Searched for some melodic stabby bits to complement the drums I had going.
      Didn’t even had bass until like 60% done.
      Added some subtle pads which sounded more louder and processed toward the end of production.
      Basically I ran to get the structure finished asap, as usually there are more chances to finish a track if you try to complete the structure 1st.

      Added some more wet pads (also with uhbik-t for some rhythm) in the main part which I also layered in the 1st part as well.
      Made some crash cymbal type sfx and reverse whooshes out of some sustained snares and/or hats and mounted them around.

      Don’t really remember atm as I seem to have a different workflow for every project…. and that seems to be a good and bad thing sometimes.

      Time of production? Last 2 weeks, a total of about 12 hours of work + about 1-2h mastering.

      That’s about it! :)

    • wardtf

      I had to do everything with ableton live lite…
      max 6 effects…

      Welll. i’m proud of what i archieved with that…

      Ward S – Double

      • satYatunes

        How is Simpler in comparison to other Samplers in the market? I have a copy of Live Lite but never installed cause it’s way too cut down to do anything with it. Is it locked to Live only or can be used outside? Hats off to you to complete the entire track in such a limited version.

        • wardtf

          Well, i’m used to it now. And the only less limited daw i own is reason essentials. Most of the time (when using synths) i will rewire them. But as i do not own recycle, sampling was easier in live. Simpler is ok, but… you can’t open / edit / create racks which is (for me) the worst part of lite. Live lite for me is still in use as sequencer for reason, because live’s sequencer works so better than the sequencer in reason. Hope that was enough. Maybe you should just install it, might be useful someday :-)

  • 3ee

    OK, now it’s time for: What did you learned (or reinforced) while making your entry?

    -Especially wish slower tempos, not quantizing performance is more organic and fun (or “quantizing” manually)
    -Trouble fitting the kick drum? maybe it’s as simple as tuning it.
    -Even small amounts of bit and sample rate reduction can give extra presence to single instruments and glue to buses.
    -Vocoders are awesome! I forgot how much fun they can be.
    -Important! If possible, leave the track aside a day after mixdown AND a day after mastering give it one last check, you may be surprised on how much difference a bit of fine-tuning will do.

    • DoctorBob

      First yes, leave it alone for a day and then come back – always!

      I would have eq’d mine differently. Cuts in the lo-mid, and I would have probably removed the muddy bass-line. Not sure if making the lead more cutting too – I did try it with a better guitar-like sound – (Waves GTR stuff), but left it as is, as I would have had to re-do all the tracks ;-)

      I would also have done some changes to the melody and backing for the final refrain … but, no time, so just dropped out one of the harmony bits, so that bit’s a bit “cleaner”.

      In the end, not sure what I would have submitted which would have been “better” – different yes, but, better, well, who’s to say!

      Pure plug – in Remixes some old 2002 stuff I did! Admin can cut this if they so wish (Ronnie ! ;) )

  • Didn’t manage the deadline, but made this (added some vocals):

    • Nice one, maybe I should allow vocals/vocal samples next time :-)

  • modyfi

    After listening to them all, theres a lot of entries that sound brilliant. Need to step my game up!

  • I announced the winners at
    Thanks for all the comments, it’s great to read how some of you went about creating your track!

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