Logitunes releases Freedom Logic template pack

Logitunes has launched Freedom, a new template pack for Logic Pro.

Logitunes Freedom

“Freedom” brings you a perfect blend of downtempo, chillwave and ambient, influenced by the sounds of Odesza, Flume and Stwo.

This is a beautiful combination of deep sub bass, dreamy atmospherics pads, lingering synths, lush beat, catchy hooks and chopped up vocals. Just check out the demo and grab it while it’s HOT!

The pack is available for purchase for $29 USD.

More information: Logitunes / Freedom


ModeAudio releases Float – Chillwave Guitars & Loops

ModeAudio has launched Float, a sample pack featuring a collection of Chillwave guitars & loops.

ModeAudio Float

Take your shoes off, throw all your homework under the bed, forget about your daily chores and relax all your tensions away – work is over and it’s time to chill…

Plunge deep into a warm, inviting pool of glistening sound, then feel yourself rise upwards and float amidst the gentle waves with Float – Chillwave Guitars & Loops, our latest collection of lovingly-crafted Guitar & Instrumental samples!

Pop the lid off this loop release and you’ll find flumes of gorgeous guitar tones, from Electric Guitar Riffs, Leads, Arpeggios and Harmonics to Acoustic Guitar Chords, Strums and much more! All Electric Guitar loops are included in both dry and FX versions totalling 110+ loops, so you can either apply your own amp sims and plugins or get experimenting instantly with our expertly delay-drenched and reverb-soaked sounds.

Float features

  • 63 FX Electric Guitar Loops (included in both Dry & FX versions).
  • 54 Electric Guitar Tail Samples (included in both Dry & FX versions).
  • 19 Drum Loops.
  • 13 Synth & Instrumental Loops (Rhodes Keys, Pads, Synth Chords & more).
  • 10 Bass Loops.
  • 43 MIDI Loops (Drums, Bass, Synths & Instruments).
  • 604MB (unzipped).

The sample pack is available for purchase for £17 GBP.

More information: ModeAudio


Sample Magic releases Tuned Kicks 2 & Sylenth Chillwave Patches 2

Sample Magic has released Tuned Kicks 2, a sample pack featuring kick drum samples, and Sylenth Chillwave Patches 2, a soundset for the Lennar Digital Sylenth1 synthesizer instrument.

Sample Magic Tuned Kicks 2

Tuned Kicks 2 — 101 killer key-labeled kicks precision engineered to power the biggest dancefloor tracks, regardless of genre.

From throbbing techno to pumping progressive, upfront EDM to heavyweight house, this much-requested follow-up delivers 101 all-new kicks primed to underpin hundreds of dancefloor weapons.

Sample Magic Sylenth Chillwave Patches 2

Sylenth Chillwave Patches 2 — Dreamy arps, retro synth bass, sparkling synths and gauzy pads abound in this 80s-inspired spin on the chillwave aesthetic.

Comprising of arps, basses, leads and plucks, this much-requested second volume is a full sonic palette primed for chilled jams.

The Tuned Kicks 2 pack is available to purchase for £9.90 GBP, the Sylenth1 soundset costs £14.90 GBP.

More information: Sample Magic


Sample Magic releases MIDI Elements: Chillwave Drums

Sample Magic Chillwave Drums

Sample Magic has announced the release of MIDI Elements: Chillwave Drums, a collection of 80s-infused grooves for chilled productions.

101 flouro-tinged beats for chillwave and downtempo productions delivered in MIDI format and supplemented with 100+ analogue flavoured drum hits.

Fusing the best synth pop, chillout and ambient electronica, these unique MIDI beats and expertly crafted and re-sampled drum hits deliver instant beatmaking inspiration.

Each drum hit has been loving processed and re-sampled through a selection of classic machines – including the Akai MPC60 and MPC1000 – for the genre’s trademark lo-fi vibe.

Each MIDI drum loop is mapped to general MIDI: simply load up one of the 11 bundled drum kits to complete the beat. Each kit comes in Battery, Kontakt, Kong and Ableton Drum Racks format and contain at least 12 all-new hits per kit.

The MIDI pack costs £12.90 GBP.

More information: Sample Magic / MIDI Elements: Chillwave Drums


Review: Sample Magic Chillwave Guitars

Sample Magic Chillwave Guitars

Sample Magic’s latest SM Studio series sample library is Chillwave Guitars, a collection of inspiring guitar loops.

The SM Studio series is all about live instruments, and having the session musician right at your fingertips by offering quality stems recorded and processed with high-end gear.

Chillwave Guitars offers a collection of 140+ guitar riffs, phrases and textures by experienced musician, teacher and producer Simon Pratt.

From summery acoustic patterns and lilting beachside progressions to effected swells, tapetoned reverses and degraded electric guitar textures, Chillwave Guitars answers that request, serving up a wealth of 6-stringed inspiration that can slot effortlessly into the mix or form the cornerstone of new productions.

The pack features 146 processed loops of acoustic and electric guitar loops, and raw (unprocessed) versions of the recordings for 138 of them. All samples are key labeled and tempo synced to 90 and 100 bpm. REX and Apple Loops formats are also available if you want to work in different tempos or keys. The file names indicate acoustic (24) or electric (122) guitar loops.

For this collection Simon used various guitars, including a Fender Thin-Line Telecaster and a 1970’s Ovation acoustic guitar. Some classic amps and effects pedals were used, and the acoustic recordings were tracked with vintage Neumann U77 microphones.

Following in the footsteps of the sun-washed sounds of the Chillwave sample library, this guitar loops pack has a seriously laid back vibe, with that typical vintage 80’s sound and heavy use of effects processing found in chillwave music.

So what do I think?

Product: Chillwave Guitars by Sample Magic
Format: 24bit samples (Wav/REX/Apple Loops)
Price: £14.90 GBP
Like: Spot on sound, lovely themes, good variety, includes raw material
Don’t like: —
Verdict: 9/10

With Chillwave Guitars, Simon Pratt delivers an outstanding collection of guitar loops.

The effects processing is spot on and there’s a wide range of sounds, making these loops perfect for use in chillwave productions. While the sounds are beautifully designed, having the unprocessed recordings is very useful too, as you can use your own effects processing to get the sound needed for your projects.

Simon is creative and consistent in his playing, and it really feels like having a top notch session player in your studio.

More information: Sample Magic / Chillwave Guitars


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