Sound Magic updates Neo DynaMaster effect plugin to v1.1

Sound Magic has released version 1.1 of its Neo DynaMaster stereo dual dynamics processor for Windows and Mac. Neo DynaMaster is a full-featured, multi-purpose stereo dual dynamics processor utilising a unique custom designed metering system … read more

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MaxSynths releases DSP-3 Bus Dynamic Processor

MaxSynths has announced the release of DSP-3, a dynamics processor specifically designed to be used on the main bus. The main purpose of DSP-3 is to increase the perceived loudness of the track and make … read more

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Variety Of Sound releases SlickHDR effect plugin

Variety Of Sound has launched SlickHDR, a free “Psychoaccoustic Dynamic Processor” effect plug-in for Windows. Technically speaking, SlickHDR contains a coupled network of three dynamic processors with two of them running in a “stateful saturation” … read more

Klanghelm updates DC8C compressor to v2.2

Klanghelm Audio Plugins has released version 2.2 of its DC8C advanced compressor effect plug-in for Windows and Mac. DC8C is one of the most flexible compressors around. While making a lot of different compression styles … read more

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Voxengo has updates Elephant limiter to v3.11

Voxengo has released version 3.11 of Elephant, a mastering limiter effect plug-in for Windows and Mac. Elephant is a highly competitive plug-in for mastering applications: it features a variety of limiter modes that can be … read more

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Minimal System Mastering Limiter plug-in 50% off

Minimal System has announced a limited time sale on its Mastering Limiter effect plug-in for Windows. The Mastering Limiter from Minimal System is a high end audio processing advanced peak limiter designed to maximize both … read more

Prism Audio releases Parallel Compressor plugin

Prism Audio has announced Parallel Compressor, a compressor effect plug-in for Windows. Parallel Compressor features Transparent Compression. Virtual analog processing. Responsive Effect. Fast Attack. Dry/Wet control for parallel compression. Perfect to add punch and clarity … read more

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Pentode audio releases VTC-1 vacuum tube compressor

Pentode audio has announced VTC-1, a vacuum tube compressor effect plugin for Windows. VTC-1 is special analog modeled virtual VST compressor with warm analog, fat pumping and transparent sound. Compared to modern compressors PENTODE AUDIO … read more

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McDSP releases Compressor Collection Rack Extensions

McDSP has launched the Compressor Collection, a bundle of dynamic range processors for Reason, including the C670, FRG-4RE, and Moo Tube compressors. Reason users rejoice! Now you can harness the legendary power of McDSP audio … read more

Minimal System Master Compressor 50% off

Minimal System has announced that its Master Compressor VST plug-in for Windows is 50% off for a limited time. The Master Compressor is an “analogue modelled mixing and mastering processor inspired by classic hardware, with … read more

Minimal System Tri-Comp compressor plugin 50% off

Minimal System has launched a Holiday Sale, offering its Tri-Comp compressor plug-in at 50% off for a limited time. If you are looking for the ultimate multiband dynamics processor then you have found it in … read more

SoundToys launches Hot and Heavy Holidays

SoundToys has announced its href=”” title=”Hot and Heavy Holidays”>Hot and Heavy Holidays, offering discounts on its Devil-Loc and Radiator plug-ins for a limited time. Add some serious excitement to your mix with Devil-Loc’s crushing heavy … read more

Native Instruments launches High-Octane Holidays Giveaway

Native Instruments has announced a holiday giveaway as a thank you to all users. Until December 31, two special gifts are available for download from the Native Instruments website. Producers get SUPERCHARGER – a versatile … read more

Klanghelm updates DC1A & DC8C compressor plugins

Klanghelm Audio Plugins has released version 2 of the free compressor plug-in DC1A, and version 2.1 of DC8C, the advanced compressor effect plugin. I’ve just updated the popular free compressor DC1A to the compression engine … read more

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Code Diggers releases DQ Band Dynamics Rack Extension

Code Diggers has launched DQ, a band dynamics Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason. DQ is a band dynamic processor for vocal de-essing, drum punch reduction or accentuation, sidechain bass reduction and generic surgical band compression … read more

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Sound Magic releases Nautilus expansion for Neo DynaMaster

Sound Magic has announced the release of Nautilus, an all purpose extension pack for Neo DynaMaster. This extension pack contain many types of dynamic processing for you to use, including simultaneous compression and expansion, Vocal … read more

112dB updates Redline Reverb, Redline Monitor, Big Blue Limiter & Big Blue Compressor

112dB has updated its 64-bit plugins Redline Reverb, Redline Monitor, Big Blue Limiter and Big Blue Compressor to version 1.0.8, 1.0.6, 1.1.2, and 1.0.2. Big Blue Compressor gets a new graphic user interface. Big Blue … read more

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ToneBoosters releases TB BusCompressor + Plugins updated to v3.0

ToneBooster has announced TB BusCompressor, a compressor effect plugin for Windows and Mac. TB BusCompressor is a very transparent, all-round dynamics processor designed to be able to handle everything from single tracks to complex, full … read more

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DMG Audio updates EQuality, Compassion, EQuick, EQuilibrium & PitchFunk

DMG Audio has released updates for EQuality (1.22), Compassion (1.10), EQuick (1.06), EQuilibrium (1.06) and PitchFunk (1.06). This is a fairly major stability update. There’s been a lot of time spent tracking down every last … read more

TC Electronic Master X3 Black Friday Sale – 50% off

TC Electronic has announced a Black Friday promotion for its Master X3 multiband compression plug-in for Pro Tools. Master X3 is built on the legacy of our game-changing Finalizer that brought professional mastering to personal … read more