Review: Bronto Scorpio Music Future Retro soundset for u-he Diva

Dennis Harms aka Bronto Scorpio has contributed many patches to various u-he plug-ins — including Zebra and Uhbik, and some of his sounds are also included in the third party patches that ship with Diva, the “Dinosaur Impersonating Virtual Analogue” synthesizer that takes virtual analog to a whole new level.

With Future Retro for Diva, Dennis releases his first commercial soundset.

Diva is famous for the ability to authentically recreate the great synthesizers of the past. However, I tried to go a different direction with this set. Many sounds are inspired by the past, and use Diva’s great sound design potential to go way beyond vintage sounds into the future!

Bronto Scorpio Future Retro
One of my favorite patches in the set, a wonderful lush pad called “Beautiful Colours”.

Future Retro includes 64 presets, categorized as follows:

  • 12 x Bass.
  • 9 x Drum.
  • 9 x FX.
  • 10 x Pad.
  • 6 x Sequence.
  • 18 x Synth.

Most sounds within the set are pretty unique with very little overlap. The patches are well designed and include controller mappings of modwheel, aftertouch, velocity etc. linked to things like filter and LFO parameters.

Some patches require quite a lot of horsepower, since they are designed to run on Diva’s “divine” quality mode. Alas, this is life with Diva at the moment. Quality comes at a price and I am more than happy to work in draft mode and render audio until I upgrade my computer in the next few years.

Check out the Future Retro demo clip by Dennis below to get an idea of the kind of sounds included in this set.

If you want to get hands on with these sounds, there’s a free demo bank with 10 presets available to download here.

So what do I think?

Product: Future Retro by Bronto Scropio
Format: .h2p patches for u-he Diva
Price: 10 EUR
Like: Quality sounds, musical, affordable
Don’t like: Perhaps a bit divergent for some
Verdict: 8/10

Diva already comes with a large number of impressive presets by seasoned sound designers. Nonetheless, Future Retro manages to bring a good collection of new sounds. Many of them don’t necessarily stand out all that much, but they do have a certain quality: musicality.

The soundset includes a wide variety of sounds, suitable for diverse electronic music styles — perhaps a result of Dennis’ personal taste in music. I can imagine some people might think the set as a whole is a bit confused, having modern sounding dubstep wobble basses and things like vintage pads and brass sounds in one and the same set, but to me everything seems to fit together quite nicely. The idea was to take vintage and bring that into the future and I think Dennis achieved his goal. Moreover, even if you only like half the sounds I reckon Future Retro is well worth the asking price. My favorite sounds are in the pads sections. The sound of “Beautiful Colours” just captivates me.

Check it out (and if nothing else get the free patches) at the Bronto Scorpio website. And if this is the first time you’ve heard of Diva make sure to visit u-he for some more detailed information about this amazing synth.

More information: Bronto Scorpio Music


Bronto Scorpio Music releases Filtrify for Zebrify

Dennis Harms of Bronto Scorpio Music has released Filtrify, a free collection of patches for the Zebrify effect plug-in that comes bundled with the Zebra 2.5 virtual synthesizer by u-he.

Bronto Scorpio Music Filtrify

I just wanted to share some of my Zebrify presets. These 15 presets turn Zebrify into a versatile filter unit.

All important controls are mapped to the XY pads.

Filtrify is available as a free download from Bronto Scorpio Music.

More information: Bronto Scorpio Music


Bronto Scorpio Music Virtual Kicks 01, free kick drum samples

Bronto Scorpio Music Virtual Kicks 01

Dennis Harms of Bronto Scorpio Music wrote in to let us know about his latest free sample pack, Virtual Kicks 01.

I’ve got a new free sample pack for you! This time it’s a collection of 32 high quality kicks (or bassdrums).

All samples were created with vsts and heavy processing.

A lot of work went into this sample pack. I hope you enjoy some of the samples!

Listen to an audio demo of all the kicks contained in the Virtual Kicks 01 sample pack one after another below.

Virtual Kicks 01 is available as a free download from Bronto Scorpio Music.

More information: Bronto Scorpio Music / Virtual Kicks 01


Bronto Scorpio Music releases Free Glitches Vol.01

Bronto Scorpio Music Free Glitches Vol.01

Dennis Harms of Bronto Scorpio Music has released Free Glitches Vol.01, a free sample pack.

Don’t expect pseudo analog stuff here! You get 120 weird, digital noises with this pack! These sounds are perfect for Autechre, Richard Devine, Aphex Twin like tracks, but can also add some special elements to other tracks.

I designed these sounds over the last few months and thought it would be cool to share them with you.

The pack contains 120 24Bit/44Khz wave files and a simple Kontakt (3.5 or higher) instrument where the samples are mapped across the keyboard. Mod- and pitchwheel do some crazy things in this instrument too!

Free Glitches Vol.01 is available as a free download from the Bronto Scorpio Music website.

More information: Bronto Scorpio Music