5Pin Media releases Dark Twisted Drum & Bass

5Pin Media has launched Dark Twisted Drum & Bass, a new sample pack by Histibe.

5Pin Media Dark Twisted Drum & Bass

Electronic pioneer and Kiev based producer Histibe goes back to his Drum & Bass roots to bring you his very own unique complex sound which he has developed over the past decade. Loaded with lithe agile beats, scorching bass, searing leads and dark otherworldly textures, we proudly present Dark Twisted Drum & Bass Ft. Histibe.

Histibe has received support from artists such as Noisia, Skream, State Of Mind and has released tracks on legendary drum & bass labels such as Nerve Recordings and Offkey. In 2014 he released the album Millennium Drum N Bass. The official video for the track “So Far” was released on Jay Z’s Life+Times channel and the latest D&B video for the track “Third Millennium” was released on world famous D&B network – UKF, which has amassed more than 120,000 views to date.

Dark Twisted Drum & Bass features

  • 1 GB content, WAV, Apple Loops and MIDI formats.
  • 172 bpm tempo.
  • Musical Key information provided for all Bass/Music MIDI, WAV Loops and One-Shots.
  • Bonus Live 9 Project featuring 20 Multi-Sample Instruments designed with sound shaping macros across 3 Live Sets.
  • Includes NNXT, Kontakt 3, Battery 4, Live Drum Racks, Halion, EXS24 and SFZ Drum Kits.

The pack is available from Loopmasters for £29.95 GBP.

More information: 5Pin Media / Dark Twisted Drum & Bass


Samplephonics releases Hybrid Drum & Bass, Zefora: Ethereal Voices & Epic Trap

Samplephonics has launched three new sample libraries.

Hybrid Drum & Bass features a collection of over 765MB of loops and samples by EVAC.

Samplephonics Hybrid Drum & Bass

In need of intricate and inspiring drum and bass, half step and dubstep loops and samples? Welcome to Hybrid Drum and Bass, a dark, dirty, genre-bending sample library from the future.

This extraordinarily dark, detailed and downright hard hitting sample pack from producer EVAC is packed full of incredibly detailed drums and percussion loops, filthy distorted bass lines, tearing reece leads, dark atmospheric drones and an essential collection of one shot drums, atmos and effects samples.

The pack is available for £34.70 GBP. One-shots are also sold separately for £15 GBP.

Zefora: Ethereal Voices features over 500MB of unique chorus lines, harmonies, phrases and ad-libs.

Samplephonics Zefora: Ethereal Voices

Finding the right vocal samples to complement your tracks is never easy, so we’ve done the hard work for you and put together this classic vocal library packed full of beautiful ethereal voices from gifted songwriter and film score vocalist Zefora.

Whether you are composing for the next Hollywood blockbuster or producing the a storming house, trance or drum and bass hit, the intimate and smoky tones of Zefora’s vocal samples will sit beautifully in your tracks and elevate your production to a whole new level.

The Zefora pack costs £30 GBP.

Epic Trap is a sample pack that blurs the lines between Trap, RnB, Pop and EDM and gives a fast track ticket to the latest sounds in electronic music production.

Samplephonics Epic Trap

This glittering yet gritty sound library includes 5 construction kits and is packed full of over 1.2 GB of modern sounding one shots, lead synth lines and percussion patterns. The parts can easily be deconstructed and rearranged into unique, individual sections and includes dry versions, fills and fx tails, offering utmost versatility for your production workflow.

Supplied with the customary 808 snare samples and booming subby kick drums that define the trap sound, along with a vast array of lead synth lines, crystal clear snare drums, growling basses, frenetic hi hat patterns, and spacey risers and fx, Epic Trap delivers on all fronts.

The Epic Trap pack is available for £34.70 GBP.

More information: Samplephonics


Zenhiser releases Extreme D&B Drum Beats sample pack

Zenhiser has launched Extreme D&B Drum Beats, a sample pack featuring 400 drum and bass drum beats.

Zenhiser Extreme D&B Drum Beats

Tired of the same Drum & Bass beats, need something new that isn’t a re-hashed drum loop from the early 1990’s? Well, it’s time for the sample revolution, a chance to re-invent your D&B sound and administer new levels of drive. “Extreme D&B Drum Beats” was developed to deliver a new mindset of the Drum n Bass beat, a collection of technology fuelled drum loops with devastating power.

Inside the sample pack you will find 100 drum beats with 4 variations of each, these alternate versions of the beat will ensure your tracks are seamless through breakdowns, drops and fill areas. They ensure not only that your latest track has the momentum and raw energy it needs but enough options to scope your sonic soundscapes with peaks, glide and drive.

The pack is available for purchase for $35 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / Extreme D&B Drum Beats


Loopmasters releases DLR – Specimen Y Drum & Bass

Loopmasters has announced the release of DLR – Specimen Y Drum & Bass, a new collection of drum and bass loops and samples from Lab Samples.

DLR - Specimen Y Drum & Bass

DLR returns to Lab Samples with the second strain of the Specimen series with Specimen (Y) a 1GB+ bundle of scientifically mutated audio weapons including 249 Loops and 74 Drum and SFX Sounds including Ferocious Bass Lines, Tight Crunchy Breaks, Shuffling Percussion, Atmospheric Pads and Sinister SFX recorded at tempos between 170 and 176 BPM. The Collection contains 17 soft sampler patches for Drums and SFX and can also be purchased in Apple Loop, Ableton Live and Reason Refill formats (sold separately).

DLR is responsible for a huge amount of releases on well-respected Drum and Bass labels including Dispatch Recordings, Hardware, Sonorous Music, Metalheadz, Shogun and Horizons. This collection of Loops and One Shot sounds comes hot on the back of finishing his debut Album “Seeing Sounds” for Dispatch Recordings so make sure you keep an eye out for its release in early March.

Specimen Y Drum & Bass is available for purchase for £29.95 GPB. Parts are also sold separately starting at £4.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / DLR – Specimen Y Drum & Bass


Rankin Audio releases Hard Neuro DnB sample pack

Loopmasters has introduced Hard Neuro DnB, a new sample pack by Rankin Audio.

Rankin Audio Hard Neuro DnB

Drum & Bass is a genre that needs little introduction. From its birth in the mid 90s it has remained the solid back bone of UK dance music and has constantly filled floors all over the world. Remaining squarely in the underground, Hard Neuro DNB is a force to be reckoned with. It takes no prisoners and can proudly claim some of the wildest dancefloors in not only the genre but dance music as a whole.

This pack is a monster and no mistake. Brimming with everything you need to terrorise not only your neighbours but baying mobs of ravers all through the land. Crafted by the talented hands of Russia’s finest DNB expert Gancher and Ruin, this pack nails a level of quality that simply can’t be achieved unless you have a life long passion for the sound.

The pack is available for purchase for £29.95 GBP, with individual parts sold separately starting at £4.95 GBP.

More information: Rankin Audio / Hard Neuro DnB


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