Best Service releases Voyager Drums

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Best Service Voyager Drums

Best Service has announced the release of Voyager Drums, a virtual drum instrument for Windows and Mac.

Voyager Drums by Best Service brings you two Power Drum Kits, recorded and edited by the maker of “Artist-Drums” and “Artist Grooves”. The punchy and powerful sound is perfect for your Pop, Rock, Jazz and Funk productions. 360 MIDI Grooves for instant use are included.

Voyager Drums has been recorded from three different microphone positions with 24 bits and 96 KHz, 5 Round Robins and 16 velocity layers in the Principal Studios near Münster, Germany. Finest equipment from SPL, API, Apogee as well as microphones by Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, Rhode and Shure were used to achieve the best results possible. You can set individual Attack and Decay times for all three microphone positions. Since the direct signal has been recorded in mono you can set your own panorama.

Voyager Drums features

  • Yamaha Maple Custom & Yamaha Recording Custom drum kits, with Paiste Line Series cymbals.
  • 3 different instruments for each kit:
    • Full kit with direct, overhead and room microphones,
    • Overhead with direct and overhead microphones,
    • Direct microphone only.
  • Trigger Sound allows you to enhance the natural sound of the bass drum (also available for snare and toms) with synthetic drum sounds.
  • Effect Section featuring a compressor, limiter, equalizer and distortion.
  • Arranger allows you to trigger midi grooves from within Voyager Drums. Select from 5 different speed presets, each containing 48 straight grooves, 12 triplet grooves and 12 fills.
  • Best Service Engine 2 interface with easy access to all real-time performance parameters.

Voyager Drums is available for purchase for the introductory price of 79 EUR until March 15th, 2015 (MSRP 99 EUR/$99 USD/£75 GBP).

More information: Best Service / Voyager Drums


Intelligent Sounds & Music updates BazzISM to v2.5.0

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Intelligent Sounds & Music has released version 2.5.0 of its BazzISM kick drum synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Intelligent Sounds & Music BazzISM

BazzISM produces the perfect KickBass for your dance tracks.

If you produce your bass-kicks building sine sweeps and EQing them you can get the same or even better results with BazzISM in seconds that took hours before.

Changes in BazzISM v2.5.0

  • Numeric input for most parameters.
  • Double size editor, optional or automatic for 4k/UHD/Retina displays.
  • Fixed: Changing parameters in Pro Tools (AAX) sometimes remote-controlled additional instances of BazzISM or even lead to a crash.
  • Fixed: Reloading a project in Pro Tools often lead to the default state.
  • Fixed: In Cubase the “Switch to B Setting” function took about a minute with VST2.

BazzISM for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is available for purchase for 30 EUR.

More information: Intelligent Sounds & Music


Zenhiser releases Vital: Trance Kicks

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Zenhiser has announced the release of Vital: Trance Kicks, a collection of 300 sonically perfect kick drums for Trance, EDM & Progressive House.

Zenhiser Vital: Trance Kicks

It’s time for our Vital series to get it’s hooks into the Trance scene and what better way to start than an assault of modern Trance kicks designed to supercharge your next track. Zenhiser has produced the perfect solution for all your kick drum needs with an array of kicks crafted for Big Room, Uplift and the various sub genres of Trance. 300 sharp edged, extreme attack kicks with perfect initial clicks and enough following punch to guarantee our kicks will never be lost in your mix. The kick drum is the foundation to any track, it’s the starting point to every production and can literally make or break a track, so why not give your productions the edge they deserve.

These heavy hitting Trance kick drums are well rounded, sonically perfect bundles of bottom end thump. They are primed for the current club sound and usable in multitudes of genres. As with all our Vital series this sample pack is designed to do only one thing, and do do that bloody well, give your future tracks the kick drum quality they deserve. So if you want your drum tracks to be better than the rest grab Vital: Trance Kicks, it’s the treat your studio needs.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $35 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / Vital: Trance Kicks


Groove Monkee releases Retro Funk MIDI pack

Groove Monkee

Groove Monkee has released Retro Funk, a collection of classic funk MIDI loops from professional drummer Mike Adamo.

Arranged for easy song writing, the sets include intros, outros, grooves, variations and fills. Among the variations offered are: hat and ride variations, groove plus fill variations and extra drum fills.

The pack includes loops for BeatBuddy, the first 3rd party set of drum loops supporting the platform.

Retro Funk features

  • 560 Royalty Free MIDI Drum Loops.
  • Played by professional drummer Mike Adamo.
  • Grooves, Fills, Intros and Outros.
  • Variations: groove variations, fill variations, ride variations with and without fills.
  • 4-bar and 8-bar midi loops.
  • Formats: Addictive Drums (all), Abbey Road, BeatBuddy, BFD (all), Eco, EZdrummer (all), GM, Superior Drummer, Session Drummer, Steven Slate, Studio Drummer and many more.

Retro Funk is available for purchase for $19.95 USD.

More information: Groove Monkee / Retro Funk


Wave Alchemy releases free MFB Tanzbar sample pack

Wave Alchemy

Wave Alchemy has announced the release of a pack of free MFB Tanzbar drum samples.

As a special thank you to our loyal customers and followers, we would like to offer you an exclusive FREE drum sample pack courtesy of the Wave Alchemy team…

Included are 68 powerful analogue drum samples, each carefully crafted with a MFB Tanzbar drum machine, and tastefully processed on a sound-by-sound basis using our extensive collection of high-end hardware processors and sound shaping tools…

Expect to find lush claps, characterful bass drums, punchy analogue snares, fuzzy toms, crispy percussion, 5 pre-mapped drum kits for Battery, Kontakt, NN-XT, Halion & SFZ, as well as a 20% discount coupon, usable towards your next order at!

The pack is a free download at Wave Alchemy.

More information: Wave Alchemy / MFB Tanzbar sample pack


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