Kenaxis Creative updates Kenaxis to v3.3

Kenaxis Creative Kenaxis

Kenaxis Creative has updated the Mac version of Kenaxis, a real-time audio performance application.

KENAXIS the new crossroads of: composition and free improvisation, inspiration and innovation, live performance and your sound library, chaos and control

Changes in Kenaxis v3.3

  • Added Multitrack Record: This is very useful if you want to remix material you create while using Kenaxis. You can now create separate stereo files for each of the Kenaxis objects such as the Klangs, Granulators and Freeze when recording.
  • SoftStep Support: If you own a Keith McMillen SoftStep, Kenaxis is now optimized to use it. It’s set up to use the LEDs and display on the SoftStep so that not only is the SoftStep an input device but it shows the status of Kenaxis as well.
  • Sync Klangs 2-5 to Klang 1: You can now automatically sync live loop recordings done in Klangs 2-6 to the length of your loop in Klang 1.
  • New manual that covers all of the additions to Kenaxis (Check it out for more information on the new additions).
  • Value Randomizer Prefs added to customize how a random impulse works (Command E).
  • Fixed Kenaxis Visualizer link.
  • Fixed System Prefs bugs.

Kenaxis is available to purchase for lowered price of $49 USD. An update for Kenaxis on Windows PC will be available soon.

More information: Kenaxis


Kenaxis Creative releases Kenaxis v3.1

Kenaxis Creative Kenaxis 3.1

Kenaxis Creative has released version 3.1 of Kenaxis, software that transforms the laptop into a powerful and highly adaptable musical instrument.

The release of Kenaxis 3.1 marks the tenth year of Kenaxis development, continuous design improvements that Smulovitz credits to his ongoing consultation with leading artists in the electronic music field. This particular update adds a time-stretching feature known as an FFT Phase Vocoder that will appeal to musicians seeking more organic and analog-sounding textures. The second addition is the introduction of OSC (Open Sound Control) compatibility that will allow musicians to control the laptop with familiar devices like the iPhone, iPod touch or Nintendo Wii remote.

Kenaxis v3.1 key features

  • Intuitive Performance Interface: 6 loop players, mixer and master mixer. Clear, compact display of all parameters allows the musician to monitor and manipulate every aspect of the performance.
  • Powerful Tools: pitch modulation, delay, granular synthesis, convolution, analog synthesis, 12 band parametric EQs, automated envelopes and filters, random file players and VST support – allows for sonic possibilities not possible with hardware components, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Multiple Audio Sources: Drag and drop sound files, synthesize sounds or capture live sound on the fly.
  • OSC and MIDI compatible: Faster and with higher resolution than MIDI, OSC (Open Sound Control) allows the musician to ‘play’ Kenaxis with the iPod, iPod Touch, Wii controller, Lemur and other OSC devices and software.
  • FFT Phase Vocoder: An organic and more analog-sounding time-stretching alternative. Pinpoint sounds in the spectrum analysis tool to stretch, freeze and manipulate.

Kenaxis is available for Windows PC and Mac OSX for $135 USD, or as part of the Kenaxis Bundle for $185 USD (includes Kenaxis, Kenaxis Surround and Kenaxis Visualizer).

More information: Kenaxis Creative / Kenaxis