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MrTheBigMan releases Padded Cell 4

MrTheBigMan Padded Cell 4

MrTheBigMan has released Padded Cell 4, a free sample pack.

In the continuation of the Padded Cell series, I have created 30 brand new drum loops and then slowed them down, put them through DevineSounds Graincube and then added effects from Guitar Rig 4.

The plan was to make the sounds as usable as possible whilst also giving cut up ability in order for you to extract sounds from each loop.

Padded Cell 4 includes 30 different sounds and is a free download from MrTheBigMan.

More information: MrTheBigMan


MTBM.NET launches new website + two free sample packs


MTBM.NET has announced the launch of its new website, along with two new free sample packs.

The all new MTBM.NET has been released and it now caters for everything we do. On the new site you will find all of our existing brands rolled into on accessible area.

To celebrate the new website, we have released two new samplepacks under the Multiples brand.

New Multiples sample packs

  • ABass 02 – 10 bass sounds, created using the Alpha CM, Reason, Massive and Tal Uno synths, all recorded from c1-c3 (.WAV 38MB / Kontakt 55MB / Refill 13MB).
  • Padded Cell 03 – 50 brand new drum loops created by T2D, transposed down until they were running at their slowest tempo and then ran through Guitar Rig.

MTBM.NET has also restarted its tutorial video wing under The PunchUp Pilot banner. New videos will be available every week on how to get the best from the software used by MTBM in the studio. Furthermore, all T2D music is now available in one place and is downloadable free or via JunoDownload.

More information: MTBM.NET


Multiples releases Padded Cell sample pack

Multiples Padded Cell

Multiples has released Padded Cell, a free collection of pad samples.

Experimentalism at its best as the Multiples team starts looking closely at Granular synthesis to provide some pleasing yet eerie samples.

Padded Cell is a collection of Pad sounds created with the Aetheriser effect in Absynth 5 and aims to provide pads useful for any type of music but also for video game and movie soundtracks.

The pack comes with 40 raw pad sounds out of the box and is complemented by 40 further sounds that have been glitched and distorted through NI Guitar Rig in order to serve up the most unique sound design palette possible.

Padded Cell is available as a free download from MTBM.NET.

More information: Multiples


Multiples E|Kicks, free kick drum sample pack

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Multiples E|Kicks has released E|Kicks, a collection of drum kick samples by Multiples.

So, we grabbed all of the kicks we had made for our first three E|Drums samplepacks and created a few more to use as a base for 25 layered kick drums with enough oomph to fit in with any type of mix.

But. thats not all. We then rinsed them through Guitar Rig to provide a further 25 samples of the weird kick drum variety.

E|Kicks includes 50 kick drum samples and is available to download at no cost (2.3MB).

This is Multiples first ever Facebook release. All links for this samplepack are currently posted there for you to download the files. We have it on our own servers, and fairly shortly also hosted on

So whilst your receiving the download, why not add us as a friend in order to receive updates as it happens.

More information: / E|Kicks


Multiples E|Drums 3.0, free sample pack

Multiples E|Drums 3.0

MTBM.NET has released E|Drums 3.0, a new free drum sample library by Multiples.

We are proud to announce the third incarnation of our flagship drum series E|Drums, is now available to download fully for free.

Eclectic is the word for this pack as we have trawled through our collection of outboard gear as well as software effects to provide you with a cutting edge samplepack that will fit into any genre of music.

E|Drums 3.0 features

  • Synthesised – Samples covering Kick, Snares and Hats created using MDrummer, KickMaker and Reaktor to synthesise the sounds.
  • Alesis Performance Pad – This is the main output of the pack and the hardware the samples were built from. The Performance Pad was routed through a Line 6 POD and ModPro pedal to provide the phattest samples. They were then processed with Frohmage, Roughrider and Guitar Rig to create the most eclectic and weird sample set.
  • Loops – These were all of the above samples rinsed through the Reaktor ensembles Massive and GoBox. Reaktor sample maps are also provided within the downloads to allow you to add them to your own devices in Reaktor.
  • Note: for those who do not have access to Kontakt 4.2+, the patches included with this download use the Drum Computer script within Kontakt to create loops playable from c3-b3. All of these were sampled and added to the loop download.

E|Drums 3.0 is available as a free download.

More information: MTBM.NET / E|Drums 3.0


Multiples Leftovers 2, free sample pack

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Multiples Leftovers 2

MTBM.NET has released Leftovers 2, a new free sample library by Multiples.

In the sequel to our much downloaded Leftovers, this time I have gone for an approach were I have emulated some classic sounds from my favourite artists:

* The Prodigy
* DJ Hazard
* Benni Benassi
* Deadmau5

I have packaged the original sounds plus effected sounds giving you 20 patches for Kontakt and EXS24. Wav users can download the Kontakt version to get the samples.

Leftovers 2 is free to download and represents MTBM.NET’s continuing commitment to bring you the best products for free.

More information: Multiples / Leftovers 2


T2D releases MaHassive, sound library for Massive and Kontakt

T2D MaHassive

T2D has released MaHassive, a sound library featuring patches for Massive and samples made with this virtual synthesizer by Native Instruments.

Native Instruments Massive has become the go to synth for many an electronic musician since it release. It is certainly one of my favourite synths to use and this pack I hope will showcase some of its unique sounds.

Within the pack you will find sequences and sounds to help with your next set of tracks.

MaHassive features

  • Massive Pack – 30 patches for the Massive synth for you use and abuse.
  • Kontakt Pack – all 30 patches resampled and served up as Kontakt patches. There is also a full bank file for you load for easier access to the sounds themselves.

MaHassive is free to download and represents MTBM.NET’s continuing commitment to bring you the best products for free.

More information: MTBM.NET