Loopmasters releases Samba Drums and Percussion by Magic Drum Orchestra

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Loopmasters has launched Magic Drum Orchestra presents Samba Drums and Percussion, a new royalty free percussion sample collection jam packed with carnival spirit.

Magic Drum Orchestra Samba Drums and Percussion

With a 12th Century manor house as their recording studio The Magic Drum Orchestra come together for this exclusive Loopmasters collection of dynamic percussion grooves performed live on traditional samba drums with over 300 individual instrument stems at tempos from 85 BPM right up to 165BPM for totally flexibility.

Each instrument for this session has been recorded in isolation for maximum clarity. You will find Loops and One Shot sounds for each instrument including traditional samba instruments: surdo (bass drum in three sizes), caixa (snare drum), repiqe (tenor drum similar in sound to a timbale), tamborims (small, very loud drum played with splayed stick), reco-reco (metal-springed scraper), ganza and chocalho (metal shakers), agogo (two-tone bells). These are augmented by traditional African instruments djembe (goatskin hand drum), shekere (gourd shaker), gankoqui (two tone bells), plus woodblocks and guiros (gourd scraper), timpani, bass drum and cymbals.

We highly recommend you mix and match the loops and single sounds within this pack, layering and stacking the different drum instruments to create that perfect driving rhythm section authentically performing through your productions.

The sample library is available as a download for £24.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Samba Drums and Percussion


Crypto Cipher launches Table Loops sample library

Crypto Cipher has released Tabla Loops, a new sample loop library in Kontakt, REX and WAV formats.

Crypto Cipher Tabla Loops

Whole concept of library was to record the “articulations in action” instead of recording fixed rhythm patterns, which is more expressive and inspiring than the same rhythms played at different speeds. This Library includes more than 1100 Performance samples ranging from “very short phrases” to “very long phrases” upto 37 sec long.

“Jagannath Singh” can hit 100′s of strokes within few seconds and to push the capability of performance we marked each transient stroke so that we can speed up the samples with more control.

Table Loops features

  • Articulation based tabla phrase library.
  • 1130+ phrases ranging from single shots to 37 seconds long phrases.
  • Phrases recorded at 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 128, 130, 140 BPM.
  • Custom script for Kontakt.
  • Special effects includes – Transient Control, Heat, Doubler and Global Tune.
  • Microtuning for each individual sample.
  • 7 custom impulse response reverbs.
  • Kontakt Instruments (Wav/REX), REX loops, WAV loops.
  • 44.1 kHz/ 24-bit format.

The library is available for the introductory price of $39 USD until October 30th, 2014 (regular $49 USD). The Kontakt format requires Kontakt 5.3 or higher, full retail version.

More information: Crypto Cipher / Tabla Loops


MeldaProduction updates MDrummer to v5.04

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MeldaProduction has released version 5.02 of MDrummer, a virtual drum instrument for Windows and Mac.

MeldaProduction MDrummer

MDrummer has been updated to 5.02 bringing several improvements (user interface, MAmp plugin, song tab features…), optimizations and fixes. It is highly recommended to install this update. If you have version 5.0x installed, you can download an updater from our download page.

Changes in MDrummer v5.02

  • Improved preset window layout.
  • Added MAmp effect.
  • Ctrl+click on a track (un)mutes it in loop editor, Alt+click (un)solos it.
  • Minimum velocity for MIDI command notes now forces choosing a random loop and if random loops are disabled.
  • Added shortcut buttons to add verse, chorus etc. to Song tab.
  • Improved visual response of metering systems, mainly sonograms.
  • Improved ADSR editor.
  • Improved signal generator randomizer.
  • Highly improved harmonics detection from sample in signal generators in harmonic mode.
  • Highly improved ADSRs – added immediate release, tremolo, hold down etc.
  • Added randomize button to oscillator shape editors.
  • Added select random preset button next to each all buttons.
  • Randomizer subpresets are now hidden.
  • Band settings (even advanced) of all equalizers are now displayed permanently until you close them or open another band’s settings.
  • Added DC blocker into prefiltering section for MFreqShifter.
  • Improved plugin resizing in some Windows hosts.
  • Added random preset button to each preset window, which selects and loads random preset from selected folder.
  • Added preset rename feature.
  • Presets can now contain text information.
  • Improved step sequencer editor graphical quality.
  • Folders in all presets are now sorted by name.
  • Added fundamental (1st harmonic) level to signal generator transformations.
  • Presets can now be dragged in the preset list to change order.
  • Added upper-case switch to style settings.
  • Added ADSR tremolo fade-in parameter, custom tremolo shape and option to start tremolo in the decay stage already.
  • Fix: Hacked ProTools bug, which makes the host freeze when the style wizard has been shown during startup.
  • Fix: Drag & drop files didn’t work in tab popups.
  • Fix: Fixed compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5.
  • Fix: Some components didn’t handle higher style sizes well.
  • Fix: Areas editor could crash when no areas have been loaded yet in all equalizers.
  • Fix: Plugins might not have presets or some other data when installed on a multi-account machine.
  • Fix: Preset name might not have stored correctly if the preset list has changed.
  • Fix: MPhaser could get ultraexcited by certain signals with some settings.
  • Fix: MFreqShifter responded differently in different sampling rates. There may be a minor sound difference for sampling rates higher than 48kHz.
  • Fix: Signal generator advanced settings and harmonics generator randomize didn’t work.
  • Fix: Unmaximizing a popup window on Mac could make its content messed up.
  • Fix: Mac Command key now acts like Ctrl to avoid conflict with the “standard” Ctrl+Click being right-mouse click.
  • Fix: Edit areas in equalizers could crash on Mac.
  • Fix: Numpad didn’t work on Mac.
  • Fix: Meter names have not been resized correctly when style size is not 100%.
  • Fix: Removed duplicate collapse buttons from MScratcher, MSubSampleSynthesizer and MMultiSampler.
  • Fix: Rhythm editor tab couldn’t be resized when displayed as popup window.
  • Fix: Quick setup displayed as popup with enabled auto-load couldn’t be used to browse drumsets, because loading would activate the main window.

MDrummer is available for purchase for 249 EUR. MDrummer Small is a free download.

More information: MeldaProduction / MDrummer


Spitfire releases Gallon Idiophones instrument library

Spitfire Audio Gallon Idiophones

Spitfire Audio has launched Gallon Idiophones, an instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt featuring prepared steel pans by percussionist Frank Ricotti.

Having produced a series of staples in the ‘Harpsichord’, our seminal ‘Orchestral Percussion’ range and other oft seen session overdub favourites in our ‘Definitive’ range. We’re now pleased to be entering a more esoteric stage with our adventures in the hall at Air Studios, one of the finest sought after scoring stages in the world. Finding new and interesting articles to play in a manner that fits in with our film, game, TV and trailer aesthetic.

The style in which these pans have been recorded and played resonates less with their proud Caribbean heritage, but more with something avant-garde and extraordinary. Something that grabs you and pulls you in, from soft layers of sheer naive beauty to barking metallic stabs that will permeate your scores with biting interest. As they’re all recorded in situ in the same room, everything in our ‘definitive’ range locks together with large swathes of our catalogue from ‘Albion’, through the epochal ‘BML’ to our creative partnership with Hans Zimmer.

Gallon Idiophones is available for the introductory price of £49 GBP until November 1st, 2014 (RRP £65 GBP).

More information: Spitfire / Gallon Idiophones


Singomakers releases Extreme EDM Oneshots sample pack

Singomakers has released Extreme EDM Oneshots, a collection of punchy and phat key labeled kicks, massive claps, powerful snares, hihats, crashes, rides, bass & synth oneshots and lots of EDM percussion.

Singomakers Extreme EDM Oneshots

Inspired by R3hab, Nervo, Knife Party, Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Tommy Trash, Hardwell, Ingrosso, Axwell, Alesso, W&W, Nicky Romero, Tommy Trash, Moguai, Oliver Heldens, Sander van Doorn, DVBBS and more!

All these HQ samples are also suitable for any other genre from Progressive House, EDM to NU School Deep House, from Dubstep to Techno and NU Disco, plus a lot more!

This is an Essential collection of Extreme EDM Oneshots for any modern producer who pays attention to the perfect Drums, Bass & Synth samples in their tracks!

The sample pack is available from Loopmasters for £14.95 GBP.

More information: Singomakers / Extreme EDM Oneshots


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