New Atlantis Audio releases Windchill sample library

New Atlantis Audio has launched Windchill, a sound library for Reason featuring cinematic wind and brass.

New Atlantis Audio Windchill

The organic, rich tones of traditional wind and brass transported to completely uncharted territory in your Reason rack. An arsenal of evocative and inspiring Combinators designed to breathe new life into your music and scoring projects powered by dozens of multi-sampled NN-XT instruments at the core of this collection.

Have you ever wondered what it might be like if you could pluck a flute like guitar, or inject the character of the piano into a saxophone? Go beyond bread n’ butter. Windchill captures the unmistakable soul of real acoustic wind instruments and lets you play them in ways you never imagined. The result is completely new, yet musically familiar all at once.

Windchill features

  • 40 instruments, 47 sources.
  • Samples with embedded loop points and root notes.
  • Compatible with Reason 5 or higher.

The library is available for purchase for $19 USD.

More information: New Atlantis Audio / Windchill


New Atlantis Audio releases Earth ReFill by Moon Echo Audio

New Atlantis Audio launched Earth, a limited edition Reason ReFill by Moon Echo Audio.

Moon Echo Audio Earth

Cooper Skinner is a true audio rennaissance man. With an already impressive pedigree in sound design and composition for film, games, tv and more — The Moon Echo Audio sound and instrument line brings his evocative signature style from the big screen to your rack.

We can’t remember the last time we were this excited about a ReFill. This kind of material is just so rare on the Reason platform — Lucky for us all, Cooper loves Reason as much as we do. Enjoy!

Earth’s one-of-a-kind combination of complex synthesis, sampled instruments, and real world field recordings makes for such a rich and alive playing experience — To even come close, you’d need to be looking at big expensive ROMplers.

Earth features

  • 50 stunning custom Combinator instruments from a world class pro sound designer & composer — powered by an arensel of dynamic 24 bit sampler material you can mix, match, and layer everywhere for endless exploration.
  • Includes Reason project files, “Making of” and product artwork galleries, and bonus limited edition instruments.

The ReFill is available for purchase for $19.99 USD for a limited time. A purchase includes a Moon Echo Audio VIP code, a personal one time coupon code for half off on any other product in their shop.

More information: New Atlantis Audio / Earth


New Atlantis Audio launches Birthday ReFill Bundle + Giveaways

New Atlantis Audio has launched its annual Birthday ReFill Bundle deal on a collection of ReFills.

New Atlantis Audio Birthday Bundle

Today you can score a massive collection of the most evocative & unique instruments, sounds, & production tools available for Reason at an insanely low price in this one day 26 ReFill Bundle Special Event +PLUS the chance to win some hardware & software prize giveaways!

They put together a special site just for the occasion — check it out right here, and don’t miss it!

The bundle is available for purchase for $88 USD ($634 value in ReFills).

A purchase of the bundle automatically enters you in the prize drawings for a RØDE iXY stereo field mic (w/windshield kit) + 5 copies each of Drift & Nightshift.

The sale ends September 2nd, 2014.

More information: Birthday ReFill Bundle


The Loop Loft launches Labor Day Sale – 40% off

The Loop Loft has announced a Labor Day Sale, offering a 40% discount on its libraries and bundles for a limited time.

The Loop Loft Labor Day Sale

Our massive Labor Day Sale starts now! Save 40% all weekend long at The Loop Loft.

Just enter the following code at checkout to save 40% on everything in your cart!
Discount Code: LDSALE

The offer expires September 1st, 2014, 12am ET.

More information: The Loop Loft


Soundcells updates Rack Extension based ReFills

Soundcells has announced that it has updated its Antidote Signature, Polysix Signature, Viking Signature Rack Extension based ReFills.

Soundcells RE-based ReFills

The main part of these updates is the replacing of all patches that were using the Line 6 devices. Besides this, the new versions contains new patches, minor changes in detail and in case of Viking Signature new backdrops.

And Soundcells has a special offer to all customers: Get a 50% COUPON for your next purchase!

  • Existing owners of at least one of these ReFills will automatically receive their Voucher via email.
  • New customers simply need to purchase one of these UPDATED products to receive the coupon.

The offer ends September 14th, 2014. The individual coupon code is valid for 30 days after purchase.

More information: Soundcells


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