Save over 40% on SonArte bundle at Ableton

Ableton has announced a limited time promotion on a bundle of SonArte Sound Objects & Crystal Sounds, offering 40% off the regular price.

Ableton SonArte Bundle promo

SonArte’s acclaimed Sound Objects and Crystal Sounds collections feature out-of-the-ordinary, highly original sounds ranging from the sampled contents of a hardware store to a musical sculpture and much unique audio material in between.

SonArte bundle

  • Crystal Sounds, a truly unique, must-have collection for composers and sound designers.
    • Composed of two main instruments: a Cristal Baschet – a “sonorous sculpture” with a haunting timbre, and a large variety of crystal glasses.
    • All presets are expertly multi-sampled instruments, captured with a variety of attacks and dynamics.
    • Sampled material has been sculpted into many versatile pads, percussive sounds, voice-like textures and more.
    • Includes 177 presets and 3 Live Sets.
  • Sound Objects, a library of sampled percussive and bowed objects chosen for their complex and unusual harmonics plus a selection of vintage instruments.
    • Features sampled saw blades, hangers, plumbing pipes, ceramic tiles, metal sheets and rods, gardening forks and more.
    • Also includes tubular bells, plus various Thai and Chinese cymbals and gongs.
    • Sound Objects sampled with various attacks, up to five dynamic levels and virtually no room tone for maximum versatility.
    • Includes 359 presets and 30 Live Sets.

The bundle of SonArte libraries is available to purchase for 79 EUR/$99 USD until August 15th, 2012 (regular 138 EUR/$178 USD).

More information: Ableton


Ableton releases Novachord, MachineKits, and Tubular Bells partner instruments

Ableton Partner Instruments

Ableton has announced the release of three new Partner Instruments, a growing collection of diverse and essential sounds designed specifically for Live by our partners.

New Ableton Partner Instruments

  • Novachord by Soniccouture, a collection of presets that is based on the faithfully sampled sounds of the Novachord – a gargantuan, tube-based, 72-note polyphonic synthesizer from 1938.
  • MachineKits by Puremagnetik, the Ableton partner behind Drum Machines introduces a high quality library of drum machines programmed specifically for Ableton Live.
  • Tubular Bells by SonArte, a collection of tubular bell presets meticulously sampled from a vintage instrument and transformed into ambient, rhythmic and synthetic sounds.

The new Ableton Partner Instruments are available to purchase at a $10 USD / 10 EUR discount through December 19, 2010. Puremagnetik MachineKits is now $29 USD, SonArte Tubular Bells is $49 USD, and Soniccouture Novachord $69 USD.

More information: Ableton / Partner Instruments


Ableton offers free Partner Instrument with purchase of Live 8 or Suite 8 + Free Partner Instrument Compilation

Ableton Choose Your Partner

Ableton has announced that it is offering a free Partner Instrument with every purchase of Live 8 or Suite 8 before August 31, 2010.

Ableton’s favorite sound designers have developed a rich collection of instruments custom-made for Ableton Live. Now, get any one of these exquisite instruments for free when you buy Ableton Live.

The offer applies to sales of Ableton Live 8 or Suite 8, as well as upgrades from Live Lite — valid at the Ableton web shop and at dealers worldwide.

Ableton has also announced the Partner Instrument Compilation, a free audio package for existing Live users.

If you already own Ableton Live 8, Suite 8 or Intro, we also have something for you: download the free Partner Instrument Compilation. This 4.4GB Live Pack provides a selection of content taken from the Partner Instruments, and includes everything from acoustic pianos and electronic drums to exotic instruments and cinematic soundscapes.

More information: Ableton


Ableton releases exclusive instruments from Ableton partners

Ableton Partner Instruments

Ableton has announced the release of a new range of exquisite instruments, custom-made for Live by some of its favorite sound partners.

The range of sounds is highly diverse, including painstakingly sampled grand pianos, Balinese gamelan, EBow guitar, boutique vintage synthesizers, found objects, acoustic and electronic percussion, atmospheres, and soundscapes. All partner instruments work with Suite 8, Live 8 or Live Intro, and many of them are exclusive to Ableton Live.

The partner instruments are completely integrated into Ableton Live, which makes for a smooth workflow and familiar controls. Most of the instruments use Live’s Rack format, with the eight Macro Controls carefully mapped to provide powerful, top-level control for immediate tweakability. Within the Racks, carefully selected Ableton effects provide additional sound design options. This tight integration also means that the partner instruments all provide instant mapping to controller hardware.

Some of the sound design teams behind these instruments are long-standing Ableton partners – Puremagnetik, e-instruments and SonArte have all provided sounds for Live’s Library. The “new” partners – Sample Logic, Toontrack, Soniccouture and Flatpack – may already be familiar names to many of you.

The new partner instruments are available now at the Ableton web shop.

More information: Ableton / Partner instruments


Ableton announces Summer of Sampler

Ableton Summer of Sampler

Ableton has announced the Summer of Sampler, a special offer where you can a free copy of Sampler.

Sampler is Ableton’s advanced sampling instrument. Apart from having a perfectly descriptive name, it’s extremely versatile, combining traditional sampling features with advanced sound design functions. Sampler can handle any kind of multi-gigabyte instrument library you care to name.

But the fun really starts when you go in deep and start sound-shaping—Sampler gives you control over every detail of your sound. Be prepared to create vibrant and complex sounds from even the most basic audio source material.

Buy Ableton Live 8 before August 31 and get Sampler (EUR 99/USD 129 value) for free.

Ableton is also offering Samplification, a free audio package with new sounds, lessons, presets, Instrument Racks and Construction Kits.

Samplification features

  • 19 Construction Kits.
  • 3 Live Sets with drum clips.
  • 97 new Instrument Racks.
  • Sampler tutorials.
  • New samples from Puremagnetik.
  • Samples from Cycling ’74.
  • Selected sounds from Sound Objects Lite by Sonarte.

Samplification is a Live Pack with a download size of 420 MB (uncompressed). Installation size is about 950 MB (requires Sampler and Live 8.0.4 or higher).

Visit Ableton for more information.


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