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Sound Pack Flyer releases Mike Kalombo – Klassic Samples Vol 1

Mike Kalombo Klassic Samples Vol 1

Sound Pack Flyer has announced the release of Klassic Samples Vol 1, a sample pack by Mike Kalombo.

Klassic Samples Vol. 1 provides you with a true foundation of producer-hood. Cracking snares to awesome 808s. Thick kicks to airy claps. Unheard of SFX to authentic percussion. This kit lays it down for you.

Klassic Samples Vol 1 features

  • Powerful Urban Kicks. Get some thick kicks, with big bottom, many with a touch of powerful layers, giving your kicks that consistent cut through in your mixes!
  • Snares that CRACK — Besides the awesome variety, there’s something special in how these snares cut through the mix. Definitely worth a look at!
  • Unheard of SFX — Real creative SFX from uplifting risers to Sci-fi SFX, down-risers, to bomb explosions.
  • Percussion is a hit! — Congas, Bongos, Shakers, Cymbals, Tambourines. This is all you need for those creative drum loops!

The sample pack is on sale for $14.99 USD.

More information: Sound Pack Flyer / Klassic Samples Vol 1


Sound Pack Flyer intros J-rum’s Quality over Quantity Bundle

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Jrum's Quality over Quantity Bundle

Sound Pack Flyer has announced J-rum’s Quality over Quantity Bundle, a collection of 5 sample packs, featuring a total of 550+ sounds.

Get 5 of J-rum’s QoQ kits in a low-priced bundle

Who is J-rum? J-rum has over 28 million soundclick plays. He now brings you access to his sounds!

Quality Over Quantity, by J-rum, features 5 of J-rum’s Kits. These are geared towards trap, but have a touch of electro and pop to them!

We also have provided a bundle of just Pt. 2&3.

The bundle is available to purchase for $29.99 USD. Part 2 and 3 are available in a bundle for $19.99 USD.

More information: Sound Pack Flyer


Sound Pack Flyer launches High Impact 1 + 2 Bundle

SPF High Impact Bundle

Sound Pack Flyer has announced the High Impact Bundle, a collection of 600+ drum samples by Sounds In HD.

High Impact was a big turn around in my production game. These are some of the thickest kicks around, also to mention the reverb on the claps, snare, and percussion folder is on par!

High Impact Bundle

  • 600+ samples:
    • High Impact 1: 75 bass drums, 75 snare drums, 85 claps, 73 percussion, 18 loops.
    • High Impact 2: 75 bass drums, 75 snare drums, 75 claps, 75 percussive samples, 30 loops.

The bundle is currently on sale for $40 USD.

More information: Sound Pack Flyer / High Impact Bundle


Sound Pack Flyer launches Beat Butcha’s Bundle

Beat Butcha Bundle

Sound Pack Flyer has announced the Beat Butcha’s Bundle, a collection of 4 sample packs by Beat Butcha.

Wow oh wow these kits are hot. I’ll tell you right now, any genre you want to make hip-hop wise this is YOUR KIT.

Full of chops, breaks, BEEFY KICKS, 808′s, trap kicks, you name it. This kit is like buying a family pack at KFC, an all in one bundle, and nothing but protein to beef up your beats. (Minus the fast food analogy, these sounds aren’t cheap!).

Beat Butcha’s Bundle features

  • Four of Beat Butcha’s Kits Bangin’ Drum Kits (Over 1850+ SOUNDS!!!)
  • Amazing versatility and change up in the sounds — Boom Bap, Breaks/Chops, Clean Drum Hits, Hard-Bodied Snares!
  • Jam-Packed with Goodies (Full of cool riffs, tons of snares, thick-bottomed kicks, SFX, shakers, unique sounds etc).
  • Full of Breaks for those who like to chop up drum loops! (Tons of one-hit sounds included as well).

The sample bundle is available from Sound Pack Flyer for $60 USD. The Horse Beef Drum Kit is also sold separately for $20 USD.

More information: Sound Pack Flyer / Beat Butcha’s Bundle


Sounds In HD 808 Drums sample pack 50% off at Sound Pack Flyer

Sounds In HD 808 Drums

Sound Pack Flyer has launched a limited time sale on the 808 Drums sample pack by Sounds In HD.

Sounds in HD has been at it again, this time bringing an old favorite and remaking it for the perfect drum sample kit for today’s producer!

What makes this 808 Drum Pack so different?

Go to your hard drive and delete any 808s you have; you simply won’t need them anymore! Our 808 Drum Sample pack comes with over 450 samples and loops and is organized into 3 simple folders: Classic, Layered, and Pitched & Generated.

808 Drums features

  • No more guessing what note — Each 808 is tuned and labeled for your convenience!
  • Thick, POWERFUL 808′s — Probably your last 808 kit you will ever need to purchase
  • Not just 808′s! (Beefy kicks, hats, claps etc. are included as well!)
  • Just the bass line of the 808 for full flexibility!
  • Great for any genre. These 808′s suite everything.

The sample pack is available for $25 USD until June 8th, 2013 (regular $49.99 USD).

More information: Sound Pack Flyer / 808 Drums


Xclusive-Audio Urban Heat 40% off at Sound Pack Flyer

Xclusive-Audio Urban Heat

Sound Pack Flyer is offering a 40% discount on the Urban Heat sample library by Xclusive-Audio.

This is Xclusive-Audio’s first release, and WOW was it a banger!

This sale is a grand-opening special. Only for 2 weeks you can get Urban Heat at a discount!

Urban Heat features

  • Over 500 sounds, 24-Bit .WAV Files.
  • Spectacular variety. (Percussion was amazingly captured).
  • Love Drums? Pick a flavor. Various, Long, Short, Booms. Did we mention over 120 kicks to choose from?

Urban Heat is available to purchase for $29.95 USD until May 31st, 2013 (regular $49.99 USD).

More information: Sound Pack Flyer / Urban Heat


Beatstruggles launches Sound Pack Flyer – Get deals on sample packs

Sound Pack Flyer

Beatstruggles has launched Sound Pack Flyer, a new service that offers discounts from your favorite sound pack companies.

For the past couple months, Beatstruggles has released what is known as the “Sound Pack Flyer”, which provides beatmakers INDUSTRY STANDARD KITS at discounted prices.

The Sound Pack Flyer is able to bring you QUALITY KITS at discounted prices from well-known companies such as TheProducersChoice, SoundsinHD, Xclusive-Audio.

Sign up for the newsletter to get an additional 10% OFF Coupon and a collection of free sounds by Xclusive-Audio.

More information: Sound Pack Flyer