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Patchpool introduces Scattered Entity Vol. 1 for MachFive 3

Patchpool Scattery Entity Vol 1

Simon Stockhausen of Patchpool has announced Scattered Entity Vol. 1, the first in a series of libraries for MOTU’s MachFive 3.

Over time a universe of sounds for this extremely versatile electronic instrument will be created, combining the beauty and natural expression of acoustic instruments with the miracles of electronic sound design.

Scattered Entity Vol. 1 features

  • ~3 GB of original samples (wav/stereo/48 Khz/24 Bit).
  • 100+ patches/instruments combining all synthesis methods available in MachFive
    • Multisampled instruments, pure and twisted.
    • Orchestral sounds derived from orchestral recordings of my own music.
    • Evolving pads.
    • Vocal texures.
    • Experimental textures.
    • Cinematic and ominous soundscapes.
    • Complex sequencers.
    • Processed field recordings.
    • Sampled Instruments:
      • Celtic harp with 27 strings – multisampled with several velocity layers and round robin, harp glissandi, prepared harp samples.
      • Bowed strings.
      • Woodwinds.
      • Chromatic and achromatic percussion (Thai gongs, Tamtam, bowed vibraphone, Djembe and more).
      • Timpani.
  • All patches will have the 8 Macros assigned in the info tab, quite a few patches will also have custom scripting for extended sound manipulation features and a nice front end.

The sound library is scheduled for release in early November, 2013. It is available to pre-order for 52 EUR (20% off regular 65 EUR).

More information: Patchpool / Scattered Entity Vol. 1

Cinematique Instruments releases Fabrique Free for Kontakt

Cinematique Instruments Fabrique

Cinematique Instruments has announced the release of Fabrique Free, a free sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Fabrique full version will be released in the middle of September.

We are offering a free version featuring a limited amount of function showing its great and versatile abilities!

What is behind Fabrique?

“Create unique loops flexible from scratch!” – Fabrique is a sound module for creating complex and inspiring musical elements within seconds. Whether you are searching for the basis of a score cue or for sophisticated add-on percussions or you are trying to look up organic loops, atmospheric soundscapes or tonal movements or you just wanted to get inspired for a new piece of music, Fabrique provides enough possibilities according to these needs. But even if you are not feeling like creating your own pattern, there are over 190 presets available, ready to be played.

Fabrique includes three different modules which varies in kind and amount of sounds and covers a certain genre: Firstly there is PRIME, which covers the wide range of cinematic music and song production, secondly there is URBAN, which meets the needs of dub and pop music and finally the maverick one EERIE, which provides pattern and sounds for horror and dramatic purposes.

Although Fabrique is a very complex and versatile tool, it is anyhow very simple and intuitive to use. All control and operating elements are easily accessible, so that you can quickly and easily create or edit your pattern according to your requirements.

Fabrique Free is available to download at no cost.

More information: Cinematique Instruments / Fabrique Free

ADSR Sounds releases Massive Soundscape

Talou Sound Soundscape for Massive

ADSR Sounds has launched Massive Soundscape, a soundset for the Massive software synthesizer by Native Instruments, featuring 50 ambient presets by Talou Sound.

The audio preview of ‘Massive Soundscape‘ is just one instance of Massive, one preset at a time. This means that by adding external FX you can take this even further, just imagine the sounds you can get!

The high quality synthesis and sound design involved in making this preset pack ensures multiple uses. You can either use the sounds in the background, which will make your production thick and give it that overall feel and emotion. Or you can use them as leads and the main foundation of your music.

The presets are all fine-tuned and ready to be dropped straight into your productions.

The Soundscape soundset costs $18 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Massive Soundscape

Review: Arte Nuovo Padsheaven 2 soundset for Zebra

Arte Nuovo Padsheaven 2

Hot on the heels on the Joseph Hollo’s first soundset comes Padsheaven 2, a new collection of sounds for the Zebra 2.5 software synthesizer from u-he.

The continuation of the successful padsheaven, a brand new collection of lyrical, dramatic pads, effects and soundscapes and much more from a multiple golden and platinum record owner composer.

Like the first version, you can use them in almost all styles from classical pop/rock ballads to moviescores or even in the most up to date compositions.

The majority of Padsheaven 2 patches are pad sounds (99). A full range of pads is included, from deep & warm to icy thin. Additional sounds include a variety of keys, bass and lead, plucked instruments and drum sounds (19 patches in total), as well as 15 arp/rhythmic patches. A few variations and bonus presets make for a total of 133 patches.

Joseph has once again made good use of the various controller assignments to add lots of expressive and dynamic variety to the sounds. Aftertouch, breath and expression have been assigned to the XY pads on Zebra, so you can change multiple parameters with a single control.

So what do I think?

Product: Padsheaven 2 by Joseph Hollo
Format: 133 .h2p patches for Zebra 2.5
Price: $25 USD
Like: Beautiful sounds, well designed
Don’t like: –
Verdict: 9/10

Padsheaven 2 goes on in the same vein as its predecessor. High quality sounds, exceptionally emotional, expressive, and beautifully sculpted by talented sound designer Joseph Hollo.

I can never get enough of good pad sounds, and this set delivers another stunning collection.

Padsheaven 2 is another must buy for any Zebra user who needs pads. And then some. The bells, leads/synths, plucked sounds… all just hitting that sweet spot. These sounds will do wonderful in ambient and cinematic works, or anything else that needs gentle, moving, astonishingly beautiful sounds.

Joseph is offering a free 8-patch demo bank so make sure to check it out.

More information: Arte Nuovo

New Atlantis Audio releases Nightshift sound library

New Atlantis Audio Nightshift

New Atlantis Audio has announced the release of Nightshift, a royalty-free cinematic sound and effects library designed to set a distinctly eerie and intense tone for your music and scoring productions.

Haunting outdoor scenes, steam-powered atmospheres, howling metallic drones and found sound machinery rhythms are just some of what you’ll find inside. With their gorgeous natural reverbs preserved, we captured the sounds of abandoned factories, an old steel mill, a machine shop powered by antique contraptions, steam tunnels, huge furnaces, acid baths, creaking chain lifts and more. One location even had its own spooky ass crow on the roof who makes an appearance, sometimes you just get lucky like that.

The material was processed in varying degrees to generate this one-of-a-kind collection of inspirational soundscapes, audio scenes, effects, rhythms and musical elements. The sounds range from quick, dramatic gestures and buildups, to deep evolving soundscapes that twist, turn and morph through environments, frequencies and textures – some nearly three minutes long! Also includes a bonus Reason ReFill with a selection of sampler-based Combinator instruments.

Nightshift costs $66.66 USD. The library is available at an introductory 25% discount for a limited time by using the social sharing buttons during checkout.

More information: New Atlantis Audio / Nightshift

VST Buzz launches Modular Piano sale – 40% off

Audiority Modular Piano

VST Buzz has launched a sale on the Modular Piano sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt by Audiority.

The Modular Piano is a synthesized acoustic piano that is capable of creating a cinematic piano sound as well as intimate and unusual soundscapes. Its an incredibly flexible instrument that is small in size (877MB) and provides a very unique piano sound, perfect for a wide range of styles.

The Modular Piano comes with 27 Kontakt Instruments and 4 Kontakt Multis (requires Kontakt 4.2.4 or higher).This is a great piano to add to your creative arsenal and at $20 its a complete no-brainer. Listen to the demos to hear just how versatile this instrument really is!

Modular Piano is available to purchase for $20 USD until August 27th, 2013 (regular $33 USD).

More information: VST Buzz

Leap Into The Void launches Beauty From A Synthesizer pre-order

Beauty From A Synthesizer

Leap Into The Void has introduced Beauty From A Synthesizer, a collection of 128 lush and delicate sounds for the Massive software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

Warm, evolving, analog, lush, synthetic, dreamy, ambient and cinematic. Beauty From A Synthesizer is a library with focus the beautiful. Evolving and lush pads, analog warmth, gentle, tender leads and breaths of fresh air. A library full of pads and leads and also soundscapes and bass sounds with instant gratification in mind. Load any lead sound and play your favorite melody, load any pad and be swept away completely.

Every sound is tagged by type and comes with a detailed description in the comments field. All sounds are designed with careful assignment of each macro knob with maximum focus on the specific character of the sound and it’s intended use where subtle or more dramatic changes are perfectly in tune with the preset.

The soundset is available to pre-order for 9.97 EUR (50% off regular). Release date TBA.

More information: Leap Into The Void / Beauty From A Synthesizer

ADSR Sounds intros Bundle Of The Void #1 for Massive

ADSR Sounds Bundle Of The Void for Massive

ADSR Sounds has announced the Bundle Of The Void #1, comprising Leap Into The Void’s The Serpent and Darker Than Dark Within Bloom soundsets for Native Instruments Massive.

Dark evolving soundscapes, pulsating doom, industrial and cinematic pads, ominous sequences, drones, organs, bass, bells, fx sounds, beautiful pads and leads.

A massive 256 sounds suited for electronic and/or dark music any genre, sound art, film and games production, experimental composition and live performance.

Bundle Of The Void #1

  • The Serpent — Creepy, ominous, dark, seductive and divined with temperament and wisdom. An infinite amount of layers, every sound is a world on it’s own. 128 sounds designed with careful assignment of each macro knob to enable an enormous range of possible variations on every single preset.
  • Darker Than Dark Within Bloom — Monumental and bewitching. Even more dark, more scary, more ominous, and more beautiful. 128 sounds designed to seduce and enchant from the darkest of dark. All sounds come with careful assignment of each macro knob to suit the specific preset. Every sound is tagged for easy access and comes with a detailed description of the sound, the macro knob assignments and examples of variations where applicable. Patchlist with comments are included in the download.

The bundle costs $48 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Bundle Of The Void #1