Boxed Ear releases TQS: Magnetic Fields for Evolver

Boxed Ear TQS Magnetic Fields

Boxed Ear has announced the release of TQS: Magnetic Fields, a soundset for Dave Smith Instruments Evolver series, featuring 128 brand new sounds for the Evolver synthesizer.

The Evolver is a modern classic. Digital wavetables mix with analog oscillators, filters, sequencers, LFOs and delays to create a powerful yet vintage sounding synthesizer that stand up there with the greats.

Included in the soundset are 128 fresh sounds, compatible with any Evolver. Every sound has been designed with one thing in mind, playability. Organics leads, vintage basses, luscious evolving pads and otherworldly atmospheres are all designed to be expressive and musical.

TQS Magnetic Fields features

  • 128 brand new sounds delivered in MIDI sysex format and SoundTower Editor format.
  • Detailed instructions for installing are included in the download package.
  • Compatible with all Evolver models including the Poly Evolver Keyboard, Evolver Desktop, Mono Evolver Keyboard and Poly Evolver Rack.

TQS: Magnetic Fields costs $33 USD/25 EUR/£21 GBP inc. VAT.

More information: Boxed Ear / TQS: Magnetic Fields


SoundTower releases Little Phatty Editor Librarian v2.1

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SoundTower Moog Little Phatty Editor Librarian

SoundTower has released version 2.1 of Little Phatty Editor Librarian, designed to be the ultimate tool for organizing and creating presets for both the Little Phatty Tribute and Stage Editions.

Version 2.1 now supports all Stage II preset parameters including arpeggiator settings.

Through a MIDI connection from the Little Phatty to a computer, this program can receive single presets or an entire bank of presets from the Little Phatty – as well as replace individual presets or an entire bank. Once the presets are transmitted to the LP Editor Librarian, all preset parameters can be displayed in a graphical user interface, including edit functions like Pot Mapping, Filter Poles and Arpeggiator settings.

Little Phatty Editor Librarian features

  • Editing of all Moog Little Phatty parameters from a single scalable interface window.
  • Panel change sensing.
  • Random patch generation – morphing, mixing and mutating form one sound to another.
  • Bank management and Patch Librarian with sound categories.
  • Full 16 bit, 8 bit or 7 bit parameter editing resolution.

Little Phatty Editor Librarian is available for Windows and Mac for $69 USD. A demo version can be downloaded from the product page.

Visit Moog for more information.