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ADSR Sounds intros Phat Stabs for Absynth

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Talou Sound Phat Stabs

ADSR Sounds has launched Phat Stabs, a collection of 28 Absynth presets by Talou Sound.

This Preset pack contains 28 Phat Presets with one main goal; to go really insane and loud.

In addition to that you get cool FX Presets, some Absynth Side Chain Presets and 50 stereo samples for your Absynth sample library.

The audio preview ‘ Talou Sound – Phat Stabs ‘ is fully produced with Absynth. This means all sounds, drums, reverbs and filter sweeps where made entirely inside the synthesizer, no other fx where used. What you hear is what you get!

The high quality synthesis and sound design involved in making this Preset pack ensures multiple uses.

The soundset costs $18 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Phat Stabs


ADSR Sounds releases Massive Soundscape

Talou Sound Soundscape for Massive

ADSR Sounds has launched Massive Soundscape, a soundset for the Massive software synthesizer by Native Instruments, featuring 50 ambient presets by Talou Sound.

The audio preview of ‘Massive Soundscape‘ is just one instance of Massive, one preset at a time. This means that by adding external FX you can take this even further, just imagine the sounds you can get!

The high quality synthesis and sound design involved in making this preset pack ensures multiple uses. You can either use the sounds in the background, which will make your production thick and give it that overall feel and emotion. Or you can use them as leads and the main foundation of your music.

The presets are all fine-tuned and ready to be dropped straight into your productions.

The Soundscape soundset costs $18 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Massive Soundscape