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Universal Sampling releases Euphoria for Kontakt

Universal Sampling has announced the release of Euphoria, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Universal Sampling Euphoria
Universal Sampling’s high quality, flexible, great sounding and easy to use virtual instrument: Euphoria.

Euphoria contains a massive amount of content – from percussive loops, to tonal arpeggiated loops, to heavy, bone-crushing impacts, reverses, deeply sampled organic and manipulated drum kits, and on.

The library is ideal for anyone writing for film, TV, games, trailers, etc. There is a huge amount of control right at one’s fingertips, with many of Kontakt’s fx available with just a mouse click or two. Dot your compositions – orchestral, hybrid, rock, ambient, whatever… or create entire original awesome works from scratch.

The sample library is available to purchase for $249 USD. Requires Kontakt 4.2.4 or higher, full version.

More information: Universal Sampling / Euphoria

Universal Sampling releases Down & Dirty & Clean Guitar for Kontakt

Universal Sampling has announced the release of Down & Dirty & Clean Guitar, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Universal Sampling Down & Dirty & Clean Guitar

This library was born out of the want for a down and dirty guitar lib – one that can be loaded, and used quickly – no fuss, no hassle. And one that has a very small RAM footprint. Perfect for creating intricate guitar parts with alot of movement, or just doing simple sketches.

The Down & Dirty & Clean Guitar lib consists of two sections: distorted (mic’d w/amp), and clean. Both sections are mirrors of one another; both have single notes, and chords. The notes are 2 velocity layers, and either mono and round robin x2, or stereo, split l/r. 4+ octaves are covered – from the low B0, up to the highest E5. The chords as well are 2 velocity layers, and either mono and round robin x2, or stereo, split l/r. They cover an octave and a half, starting at the low B0, and working up to Eb2. Chords have two strumming patterns – fast and slow, and are both major and minor.

Down & Dirty & Clean Guitar features

  • 988 samples, 3.53 GB installed; 1.69 GB .rar download.
  • Instrument list:
    • Clean Mono Round Robin Guitar-Chords
    • Clean Mono Round Robin Guitar-Single Notes
    • Clean Stereo Guitar-Chords
    • Clean Stereo Guitar-Single Notes
    • Dirty Mono Round Robin Guitar-Chords
    • Dirty Mono Round Robin Guitar-Single Notes
    • Dirty Stereo Guitar-Chords
    • Dirty Stereo Guitar-Single Notes
  • Format: .wav (48k/24bit); Kontakt 4 required.

Down & Dirty & Clean Guitar is available to purchase as a download for $49 USD, or on DVD for $54 USD (U.S. shipping) / $57 USD (International shipping).

More information: Universal Sampling / Down & Dirty & Clean Guitar

Universal Sampling releases Guitar FX sample library

Universal Sampling Guitar FX

Universal Sampling has released Guitar FX, a sample library featuring various effects and noises made primarily with heavy, distorted guitar/mic’d amplifier.

Scratches, scrapes, chugs, pinches, whammy bar, guitar played with a violin bow, percussive “hits” …it’s all here.

If you have been looking for that something extra… if you have been searching for noises and fx to round out your orchestral template, add to your rock and metal tunes, and add depth and color to your tracks, this it it!

Guitar FX features

  • Format: .wav/Kontakt 3.5 and above ready.
  • Sample resolution: 48kHz/24-bit.
  • 1,088 samples, 2.47 GB installed (1.44 GB .rar download).

Guitar FX is available to purchase as a download for $49 USD (DVD available at additional cost).

More information: Universal Sampling / Guitar FX

Universal Sampling releases Windchimes

Universal Sampling Windchimes

Universal Sampling has released Windchimes, a sample library for Kontakt.

Uniquely and deeply sampled – this library features a total of 10 windchimes, varying in size, pitch, range, and of course, sound. Ten windchimes in total, including temple bells and bar chimes, make up this sample library, which is prefect for a wide variety of sounds and emotions. Go from a soothing, dreamy atmosphere, to a shrill and haunting landscape. A wide array of velocities and lengths mean a great deal of flexability. Use single samples on their own, or combine several samples to customize the sound to fit your needs.

Also included are individual bells – 14 in total. Each bell has it’s own pitch and it’s own sound. All bells have three velocity layers, and are round robin x6.

Digitally recorded in stereo with top-notch mics and mic pre for superior sonic quality, this library is available in both 48khz, and 44.1khz formats. Both are 24 bit. The recordings are close and dry, leaving the option to keep the samples dry, or add one’s reverb of choice.

Windchimes features

  • Ten Windchimes
  • 14 bells (3 vel. layers; rr x 6)
  • Format: stereo .wav; Kontakt 2 and above ready
  • Sample resolution: 48khz/24 bit stereo, and/or 441khz/24 bit stereo (choose one, or both at no extra charge)
  • 48khz: 775 samples, 4.03 GB installed (2.31 GB .rar d/l)
  • 441khz: 775 samples, 3.70 GB installed (2.14 GB .rar d/l)
  • Library is available for d/l, or delivery on a DVD for just a few dollars more
  • Bonus: includes a rainstick!

Windchimes is available to purchase starting at $29 USD.

More information: Universal Sampling / Windchimes