Steinberg releases HALion 3.5

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Steinberg HALion

Steinberg has released version 3.5 of HALion, a virtual sampler instrument for Windows and Mac.

The update adds native support for 64-bit editions of Windows Vista, as well as a new Factory Content sound bank consisting of 128 new electronic instruments and drum kits.

Adding compatibility to 64-bit Vista, HALion 3.5 can now address vast amounts of memory, allowing many more additional instruments to be loaded simultaneously.

Changes in HALion v3.5

  • HALion 3.5 is available as a native 64-bit plug-in and should work in any VST 2.4 compatible native 64-bit sequencer, like Cubase 5 or Cubase Studio 5. The dramatically enhanced memory address space gives new possibilities for really large setups and very detailed sampled instruments.
  • New HALion 3 Factory 5 Content bank with 128 brand new sounds available.
  • New entry available in the file menu: “Save as default Bank” allowing to save the current bank as default bank.
  • New “Choose External Audio Editor” option in the global context menu to choose an external audio editor (like Wavelab or Sound Forge).
  • Improved resampling algorithm quality.
  • Preload time settable as global default by clicking on the apply button with Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (OS X) pressed.
  • Changes in the disk-streaming engine: under specific circumstances HALion 3.5 features more reliable play back of disk streamed voices.

The update is now available for download for all HALion 3 customers.

Visit Steinberg for more information.


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