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VirSyn updates Matrix vocoder to v2.3

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VirSyn Matrix

VirSyn has released version 2.3 of its MATRIX vocoder plugin for Windows and Mac.

MATRIX brings you the classic vocoder sound used in countless productions from Kraftwerk to Daft Punk!

Changes in MATRIX v2.3

  • Additional Tone generator for improved speech intelligibility.
  • LFO for vibrato generation with optional mod wheel control.
  • New pitch follower for dramatically improved pitch tracking.
  • VST2.4: 64-bit version for Mac OS X.

Matrix for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is on sale for 129 EUR until May 31st, 2014 (regular 199 EUR).

More information: VirSyn / MATRIX


Roland unveils AIRA product line: TR-8, TB-3, VT-1 & System-1

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Roland has unveiled its AIRA product line, comprising the TR-8 Rhythm Performer, TB-3 Touch Bassline, VT-3 Voice Transformer, and System-1: Plug-Out Synthesizer.

Roland’s newly developed Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) faithfully captures the sound and feel of some of our most revered classics. ACB is the technology behind the authentic sound and responsive behavior of the AIRA products.

It utilizes original design specs, consultation with original engineers, and a detailed, part-by-part analysis of each analog circuit in Roland’s own pristine units.

TR-8: Rhythm Performer

Roland TR-8
Authentic TR-808 & TR-909 experience in a modern, performance-ready instrument

The TR-8 is a performance rhythm machine that melds the legendary sound and vibe of the TR-808 and TR-909 with features and functions for the modern age.

Genre-defining sounds, classic effects, unprecedented live pattern manipulation, and solid, intuitive performance controls. It’s the TR…evolved.

TB-3: Touch Bassline

Roland TB-3
The magic of the TB-303 with new sounds and modern, performance-ready features

Based on the wildly influential TB-303, the new TB-3 Touch Bassline is a performance-ready bass synthesizer with authentic sound and intuitive controls engineered to play.

The TB-3 contains the unmistakable character of its predecessor, wrapped in a modern package with a pressure-sensitive touch pad that makes both playing and programming a total joy.

VT-3: Voice Transformer

Roland VT-3
Easy voice transformation with vocoder, lo-fi effects, and synths you can sing

Aggressively processed vocals are common in electronic music today, but producing these effects easily and reproducing them live has been a challenge—until now.

With the VT-3 Voice Transformer, you can smoothly alter pitch and formant in real time to introduce heavily processed vocal sounds into your studio tracks and stage performances with zero hassle. On top of that, the VT-3 looks great and works seamlessly with other products in the AIRA series.

SYSTEM-1: PLUG-OUT Synthesizer

Roland System-1
Sounds with character and loads of controls in a Plug-Out capable synthesizer

Back in the 1970s, Roland launched the SYSTEM 100, SYSTEM 100M, and the now almost mythical SYSTEM 700. These modular and semi-modular synthesizers are heralded to this day for their flexibility and character of sound.

In the spirit of its predecessors, the SYSTEM-1 breaks new ground with remarkable flexibility and access to a vast palette of tones with the bold, unmistakable character associated with Roland synthesizers for nearly four decades.

AIRA products will be available by the end of second quarter 2014.

More information: Roland / AIRA


Industrial Strength releases Robotik Vocoder by 6Blocc

6Blocc Robotik Vocoder

Industrial Strength Records has launched Robotik Vocoder, a sample pack by producer 6Blocc.

Master producer 6Blocc fires off another round ammo with 800 samples of pure vocoder madness. This Industrial Strength vocal pack is a one-stop sound source for red-hot robotic vocoder effects.

6Blocc Robotik Vocoder comes collect with short, medium, and long vocal phrases. All phrases were processed through the legendary Roland Vocoder, the machine that gained fame through antics in Electro and early West Coast Hip-Hop. From classic lines (we couldn’t forget to drop the bass) to fresh new inventions of the vocal madmind, you’ll find the words to carry the energy of your next production through any twist and turn.

These 24-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files are ready to lock and load without a hitch. Hear them rip in any EDM, Electro, Techno, Trap, Hip-Hop and House production. We left plenty of headroom so you can add your own effects without maxing out the capacity for sheer craziness.

6Blocc Robotik Vocoder features

  • 802 Vocal Samples (24-bit), 500 MB content in total.
  • Includes 51 Cities & Countries Vocal Samples, 71 Club Tools Vocals, 71 DnB Jungle Vocals, 32 DnB Jungle FX Vocals, 66 Dubstep Trap Vocals, 30 Dubstep Trap FX Vocals, 81 Electro Vocals, 28 Electro Fx Vocals, 93 Hardcore Techno Vocals, 37 Hardcore Techno FX Vocals, 127 House Funk Vocals, 81 House Funk FX Vocals, 33 Talking Synth Stabs.

The sample pack is available from Loopmasters for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength / 6Blocc Robotik Vocoder


Audiomeals releases Multiplex Vocoder effect plugin

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Audiomeals has introduced Multiplex Vocoder, a prototype audio app conceived for music production, live sets and audio post-production.

Audiomeals Multiplex Vocoder

Multiplex Vocoder features four VST Vocoder modules where you can load any Virtual Instrument to design your final vocoder sound using from 1 to 4 vocoder sound sources. Optional 100Hz High Pass Filter at input stage.

Transform your favourite synthesisers into vocoders, send your voice to 4 vocoders simultaneously while recording the audio output, optional dry/wet recording mode. Each Vocoder features it`s own 3-band parametric equalizer.

Multiplex Vocoder features

  • Optional 100Hz High Pass Filter at input stage.
  • Transform your favourite synthesisers into vocoders.
  • Send your voice to 4 vocoders simultaneously while recording the audio output.
  • Optional dry/wet recording mode.
  • Each Vocoder features its own 3-band parametric equalizer.
  • Input depending mode available. Each vocoder will be activated or deactivated depending the input level, you can set the threshold individually.
  • MIDI Learn mode. Control the app via your MIDI controller faders.

Multiplex Vococer is available to download for Mac (VST) at no cost until December 5th, 2013 (regular 5 EUR). Windows version is coming.

More information: Audiomeals


Squit Sounds releases Precision guitar synth & Talkbot guitar talkbox

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Squit Sounds Precision

Squit Sounds has announced the release of its Precision guitar synthesizer and Talkbot, a guitar vocoder/talkbox application for Windows and Mac.

Precision is a standalone application that will take the pitch of a standard electric guitar, and use it to trigger notes on a synthesiser. Precision works with other instruments too (with varying degree’s of success).

Precision features

  • 4 x Oscillators.
  • 3 x Envelopes.
  • 3 x LFO.
  • 2 Filter with 4 filter shapes.
  • FX Section (reverb, delay, bitcrusher, distortion, chorus).
  • Metronome and Record function.
  • Preset save and recall.
  • WAV player – don’t play an instrument? You can play an audio recording through the synth instead.
  • Updates for life – links to future downloads of Precision will be emailed to you for life.

Talkbot is a vocoder/talkbox effect designed for electric guitar.

SquitSounds Talkbot

Talkbot is a standalone application that takes the signal from your microphone, and combines it with the pitch of a standard electric guitar, allowing you to shape the sound with your mouth.

Talkbot features

  • 3 x Oscillators.
  • Filter with 4 filter shapes.
  • Delay.
  • Reverb.
  • Metronome and Record function.
  • Sample input – don’t have a microphone? Switch to sample mode, and try some acapella audio recordings.

Precision and Talkbot are available as standalone applications for Windows and Mac, priced at £20 GBP and £15 GBP respectively. A bundle of both costs £30 GBP.

More information: Squit Sounds


Qneo updates Voice Synth app for iOS to v3.1

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Qneo Voice Synth

Qneo has released version 3.1 of Voice Synth, a synthesizer app for voice sculpting.

Voice Synth is a specialized synthesizer for creative voice sculpting, for endless jamming fun and serious productions.

Speak, sing, hum and beatbox in the mic, tweak the controls and turn your voice live into a baby or tenor, a popstar on AutoPitch, a robot from Cylon to iDalek, a church or close harmony choir, animals from birds to dogs and lions, musical instruments from organs, guitars and a groovy bass to percussions and rich 70′s vocoders, amazing effects and ambient, lush string/storm soundscapes.

Changes in Voice Synth v3.1

  • iOS7 inter-app audio input/effect support:
    • Use Voice Synth as input or effect in other inter-app hosts.
    • Control Voice Synth remotely via inter-app MIDI.
    • Control the host recorder remotely via Voice Synth.
  • iOS7 inter-app audio hosting support:
    • Select inter-app input and effect.
    • Record input directly into the sampler.
    • Record the final result into the tape recorder.
    • Operate Voice Synth’s tape recorder remotely from the input and effect.
  • Voice Synth engine can now be used together with
    • sampler recording, to hear your live-transformed voice while recording.
    • tape play, to sing live while playing an earlier recording.
  • Re-enabling of audiobus on iOS7 (we recommend to use inter-app audio).
  • Note: iPhone 4 does not support inter-app audio and audiobus.
  • Bugfix for use with VoiceOver on iPhone.

The Voice Synth app is available to purchase for $6.99 USD.

More information: Qneo Music


One Red Dog releases Arctic Pro Synth for iPad

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One Red Dog has announced the release of Arctic Pro, a synthesizer / vocoder app for iPad.

Arctic Pro Synth
Arctic Pro – Be rude. Be rough. Be bold. Be tough!

Arctic Pro Synthesizer / Vocoder is a modern subtractive synthesizer for the Apple iPad. It does not aim to accurately model or re-create vintage synths of yesteryear. Instead Arctic ProSynth offers the contemporary synthesist a rude, rough, bold and tough palette of sound to get stuck into. Including two HyperOscillators, a sub oscillator, dual filters, and easy to re-order master effects. The Vocoder gives you an extra dimension to your musical performance.

Combine two HyperOscillators and one Sub Oscillator for some seriously fat sounds. Layer up to 8 oscillators in unison to create very thick and powerful tones. Spread detune and Mix these separate oscillators in real-time. More than just a “SuperSaw” – it’s also a Super-square and Super-triangle.

Legendary sound designer John ‘Skippy’ Lehmkuhl has exclusively designed the factory presets. John has worked as a professional sound designer since 1988 for Korg – making patches, combinations, drum kits as well as creating the sample data for almost every synth Korg has released since the M1. We have drawn upon his vast experience in the development of the audio engine.

Arctic ProSynth includes everything you need to record and share your audio and MIDI with others. Live record to WAV and MIDI files. Upload to SoundCloud. Paste the audio using Sonoma AudioCopy, open in other apps, or share with Kymatica AudioShare. Presets and Banks may be emailed and transferred via Wi- Fi and iTunes Files Sharing. Supports Audiobus input slode to stream live audio directly to other Audiobus- compatible apps.

Arctic ProSynth features

  • Process live audio input from a microphone with the Vocoder.
  • Up to 17 oscillators per voice with 4 voices.
  • Dual multi-mode filters with adjustable routing.
  • 16×4 gate step-sequencer with deep modulation destinations.
  • Re-orderable effects processors including EQ, distortion, chorus, phaser, delay, reverb and vocoder.
  • CoreMIDI support with Virtual MIDI Ports.
  • Audiobus support.

Arctic ProSynth is available to purchase in the App Store for $9.99 USD.

More information: One Red Dog / Arctic Pro